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🍴 | Develop a unique frozen bread vending machine in Kobe Aiming for a big leap forward in XNUMX


Developed a unique frozen bread vending machine in Kobe Aiming for a big leap forward in XNUMX

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Unmanned stores have also been newly opened in December last year in Nishi-ku, Kobe, Akashi, and Kakogawa, and the Kakogawa store is expanding and expanding with the introduction of frozen showcases.

Alps Co., Ltd. (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture), which operates a fresh cream bread specialty store "Fluffy", has developed a frozen bread vending machine ... → Continue reading


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Kakogawa(Kakogawa) isHyogoSouthernCity.Special city at the time of enforcementIt is designated as a core city in the Higashi-Harima region.Hyogo Prefecture Higashi Harima Prefectural BureauIt is divided into.


In HyogoHarima regionLocated on the east side of, it forms the core of Higashi Harima.As a public transportation,JR West Japan OfSanyo Main Line(JR Kobe Line)WhenKakogawa LineAndSanyo Electric Railway OfMain linePasses through.The city area is formed in the Kakogawa-cho area (around JR Kakogawa station), Hiraoka-cho area (around JR Higashi-Kakogawa station), and Befu-cho area (around Sanyo Befu station), and the population is concentrated in the southern part centered on three towns.There is a completely different landscape between the southern part, which is a fierce battlefield for heavy chemical industrial areas and large-scale mass retailers, and the northern part, which has a peaceful atmosphere with rural scenery, and is two-sided.

AdjacentTakasago-Kako-gunHarima Town-Inami TownWhat is the former Kako-gun?Inami DistrictAs a city and town within, it is closely connected and constitutes an integrated metropolitan area.Also, because of the convenience of transportationKobe City-Himeji OfBed townIs functioning as.About 10 minutes by train to Himeji City, Kobe City (JR Sannomiya Station) About 30 minutes by train,OsakaIt is about 50 minutes by train (based on the special rapid service and daytime hours from Kakogawa Station). (The commuting rate to Kobe City is 12.0% (22 census))

Every November, a project aimed at discovering the joy of walking around the city, interacting with people, and promoting health.Kakogawa Two Day MarchWill be held.

The specialty of Kakogawa City is "Katsushishi"And" Kago no Mochi ".


Harima PlainLocated in the eastern part of the cityFirst-class river OfKakogawaIs flowing through.The city area on the left bank of Kakogawa is generally flat.On the other hand, although there are flat places in the city area on the right bank of Kakogawa, the mountaintop is the city boundary with Takasago City.Takao Mt. KuraiyamaYou can also see mountains over 200 m above sea level, such as Mt. Otoyama and Mt. Iimori in Kakogawa City.The area near the mouth of the Kakogawa is the administrative boundary with Takasago City, and the city area of ​​the Kakogawa is on the left bank side.


In the 1950th census in 7, there were 9 people.After thatKobe City-Himeji OfBed townAs the population continued to increase. According to the 1955 census, the number was 10, exceeding 414.Furthermore, in the 10th census before the transfer to Shikata-cho, there were 12 people, and in the first 18th census in 3280 after the transfer, there were 1980 people. In the 13th census in 21, there were 2333 people, exceeding 1995, but the rate of increase slowed down. It has been flat since it recorded 16 in the 26th census in 507, and decreased to 26 for the first time in the 2005th census in 18.[1].

Population distribution of Kakogawa, Hyogo, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Kakogawa City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kakogawa City (2005)
Purple-Kakogawa City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kakogawa City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Population by district

The population is increasing in the southern part of the city, while the population is decreasing in the northern part.[1]..The entire area of ​​Kanazawa Town in the waterfront areaKobe Steel Works OfKakogawa WorksIt is a town with a population of 0 because of its site.

