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🍽 | “Fast” food restaurant What is the mechanism of a popular restaurant that serves food in 15 seconds?


What exactly is the mechanism of a popular restaurant that serves food in 15 seconds at a “fast” food store?

If you write the contents roughly
As "the fastest restaurant in the world to carry food," it is a popular restaurant that holds the Guinness World Records, and it takes only 15 seconds on average for customers to order food and arrive at the table.

[Providing products quickly, and the taste is excellent as well.Such a popular store is also enthusiastic about employee education.Goods come out quickly ... → Continue reading


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Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records(Guinness World Records,British: Guinness World Records) OrGuinness World RecordsIs "The best in the worldTo collectBookAnd the best in the worldRecordContinue to be certified according to fair standards (rules) called "guidelines"組織But also.


Various records have been applied to "Guinness World Records" from all over the world, and the world's greatest achievements and surprises in various fields are "certified rules" under "certified categories". Officially certified as the best in the world.In Japan, there is a Japanese branch office named "Guinness World Records Japan".

A well-recognized book is published every September and contains what is the best in the world in various fields.2000/Until the edition, it was published as "The Guinness Book of Records", which was abbreviated as "The Guinness Book of Records".Guinness BookWas called.Due to changes in publishers2002/The edition is "Guinness World Records"2004/After the edition, "Guinness World RecordsHas been renamed to.The book does not contain all the records certified that year,Official WebsiteAll records are posted inSearch pageIs also available.

The book "Guinness World Records" is "1978/May 6According to The Bestseller magazineUnited KingdomPubliclibraryThe most stolen book in Japan "[3], "World's bestseller (current copyright exists)"[4]Was certified as a Guinness World Record by himself. As of 2014, it has been certified by the Guinness World Records as the "best-selling annual book".[5].. As of 2019, it has been translated into 40 languages ​​and sold in more than 100 countries, with a cumulative circulation of over 1 million.[6].

2008/Especially after the editionComputer gamesThe book "Guinness World Records Gamer's EditionIs published (English version only).

The brand awareness of "Guinness World Records" is 97%, the number of viewers of TV programs related to the Guinness World Records in 2018 is more than 7 million annually, the number of access to the official website is more than 5,000 million annually, 2,100YouTubeThe total number of views on the official channel is over 3 million, and the number of SNS fans and followers isFacebookOver 1,830 million peopleInstagramOver 350 million peopleTikTokOver 910 million peopleTwitterOver 27.5 million peopleSnapchatRecord over 460 million people[7].


Issuance of Guinness World RecordsIreland OfbeerCompanyGuinness BreweryHugh Beaver, who was the CEO ofIrelandへhuntingOf the hunted prey, the fastest flying bird in EuropeEuropean golden ploverとGrouseIt was a debate about either, and it was hard to come to a conclusion, so I thought that if there was a book that collected and posted these things, it would be popular.UKでResearchNorris McWalter and Ross McWalter, who were in the business, were asked to investigate and publish.1955/The first edition of "Guinness Book of Records" was released in Japan.2000/Independent of Guinness Brewery, the title was changed to "Guinness World Records".

Certification method

To be certified as Guinness World Records, before you challenge the record, Official Website It is necessary to apply for a record challenge from.For applications from JapanGuinness World Records Japan website From, write your address, name, phone number, record contents, challenge method, reason, challenge date, etc.There are two types of individual applications: "free service" and paid "priority service".In the case of a free application, it takes about 2 months to respond, while if you use the priority service, you will be contacted in about 3 business days.When an organization applies, there is an application method called "corporate application", and you can consult about the challenge record category.The use of paid services does not affect the examination of the application contents.

If the application is approved, Guinness World Records will send you the necessary documents such as "guidelines" that describe the rules for the record challenge.After that, the content of the challenge to record is recorded in an easy-to-understand manner with photos, videos, documents, etc., and it is sent to Guinness World Records by email or mail.You can also ask an official certified person to come to the record challenge[8]However, the cost of dispatch, transportation, accommodation, etc. will be borne by the challenger. As of 2020, eight officially certified members are stationed at Guinness World Records Japan.[9][10]..Therefore, in Japan, it is relatively easy to request an on-the-spot examination and to know the result immediately after the challenge.[8], There are many cases where officially certified members are present at recording studios and venues when it is expected that records will be achieved in advance for TV programs, etc.[11][12]..After that, if the record is approved, the certificate will be delivered from Guinness World Records.In addition, it is the same as the paid application that the strict examination criteria are not changed by calling an official certified person.

About 6 Guinness World Records every year[13]Due to the number of applications, only a few are accepted as new record categories in terms of the total number of applications.If you apply for free, it will take some time to receive a reply, but Guinness World Records will always send a reply to the applicant.In addition, although the application is originally supposed to be done by the person who achieved it, there are exceptions, for example.Saori YoshidaThe certification for the achievements (record of consecutive wins in the Olympics and world championships) was not an application by Yoshida himself, but a work from the Guinness World Records side.

