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☕ | Good news for smokers!Sendai Smoking Cafe NICO TO BACCO will open on January 1th ...


Good news for smokers!Sendai Smoking Cafe NICO TO BACCO will open on January 1th ...

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For the open event, coupon tickets that can be used for 1 yen will be sold for 11 yen (2% increase) from January 22th to February 6,000nd.

Hi, this is Mabo from Eat Map Sendai."Sendai Smoking Cafe NIC ..." where all seats can be smoked in Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai → Continue reading

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    Ticket Book

    Ticket Book(Kaisuuken) is a cash voucher that is issued with a few tickets, airline tickets, admission tickets, food tickets, facility use tickets, etc. Generally, the price is discounted compared to paying each time.


    Each spelled ticket isCash voucherWith the personality of, users can receive the service when and when they need it.

    From the perspective of the issuer, there are advantages in that it can be expected to use the service for the number of spelled sheets, and that the cost can be reduced compared to selling the cash voucher every time. Therefore, they often offer some kind of discount or service compared to individual tickets. In addition, an expiration date is set to promote usage.

    From the user's point of view, in addition to the advantage of receiving the above-mentioned discount, there is an advantage of eliminating the troublesomeness of having to purchase a ticket each time. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that it has to be used before the expiry date because the expiry date is set, but there are also coupons that do not have the expiry date.

    Speaking of coupons, it used to be a paper with a cutting line for each one, but since the 1s, cards that have improved convenience have also appeared. On the other hand, since the 1990sPrepaid Card(Mainly public transportation) andETCSpread of (highways and toll roads),Cash voucher shopSome companies have finished issuing and using coupons as a measure to prevent resale and bulk sale.

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    For more information on transportation couponsNumber of ticketsSee. It also includes the frequency ticket for ships.

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