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🍺 | "No bonus if you don't drink beer all at once" Black company, 9 months of hell


"No bonus if you don't drink beer all at once" Black company, 9 months of hell

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Now, this black company seems to have reviewed the way of working.

The brainwashing of black companies can also erode the mind and body of employees.In Calicon News, "Sparta Education and ... → Continue reading

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Black companies

Black companies(Black,(Japanese coined words in English) orBlack company(Black"We hire a large number of young people in emerging industries,Overwork・Illegal labor・Power harassmentLarge companies that are being used up by one after another and are forced to leave one after another"[1][2][1]It is a workplace where employment should be avoided.The opposite concept isWhite companies.


"A company that recognizes all acts that trample on the human rights of employees, but neglects them without taking appropriate measures."[3]It is also pointed out.

EnglishSweatshop at a factory with poor working environment and working conditionsExploitation factory)[4]..The body, mind, relationships, life plans, and lives can be destroyed.


OriginallyGangster OfYounger brother[5]Such asAntisocialCompany[6]Was a word that means[5][6][Note 1],in recent yearsLabor Standards ActIgnore or related laws and regulations, or abuse the law nets and deficiencies to give employeesLong working hours,Service overtimeMainly refers to companies that force[10][11].Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareDoes not define a "black company", but lists the following as general features:[10].

  • Extremely long working hours for workersQuotaImposing.
  • Compliance awareness of the entire company is low, such as unpaid overtime and power harassment.
  • Under these circumstancesWorkerHowever, excessive selection is performed.

"Black companies" in 2001channel 2It is a word born from the job hunting board of.At the timethreadSo, the ranking of companies that should not get a job was rising.On the other handHosei UniversityThe so-called blacklist, which was managed in the employment section and has a high turnover rate and is not recommended for students, was leaked from the people concerned at that time, and images were uploaded.The blacklist and the company rankings created by the thread residents have a lot in common, and from that point on, the blacklist companies are abbreviated as black companies, and they are widely recognized in the movies described below. It was.

In 2008, the book "I work for a black company, but I may be at the limit] Was published, the following year was made into a movie. In 2009, the “Black Company”New Word/Buzzword AwardWon theNPO corporationPosseHaruki Konno, who has published several books on black companies as representative, attended the award ceremony.

No future designwage(poverty,Working poorThe reason why it is called "black" is that it forces workers (especially young people) to "disposable" while forcing them to work overtime (long working hours), which disrupts their private lives.[12].

Poor working environment in EnglishWorking conditionsFactorySweatshop(British: sweatshop) (English version articles)[4]. Also,ChineseThen.Blood sweat factory(: Blood sweat factory) (Chinese version articles) (Sometimes referred to as "black enterprise")[13]).However, in Japan, unlike the problems of sweatshops in English-speaking countries and blood sweat factories in Chinese-speaking countries, the damage caused by the black company problem is mainly.PermanentMet[14]But in 2013Hirokazu OuchiAdvocated byNon-regular workersBecomes a victimBlack biteDerivative word has also appeared.In the case of medical institutions and long-term care welfare facilities rather than companies, hospitals are sometimes called black hospitals, and long-term care facilities are sometimes called black facilities.

The word "black company" is sometimes used in cases of non-regular employees of factories outside Japan.[15][16].

Sweatshop issues in developing countries


Developing countryThen.Supply chainSweat shop including is a problem[4].1990 eraOr later,Developed country OfClothes,supermarket,Sporting goodsManufacturer,toyIndustries and others have advanced into developing countries in search of low-wage workforce[17].

Sweat shop problems in developing countries have been pointed out as not only low wages but also severe labor in poor factory environments under pressure to cut costs.[17].. In some Western companies that have expanded into developing countries, the boycott movement of citizens has been sought after due to corporate social responsibility regarding the sweatshirt issue, which has had a major impact on sales and stock prices.[17].

International corporate code of conduct

America'sNGOSAI (Social Accountability International) isInternational Labor Organization(ILO) and the UN Convention on Human Rights and LaborSA8000Standardized[18].. As of August 2005, there are 8 certified companies in 50 countries.[19].

Japanese black company problem

Black companies did not suddenly appear, but emerged in the process of changing Japanese employment[20].. In the traditional Japanese style employment, while the powerful command and order of companies, which is seen in single-time employment, long working hours, and overtime work, are imposed on workers, seniority wages, long-term employment, and corporate welfare have been guaranteed. .. However, in spite of lack of long-term employment security and generous corporate welfare in return for black companies, the strength of command and command, and the powerful powers of management and senior management remain.[21].. On the contrary, in many cases, the strength of command and command, the power of management, and the power of upper management have been strengthened and thoroughly implemented. The company is in a state where no rules are imposed when commanding, that is, the state of lost labor relations[22]There is an indication that

Not a private companyCivil servant(teacher-Police officer-Fire Officer-SDFEtc.),Doctor,政治家Even in the case of overtime, if overtime work is becoming normal as described above, it may be compared with a black company.[23].

1991 yearsBubble economy collapseSince then, the corporate management system has emphasized “cost reduction” as “to reduce waste as much as possible”. Because of thatBlue collar-White collarIt refers to companies that do not improve working in poor working environment such as excessive physical and mental burdens on extreme end employees and extremely long working hours, regardless of regular or non-regular employment. That is, companies that are not recommended to join the company, and companies that have a constitution that encourages early job changes are collectively referred to as black companies.

In addition to the issue of treatment and treatment of employees, companies that have little consideration for the environment and economic aspects of the surrounding environment of the office and the local area, the needs of consumers and after-sales service, service and quality. Is inferior, is in excess of debt, or is a zombie enterprise that has not been creatively destroyed and becomes a diagonal industry due to a change in industrial structure, or for its own benefit.Bad business law(Scams, blunders, etc.)tax evasion(Income hidingCompanies that are willing to do so are also called black companies.

In addition, this word also has its original meaning, allowing for intrusion and interference of antisocial forces and related persons into the corporate organization by the negligence of management and inappropriate so-called "black companionship", and A company that places a large mental burden on its employees may be included in the category of a black company, and is therefore referred to as a black company if at least the following requirements are met (some companies may apply two or more points).

  • When the responsibility that the company and the manager should bear is not clearly stated (a company that intends to escape the responsibility organizationally)
  • CompanycomplianceCompanies lacking the spirit of
    • Overwork of employeesPollution diseaseProceedings and responsibilities from victims (and their relatives) such asRestitution for DamagesCompanies that escape from)
    • Companies that neglect the end employees (full-time employees, part-time jobs, part-timers) and their treatment
    • Companies with a low degree of contribution to consumers (end users) and local communities (inferior in product/service quality and aftercare, troubles with consumers, local problems (eg noise, strange odors, illegal parking, personal (Trouble etc.) is constant)
    • A company that is willing to violate commercial law

The constitution and internal affairs of such a black company areCivil action-Labor accidentApplication/Labor Standards ActViolation/Case (Power harassmentIn the case ofInsult-Assault crime-Crime of injuryetc,sexual harassmentIn the case ofForced obscene sin-PrefecturesJunk Prevention OrdinanceActions such as violations caused by management or individual employeesFraud-Bribery-Embezzlement-OffenseEtc.) ・Although it may be exposed in the form of employee suicide, the company name and its actual situation may be publicly reported unless a malicious law violation is exposed and the owner or employee is arrested. Absent. Even if the company name, the manager, the real name of the person who was involved in power harassment/sexual harassment and the actual situation were reported and forced investigation was entered,Document inspectionOr justArrestWill be released laterIndictmentDepending on the disposalFine,ProbationIn some cases

For example, for no good reasonRestructuringUnfair disciplinary action, name managers, overtime service extortion, power harassment, camouflage contract,Death from overwork[24], Escaping social insurance premiums, dispatching employees, unfair labor practices, lawsuits seeking certification of pollution illnesses and industrial accidents by bereaved families, and actions to avoid liability for such cases.

In addition to labor issues, various issues related to corporate governance, legal compliance, and corporate social responsibility are sometimes raised, and compared to general companies, there is a tendency to neglect general compliance. In addition, now that the occurrence of compliance violation is the starting point, the number of cases where companies are finally forced into a business crisis or bankruptcy is increasing.[PR 1].

