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🧁 | Exquisite sweets with sheep milk cheese Tono / Genghis Khan's Anbe

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Exquisite sweets with sheep milk cheese Tono / Genghis Khan's Anbe

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Characterized by its strong saltiness and slight acidity, it launched a pizza made with this hard cheese three years ago.

Abe Shoten (President Yoshiya Abe), who runs the Anbe restaurant Genghis Khan in Hayase-cho, Tono City, is the first restaurant since its establishment in 1947. → Continue reading

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Hard cheese

Hard cheeseIs the milk solid content in the processing processSqueezingAnd by draining waterWater contentIs low and the finish is hardNatural cheeseA kind of.MostlymilkMade from[1]..It is characterized by its high storage stability due to its low water content, its deep flavor due to long-term aging, and its rich flavor.

As a famous oneItaly OfParmigiano Reggiano,United Kingdom OfCheddar,Switzerland OfPalmesan,Gruyère,Raclette,Emmental, Netherlands OfHard edamand so on.

In Japan, it is classified into hard cheese (hard type) and ultra-hard cheese (extra hard type) according to the water content, but the percentage of water is 38% to 32% for hard cheese and 32% or less for ultra-hard cheese.[2][3][4].


Hard cheesecardとWheyWhile heating in the process of separatingStirEncourage the condensation of cards.Furthermore, the separated curd is cut into small pieces, packed in a mold, and strongly squeezed to remove water, which increases the density of the tissue.[5]..After being squeezed, the hard cheeseLactic acid bacteria, Super hard cheesePropionibacterium Of酵素Aged from the inside by[6]..The aging period varies depending on the type of cheese, but generally hard cheese is 6 months or more and 10 to 12 months or less, and ultra-hard cheese is 1 year or more and 3 years or so.[7]..As aging progressesLindThe outer skin is formed and has a natural skin.Lindet typeWrap it in a film instead of Lind to protect the insideLindless typeCall[8].

how to eat

As table cheese, you can slice it into thin slices and put it in a salad, put it on bread and eat it, or powder it and use it as a seasoning.pizza,gratin,QuicheIt is also used as an ingredient in.Also, racletteRacletteOf Emmentalcheese fondueIt is also used as the main material of.

Preservation method

Wrap the cut end in a wrap and store it in a vegetable room with relatively high humidity even in the refrigerator.For long-term storage, divide into small portions, wrap in plastic wrap, and freeze.[9].


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