District nameSurvey namepopulation[1]
18st census


138.51 km2[2]

District namearea[1]
Kamino7.48 km2
(I.e.7.96 km2
Onoe6.33 km2
Kakogawa10.97 km2
Nishikanki4.69 km2
Higashikanki6.52 km2
Yoneda1.67 km2
Hiraoka8.66 km2
Beppu3.29 km2
Kanazawa5.65 km2
Shikata39.36 km2
Hachiman9.28 km2
Kamiso11.13 km2
Heiso15.52 km2

Changes in area


  • 1989/11/10 --The measurement method has been changed, and the area is 0.55 km.2Increased, 138.46 km2become.
  • 1992/10/1 --The area is 0.04 km due to the area correction of Shikata-cho.2Increased, 138.50 km2become.
  • 1996/October 10-The area is 1 km due to the area correction of Shikata-cho.2Decreased, 138.49 km2become.
  • 1998/5/19 --By landfill, the area is 0.02 km2Increased, 138.51 km2become.
  • 2014/October 10-Area revised to 1 km²

Geospatial Information Authority of Japan According to the report, the north, south, east and west ends of Kakogawa City are located at the following locations, with an east-west length of 15.83 km and a north-south length of 17.85 km.[1].

  • East end: 134 degrees 56 minutes 19 seconds east longitude, 34 degrees 46 minutes 35 seconds north latitude (Nomura, Yahata-cho)
  • West end: 134 degrees 45 minutes 57 seconds east longitude, 34 degrees 49 minutes 19 seconds north latitude (Shikata Machihara)
  • South end: 134 degrees 49 minutes 45 seconds east longitude, 34 degrees 42 minutes 11 seconds north latitude (Kanazawa Town)
  • North end: 134 degrees 49 minutes 01 seconds east longitude, 34 degrees 51 minutes 50 seconds north latitude (Shikata Machihata)

Adjacent municipalities


The climate is warmSeto Inland Sea climateIs.There is relatively little rain in the city, and there are basically many sunny days.In summerExtremely hot day,Tropical nightThere are days when it becomes.Due to the cold weather in winterBelow freezingThere are days when we record the temperature ofsnowAlthough it may fallSnowfallIs rarely seen, and even if snowfall occurs, it is only once or twice a winter.

In the case of weather warnings and warnings, it is included in "Southern Hyogo Prefecture", "Southeastern Hyogo Prefecture", "Southeastern Harima", and "Kakogawa City".Earthquake observations are conducted by the city hall (established by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the location name is Kakogawa-cho, Kakogawa-shi) and Shikata (Disaster Prevention Research Institute・ It is held in Shikata-cho, Kakogawa City.AmedusIs not installed[1].


In front of Kakogawa City

After Kakogawa municipal organization

Changes in administrative areas

As you can see from the above process, the Sendo / Hiratsu area of ​​Yoneda-cho belongs to Kakogawa City, and the other areas belong to Takasago City.Since the area of ​​Takasago City and the area of ​​Kakogawa City exist in "Yoneda-cho", which is practically one town, it is easy for outsiders to be confused by the address notation of mail, and caution is required.


Successive mayors

NameInauguration dateRetirement date
1-2Hisao Asami1950/7/231958/7/22
3-6Sadao Inaoka1958/7/231974/7/22
7-9Keiji Nakata1974/7/231986/5/5
10-13Shoichi Kinoshita1986/6/22002/6/20
14-16Shoichi Tarumoto2002/7/12014/6/30
17-19Yasuhiro Okada2014/7/9Incumbent

Disaster prevention

Voluntary disaster prevention organization

City flag / city emblem

  • On September 1950, 9, a city emblem based on the "river" was enacted, and on May 18, 1970, a city flag was enacted with the image of a wave with a purple emblem and a blue background.[5][6][9].

Since November 2014, scandals by Kakogawa City Hall staff have been discovered one after another.Yasuhiro OkadaMayor apologized[15].


