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🧁 | Held again this year! I tried "Famima's Strawberry Harvest Festival"


Held again this year! I tried "Famima's Strawberry Harvest Festival"

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Other variations include "roll cake" (160 yen including tax) and "doughnut" (128 yen including tax) using Amaou strawberry, and "waffle cone" (258 yen including tax, price varies in some areas) using Tochiotome juice. Also abundant.

Convenience store giant "Family Mar ..." offers sweets, bread, and drinks made with plenty of brightly colored seasonal strawberries. → Continue reading

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160 yen including tax

Roll cake

Roll cakeIt is,cakeIt is a kind of. A sponge cake wrapped with cream, fruits, jam, etc.


thinrectangleBakedsponge cakeTojam,creamKind (Whipped cream,Butter cream,custard creamEtc.), cut into small piecesSweetened(Glasse)fruitEtc. are placed and wound in a spiral shape.

Sponge doughcocoa-coffee-MatchaIt may be made by mixing. Also, for fabrics and ingredientsVegetablesMay be used. Since it is made by wrapping a sponge, basically when it is completedColumnWhen eating, as a general rule, slice it into slices of appropriate thickness and serve.

The appearance is undecorated or undecorated after rollingSugar powderFrom a simple one that just shakes, you can apply more cream etc.fruit,チ ョ コ レ ー トThere are various things such as gorgeous ones decorated with.



The origin of the roll cake is not clear. There is the following theory[1].

  • Swiss food(English edition)Was introduced to England and used as a sweet for reference. In addition, I traveled to SwitzerlandQueen victoriaThere is also a theory that he told England.
  • Spain OfCastile"Gypsy arm" in rural areas (Spanish: Brazo de gitanoThere is a confectionery called), which became the ancestor of the roll cake.

Spain for a whileHabsburg houseSince the Habsburgs originated in Switzerland, the influence of the above Swiss cuisine can be considered.逆に「ロールケーキはOn the contrary, "Swiss rollAustria,HungaryIt is a confectionery developed in Switzerland and has no influence from Switzerland. "[1].

JapanIn the middle of the 16th centuryPortugalIt is said that the confectionery, which can be said to be the prototype of a roll cake wrapped with sponge cake with fruit juice, was transmitted viarolled omeletIs devised[1]. Also,Iyo Matsuyama DomainThen.Bean pasteTheCastellaWrap with dough "tartWas born[2].


Japan alsoSecond World WarRoll cake-shaped sweets have been on sale for some time. It wasn't until it became popular1950 eraToYamazaki breadBut"Swiss rollIt depends on the release. Founder of Yamazaki Baking in 1956Tojuro IijimaWhen he visited a cake company in the United Kingdom, he thought of commercializing it, and started manufacturing and selling it around 1958. In 1964, a mass production line was completed in Tokyo, and since then, Yamazaki Baking has been expanded nationwide. Popularized in Japan in step with[2][3].ShortcakeA cake with cream on the outside of a sponge like this is extremely soft, and the high distribution cost was a hurdle for industrial products, but a roll cake with the inside and outside reversed can be handled in the same way as sweet bread. It has come to be widely sold in supermarkets and convenience stores.

In the early days, there were many simple roll cakes with cream or jam wrapped in sponge dough,1992/ToPatisserie KIHACHIInvolving fruits sold byKihachi trifle rollWas a pioneer, and the cream and sponge dough itself was devised.Matcharoll,KinakorollAnd, decorations on sponge cloth came to appear[1]..You can see a variety of products, from large ones, which are equivalent to whole cakes that are supposed to be cut in size, to small ones for one person.

2009/ToLawson"Standing a sponge dough cut into strips in a container to make a cylinder and filling the center with cream"Premium roll cakeWill be released. A way of eating cream by scooping it with a spoon was also proposed, and a new trend centered on cream was established. It also caused a simultaneous boom[1].

About the name

FrenchThen.Relais (roller)[4]OrRoulade (roulade).France OfChristmas cakeA kind ofBush de Noel (Bush de Noel)Is a roll cake surface decorated with cocoa cream or the like.


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