Black companies are basically problems rooted in the chronic constitution and customs of Japanese companies and business owners, but one aspect of labeling based on rumors and common wisdom cannot be completely denied, and "the company was dismissed. There are also criticisms that "people and people who have not been hired in job hunting and have never worked in the company are just spreading angry."However, the existence of a black company for employees and job seekers is not limited to simply evaluating their own careers and resumes, but it may also destroy human relationships, physical and mental health, life planning, and even life. There is a big threat, and even in a bad environment such as a recession, active discussions and information exchanges are widely held on the Internet etc. to avoid employment at such companies. The information is analyzed, and the information written in "I'm hungry" or "Leave it out" is uniformly regarded as a fake.[24].. Therefore, it is said that the criticism that "people who have been dismissed from the company and people who have not been employed in job hunting activities and who have not even worked in the company are disseminated to the public" is valid as a counter-argument. It's hard.


The following points can be cited as specific examples of the “black company” constitution. No one will join the company if they know the actual situation, so I will try to join the company even if ambiguous information is posted so that it will be false or intentionally misleading in job magazines as described below.

Problems caused by employees of executives and managers

Lack of responsibility
  • There is no awareness of the fundamental responsibility that executives and managerial employees "have heavy responsibility instead of having powerful authority within the company" (actually, only authority is large and responsibility is pushed to the end).
  • Lock up the employee until they sign a contract that is disadvantageous to the employee (for those who have locked in, such as company executives and bosses)ConfinementMay be applicable).
  • We neglect compliance with labor-related laws and regulations and occupational safety and health, and neglect the necessary measures for maintaining the health, ethics and life of workers, such as ventilation, lighting, lighting, heat retention, and moisture protection. Neglect the investigation of chemical substances that have been confirmed to have certain hazards/hazard and the safety and health education for workers engaged in dangerous work.
  • It does not specify the responsibilities of the manager or senior management (in advertisements, official websites, etc.).
  • Autocratic management, fearful political management, one-man management, family (relative) management, growth due to social success (interview by mass media as “successful person”, through close interview), etc. There is widespread disrespect for.
  • Violence sanctions and workplace bullying, including mentally directed subordinates. Intentionally repeat power harassment, and if pointed out, instruct and insist. Often they are not aware of violence. Guidance is just a name, and there are times when he is obsessed with a specific employee who is simply annoyed or sick. Even if power harassment such as abusive language or violence or workplace bullying occurs, "just because I can't be told", "just because I endured this much", "I grew up like that", and "law of love" are justified .. Or boss/executives/senior employees participate in workplace bullying. When it becomes a problem (when videos of assaults and rants are reported, and audio is reported), it is said that “instruction has gone too far”, etc., and it is all about encouragement, reprimand, education, and pranks, or “from the perspective of the world It may look like it, but I'm not (or did) intend to do such a thing." "It's a part of instruction and there is no problem." "It was emotional and I was not doing it." Doing so is a problem." It is a paranoia of the other party." Or, it may file a lawsuit against the employee of the victim or the newspaper or TV station that was reported, saying that “the fact was reportedly distorted even though it was playful”.
  • Even if victims of pollution illness or occupational accidents (overwork, etc.) and their bereaved families take actions for damages compensation, payment of unpaid salary, invalidation of disciplinary dismissal, or even if the above-mentioned power harassment or bullying is reported, they will be held responsible. Do not admit. A court case, a publisher, a television station, or a accusing organization that has filed a case for settlement negotiations or a settlement mediation against the litigation partner, or criminalized the litigation partner or the company, is charged with defamation, blackmail, false charges, or theft (eg, company The insistence that they brought back the equipment of their own), and the other party to file a claim for damages, and so on.
    • Even if they were ordered to pay damages or the slap lawsuit was not granted, they appealed to avoid paying damages or to make the other party "an untrustworthy person who committed illegal acts", and even " I will show up to the Supreme Court. Even if the Supreme Court orders payment of damages, the company refuses to pay the damages for selfish reasons.
Management that assumes the sacrifice of end employees and mass consumption
  • Build a business model that assumes excessive burden on employees, such as temporary hiring of a large number of employees or making all employees managers, and short-term employment (without specifying the specific period). Has been done.
  • The salary of employees (especially sales staff) is so high that they cannot live without overwork or illegal sales due to the strong emphasis on commission system depending on their work performance.
  • Due to the above, since the personnel allocation is just a matter of number, the aptitude of the person is not taken into consideration at all, and there are also changes and transfers in a short period (months, weeks or days). I frequently transfer and change jobs even in the neighborhood where I work or in another department within the same company. For employees, even if they do not move or relocate, there is considerable stress on their employees and their families, such as building new human relationships in different departments to which they are transferred and relationships with external parties such as business partners. .. The salary also fluctuates, and if you are demoted, it will be reduced, and especially if you are demoted from a “name manager” to a terminal employee, the overtime allowance that should be paid to non-managers is “until now treated as manager” Therefore, even if the end employee is demoted, the salary system of the manager remains the same."
  • Hired store manager, manager onlySome people in charge of the field are given only the responsibility without being given decent authority or treatment. Even if scandals or accidents occur, we take all the penalties such as criminal liability, social responsibility and deprivation of national qualifications for the end employees, and we are building a system where management does not take any responsibility. Also in 2008[25]And 2020[26]The “executive position”, which should be a part of the management team such as executive officers and directors, does the same work as general employees and does not pay overtime as well as managers because they are executives.OfficersThere are also cases of proceedings.Similarly, although the contract is for a sole proprietor of a franchise store, there is almost no discretion as a manager who is tightly bound by the headquarters.Name-only business ownerHowever, there is also a business model in which a large amount of sales profit is exploited due to excessive responsibility.
  • In the case of a family-owned/family-owned black company, executives and terminal employees and employees in managerial positions are related by blood (all executives are relatives, and in most cases, only certain positions other than relatives are promoted to certain positions. No. For promotion, there is a wall that can never be overcome, such as marriage with relatives and business partners).
Deterioration of working environment caused by surrounding people and friendship
  • Like a “company suspected of being involved with anti-social forces such as gangs,” which was said to have been the original meaning of “black companies,” executives, senior managers, and employees are encouraged to Has a relationship with a front company. Alternatively, those members and closely related persons are secretly or openly involved in and interfere with management.
  • The officers are believers in religious groups, and the teaching is being expanded by utilizing the company organization and its command and command relations.In some cases, when a religious group was actually forced to join and refused to join, the company discriminated against the employee by dismissal, promotion or salary increase, or refused to pay salary.[PR 2]..Similarly, officers who are devoted to groups that advocate religious morals and social ethics may impose their doctrine, subscribe to magazines, or force them to join the group.
  • Similarly, it imposes the ideological beliefs of management and officers on employees, effectively forcing support for specific political parties and politicians, forcing them to join political parties and sponsorships, and participating in political rallies. Make it mandatory.
  • There is no knowledge of the management of the company, and people outside the company who are not in a position to take responsibility for management (former bureaucrats, prefectural officials, etc. The person who owns the company gets into the corporate organization and makes a fool of himself, and personalizes the company and assets. As mentioned above, we are willing to pass on the repair of machine tools and sales vehicles to the spirituality, saying that "it is because of you're responsible that an accident occurs", setting unreasonable sales goals and making business trips It is a cause of deterioration of the working environment, such as amateur business that ignores the actual situation and reality of the site such as going on a business trip to a remote place on a day trip to reduce costs Become.
Religiousization of the company
  • Enshrine the owners/founders and their families, and enforce personal worship. Photographs, portraits, and statues of the owner/founder are displayed in the workplace, and people are grateful to them when they go to work in the morning or when they leave or leave the company. There are internal events with the aim of praising the achievements of the manager. In addition, memorizing personal history and linguistic record of the manager, compulsory purchase of the book by the manager, compulsory submission of impressions of the book, etc. are part of normal business or "I read the book of the founder outside the business You must write a sentence and submit it at a later date”, and the belief in the manager leads to the evaluation of work.
  • It justifies the poor working environment such as overtime work, and creates an atmosphere in which they are forced to do so voluntarily. When an external problem arises, he or she insists that "the employee is doing it voluntarily," or with the behavior of a strongly religious employee as a shield, "It is an insult to the employee (or company) to make this a problem. I argue."