City council

  • Constant number: 31 people
  • Term of office: July 30, 2018 (Heisei 7) to July 25, Reiwa 3 (2022)
  • Chair: Mari Kitani (Kakogawa Shimasa)
  • Vice-chairman: Toshikazu Morita (Soseikai)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ indicates secretary general or representative)
Shimasa Kakogawa7◎ Hideki Tamagawa, Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Kyohei Ohno, Masaki Oda, Shigeki Fujiwara, Masafumi Nishimura, Mari Kitani
Foundation6◎ Ryota Nakamura, Kengo Yamamoto, Toshikazu Morita, Yukihiro Harada, Takashi Inoue, Kozo Kamiyoshi
KomeitoLegislature6◎ Daigo Sagara, Naoki Kobayashi, Taeko Okada, Akihiro Nomura, Shoko Momoi, Shinichi Shiraishi
Kakogawa Citizen's Club6◎ Makoto Inaji, Seiji Watanabe, Kyoko Inoue, Makoto Tani, Ichiro Yamamoto, Takayoshi Murakami
Abandoned5Yoshiko Tsugeki, Atsuhito Tsuge, Makoto Ochiai, Takeki Kishimoto, Shunji Tachibana

On November 2011, 11, Akira Watanabe was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run for a boy in the second grade of elementary school.Watanabe city council resigned[16].

Eri Takagi resigned as a member of the Diet on December 2020, 12.At the same time, due to the dissolution of the parliamentary group of the Kakogawa City Council of the Japanese Communist Party, the members became non-parliamentary.[17].

Hyogo Prefectural Assembly(Kakogawa constituency)

  • Constant number: 4 people
  • Term: May 2019th, 6 (Reiwa 11st year) to May 2023 (4th year of Reiwa) May 6th
NameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Shiho YasuyamaHyogo Prefectural Union3
Kazuna KishimotoKomeito・Citizens' meeting4
Yuichi MatsumotoLDP1
Taketomo HoriiJapan Restoration Party2

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Hyogo Prefecture 10th Ward(Kakogawa City,Takasago,Inami Town,Harima TownKisaburo TokaiLDP10Constituency
Taketomo HoriiJapan Restoration Party1Proportional revival

Sister cities/partner cities



Kindergarten / Children's Gardenprimary schoolJunior high school
Kakogawa Municipal Kakogawa KindergartenKakogawa City Kakogawa Elementary SchoolKakogawa City Kakogawa Junior High School
Kakogawa Municipal Hatori KindergartenKakogawa City Hatori Elementary School
Kakogawa Municipal Ice Hill KindergartenKakogawa Municipal Hioka Elementary SchoolKakogawa Municipal Ice Hill Junior High School
Kakogawa Municipal Hioka Minami KindergartenKakogawa Municipal Hioka Minami Elementary School
Kakogawa City Befucho KindergartenKakogawa City Beppu Elementary SchoolKakogawa City Befu Junior High School
Kakogawa City Beppu Nishi Elementary School
Kakogawa Municipal Hamanomiya KindergartenKakogawa City Hamamiya Elementary SchoolKakogawa City Hamamiya Junior High School
Kakogawa City Onoue KindergartenKakogawa City Onoe Elementary School
Kakogawa City Wakamiya Elementary School
Kakogawa Municipal Hiraoka Kita KindergartenKakogawa City Hiraoka Kita Elementary SchoolKakogawa Municipal Hiraoka Junior High School
Kakogawa Municipal Hiraoka KindergartenHiraoka Elementary School, Kakogawa City[Annotation 4]
Kakogawa Municipal Hiraoka Higashi KindergartenKakogawa City Hiraokahigashi Elementary School
Kakogawa City Hiraoka Minami KindergartenKakogawa City Hiraoka Minami Elementary SchoolKakogawa City Hiraoka Minami Junior High School
Kakogawa City Noguchi KindergartenKakogawa City Noguchi Elementary SchoolKakogawa City Chubu Junior High School
Kakogawa City Noguchi Minami KindergartenKakogawa City Noguchi Minami Elementary School
Kakogawa City Noguchikita KindergartenKakogawa City Noguchi Kita Elementary SchoolKakogawa Municipal Ryonan Junior High School
Kakogawa City Yamate KindergartenKakogawa City Kamino Elementary School[Annotation 5]
Kakogawa Municipal Ryohoku Elementary SchoolKakogawa City Yamate Junior High School
Kakogawa City Yawata Elementary School
Kakogawa Municipal Higashikanki Children's GardenKakogawa City Higashikanki Elementary SchoolKakogawa City Kanki Junior High School
Kakogawa Municipal Higashikanki Minami Elementary School
Kakogawa City Nishikanki KindergartenKakogawa City Nishikanki Elementary School
Kakogawa Municipal Kawanishi Children's GardenKakogawa City Kawanishi Elementary School
Kakogawa Municipal Kata Children's GardenKakogawa City Shikata Elementary SchoolKakogawa City Shikata Junior High School
Kakogawa City Shikata Higashi Elementary School
Kakogawa City Shikata Nishi Elementary School
Kakogawa Municipal Ryoso KindergartenKakogawa Municipal Kamiso Elementary SchoolKakogawa Municipal Ryoso Junior High School
Kakogawa City Heiso Elementary School
high school
School for disabled children
Former jurisdiction