Criteria for certification / registration of records

The records management department of Guinness World Records will determine the certification and registration of the applied records.To be recognized as a new record category, the following criteria must be met at a minimum.

  • Proof of record achievement
  • Being able to quantify records
  • The record may be broken in the future

Records that are limited to a country or region or that are too special may be rejected.Thelma Aoyama's "Soba ni Iru ne" is certified as "the best-selling download single in Japan", and domestic records may be certified as world records.

In addition, if it is judged that the application content is as follows, it will not be accepted.

  • The content of the application puts the challenger, the audience, and the people around him at great risk.
  • Those that are judged not worth challenging the record by anyone other than the applicant

Records not currently accepted as a record category

The Guinness World Records has also dealt with records of social and human rights issues, ethically and morally problematic acts, and content that involves extremely dangerous and life-threatening acts, but does not take any responsibility for the record challenge. There are also records that have not been accepted, including that.

Here are some examples of records that were certified in the past but are no longer certified[14].

highestIQRecord of
1980s,Marilyn Boss SavantWas certified as the best in the world by IQ228.However, it is difficult to measure extremely high IQ and it is not credible, and it is meaningless to certify a record of high IQ.[15]High IQ records have not been certified since the 1990 edition.
Youngest childbirth record
Lina MedinaThe childbirth at 5 years, 7 months and 21 days was certified as the "youngest childbirth record", but it is not currently certified.The reason is not stated, but for girlsrapeThat can inducehuman rightsIt is thought to be medically very dangerous and life-threatening because it causes problems.
insomniaRecord of
Sleep records are no longer certified, as not sleeping for long periods of time can be detrimental to health and life-threatening.
Record of the fastest instrumental performance (Violin,Guitar,PianoSuch)
Because it is difficult to judge the accuracy based on the score.
Records by age
To emphasize the absolute record for all humankind and not to specify the age group of the challenger.

Guinness World Records in Japan

Japanese version of the book

The Japanese version is1966/Published under the title "This is the best book in the world to understand anything".1971/Was also published by Takeuchi Bookstore under the Japanese title "Encyclopedia of Records World No. XNUMX".1975/から1976/IsKodanshaWas published under the Japanese title of "The World's No. XNUMX World".

The Japanese translation released under the title of "Guinness Book of Records" is1977/The first one from Kodansha, from the company1988/Even the edition was published.1984/As for the edition, in addition to the main book, "Guinness Book of Records Junior Edition" was published.1983/From the edition to the 1988 edition, "Japanese Records" was introduced as a special item.This item is a compilation of Japanese records collected by Kodansha editorial staff at that time from a unique perspective and world records that Guinness World Records did not recognize as "items that do not have universality in a specific area" in the original language (English). ) Corresponds to the "British No. XNUMX Record" recorded in the edition.

1989/The edition was published under the title of "Guinness Book of Records".

1993/From the edition, it was published by Kiko Shobo (currently Kiko Shobo) under the title of "Guinness Book of Records".2002/The version (only this version has the title "Guinness World Records") was finally discontinued.

2003/The edition is not published in Japan2004/From the edition2008/Until the editionPoplar companyPublished under the title of "Guinness World Records".The feature of Poplar's version is that it uses a lot of color photographs to attract children's interest, and the number of pages and the number of items posted are a little small.[16].. The 2005 edition is "50th Anniversary Special Edition", which includes space development and100m runSpecial pages such as records are posted.

2009/Plate and2010/EditionSesame booksPublished under the title of "Guinness World Records". In addition to the main book, the 2009 edition can be read with "Guinness World Records 2009 JAPAN", which collects information on Japanese record holders, "Guinness World Records Test" to become a world record master, and hiragana for 3 to 7 years old. Published "Guinness World Records 2009 Kids".

2011/From the edition, Kadokawa Marketing (→Kadokawa Magazines→Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute) Has acquired the publishing right and has published a Japanese version under the title of "Guinness World Records".

2014/From the edition, Goma Books publishes "Guinness World Records Gaiden" in addition to the main book.

Guinness World Records Museum TOKYO

2005/March 8Tokyo TowerGuinness World Records Museum TOKYO, a museum that collects Guinness World Records, opens on the 3rd floor of Foot Town[17]..The first Honorary Director was registered in the Guinness World Records as "the oldest record in the world to climb Everest"Yuichiro MiuraWas appointed.

October 2008, 10 Guinness World Records certified as "drawing the most manga works in the world"Shotaro IshinomoriBecame the second honorary director of the museum[18].

2010/May 8Closed with[19]did.

Report on NHK

Japan Broadcasting Corporation OfNHK NewsAnd on the showPublic broadcastingDue to the nature ofTrade name and product nameWhen introducing the "Guinness World Records" so as not to advertise or promote, "World Records" "Book that collects the best records in the world"[20]However, from 2009, it was introduced using the proper noun of "Guinness World Records" in the program.[21][22].


Guinness World Records Day

Every year in mid-November, there is "Guinness World Records Day" set by Guinness World Records, and on this day, big events to set world records are held at the same time.


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