Tissue defects

Tissue rigidity
  • Segregation of duties is not working properly. You can't or can't make an organization or rules that do a job reasonably and legally. Even if it exists, the rule is not to protect it.
    • Even if there is a company motto, it is not followed, or on the contrary, rules that are illegal or even illegal are becoming the company motto.
  • "Prohibition of responses other than "Yes"" "Service overtime, Tekken sanctions (violence) is our pride" "Sparta-style guidance and Tekken sanctions to train your body and head" "Not power harassment (violence), love An organization in which only superiors and absolute obedience are thoroughly enforced, such as the compulsion of unusual positive thinking such as a whip. Employees in the lower layers cannot attend meetings and cannot point out business problems.
Rampant behavior and easy self-protection of upper management
  • Eating subordinates and surroundings one after another for your own grades and self-protectionCrusher boss[27]Also, there is no system for leaving regular employees and employees who perform similar actions to subordinates and colleagues and to recognize and deal with them as workplace problems.
  • Brainwashing education and training that neglects the personality and human rights of employees. Specifically, it is compulsory to attend a seminar to stay overnight in an inconvenient place where transportation is inaccessible, which is referred to as "skill development", "employee training", "self-development", and "improvement of communication". Deductions are made from the salaries of employees.The training content is not related to work, such as training at temples and road work, loud self-introduction and recitation of company lessons, prohibition of use of mobile devices such as mobile phones during training, other than schedule Food and drink prohibition, etc.[28]), and even in-house training is called spartan education, etc., and brainwashing employees by daily power harassment such as absolute obedience to the company and management, and acquisition of administrative skills or specialized skills that should be inherent training Defeating the purpose, "personnel training," "knowledge as a member of society," "teaching the harshness of society" is called personality remodeling and personality destruction (sometimes outsourced to a "professional" training company).[Note 2][Note 3]) Believe that "only company is where you are" "violence and rants are about yourself" (dedicate all your life to work and company.All-person labor"Is planted by brainwashing"), killing the company, making illegal sales solicitations, overtime work, and even later joining employees willing to do the same.
  • Give verbal instructions only for what you are responsible for. Record with a recorder[Note 4]Unless there is no evidence left, there is no evidence even if the instructor makes a mistake.
    • On the other hand, in addition to forcing a memorandum or pledge that "the employee is responsible", do not give the employee a copy copy.
  • Arbitrary and retaliatory business orders and personnel (power harassment) rampage. Since the objective performance is not evaluated, it is not possible to allocate human resources in the right places.
  • The above “power harassment, workplace bullying, brainwashing training” and the below-mentioned “in-house caste” will cause the employees to succumb and not to oppose the management, executives and senior employees. If there are minor mistakes (eg dropping things) or poor business performance, you may be confined in a room where many people (employees, customers, public) or outside can hear you and abuse or violently speak loudly. Force a voluntary retirement expulsion (commonly called out room, encouragement of retirement, restructuring education) to force a retirement statement close to dismissal (under the Labor Standards Act, simply say "work is slow") It cannot be easily dismissed due to subjective reasons such as poor business performance, "I made a mistake," etc. It is also because the subsidy will be terminated if the employee is dismissed despite being hired via Hello Work). Conversely, when emphasizing via Hello Work, it can be said that it is for subsidies. The need for a Hello Work referral is also a subsidy aim because it is not necessary to use the Hello Work referral only by posting it in a private job magazine or Hello Work if it is a job offer.
  • Change the attitude of subordinates who can and cannot work. They are kind to subordinates who can, but take a strict attitude to subordinates who cannot. When a subordinate who can make a mistake makes the subordinate who cannot do it take the responsibility that "it happened because of you". I can bully the subordinates who cannot do it because the subordinates can steal the results and the upper layer can hang up with them.
  • In some cases, corporate auditors do not function solely in form, but participate in corporate crime with directors. There may be a person who is a corporate auditor only by name. In the event of company fraud, violation of law, or problems, we will not raise any problems with the Board of Directors or notify the police or legal agencies. Or when the instructions and scandals of the upper management are exposed to the upper management, sanctions are waiting, so they are hidden by employees. In addition, internal bullying, disciplinary dismissal, and threats using anti-social forces will be given to employees who refuse to take part in whistleblowing or criminal acts.
  • On the premise that the other party cannot know, the subject and the customer are confused by unclear instructions, such as giving instructions without the subject or points, or using unique expressions that only the person understands. Even if the instructions became ambiguous due to vague instructions, the responsibility was taken by the person who received the instructions, and even if I asked for improvement, "it is better not to come with a pin" "I can not read my feelings" I will not give it up.
  • Labor rules aimed at intentionally layering in-house caste, full-time employees and non-regular employees, sales excellence employees and low-ranking employees. Don't leave before your boss, the toilet needs your boss's permission, end employees or fixed-term employees shouldn't use the elevator, those with the lowest business performance should play humiliating punishment games It causes the corporal punishment and violence called the whip of love to be performed in front of company employees.
  • In the morning assembly outside the working hours, compulsory work such as reciting company lessons and lessons, closing and reflection meetings, and preparation for work is forced.
  • Enforce employees to engage in community service activities based on executive values ​​outside of working hours.
Excessive burden on employees
  • As a result of intense pressure and stress, employees and junior managers at the end of the company organizationdepressionAnd PTSD, etc. and collapse one after another.The company may even dismiss such persons as "used" or even disciplinary dismissal.In the worst case, suicide occurs.Even if a suicide occurs, the company does not take any responsibility, and even if a bereaved family filed a trial, it will not accept any responsibility.On the contrary, there are even cases where the bereaved family is asked for damages.
  • Overwork that ignores the work environment, the number of people required, and the abilities of each employee in physical labor. It induces extreme exhaustion and overwork in the employees involved. After all, it has a negative impact on the mind and body, leading to a serious disaster and the above cases.
  • There is no distinction between work and private.. Bring your personal information to your business and link your business to your personal information. Interference with privacy based on the pretext of deepening friendships, and lifestyle guidance for the purpose of streamlining work.
  • The upper management is not involved in the work at all. Doing nothing by simply visiting the site (pressing the responsibility to "do something by yourself" even if there is a problem), or immersing yourself in play or hobbies unrelated to your work, such as clerical work and outside work ing. Nevertheless, he is paid higher than his overworked subordinates.
  • Forced to participate in company events (drinking parties, social gatherings, athletic meet, volunteers, etc.) and political activities (regardless of conservative groups or innovation groups) outside working hours or on holidays. In many cases). Others create a situation where they are forced to participate by treating absentees as absenteeism, and bringing important contacts to the workplace to drink at the table.
  • Outside family activities for employees' families, activities of “Family Association” triggered by such activities, semi-compulsory “recommendation” of in-house marriage/matchmaking, and intervening in ceremonial occasions tie.
  • Interference on a 24-hour basis via SNS. Whether it is working time by forcing the creation of a real name account on SNS or blog, or forcing private account information presentation and follow-up of companies and business people (like and comment on Facebook, Twitter) Establish a public-private confusion network around the clock regardless of the time (email, phone, tweet even at midnight, if you do not reply immediately, you will be reprimanded at the next sunrise).
Containment of employee opposition
  • UnionThere is no counseling room for labor issues, or it has become a mere ghost.UnionForcibly join (Illegal under the Yellow Dog Contract).In some cases, the company union "becomes like a'second personnel department'and monitors the members who are members. Even when a labor dispute arises, the company union forces the workers to insist on the company's claims. In some cases, they are allowed to "reconcile".
  • Management thoroughly monitors the behavior of employees. In-house voyeurism, phone sniffing, surveillance cameras (including drive recorders for company cars and transportation vehicles), mobile phones that are used by employees who are outside the company such as sales inside the company.GPSAbuse of information, encouragement of whistleblowing, monitoring of friendships, and snooping of access history and cache of mail / internet stored on the server[Note 5], Monitoring of comments on SNS and blogs, monitoring of private activities, etc. The purpose is not to unite employees. And private (off-hours) activities and sanctions and intimidation using human relationships as a shield. Some of these companies are not labor unions or even unions.[29].
  • When an employee of an administrative agency (Labor Standards Inspection Office, Social Insurance Office, etc.) visits or is called, isolate the employee so as not to tell the inconvenient story to the management and do not allow the employee to attend the conversation.In addition, the identification of the whistleblower will be prioritized over the improvement based on the guidance content, and the punishment will be shown.