Railway line

Crossing the Onoe-Beppu area on the sea sideSanyo Electric Railway Main LineIs running, and all stations in the city on the Sanyo Electric Railway Main LineMujin-ekiIs.Almost parallel to the Sanyo Electric Railway main line, on the inland sideSanyo ShinkansenHowever, there is no station in the city.Keeping a distance from here to the inland side, each district of Yoneda-Kakogawa-Noguchi-Hiraoka near the city centerSanyo Main LinePenetrates from east to west. JRKakogawa StationIs positioned as the central station of the city, and the closest station to Kakogawa City Hall is Kakogawa Station.From this Kakogawa stationKakogawa LineBranches north from the Sanyo Main LineYakujin StationAfter passing the left bank side of Kakogawa, cross the Kakogawa untilOno CityThe route continues to the inland side.

In the past, in addition to theseMiki Railway Miki Line(OldNational railwayMiki Line),National Railways Takasago Line,Befu RailwayAlso ran in the city.

Transit Bus


On the city roadAsia Highway-Highway national road-Motorway-General national road-Main local roadAll roads are paved[1].

Asia Highway


Car-only road (national road bypass)

General national road

Regional high standard road

Main local road

There are 8 routes[1].

General prefectural road

There are 27 routes[1].Automobile OfLicense plateThe display of is the "Himeji" number.ProximityAkashi City,Ono CityIs the "Kobe" number.


In Kakogawa CityHeavy chemical industryIn addition to the production ofWool products-Socks-TowelThe textile industry such as is also seen.Among these, the production of socks is the highest in Japan.The highest amount of pig iron in Japan in the coastal areaKobe Steel Kakogawa WorksThere is a technology development center, and in the inland area, east and west across the Kakogawa, wool makersJapanese woolen(Nicke) The factory has been manufacturing blankets and wool products since 1899.

Other than thatKobe beefIt is also the production center of.It also raises many famous beef calves.


Town name / Oaza name

Kamino district

oldKanno VillageArea of[4]1951/1/1I added Kaminocho in front of the Ooaza name[18].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-0001Saijo Yamate
675-0003Kanno Town Kanno
675-0004Kannocho Fukudome
675-0005Kannocho Ishimori
675-0006Hiokaen, Kannocho
675-0007Nishinoyama, Kannocho
675-0009Kannocho Saijo

Noguchi district

oldNoguchi VillageArea of[4]1951/1/1Noguchi-cho was added in front of the Ooaza name.[18].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-0010Noguchicho Sakamoto Kita
675-0011Kitano, Noguchicho
675-0012Noguchi-cho Noguchi
675-0013Noguchicho Futaya
675-0014Noguchicho Furuouchi
675-0015Sakai, Noguchicho
675-0016Noguchi Town Nagasuna
675-0017Yoshino, Noguchicho
675-0018Sakamoto, Noguchicho
675-0019Noguchicho Mizuashi

