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🍴 | Lawson x "RINGO" is the first collaboration!I want to eat both of the two apple sweets.


Lawson x "RINGO" is the first collaboration!I want to eat both of the two apple sweets.

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The top is topped with whipped cream, caramel apple sauce, and crush pie, as well as dice-cut apples in two sizes (about 2 cm and about 1.5 cm).

Lawson will open for the first time with the freshly baked custard apple pie specialty store "RINGO" from January 2022, 1 ... → Continue reading

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Whipped cream

Whipped cream(English: whipped cream) IsWhisk,Hand mixerIt was whipped until it became lighter with a lot of air (milkMade from)cream.. Whipped cream often adds sweetness,vanillaThe scent of may be added,Chantery cream(English: Chantilly cream),Claim Chantilly(French: whipped cream : pronunciation: [kʁɛm ʃɑ̃tiji])) Sometimes called.

However,JapaneseThen, what is used as the ingredient of such whipped cream in its original meaning is called "pure fresh cream", while an alternative product made from vegetable oils and fats instead of milk (see below)#imitation) Is referred to as "whipped cream"[1].

English"Whip" was originally a verb meaning "move fast and strong", and its etymology dates back to the middle of the 13th century, and from the beginning of the 14th century the noun "whip"WhipWas also used to mean. It was around 1670 that it came to be used in cooking in the sense of "whispering".[2][3].. "Whipped" is its past participle[4], Means "whispered".

Food chemistry

Over 30%Milk fatWhen the minute cream is agitated to contain air,colloidThe air is contained in the fat droplets in the form of bubbles, so that the volume becomes twice as large as the volume before stirring. However, if the stirring is continued for more than that time, the fat droplets break the colloid and adhere,バ タ ーBecomes Cream with a low milk fat content (light cream)milkDoes not do the same with stirring, a cream with a high fat content forms a stable foam[5].

The physical properties of whipped cream include not only the ratio of milk fat content and stirring time, but also the additives.[6]And temperature treatment before stirring[7]It is known to change depending on the situation.

Method of stirring

Creams are usuallyWhiskOr electric or manualHand mixer, Orfood processorStir at.

Whipped creamsugar,vanilla,coffee,チ ョ コ レ ー ト,Orange, The flavor is added by others[8].19st century OfRecipesMany of them to stabilize the whipped foam(English edition・We recommend adding gum[9]Whipped in some recipesEgg whiteWas recommended to add. Besides,gelatin,PyrophosphateWas used commercially as an additive to stabilize the foam[10][11][12][13].

Whipping cream is also made on a manufacturing machine called a "whipping siphon", but in most cases it is not a gas that creates foam.Nitrous oxideIs used, which iscarbon dioxideThis is because the sourness tends to appear when using[14].. Siphon (English edition OfcartridgeCan be replaced or filled with pressurized gas from the beginningsprayWill be retailed as. In the pressurized state, the gas is dissolved in the milk fat content, but when the pressure is released, bubbles are formed and the whipped cream is completed.

When the stirring is performed under high pressure, the air can be mixed in more efficiently, and the time required for stirring the whipped cream can be shortened, so a stirrer applying this principle has also been developed.[15][16].


The whipped cream, which often has sweetness and flavor added, is already16st centuryIs popular with[17],Cristoforo di Mesis Bougo(Ferrara,1549/[18],(English edition(Rome,1570/[17], (English edition(Liege,1604/[19]Various recipes are left in the description by such as. At that time, ``milk snow (Italian: neve di latte,French: neige de lait)” was called[20].1545/ OfEnglishIn the recipe "A Dyschefull of Snow" byEgg whiteWhipped together,Rose water,sugarWas instructed to add flavor[21].. With these recipes and the way up to the end of the 19th centuryWillowBranches ofRushThe work of whipped using a stalk of the same kind, scooping bubbles formed on the surface little by little and flowing the remaining liquid was repeated for more than 1 hour.[5].19st centuryThe end of the,(English editionWith the advent of, and the production of creams with high fat content, making whipped cream has become much quicker and easier.FrenchMeans whipped cream.Creme fooette (crème fouettée)"1629/Used for[22],English"Whipped cream" is1673/There is an example of[23].. The expression "snow cream"17st centuryWas used up[24][25].

coffee,Liqueur,チ ョ コ レ ー ト,fruitVariousDessertIspyramidWhipped cream is added, mixed, or garnished on top, "Creme en mousse (crème en mousse)” (“Bubbly cream”), “Creme Whoette”, “Creme mousse shoes (crème mousseuse)” (whipped cream), “mousse"(Foam) etc.[26], And from "Fromage a La Chantilly (fromage à la Chantilly)'' (Chantilly It was also called the wind cheese)[27][28].. Modern chocolate moussemousseIs the one that inherits this tradition.

Whipping cream with nitrous oxide The whipping siphon1930 eraOn Charles Getz ((English editionWith G. Frederick Smith)[29][30], Marshall Reinecke[31], Invented at the same time. Both applied for patents and were in court. Getz's patent was invalidated at the first trial, but Getz's patent was granted on appeal[14].

Claim Chantilly

"Claim Chantilly (Crème Chantilly)” is another name for whipped cream. The difference between "whipped cream" and "claim shanti" is not clear. The writers who treat the two as different treat the sweetened one as creme shanti and the unsweetened one as whipped cream.[32].. However, most writers treat both as synonyms.[33], Are all said to be sweetened?[34][35], There is also an example that it is called even if sweetness is not added to either[9][36]There is also an explanation that sweetness may or may not be added.[37][38].. Many writers use only one of the two expressions, sweetened or unsweetened, so it's unclear whether the writers intentionally use them properly or not.[39].

A person who is often referred to inaccurately and without evidence for inventing Claim Shanti.Francois VatereIt is,17st centuryMidwayChantilly castle OfM d'otelWas serving[40][41].. However, the expression that associates the name of Shanti (Chantilly) with whipped cream first appears.18st centuryMid[42]At the same time(German versionBut,(French versionPraises the cream that was served for lunch, but doesn't say much about it, nor mention it in the name associated with Shanti.[43][44].

Creme de Chantilly, crème de Chantilly, crème à la Chantilly, crème fouettée à la Chantilly)” became popular in the 19th century.1806/By Alexandre ViardCuisinier ImpérialThe first edition makes no mention of whipped cream or cream named "Shanti"[45],1820/From the edition there are references to both[46].

Perhaps the name "Chantilly" came into useChantilly castleThought to have been a symbol of gastronomy[47].


Imitation of whipped cream is distributed as a product under the name "whipped topping" or "squirty cream" (in English). In Japanese, vegetable oilEmulsificationThe imitation that is produced by making it is sometimes called "whipped cream" as opposed to "pure fresh cream".[1].

The reasons why such imitation is used are as follows.

To some extent, these imitationsHydrogenationWas donegrease,sweetener,water,Thickening stabilizer,emulsifierHas been added(English editionBut this is a substitute for butter, so to speakmargarineIs almost synonymous with using.

how to use

Whipped cream, or creme shantitoppingIs popular aspieAndice cream(EspeciallySundaeSuch),cupcake,cake,Milk shake,waffle,hot chocolate,jelly,Custard puddingAttached to. Also, sometimes whipped cream is added to coffee,(German versionWhat draws the tradition ofMelange mit Schlagobers”(“With whipped cream”)Wiener CoffeeIs widely known as. Whipped cream is also used as the content of desserts, for exampleCream puff,(English editionPacked in[49].


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