Salary and treatment issues

Permanent overtime work and excessive responsibility
  • Since we are always pursuing labor cost reductions in the name of improving profitability, there is an absolute shortage of people in terms of work volume and content. For example, an amateur with little technical knowledge can be assigned the title of “sales engineer”, “technical sales department”, etc., while simultaneously performing “outside sales” while concurrently serving as “maintenance of in-house products”, which originally requires derogation skills and qualifications. "Repair work" is also performed.
  • Overtime work becomes permanent and imposes an unreasonable amount of work such as ending it on time. There are cases in which the employee's attendance record is forged or forged by making work such as pressing the time cards of all employees at fixed times, or falsification of attendance records in a malicious case. Or even rebuking and saying, "You are bad because you couldn't do the job by the scheduled time," and forced to work overtime.
  • Divide the overtime allowance by a large amount of time (actually, even if it exceeds 1 minute, overtime fee will be incurred, but do not notify the employee). In the case of 1 hour, cut the time card before 1 hour (59 minutes) so that 1 hour of overtime pay will not be paid.
  • Unless it is very serious or causes trouble to the surroundings (legal infectious disease, etc.), leave / early leave is not permitted even if the patient becomes ill (the legal infectious disease may not allow leave), or the employee will be dismissed.In the case of tooth decay, there are cases where treatment time is not available and the condition becomes severe.[PR 5].
  • The frequency of "entertainment" (especially "entertainment golf") outside working hours and on holidays is extremely high.
  • Treat subordinates and employees as if they were attendants or housekeepers. After holidays and after work, I call them privately, take them around as a chores, and do cleaning and housework. Instruct students on how to spend their holidays and work so that they can receive calls from themselves with the highest priority (in most cases, "employees voluntarily responded" and "irrelevant to work" as "holiday work" and "overtime" Not treated)[Note 6].
  • Bring up the theory of self-responsibility for overwork, physical and mental health problems (cold, tooth decay, allergies, etc.) and occupational accidents. Employees are asked for unrealistic physical ability and gut theory (never tired, never sleepy, even in an environment that is harmful to the human body, it is okay not to hydrate under hot weather, safe driving even if drunk, etc.), Everything follows the stance that it is due to the lack of ability of employees.
  • In the case of company car sales, delivery, and car rental forwarding operations, all traffic violations (speeding, swinging, overworking, etc.) must be performed in order to give employees unreasonable deadlines and time limits. To be willing to.
Arbitrary operation of personnel evaluation system and salary system
  • As a salary system that is subjective only, such as "comparable to grades and hard work" and "reward for efforts"Results-oriented,Annual salary systemTo introduce. Introduced not only to sales departments and technical departments, but also to personnel and general affairs departments where it is difficult to make quantitative decisions. The upper management intentionally gives a bad rating so as not to raise the salary of the employee by giving a difficult habit.
  • To avoid paying overtime pay,Discretionary labor system,Flextime system,Deemed working hours systemAbuse to prolong employee restraint time indefinitely.
  • Trial employmentAnd youth challenge training,Employment Development Grant for Specific Job SeekersAbuse of the employment system for employment support of the national government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare). Exploit subsidies, etc., and dismiss employees when they are physically and mentally exhausted due to ironing or overwork.
  • Even though I have not notified the Labor Standards Inspection Office on duty, I insist on duty and do not pay labor compensation for overtime work.[30].
  • Shift workIn the case of (2 shifts), do not directly state that it is 12 hours, and make it mistakenly think that it is 8 hours.
    Example: "Daytime 9:00-18:00 / Nighttime 21:00-6:00" (18:21-6:9 during daytime, XNUMX:XNUMX-XNUMX:XNUMX during nighttime are also included as overtime work). Have them declare that they took a break even though no break was given during shift work.
  • Despite the fact that employees are unable to comply with 40 hours of work per week only on weekly holidays, they are required to enter false statements such as "40 hours per week" (excluding overtime hours).
  • paid holidaysNo, or even if possible, there are conditions, restrictions such as showing the reason for acquisition, changing the date and time, not being available for private use. Alternatively, compulsory participation events such as seminars and internal events are treated as paid and consumed.
  • Even if you say "salary (bonus) is not given due to recession", the amount actually reduced is actually diverted by the management/upper management or added to the upper management salary.
  • The ridiculous system such as “review all employees' salaries on a zero basis every year” is actually operated without professing to be an in-house system. OriginallyWage reductionIs "certain clarity as a standard in terms of reasons for reduction, reduction method, reduction amount, etc." (Uniden Holdings Incident(Tokyo District Court, July 28, 7)) You cannot do this unless you have a wage regulation, but you do not have such a fair system.
  • Childcare leaveThe system is not known or innocent. Even if there is a system for childcare leave, a woman who married, became pregnant, or gave birth from the idea of ​​pursuing only the profits of the management side, saying that "acquiring childcare leave is only a nuisance to the workplace and it is a huge loss for the manager". Employees are forced to retire due to personnel changes such as transfer to a remote location where commuting to home is difficult or impossible (Maternity harassment).
On top of a thin salary, the expense is self-sufficient.
  • The company pays all (or part of) the various expenses required for moving (moving) and purchasing equipment, and the company does not bear the full amount. Even the transportation and accommodation costs required for business trips are deducted from the self-pay or salary.
  • The company does not pay or provide uniforms and tools necessary for work, but instead lets employees purchase. In some cases, purchasing is a condition of joining the company.
  • Don't buy equipment and equipment necessary for work with reasons such as "I can't pass the approval" or "I can work even without it", but actually force yourself to buy it if you want it. In addition, there are also cases in which the product is treated as a company product after it is purchased on its own, and it becomes a company product.
Severe penalty for not achieving the miss quota
  • Only the recognition that the achievement of the quota is "naturally possible".
  • Income tax if the quota cannot be achieved or mistakes are made (eg typographical errors/missing letters in reports/plans, erroneous orders, damage to merchandise/machines/company vehicles (whether or not the driver is negligent)) If the amount taken out after deducting insurance premiums, etc. is converted into an hourly wage, the amount will be less than the minimum wage. Deductions such as "fines", "repair charges", "reimbursement", voluntary refund of salaries, transfer of salaries of lower grades and underachievers to higher grades and attainers, or "self-destruction" "Sales" and "self-destruction"[Note 7]In some cases, you may be forced to take a negative action.
  • Workplace bullying from managers and colleagues is neglected, ignored, and tolerated for the purpose of preventing mistakes and improving the quota achievement rate, leaving the company for company reasons and disciplinary dismissal (if blindly done, a lawsuit is filed or the company Because it is difficult to receive administrative sanctions), he is pressing for voluntary retirement by harassment.Placed in a de facto retirement encouragement (extortion) state.
  • Even if the quota is achieved and there is no single mistake, sales and profits are not returned to wages (no incentive or reward for achieving/exceeding the quota).[Note 8].
  • Have them fine or write a cleanup for any force majeure.
    Example: Train delays or suspensions due to equipment failure, bad weather, natural disasters, etc. ("If you are late, take the earlier train, get on the first train" "Stay at a business hotel or internet cafe in or around the company the day before" You may be reprimanded to "look at the news and predict the weather"), and even if you become a victim of an incident or accident, you will be fined without exception for "there was a vacancy and the employee caused damage to the company". (Bill the bereaved family even if the employee dies).
  • In addition, the fines collected in this way and the half-forced “voluntary repayment” of salaries are stolen and used privately by supervisors and managers without making a record, or they form the basis of enormous retained earnings and illegal savings. ing.
Physical and mental stress that is detrimental to physical and mental health
  • Two-shift or three-shift shift work, work until the last train even if it is not shift work, work that stays at the company for many days, etc.Mental disorderTo develop.In addition, there are cases of life loss such as the onset of PTSD due to excessive stress, seizure suicide and death from overwork.
  • Problems related to the above-mentioned "crusher boss". Those who are subordinates to "Crusher Boss" continue to receive excessive pressure and stress, develop depression, and fall one after another. If you fall and cannot come to work, you are effectively dismissed as "useless". You may even be punished with disciplinary dismissal.
No skills or careers
  • In black companies, employees are often forced to retire in a short period of time, but even if they have worked for many years, they will hardly be able to acquire work skills and specialized know-how. Absent.
  • We take a reluctant stance towards acquiring public qualifications such as national qualifications that can be used externally and lead to skill improvement. The acquisition of qualifications is also a factor that increases the personnel expenses such as qualification allowances for the side to use, especially for black companies even if they are employees required by the company, the completion of acquisition of qualifications that can be used externally triggers retirement For. In addition, it will interfere with the exam itself, such as not issuing necessary documents such as proof of exam qualification, hitting the schedule of internal events on the day of the qualification exam, and not allowing practice with in-house machines and tools even if there is a practical exam. ..
  • Such a situation is known to other companies in the same industry through news reports, etc., and they change jobs after retirement or after bankruptcy due to fraudulent detection or accidents (frequent fatal accidents during work, food poisoning in the case of food factories, etc.) In activities, work history works only negatively.
Qualification of quotas
  • Under the guise of "improving the skills of the entire company", an internal qualification system that does not apply outside the company has been provoked, and the number of acquisitions is competing in units of departments and sales bases. Yes (such as "Customer Service Meister" and "Customer Service Expert").
  • The company may order the acquisition of qualifications that can be used outside the company, but in this case, it is a private qualification/vendor qualification operated by a company that has a business relationship with the company, or a national qualification/public qualification. Acquisition of qualifications due to company circumstances, such as low difficulty qualifications, is imposed as an absolute quota.
Famous innocence of the appeal system
  • Even if a relative, spouse, or real child dies, priority is given to the convenience of the workplace and no derogation is accepted. Alternatively, in the absence of paid leave, virtually no abductions are allowed or who can exercise the abduction system is limited.