Onoe district

oldOnoe VillageArea of[4]1951/1/1I added Onoe-cho in front of the Ooaza name.KakogawaLocated on the left bank of the estuary,TakasagoIs in contact withSanyo Electric Railway・ JRSanyo Shinkansen-National Route 250Is traversing[18][19].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-0021Yasuta, Onoecho
675-0022Kuchiri, Onoecho
675-0023Ikeda, Onoecho
675-0024Nagata, Onoecho
675-0025Onoecho Yota
675-0026Onoecho Asahi
675-0027Imafuku, Onoecho

Kakogawa district

oldKakogawa TownArea of[4]1951/1/1I added Kakogawa-cho in front of the Ooaza name.In the center of the cityKakogawa Station・ There is a city hall[18][19].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-0031Kakogawa Town
675-0032Bingo, Kakogawa-cho
675-0033Kakogawacho Minamibingo
675-0034Inaya, Kakogawa-cho
675-0035Tomosawa, Kakogawa-cho
675-0036Nishigawara, Kakogawa-cho
675-0037Kakogawacho Honmachi
675-0038Kimura, Kakogawa-cho
675-0039Awazu, Kakogawa-cho
675-0061Ono, Kakogawa-cho
675-0062Minori, Kakogawa-cho
675-0063Kakogawacho Plain
675-0064Mizonokuchi, Kakogawa-cho
675-0065Kakogawacho Shinoharacho
675-0066Kakogawacho Jikemachi
675-0067Kawara, Kakogawa-cho
675-0068Nakatsu, Kakogawa-cho

Nishikanki district

oldNishikanki VillageArea[14].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-0041Nishikankicho Miyamae
675-0042Nishikankicho Nishimura
675-0043Nishikankicho Nakanishi
675-0044Nishikankicho Oguni
675-0045Nishikankicho Kishi
675-0046Nishikankicho Tsuji
675-0047Nishikankicho Kanae

Higashikanki district

oldHigashikanki VillageArea[14].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-0051Higashikankicho Masuda
675-0052Higashikankicho Degahara
675-0055Nishiinokuchi, Higashikankicho
675-0056Higashikankicho Isabe
675-0057Higashikankicho Kanki
675-0058Higashikankicho Amagahara

Yoneda district

oldYonedachoArea of1956/9/30Most of them were transferred to Takasago City, and the rest were transferred to Kakogawa City.[14].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-0053Yonedacho Sendo
675-0054Hiratsu, Yonedacho

Hiraoka district

oldHiraoka VillageArea of[4]1951/1/1I added Hiraoka-cho in front of the Ooaza name.Tsutsujino, Isshiki Nishi, Isshiki East, etc. are newly established after Heisei[18].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-0101Hiraokacho new home
675-0102Nishitani, Hiraoka-cho
675-0103Takahata, Hiraoka-cho
675-0104Hiraokacho Tsuchiyama
675-0105Hiraokacho Tsutsujino
675-0111Futamata, Hiraoka-cho
675-0112Yamanoue, Hiraoka-cho
675-0113Nakano, Hiraoka-cho
675-0114Hiraokacho Hattanda
675-0115Hiraokacho Isshiki
675-0116Hiraokacho Ishiki East
675-0117Hiraokacho Ishikinishi

Beppu district

oldBeppu TownArea of[4]1951/1/1Befucho was added before the Ooaza name.[18].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-0121Befucho Shinobe Kitamachi
675-0122Befucho Befu
675-0123Befucho Asahimachi
675-0124Befucho Midorimachi
675-0125Befucho Nishiwaki
675-0126Befucho Honmachi
675-0127Befucho Ishimachi
675-0128Befucho Nakashimamachi
675-0131Befucho Shinobe
675-0132Befucho Miyadenmachi
675-0133Befucho Nishimachi
675-0134Befucho Motomachi
675-0135Befucho Higashimachi
675-0136Befucho Port Town

Kanazawa district

The whole areaKobe Steel WorksKakogawa WorksAnd reclaim Beppu beach1970/3/25Newly established in[20].. The origin of the name "Kanazawa" comes from the name of "Kanazawa Kurobei", the landlord who developed this beach in Nitta during the Edo period.[21].

