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🍴 | Plump is cute.I want Sanrio's "Rubber Mascot" gummy!


Plump is cute.I want Sanrio's "Rubber Mascot" gummy!

If you write the contents roughly
The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 29 yen with 297g of gummy candy.

Gummy with rubber mascot of "Sanrio" "Sanrio Characters Plump Rabamas Gummy" will be released in 2022 1 ... → Continue reading

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Suggested retail price

Suggested retail priceWhat is (Kibo Korikakaku)?ProductsTo manufactureManufacturer,輸入ToagencyFor example, a sales reference retailer set by a person other than the retailer for the products that he / she supplies.Price.. Also called the manufacturer's suggested retail price.


Originally it was said to be "fixed price" or "net price", but books etc.Resale price systemProduct "List priceBecause it may be confused with "suggested retail price" "Reference priceWas replaced with the expression. "List priceIn the case of ", no discounts or price increases are allowed even if there is a reason such as a delay in the release date in the region, and the product must be sold at this price.

2000/From around the time, personal computers, etc.Electric appliancesStop setting the suggested retail priceOpen priceThe number of products that are shifting to is increasing.

Ideal science industryIt is,Home PageThe suggested retail price, such as "Ideal price".

Tax included display

Suggested retail prices are not necessarily targeted for consumptionconsumption taxAlthough it is not necessary to display the total amount including the above, many stores display it with tax in order to make consumers understand it as a guide.

  • Suggested retail price 10780 yen (9800 yen excluding tax)

When the over-the-counter price exceeds

There is no legal problem in selling at a high price, as it does not directly stipulate the legal force that the actual selling price should not exceed the suggested retail price.TrackIn mountainous tourist spots where even distribution is difficultvending machineAtSoft drinkIn some cases, items with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of 130 yen are sold for 150-200 yen.This reflects high transportation costs and the like.

First generation

In terms of distribution and commercial terms, the equivalent is "First generation"(Jodai), for thisWholesaleThe selling price inLower generation"(Gedai). However, in this case, the upper generation is just a reference price for the end store to sell at the store, and this is not clearly shown to the consumer, and it shows a lower price depending on the management efforts of the store side. It may be acceptable, or it may show a higher price after taking into account the cost of transportation and sales. It's a term that isn't shown to consumers, but nowadaysインターネットBecause there is also a business format that wholesales to the general public usingElectronic mallSome of them use the expression "the retail price / the retail price".

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