I can't expect a full retirement
  • Employees cannot simply quit in a short period of time. He threatened to say, "It doesn't work wherever I go," "If I quit, it will hinder my work," "If I quit, I'll pay a penalty." Procrastinate without permission.On the other hand, the company is free to retire (substantially dismiss).
  • Without accepting the retirement notice, all disciplinary dismissals, and even after retirement, the company will claim damages and penalties (both are prohibited by Article 16 of the Labor Standards Act). When it becomes malicious, it charges the family.
    • All disciplinary dismissals will be taken to avoid paying retirement allowances, and regardless of whether there is a legal basis, the claim will be made with emotion and piss.
    • The penalty is stated in the employment contract as "payment if you retire within XNUMX months after employment".
  • Compulsory debt and compulsory savings. This is done to lock in the company, such as pressing for debt repayment when leaving the company. Found in genre and day labor.
  • Have them write "self-convenience" or "personal convenience" in the reason for retirement column, or force them to submit a resignation as a retirement notice, and do not treat it as "dismissal for company reasons" for any reason.It may also threaten to affect reemployment (reducing reputation inquiries from previous job surveys).
  • Even if a retiree requests a turnover certificate or a retirement certificate, he or she does not give an excuse such as "retired belly" or "not required by law". Similarly, you must entrust it to the company and do not return qualification certificates such as national qualifications that you must return to yourself when you retire.
  • Some of the employees who were mentally depressed and refused to go to workRetirement agency serviceSome people use.

How to distinguish from the outside

There are several ways to identify black companies[PR 6].

An easy way to tell if you're a "common sense company" or a "black company" is to look at turnover, average years of service, and employee treatment.There are various reasons for leaving a job, and not all turnovers are due to being a black company, but what kind of major companies, well-known companies, listed companies, and foreign companies have high turnover rates and short average years of service? It can be one of the reasons why a black company is called a black company, whether it is a long-established company or a new company or a micro company.However, the turnover rate and the number of retirees are rarely disclosed to the outside, and even if they are disclosed, the credibility of the numbers is also different, and companies are expanding rapidly, listing stocks, etc. It is difficult to see or estimate the actual situation for each company because the data and the current situation may change drastically in the short term due to the influence of M & A.

The insides of companies and business offices are often introduced in the form of news reports and articles by specialized magazines such as economic magazines and hobby magazines, as well as news sites, but even black companies continue to advertise and provide samples to the news side. In many cases, it is not a reference because it is a lantern article that was written to improve the image of the company even if there is an article even if there is an article.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun on November 2012, 11 posted the turnover rate for the third year of university graduation (graduated in 7), which is said to have been compiled by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.[31].. According to it, the average of all industries is 28.8%,[31].

  • Education and learning support industry: 48.8%
  • Accommodation, food service: 48.5%
  • Life-related service industry, entertainment industry: 45.0% * Barber, cleaning industry, ceremonial occasion business, pachinko, karaoke, etc.
  • Medical and welfare: 38.6%
  • Real estate business, goods leasing business: 38.5%
  • Retail: 35.8%
  • Service industry (not classified elsewhere): 33.9% * Waste disposal, automobile maintenance, business contracting, worker dispatch, building men, security, display industry, etc.
  • Academic research, specialty / technical service industry: 31.7% * Professional industry, design office, advertising, photography, veterinary (animal clinic) industry, etc.
  • Construction industry: 27.6%
  • Wholesale: 26.8%
  • Information and communication industry: 25.1%
  • Transportation and postal services: 20.8%
  • Finance/Insurance: 18.9%
  • Complex service industry: 16.4% * Cooperatives, etc.
  • Manufacturing: 15.6%
  • Electricity/gas/heat supply/water supply: 7.4%
  • Mining, quarrying, gravel mining: 6.1%

According to it, it can be seen that the turnover rate in labor-intensive industries such as education, accommodation, eating and drinking, life related services is high (45% or more), but this data does not mention the reason for leaving, so here Since “turnover” includes “voluntary turnover” due to job changes, marriage, childbirth, etc., it is not a sufficient reference.

In 2011, an NPO sponsored a seminar on “How to distinguish black from companies that are not” for students in job hunting.[32]However, a young man said, "I realized the reality only after I joined the company and felt the truth inside myself," or even once in my life.New graduateIt is also a reality that people often give up on job opportunities when they work for black companies.

Since the average length of service is short and the turnover rate is high, that is, the number of employees is frequently changed, there are many young and middle-aged ex-employees in the end areas of the same industry and in the area surrounding the company. However, there are many negative rumors about companies through word-of-mouth communication, Internet industry relationships, and local communities. Eventually, we will not be able to collect human resources even if we post in the local area, we do not have a territory or name recognition as a local company, we offer job advertisements and Hello Work jobs in remote areas tens to hundreds of kilometers away and in neighboring prefectures and other regions. There are also companies that repeatedly submit or collect human resources through a temporary staffing company.

In addition, black companies are also characterized by a selfishness that seeks only the economic benefits of themselves and the management without omitting the sacrifice of others and surroundings, excessive burden, and hindering the development of their own industry. The principles of local contribution, social service, local symbiosis, industry growth, etc. are well known and innocent, so not only the relationship with the former employee but also the relationship with the administration of the place of business is subtle, or It is not uncommon to have few or no relationships or exchanges with peers or local commerce and industry personnel. Furthermore, even after years of establishment and expansion, even if the scale grows, it will become a local company or business establishment. Often, they have been slammed as "a suspicious company of the truth" and have been treated as a liar person without being substantially recognized by the local community or the industry as a good company. ..

The following is an example of what is generally said to be the possibility of a black company.