Zip CodeLarge name

Shikata district


Zip CodeLarge name
675-0301Shikatacho Osawa
675-0302Shikatacho Nojiri
675-0303Shikatacho Saikujo
675-0304Takahata, Shikata-cho
675-0305Shikatacho Daisou
675-0306Shikatacho Higashinaka
675-0311Shikata Machioka
675-0312Shikatacho Hiroo
675-0313Shikatacho Tomatsu
675-0314Shikatacho Kamitomiki
675-0321Shikatacho Shikatacho
675-0331Nishimaki, Shikata-cho
675-0332Shikatacho Yokooji
675-0333Nishiyama, Shikatacho
675-0334Shikatacho Narui
675-0335Shikata Machihara
675-0336Shikatacho Yamanaka
675-0341Shikata Machihata
675-0342Shikatacho Zogo
675-0343Shikatacho Yukitsune
675-0344Shikatacho Higashiiizaka
675-0345Shikatacho Nishiiizaka
675-0346Nishinaka, Shikata-cho
675-0347Shikatacho Nagamuro

Yawata district


Zip CodeLarge name
675-1201Yahatacho Sosa
675-1202Nomura, Yahatacho
675-1203Shimomura, Yahatacho
675-1204Yahatacho Kamisaijo
675-1205Nakasaijo, Yahatacho
675-1206Hachimancho Funamachi

Kamiso district

oldKamiso VillageArea[14].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-1211Kamisocho Shirasawa
675-1212Kamisocho Inokuchi
675-1213Kamisocho Kunikane
675-1214Kamisocho Midoro
675-1215Kamisocho Miyakodai
675-1216Kamisocho Tozome
675-1217Kamisocho Kusukuri
675-1218Kamisocho Ono

Heiso district

oldHeiso VillageArea[14].

Zip CodeLarge name
675-1221Heisocho Yamakado
675-1222Heisocho Kamiki
675-1223Heisocho Shinnakayama
675-1224Heisocho Uehara
675-1225Heisocho Nakayama
675-1226Heisocho Iwao
675-1231Heisocho Yoro
675-1232Heisocho Sato
675-1233Heisocho Ikejiri
675-1234Heisocho Nishiyama
675-1235Heisocho Kobata
675-1236Heisocho Ipponmatsu

Changes in town names and large letters

New residential areaThe following place names have been newly established due to the division of the lots due to the creation of[20].

  • March 1968, 3-Newly established Shinkanno.
  • March 1970, 3-Kanazawa Town is newly established.
  • July 1972, 7 --Kamisocho Miyakodai is newly established.
  • March 1973, 3-Befucho Shinnobe Kitamachi, Befucho Asahicho, Befucho Miyatacho, Befucho Nakajimacho, Befucho Ishimachi, Befucho Midoricho, Befucho Honmachi, Befucho Higashimachi, Befucho Motomachi, Befucho Established Nishimachi, Befucho Minatomachi, and Befucho Nishiwaki.
  • July 1973, 7-Newly established Heisocho Shinnakayama.
  • November 1973, 11 --Established Hiokaen, Kanno-cho.
  • November 1974, 11-Newly established Shinkanno and Saijo Yamate.
  • July 1976, 7-Asahi Onoecho is newly established.
  • November 1983, 11-Newly established Yamate.
  • November 1985, 11-Established Hiraokacho Ishikinishi.
  • November 1995, 11-Hiraokacho Ishiki Higashi is newly established.
  • October 2001, 10-Onoecho Yota is newly established.
  • October 2004, 10-Established Tsutsujino, Hiraoka-cho.
  • October 2005, 10 --Kannocho Ishimori and Kannocho Fukudome are newly established.
  • November 2010, 11-Noguchi-cho Sakamoto Kita was newly established.

