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🍺 | Highly rated overseas expansion momentum San Francisco International Wine Competition Japanese Sake Category Double Gold Winner Iwate Mei…

Mr. Oikawa (left) of Iwate Meijo, who holds the "Junmai Daiginjo Oshu Noryu", which won the double gold photo, and Mr. Miura of Mori.

Highly acclaimed momentum for overseas expansion San Francisco International Wine Competition Japanese Sake Category Double Gold Winner Iwate Inscription ...

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"Oshu Noryu" is available at Japanese supermarkets, restaurants, and EC (electronic commerce) sites.

The sake "Junmai Daiginjo Oshu Noryu" from Iwate Meijo (President Keiko Oikawa), a sake brewery in Shinmachi, Maesawaku, Oshu, is a potash in the United States. → Continue reading

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(Delivery) or(E-commerce,British: e-commerce or electronic commerce , Abbreviation:EC) IsComputer networkProducts and services through electronic information communication aboveBuying and sellingDoing and distributing. "ETradeFrom the consumer side.online shoppingIt is also called.

Currently, it is widely called "e-commerce" and legal/administrative terms as "electronic commerce".Computer networkDistributing or selling goods or services by electronic information communication as described above.インターネットIs also for specific customersLeased lineBoth include those that use. The act commonly referred to as "online shopping" is also a type of electronic commerce.

On the internetBusiness practiceThe width of has expanded greatly,Products OfBuying and selling,Propaganda,, fundingsettlementAnd so on.

In this article, I will explain electronic commerce in general, but as a result, I will describe a lot of merchandise transactions between companies and consumers over the Internet. For conducting commerceWebsiteAbout this, although I will touch on a little during this explanation,EC site"Or"Electronic mall'[1]See article.


1976, Atera Technovation[2]Company (California, USA) and(English edition)However, a financial company has launched a product for conducting secure online transactions.

In 1977, it became popular in Japan by Japanese Yuji Takeuchi.[Source required]

In 1979(English edition)Demonstrated an online shopping system (sometimes referred to as the "first online shopping system").

Thomson Holidays in 1981[3]Has set up a business-to-business (B2B) online trading system (also known as the first system of business-to-business (B2B) commerce).

In 1982,FranceIn FranceMinitelThe network has exploded and has become widely used for online ordering.

In 1983(English edition)The first about "electronic commerce"Public hearing(Hearing opinions from stakeholders) in California(English edition)I went there. For this hearing(English edition)に 加 え て(English edition),(English edition),CompuServe, Volcano Telephone,(English edition)Companies participated.

In 1984TescoStarted using the B2C online shopping system. The first home user was a 72-year-old woman. In April 1984CompuServeLaunches Electronic Mall in the US and Canada. This is the first service that is easy for users to understand.

Sequoia Data Inc. in May 1989[4]But"Started using a system called "(Comp Market)".This isインターネットIt was thought to be the first e-commerce system to use a product, allowing buyers to search the database for products and purchase with a credit card.

With the development of the Internet, since the late 1990s, companies have been able to reach an unspecified number of people (consumers) via the Internet (mainly via websites).retail(Business-to-consumer transactions, B2C, BTC[5]) Has gradually become widespread.

As time goes onConsumer-to-consumer transactions(C2C, CTC[6], For exampleInternet auctionEtc.) is now being done on the website.

Related laws and regulations

Regulations in each country

In Japan, regarding purchasing transactions of goods from domestic consumers by general consumers, please refer toAct on Specified Commercial TransactionsAs a result of this,cooling offDoes not apply in principleBe careful because it causes the situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of Internet e-commerce

Mail order #Advantages and disadvantages of mail orderSee also

Seller side

You can get a sales channel at a lower cost (same as or more than other mail-order sales) than having a physical store, and even people with little money can start selling. People who are geographically distant from large-scale consumers can also sell, and (depending on the way) not only domestically, but also foreign markets.

Click and mortar -Expected by linking physical stores with EC sitesSynergy effect.

Buyer side

Products can be purchased at a lower price than other mail-order sales. (This is due to the operational costs of the seller anddistributionThere is cost reduction)

Further, as with other mail-order sales or more, it is possible to easily collect and select information regarding the selling price, quality, performance, etc. of the product.

If there is a “Customer Evaluation” section on the site, it may be useful for selecting from a large number of items and deciding whether to buy or not buy. However, "customer's evaluation" is, so to speak, a "double-edged sword", and if there is no lie or false evaluation, please buy good quality products or products that suit you by referring to that information. However, on the contrary, the person hired by the seller or the person bought by the seller in the “Evaluation from the customer” column can give false information to make the product look better than it really is. When writing or writing a lie to make the quality of the product of a rival company worse than it really is, the column of "rating from the customer" contradicts the purchaser and the quality is bad. It is also a cause of buying goods and relatively low-quality goods.

Although it is a story that deviates slightly from e-commerce itself,Price comparison siteThere are also websites that provide information that makes it easy for consumers to make quick and reliable decisions, such as product critique sites.

Frequent fraud cases

In recent years, such as clothing and brand productsFakeIs frequently sent. If you face such a situation, firstConsumer centerIt is basic to contact and consult with such as. Even if you point out that it was a fake person to a vicious person who sends fake things, you request that it was carried out only about 1%.Consumer centerIt has been revealed by statistics such as. Even if the unscrupulous seller contacts the buyer, there is no reply or response, and the contact information is often unknown, eventually 99% refund or exchange is not executed.[Source required].. Therefore, to avoid falling asleeptrialIn some cases it may be necessary to Regarding buying and selling at online shopping malls, instead of pursuing only unscrupulous sellers, the shopping mall operating company is responsible because it leaves unscrupulous sellers, and it is liable, and a lawsuit is filed, and recovery measures are taken. To take (or to take,FakeIf the mall operator takes a dishonest response that does not do so, publicize the fact to the public widely.BoycottCalling for can be a realistic solution.

In addition, there are cases where the store owner illegally acquires points from the provider, and the provider sideChargesIs considering[7].

Problems specific to Internet e-commerce

Mail order #Advantages and disadvantages of mail orderSee also

Internet line-specific problems

  • Internet line has a unique configuration (Open network) From the security of commercial transactions and consumer protection (mainly個人 デ ー タ,Credit dataIt is necessary to take some countermeasures such as (outflow to the outside). As a typical example of data confidentiality protection,TLSSuch asencryptionCommunication is used. Besides this, the line itself,ProviderThere is a problem such as equipment trouble. generalTel,FAXNon-dedicated lines such as have the same problem, but they are less likely to cause problems because the attack methods are limited and the damage is relatively small.

Web system specific issues

  • Personal data such as ID/password under the guise of a sales sitecreditThe purpose is to trick data etc.Phishing scamExists. Also, if there is a problem with the systemcrackingThere have been cases where the site was tampered with, the site was tampered with, and personal information was stolen.
  • If the distributor is in a foreign country, it is often difficult to apply the laws of the consumer's country, which may cause problems when transactions occur.

Burden on the sales side

Not only the network problems above,Computer systemStable operation of itself is essential. Since it is necessary to record and refer to a series of operations such as inventory management, shipping and warranty in the system, it is fatal if there is a system malfunction. As with regular mail order, shipping costs are required, and it is easy to pay for returns and repairs. Also, the work delay of the delivery company becomes a problem.

Electronic commerce as seen from information technology

Information technologyFrom the perspective of, e-commerce is commercialtransactionBusiness aimed atApplicationIt can be regarded as the actual use of.

Or e-commerce

It can be said that either of them or a combination of these.


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