The following is an example of expressions used by black companies to suggest or hide a bad working environment in job advertisements, but because of such wording, it can be uniformly determined as a black company. Not so, be careful.

  • In addition to company-specific recruitment sites and recruitment information, employment sites operated by employment information companies are often referred to as recruitment advertisements, and job information such as free papers are often referred to as job advertisements.
  • Recruiting advertisements/recruiting advertisements are not produced by the recruiting company in-house, and are mostly produced by an outside company such as a employment information company.
    • When requesting production, we pay advertising fees of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen, so negative content is not written.
  • Unlike the above, the job vacancies posted at the career centers of schools and those of Hello Work are often different from the above, and the person in charge of the company often writes information in the school or Hello Work format.
  • In recent years, the number of cases of directly disclosing information to job seekers using SNS is increasing in the recruitment of new graduates.[Note 9].
Recruitment number
  • A large number (high ratio) of the number of recruited employees relative to the current number of employees of the company (example: 1,000 recruited for 300 currently employed employees)[33]) → There are many employee retirements, and there is a possibility that the employee turnover will be severe.
    • Depending on the specific industry and time, a serious labor shortage (shortage of young workers) may occur, so it is not included when a large number of employees are recruited after clearly indicating the period of employment (February at the end of February). From April to April, there is a large demand for moving jobs, etc.).

This is an example of a job posting that requires attention.

  • The description is ambiguous, "The average age of employees is around ○"
    • Most are retired around the average age, and there are not many veterans.
  • "Many younger friends..."
    • Although there are veterans, many young employees are retiring and the turnover of employees is intense. Suspected of short-term employment that does not specify the period, or mass employment that is premised on single-use/disposal (except when the employment period is specified in advance).
  • "Your young employees are also given important work."
    • Even though he is an inexperienced person, there is almost no guidance or advice on work, and at the time of joining the company, he is forced to do the same work as a veteran, and the responsibility is passed on to young employees. In some cases, young employees may be required to carry heavy goods, perform dangerous work, or take on management positions.
  • Emphasize "no quota"
    • It means "there is no quota". Without using the word "quota" at all, "employees setVoluntary goals(Sales amount, etc.) ”or a coined word unique to the company, forcing the company to set it.Force them to set their "voluntary goals" little by little at the turn of the year.If it cannot be achieved, power harassment such as violence and abuse and sanctions for disciplinary dismissal are waiting (even if the quota is achieved, there is no allowance for it).
  • "Other"
    • In order to achieve quotas and facilitate transactions, we establish a physical relationship with the other party of the business partner and politically marry the employee of the business partner and their relatives (so-called "pillow sales").
Long working hours/Service overtime
  • "A homely atmosphere"[33]
    • The manager and the boss are loved like parents, and employees are forced to "help each other" like brothers. Excessive interference with holidays and privacy, overtime and socializing overtime become permanent as if the company were at home. Public and private confusion is widespread, including compulsory participation in company events including holidays and company families (including ceremonial occasions in the owner's relatives). On the other hand, we will not accept the employee's appeal even if the person is the mourner. The same is true for words that are similar, such as homely.
  • "No overtime"
    • It means that there is no overtime pay. You can keep a record of overtime in the middle with a time card and continue overtime after that, or you can let the book say "I will work overtime at my will". Refers to overtime work under the name of "self-responsibility" (refusing dismissal can be flickering).
  • "Minor elite"
    • Due to the extremely small number of staffing for the amount of work, the division of labor has not been completed properly.Overtime and holiday work become constant, and employee privacy is likely to be interfered with.
  • Emphasizing "high salary" and "favorable treatment" based solely on subjectivity without objectivity
    • Extra wages such as overtime, holiday work, and late night work are added to the basic salary up to the upper limit allowed by the Labor Standards Act to make it look even higher.[33].. Occasionally, it is written in small margins so that it is not noticeable (eg, over 30 yen per month is possible! (Including overtime/holiday work allowance)).
    • Despite the large proportion of commission, the model annual income is unnaturally high relative to the average age and years of service of employees, so it is stated that this information is not conspicuous (Basic salary and allowance breakdown Is not explained).
    • Only the subjective and arbitrary criteria of the manager are used for evaluation, and the salary is not raised to increase wages. Or, believing that the quota is taken for granted, salaries can only be increased when the quota is significantly exceeded.
Image disguise
  • Emphasize vague and positive ideals/future images such as “bright atmosphere”, “bright tomorrow”, “bright future”, “friendly atmosphere”, and “workplace where only kind and nice people”
    • The atmosphere where the impression of being "bright" is forced. A company with a physical constitution like a sports club, a salesperson who focuses on gut theory, a corporate culture that focuses on psychology, and unreasonable violence and abusive language are common occurrences. Even if you say "bright," the expression of employees who suffer from harsh norma and power harassment is dark.
  • A company that puts harmless images such as old-fashioned old men and beautiful women's photos in job magazines and photos that the president and employees talk with a smile on the front
    • It makes me doubt that I am trying to hide the black company by impression operation.
  • Highly rated on the word-of-mouth site, experiences such as "easy to work", "we can demonstrate our abilities", "changed my life" in job advertisements and company recruitment brochures
    • "Yarase" by upper management and job magazine production companies. Conversely, reviews with low ratings are made obscure by requesting deletion or writing a large number of reviews with high ratings.
  • "Welcome to beginners" "Careful guidance to inexperienced people"
    • In fact, beginners are looked down on, and spartan instruction accompanied by physical punishment is widespread.
  • By hiring a part-time job or mobilizing employees by voting for "company ranking popular with students" on the recruitment siteOrganization vote, And disguise as if it were popular with college students.
  • The reason why we devote pages to the internal atmosphere, self-development, and experiences of the recruitment brochure is that there is no appeal to the company, or no one can point out the anomaly.
Impersonation of industry and occupation
  • When recruiting in unpopular industries and occupations,KatakanaUse a lot of expressions that lead to misunderstandings in technical terms, technical terms, or original coined words[33].
    • For example, dive door-to-door sales and sales, which are unpopular occupations, are "sold" (it is easily mistaken for sales in stores like retailers) or "○○ adviser" "○○ agent" "○○ planner". In other words, "Customer Support" doubles as a telephone clerk for repairs and complaints.
    • A pachinko/pachislot store is simply a "playground"[Note 10]Only "parlor" is described, and pachinko clerk is expressed as "amusement staff" or "hall staff".
    • The staff at the arcade are sometimes called "amusement staff," so it's easy to confuse them.
  • For jobs that emphasize high salaries and simple jobs, simply “sales”, “sales”, “questionnaire survey” (corruption commercial law/possible fraudulent door-to-door sales or solicitation) “customer service” (Possible) "Data entry" (possibility of fraud groups that use computer or the Internet as a fraud group, such as junk e-mail companies and Sakura on dating sites) "Transportation" "Delivery" (acceptance of wire fraud Carryers of illegal things (handguns, drugs, etc.)[PR 8]The possibility of recruitment) etc.), and some companies do not clearly indicate the type of industry or occupation.
    • Door-to-door sales of a vicious teaching material company. Even in the case of an actual "classroom," it is not uncommon for a side business to be handled by a company of a different type of industry. Sometimes
  • Despite the job offer for office work, it will be "Exemption".
    • Although it is necessary to drive a company car for procuring goods, meeting at another office, picking up customers, etc., after entering the company, make an excuse such as "lack of manpower" "lack of aptitude", sales There are also cases in which the job type is forcibly changed to a job.
    • In addition, even if a white company in a rural area has purely inconvenient transportation or needs to move by car at a company with a vast site, if a car (driver's license) is required for commuting regardless of work There is also.
  • "Sales", "coordinator (in-house sales)", "office work" of business contracting companies/temporary staffing companies (especially SMEs)
    • Recruitment of contract employees and temporary staff. Under the name of “field training” or “lack of manpower”, a business partner (contractor/dispatcher) may be contracted/dispatched as a mere contractor worker/dispatched worker (worker).
  • The job type is "Executive candidate"
    • Mostly in the hospitality industry such as retail and restaurant industries.Actually, it is just a store manager recruitment, and it is a set with a regular employee recruitment.There is a possibility that the store manager will be treated as a "name-only manager".


