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🍴 | "Yukimi Daifuku x Kikyo Shingen Mochi" Reproduced with black honey sauce and "thick mochi"


"Yukimi Daifuku x Kikyo Shingen Mochi" reproduced with black honey sauce and "thick mochi"

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"Kikyo Shingen Mochi" has been reproduced with a soft texture "thick mochi" even under freezing.

Lotte precedes "Yukimi Daifuku x Kikyo Shingen Mochi" supervised by Kikyoya at a convenience store on January 2022, 1 ... → Continue reading

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Kikyo Shingen Mochi

Characters contained in this item"Mochi'It is,operating system,ブ ラ ウ ザThe display varies depending on the environment such as.

Kikyo Shingen Mochi(Kikyoshingenmochi) isYamanashiFuefuki city OfconfectioneryManufacturer·KikyoyaManufactured and sold bySouvenir sweets.

1968/It has been on sale since (43). There are several types available, from two wrapped in one non-woven furoshiki to 2 in a vanity case, but eight are in a cloth bag.FuroshikiOf a plastic vessel wrapped in vinyl that imitatesKinakoToFertilizationIs buried in 3 pieces, attachedBlack honeyAnd eat.

Origin and origin of the name

The name "Shingen" is from the Warring States periodKai countryMainly positioned as a symbolic figure in Yamanashi PrefectureShingen TakedaIt is named after.To the Buddhist altar during the Bon Festival hereAbe river rice cakeInspired by the custom of offering, it was made from the unique texture of black honey and mochi.[1].


Japanese sweets Olympics and popular nameNational Confectionery ExpoAt the 19th ExpoHonorary President-Nobuhito TakamatsuReceived the Honorary President Praemium Imperiale Award.From the 13th time, Prince and Mrs. Nobuhito Takamatsumiya had served as honorary presidents, but in the 19th time when Kikyo Shingen Mochi was awarded, Princess Chichibu and Setsuko were also named as honorary presidents.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismSponsorshipVisit Japan Campaign(VJC) For foreigners at "VJC Attractive Japanese Souvenir Contest 2005"JapanAs something that makes you strongly aware ofJapanese sweetsSilver prize in the category[2]Elected toNarita AirportSold as a souvenir representative from Japan in the "Japanese souvenir shop Sakura" on the 4th floor of the Central Building of the XNUMXst Passenger Terminal1970/At the 5th New Tourism Souvenir Contest (currently Yamanashi Tourism Souvenir Contest)JapanChamber of commerceHas won the Chairman's Award.

Difference between "Kikyou Shingen Mochi" and "Shingen Mochi"

In addition to "Kikyou Shingen Mochi" manufactured and sold by Kikyouya in Fuefuki City,HokutoManufactured and sold by KinseikenShingen MochiThere is also.Kikyoya's "Shingen Mochi"1968/(Showa 43), Kinseiken's "Shingen Mochi"1972/It was released in (47).

Kikyoya's "Kikyou Shingen Mochi" was exhibited at the "1970th New Tourism Souvenir Contest" (currently Yamanashi Tourism Souvenir Contest) in 45 (Showa 5), and the following day.1971/(Showa 46) Dated April 4Yamanashi Nichinichi ShimbunAlthough it is advertised to, the product name "Shingen Mochi" of Kikyoya is "Kinseiken"Shingen Monaka(Shingen Monaka)(A separate product from Shingen MochiIn the middle) Is similar on the same trademark classification, and "Kikyo" is added and the name is changed to "Kikyo Shingen Mochi" to avoid conflict.Later, Kinseiken filed a trademark application for "Shingen Mochi" and was registered under Trademark No. 1015994 and released "Shingen Mochi".[3]are doing.

Kikyoya was the first to sell Shingen MochiHowever, "Kikyou" is not currently attached.Kinseiken has acquired the trademark "Shingen Mochi" and sells it..

In addition to setting up and selling their own online shops, both sides have their own online shops.Kofu StationThen, at the souvenir corner outside the ticket gate, Kikyo Shingen Mochi, inside the ticket gateNewDaysWe are dealing with Shingen mochi.In addition, the Yamanashi Prefecture Tourism AssociationTokyo StationAt both stores, such as the antenna shop "Fuji no Kuni Yamanashikan," which is open near the Yaesu exit, it may be confirmed whether it is Kikyouya or Kinseiken.