National agency

Police and fire departments

Other public facilities

post office

Collection and delivery post office

Non-delivery post office

  • Kakogawa Saijo Yamate Post Office
  • Kakogawa Kamino Post Office
  • Kakogawa Shinkanno Post Office
  • Kakogawa Noguchi South Post Office
  • Kakogawa Noguchi Post Office
  • Kakogawa Hamanomiya Post Office
  • Kakogawa Onoe Post Office
  • Kakogawa Bingo Post Office
  • Kakogawa Nishihonmachi Post Office
  • Kakogawa Kimura Post Office
  • Kakogawa Funamoto Post Office
  • Kakogawa Yoneda Post Office
  • Kakogawa Higashikanki Post Office
  • Kakogawa station square post office
  • Kakogawa Hioka Post Office
  • Kakogawa Kitano Post Office
  • Kakogawa Kitahoen Post Office
  • Hiraoka Post Office
  • Kakogawa Kitahata Post Office
  • Kakogawa Futamata Post Office
  • Kakogawa Befu Post Office
  • Kakogawa Higashi Shikata Post Office
  • Heiso Post Office

Simple post office

  • Kakogawa Noguchi Sakai Simple Post Office
  • Kakogawa Nishikanki Yoshigishi Post Office
  • Kakogawa Masuda Post Office
  • Kakogawa Nakatsu Post Office
  • Kamiso Simple Post Office

Other facilities

amusement facilities

Movie theater


Cable TV

Community FM

Commercial facility

Financial institution

Designated financial institution:Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Tanyo Shinkin BankHas its head office in Kakogawa City.

Major companies with head office and head office

  • Large vacuum(TSE First Section) --Manufacturing and sales of electronic components and electronic devices
  • Cosmolife --Manufactures drinking water (mainly natural mineral water) under the "Cosmo Water" brand and operates its home delivery business.
  • Taki Chemical(TSE First Section) --Manufacturer of fertilizers and chemicals
  • White light equipment- forklift-Shovel loaderDigital load meter, speed alarm device, analog load meter,ScaleManufacture and sale of
  • - Electrical constructionManufacture and sale of materials and construction materials
  • --High performanceInsulationAnd R & D and processing and sales of various heat insulating materials
  • Takigawa Industry --Design, manufacture, and installation of industrial machinery, labor-saving machinery, steelmaking machinery, food machinery, and electronic component manufacturing machinery
  • --Can making and machining of steel-related and industrial machinery
  • Star anise Ramen octagon-Umaimon Yokochoな どFranchiseIt has 33 stores, including stores.
  • Maruai - Distribution industry.Opening stores mainly in the Higashiban district and Himeji citysupermarket.
  • Kobe Bussan(TSE First Section) --Expand business supermarkets nationwide. Founded as "Fresh Ishimori" in the city, then headquarteredInami TownAlthough there was a time to put it in, the head office was moved to the city in 2021.
  • - Construction industry
  • Okura transport aircraft - Construction industry
  • Next One-Construction
  • - Construction industry.
  • Shinko Comprehensive Service-Construction industry.
  • - Construction industry.
  • Sanken-Construction industry.
  • Nishikawa food --Manufacture and sale of bread, sweets, cooked rice, etc., operation of directly managed bakery, etc.
  • Condom Sashi-Sensor LightGardeningManufacture and sale of supplies.

Companies that had their head office / head office in the past

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights and historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots


Festivals and events

More informations


Famous people

Historical figure

Politics, administration, business, etc.

Education, researchers, writers, etc.


Athletes, etc.

Related person



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注 釈

  1. ^ One of the tributaries of Kakogawa.
  2. ^ It is pouring into Beppu Port near the border with Harima Town.
  3. ^ The lower part of the Hokkesantani River is Takasago City.
  4. ^ It is divided into Hiraoka Naka and Hiraoka Minami Naka depending on the area of ​​residence.
  5. ^ It is divided into Ryonan and Yamate depending on the area of ​​residence.


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