  • There is no interview or it is a mere skeleton. It will be hired unless there is a special reason because it will be able to leave a large number of jobs or immediately obtain alternative personnel (even if you are late for an interview without contacting you, you may be hired in loose clothes and appearance) ).
  • Even if you submit your resume or work experience at the time of the interview (or mail it before the interview), do not read the contents carefully and ask questions. There are some companies that do not require a full-time employee or resume, or even wear casual clothes when interviewing.
  • When asking a question, when the worker asks a convenient question (salary, holiday, etc.), he/she tries to mutter the words without giving an ambiguous answer.
  • If the person in charge of the interview is much older (sometimes younger) than the applicant, or has a low educational background (junior high school graduate), job wanderer (second new graduate), part-time job, or applicant's inexperience If there are dozens of companies interviewed (new graduates, job seekers), take an attitude to look down on applicants.
    • Applicants'no academic background' or'work history no matter'Second newbieAlthough it should be "OK", a valid reason[Note 11]Do not hire middle graduates and second new graduates without it.
    • If you are a junior high school graduate, "Why didn't you go on to high school? (Did you drop out?)", If you are a second-year graduate, "Why didn't you get a job?" I look down on it.
  • The interviewer asks the applicant questions about the family structure, family occupation, birthday, and applicant's blood group, etc. (or let them fill out a questionnaire).
  • If you ask "questions that the person in charge should not ask" at the time of the interview, the interview will suddenly end regardless of whether you pass or fail.As an example, what is the turnover rate when you are concerned about the turnover rate?Of course, the turnover rate is high, so I don't want to answer.
    • Even though it is stipulated that you should not ask questions that are not your responsibility (registration, family structure, etc.) or matters related to thought (religion, political parties, favorite reading, etc.), the guidelines are followed. Absent[PR 9].
  • In the case of recruitment of temporary employees, prior interviews and written exams, etc. at the company to which you are dispatched.
    • It is held under the name of face-to-face meetings, meetings, interviews, workplace tours, etc.Wages for transportation and restraint time will not be paid.
      According to the Worker Dispatching Act, scheduled dispatch[Note 12]Except for, interviews and examination of personal documents such as resumes are illegal. Not only registration type (general work), but also regular type (professional) dispatch is illegal even if the contract is indefinite.
    • If you hand over documents such as skill sheets that introduce only skills such as personal information and school history with hidden school name, work history with hidden company name, ownership qualification to the dispatch destination, it is a gray zone because it is not an individual specific act ..
  • Interviews, information sessions, and selection tests will be held on non-business days or in places unrelated to work.
    • He refuses to visit the workplace in order to avoid showing inconvenient things by making an excuse such as "I am not busy at this time" or "I am handling personal information".
  • If you are rejected, do not return the application documents such as the applicant's resume and work resume (except when it is said to be discarded to protect personal information. Even if you return it, only the resume is returned However, we do not attach any notice of rejection) and do not contact us at all. Or, where the company should pay the shipping costs, let the applicants bear the cost (requesting to attach envelopes and stamps for reply).


  • The toilets, entrances, offices, break rooms, and even the product storage areas are not well organized, creating an unsanitary environment.
  • Despite the large number of companies and departments, there are no uniforms, work clothes, etc. that can easily confirm the employee's name and affiliation, such as name tags and embroidery.It can be seen that the turnover of employees is intense.
  • The size of the office is significantly different from the number of employees on the recruitment vote. There is a possibility that the company will consist of temporary staffing and contracting, and there is a high possibility that the business will only exploit the intermediate margin.
  • Compared with companies in the same industry, there are many elderly people (50s to 70s). It is possible that the younger employees will soon retire because of the harsh working conditions and environment in which they cannot expect to improve their careers, and may be in a state of long-suffering middle-aged and older patients.
  • The personal belongings of the manager and some employees are unnecessarily scattered (the company may be personalized).


  • Do not give written notice of employment. The employment conditions will be changed one after another only after verbal communication of the employment notice and conclusion of the employment contract. There is no evidence of these unless recorded. Do not even give a copy of important employment documents such as work regulations.
  • Adopt as a sole proprietor. If you are not an employee, you do not have to take responsibility for work accidents or bear social insurance. Even if you think that you were hired as a full-time employee, the description in the labor contract may be different. Or make them misidentify as if they were hired by a regular employee.
  • Do not write an employment contract after hiring. Do not give a copy of the copy because it will force the worker to enter into an unfavorable employment contract.
  • Do not ask the employee's payroll account after hiring (excluding cash payments) or do not tell the employee any salary system (timecard or commission, for example). If you don't work well, you're looking for unpaid or reduced salaries or layoffs.
  • If you are a corporation, you do not have a social insurance system that requires you to join, or you cannot join it after a certain period of time after joining the company (social insurance, welfare pension, national health insurance, etc. are obligatory to join on the same day)
  • I am trying to narrow down only obedient humans. During the trial period, they are trying to narrow down by calling violent acts/ironing and giving excessive norms as newcomer education. Even if you endure it, you will be dismissed as used after the trial period.
  • The trial period is abnormally long. The trial period is basically 2 months or less, and the maximum is 3 year.
  • While giving a job offer notice, if you do training etc. before the year changes and you are not working well or you can not participate in the training due to circumstances, cancel the job offer there[Note 13].. Despite not wanting to hire a full-time employee from the beginning, there are also new graduates who hire only during the trial period and are dismissed after the trial period (or during the period) because they lack the ability or aptitude to work.


  • Many retirees hide their work history or deny the fact that they have worked.
  • Many retirees suffer from depression and PTSD that developed during work for a long time even after retirement.
  • Talks about suicides and attempted suicides related to retirees have been repeatedly heard in the area around the office.
  • Retirees do not purchase any products or services that involve the company (it is a black history for the person, and knows the behind-the-scenes of the company (power harassment, sexual harassment, product disguise, recall hiding, etc.)). Even if an acquaintance tries to buy it, he will try to stop it. Also, write anonymously on SNS that you do not join the company and do not recommend the service.
  • Retirees move to disconnect from the company.
  • In conversation, retirees treat the company, boss, or manager as a taboo (so-called "black history") that "had never existed from the beginning." Even if I say it, it is limited to negative content.
  • When a company is acquired, a large number of employees, including managers, are retired from the acquired company before and after the acquisition is completed.