Kikyoya also sells other products bearing "Shingen", but the "Kikyou Shingen Mochi" derivative products bear "Kikyou Shingen" and "Kikyou" and are not related to "Kikyou Shingen Mochi". "Shingen peach" etc.) omits the word "Kikyou".


Kikyo Shingen Mochi related products

Derivative products

The following products based on Kikyo Shingen Mochi are on sale.Some products are not sold at Kikyouya shops, but are sold at convenience stores and external online shops.

  • Kikyo Shingen Mochi Goku: The contents of mochi, soybean flour, and black honey are kept as they are, and the container is changed to monaka.[4].. A product that fulfills the request by the fan letter sent to the president in 1968[4].. Released in December 2021.
  • Kikyo Shingen Pudding: A product that is eaten with honey sprinkled on kinako-flavored pudding. The container and eating method are almost the same as Kikyo Shingen Mochi, but a plastic spoon is attached instead of a skewer.
  • Pudding Dorayaki: A product in which the above-mentioned Kikyo Shingen pudding is sandwiched between dorayaki.
  • Kikyo Shingen Mochi Ice Cream: A typical cup-shaped ice cream with kinako-flavored ice cream and honey in the center.
  • Kikyo Shingen Jelly: A product that is eaten by sprinkling soybean flour on jelly containing honey, which is the opposite idea to Kikyo Shingen Mochi, which is sprinkled with soybean flour and sprinkled with honey.
  • Kikyo Shingen Raw Roll: A product in which mochi is put in kinako-flavored cream and wrapped in a dough soaked with honey.
  • Kikyo Shingen Mochi: A stick-shaped dough soaked with honey and sprinkled with soybean flour.
  • Kikyo Shingen candy: A candy with honey inside and sprinkled with soybean flour. It is very similar to Kikyo Shingen candy because it is shaped like a stick.
  • Kikyo Shingen Crepe: Ice, rice cake and honey wrapped in crepe.
  • Kikyo Shingen Caramel: Caramel and black honey and soybean flour are kneaded together and hardened.
  • Kikyo Shingen Soft: Kinako-flavored ice cream and mochi are placed on top of a cone and honey is sprinkled on top of it.

Collaboration products with other companies' products and works

  • Country maamKikyo Shingen Mochi:FujiyaThe kinako-flavored country ma'am contains rice cakes and black honey.
  • Tyrolean chocolateKikyo Shingen Mochi:Seven-ElevenLimited release.
  • Sloppy"Black soybean flour":Akagi dairy industryIt is tie-up with and sold at convenience stores.
  • Ice Bar Kikyo Shingen Mochi: Tie-up with Akagi Nyugyo and sold at convenience stores.
  • Kikyo Shingen / Kikyo Shingen:MontaireAnd tie up with Kikyo Shingen Mochi in MonteurCastellaProduct sandwiched between.
  • Fuji-Q Highland Limited Shingen Mochi: Shingen mochi made from natural water from Mt. Fuji.Fujikyu HighlandLimited sale.
  • "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Kikyo Shingen Mochi: From December 2020, "Demon Blade』Character (5 types of Tanjiro Kamado, Tanjiro Kamado, Yoshiyasu Gazuma, Inosuke Tomioka, Yoshiyuki Tomioka) and Kikyo Shingen Mochi with a non-woven shopperNewDaysSold in[5].

More informations

  • In addition to "Kikyou Shingen Mochi" and "Shingen Mochi", there are many products outside Yamanashi Prefecture that "containers are wrapped in furoshiki and sprinkled with honey on mochi sprinkled with soybean flour."
  • A high-end product called "Kikyo Shingen Mochi Ginzukuri", which has a short expiration date but is particular about quality, is also on sale.
  • 2010/(Heisei22 years)New YearIn commemoration of the 120th anniversary of its founding, "Kikyo Shingen Mochi Keibi" was sold for a limited time.
  • At the head office factory, you can enjoy all-you-can-stuff sweets such as Kikyo Shingen Mochi, factory tours, and packaging experiences.
  • On the Kikyouya official website, some ways to eat are introduced as "How to eat Kikyou Shingen Mochi".[6].. Also,"Yuru CampThe second episode of the anime also introduces how to eat Kikyo Shingen Mochi.[7].


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