  • Even if the above things become normal, I will do something like brainwashing employees over time by saying, "That's commonplace," "I'm gentle," "it used to be tougher."
  • There are many court cases and media reports on power harassment, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, corporate fraud and corporate crime, which are office violence.
  • Even if we talk about employees (dismissal, voluntary retirement, suicide) in the past, we treat them as taboo, saying "I have not hired from the beginning" and "Do not talk about it."
  • Appropriate labor management is not done, such as lack of paperwork and management such as loss of documents and equipment, dislike the scope of responsibility clarified in contract, and only needing oral promise.
  • Occupational accidents have occurred many times in the past (although safety measures have been taken to prevent similar accidents, education has not been provided regularly. No apology will be given if any occur.) ..
  • The owner's car is a luxury car or a remodeled car that doesn't suit the atmosphere of the company, and the car goes in and out on a daily basis. Possibly receiving assistance from the front company or its affiliates.
  • Information and rumors related to "hidden worker's power", "hidden power harassment", "hidden sexual harassment", etc. and forced retirement of employees who suffered such damages are constantly around the office.
  • Welcome to the post of directors, auditors, advisors, etc., who are not the five commonly regulated industries (construction, telecommunications, banking, air transportation, and electricity), but who need expensive expenses to dismiss lawyers and large police officers ing.
  • Relationships with other parties are not good. Or it is thin in the first place.
    • Relationships with governments, competent authorities, labor standards inspection offices, business and industry associations, industry groups, etc. are not smooth and normal. Or such information exists.
    • There are talks about evasion of regulations and evasion of inspection and inspection.
    • In order to escape from the Labor Standards Inspection Office and the responsibility for work-related accidents (or disguise the image down), the company name is changed and the company building is relocated (moving) frequently. After the company name is changed, it is treated as a taboo because there is no company name in the past.
  • Executives such as the president update blogs every day during work hours and write daily on SNS (excluding private writing during off-hours). Or they may be ignoring their core business and are enthusiastic about blogs, SNS, and other activities.
  • If there is a transaction, the person in charge suddenly changes. And in many cases, the successor between the predecessor and the successor has not been carried out. It was due to sudden leave, transfer, and termination of his predecessor. Even if you ask the successor about the predecessor, you have to answer that the successor does not know, and the transaction will not proceed smoothly.
  • At the time of the transaction, give excess quota to the other party and abandon the contract with the reason that "I changed my mind" even if the quota is achieved.
  • If you recruit near the business office, applicants will not gather, so you can apply for a job through Hello Work (Job Security Office) etc. in areas away from the business office (for example, there are many remote areas such as Hokkaido and Okinawa prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area). Give out.
  • Change the surname of the real name on the family register for some confusing reason and hide in the clouds (the name has not changed, but the surname has changed).Specifically, the surname of the spouse may be changed to the real name at the time of marriage (conversely, the surname may be returned to the original name at the time of divorce), or the surname of the adoptive parent may be adopted as the real name.Launder the surname itself with the real name instead of the pseudonym (similar to money laundering money laundering), and be reluctant about the surname of personal information.In the case of a male manager who is an executive such as the president and has a large income and a high position, in most cases the wife changes the surname (the husband changes the surname for the female manager) and the spouse gets married (married) in most cases. It is conceivable to use as it is (the other person changes the surname) or continue to use the maiden name for work convenience even after getting married, but if you dare to do the opposite, there may be circumstances where you want to hide in the clouds even if you change the surname. Can be seen as high.Anything that can change the family register's surname, such as giving the parent's maiden name due to the divorce of the parents, or canceling the adoption and giving the original surname, is applicable.
  • In consideration of LGBT (sexual minority) in recent years, we abused a system that allows homosexuals or transgenders to build a relationship close to a married couple on the family register when their body and mind do not match. Then, let them marry a business partner politically (acts like pillow sales) with the same sex.This is similar to a normal marriage of the opposite sex, but it is abused as a black company and uses the same-sex partner system as in a normal marriage only for the benefit of the company.

Black training

There is a training conducted in a company called "black training" that denies the personality of employees or forces them to do something mysterious.brainwashingThe desired training may be conducted[34].

Black bite

Derived from the "Black Company", even part-time workers and part-timers can work such as employee holidays, regular exams, school events for children, work systems that ignore the wishes of employees, and long working hours. The name "Black Bite" is appearing.

Especially in the case of high school and college students, even though they should prioritize their studies, there are voices saying, “I can't rest even before the exam.” Some of them even forced me to drop out of high school or college because of that. is there.

The reason why you are not satisfied with this situation is

  • Part-time work is used to substitute the work that regular employees or contract employees should perform
  • Exploit the lack of knowledge of workers who have little social experience (especially ignorance of law)
  • Labor shortage (remittance reduction, single-parent household, job hunting costs, etc.)
  • The reality of difficult re-employment due to intensifying competition between part-time workers

There is. It has also been pointed out that there is a generation gap such as "you can quit if you don't like it" or "easy for a part-time job" in the consciousness of senior citizens (such as parents of students) about part-time jobs, so it is pointed out that the difficult situation is difficult to convey.[35].

Black companies in Corona

New coronavirusHas spread, so-called outside of workSelf-restraint policeDiscrimination against corona sufferers or health care workers in Japan has become a problem, but black companies have an attitude of prioritizing profits over corona infections.TeleworkIntroducing, staggered work, and so-called "in the office"Social distanceIgnoring the response to employees without taking measures for "", or conversely, prohibiting "drinking parties" due to excessive restrictions on corporate activities in "corona sickness" and preventing the spread of infection within the company. Even for occupations other than the Self-Defense Forces and police fire departments, travel and homecoming are prohibited or changed to a permit system, and mask wearing, alcohol disinfection, and vaccination are "mandatory" (especially infection to outpatients, users, and inpatients). From the viewpoint of prevention, it is remarkable for medical corporations and social welfare corporations), and insists that it will not be vaccinated until a domestic vaccine that is impossible due to constitution and illness or that can wear a face shield instead of a mask and guarantee safety is completed. Unnecessary dismissal, suspension of work, leave of absence (treated as unpaid leave, even if disciplinary action is "suspended") (within the scope of the Labor Standards Law, movement restrictions outside working hours are requested to employees It is understood that it will be stopped[36]) Black The corporate side may be revealed.

For example, for employees who cannot purchase masks or cannot wear masks or disinfect with alcohol because of skin or respiratory illnesses, a dismissal statement is given because they did not wear masks or disinfect with alcohol in violation of the "business order". Submission and dismissal[37][38]And stop working[39]Was ordered, and advance vaccination was started.MedicalWorkersNursing careIn the case of workers, if a nurse or caregiver with allergies or underlying illness refuses vaccination, he / she will be forced to retire or take a leave of absence, or will be harassed or retired such as "claim for damages if business is suspended". Coercion (vaccine harassment)[40]Is also rampant.In fact, American airlines are trying to differentiate their unvaccinated employees by dismissing them and adding insurance premiums.[41][42].

In addition to this, we have introduced telework to instruct you to wait in front of your computer even when you are working from home, or when you look at the room through a webcam and say ridiculous or sexual harassment. Calling, compulsory participation in online drinking parties (remote harassment), non-payment of overtime due to "because I am at home"[43]There are problems such as not being able to take extra wages or substitute leave for work on holidays.

Correspondence to black companies

Response from workers

  • It is not possible to deal with it individually or as a group within the company (as mentioned above, if there is no labor union of a black company or a consultation desk for labor problems, or even if it exists, it is a "company union" or a mere ghost. In addition, even if you submit a complaint to the head office (when you have multiple branch offices), it will be ignored, or conversely, the whistleblower (in the case of a group, the representative or all) will be punished for some kind of punishment. (Salary reduction, disciplinary dismissal, etc.) may be received, so no decent response can be expected).If you file a complaint (or a complaint) with the Labor Standards Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Prefectural Labor Bureau, or the Labor Standards Inspector before the situation worsens, or if you are verbally charged, charged, assaulted or sexually harassed. Submits a damage report to the police, a union (an external labor union that can be joined on an individual basis), and a lawyer who mainly accepts labor issues (example:Japanese Labor Lawyer) And consultation with the consultation desk Retirement agency service Borrow external power [33].
  • Leave as much evidence as possible (work content, time card recording, service overtime, abuse, assault, work) such as copy of document, bookkeeping (including diary), photo, computer update history, voice, video, doctor's medical certificate The most mainstream method is to consult with the prefectural labor bureau, labor standards inspection office, and labor standards inspector.[Note 14].

Government response

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has started a fact-finding survey since September 4 and found serious and malicious violations and improvements for approximately 2013 companies nationwide, which have high turnover rates and are suspected of violating the Labor Standards Act due to long working hours. No, I announced that I will announce the company name and violation details of the company[45].

On April 2015, 27 (Heisei 4), the "Labor Special Measures Group for Eliminating Overwork" (common name: Katoku) was established within the Bureau of Tokyo Labor Bureau and the Bureau of Osaka Labor Bureau, and the establishments of labor standards law violations were discovered. It is strengthening.

Response of political parties


On April 2013, 4, the Liberal Democratic Party Employment Problem Investigation Committee established a policy of recommending measures such as the announcement of the name of the black company to the government as a countermeasure, and it was specified as a party promise to the 8rd House of Councilors ordinary election in the summer of the same year. Considered to[46]But was eventually put off[47].

Japan Communist Party

On May 2013, 5, at the House of Councilors Budget Committee, Yoshiki Yamashita of the Japanese Communist Party showed the actual situation of black companies and asked the government to take measures.[48].

Citizen group response

Black enterprise countermeasure project

An organization established in September 2013 with the aim of creating a society where the law is adhered to at work and young people are not used up by black companies. It provides policy recommendations, holds seminars, and collaborates with related organizations.

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