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🍴 | Eh!You can drink Kaldi's "paper cup coffee" at home! ??The product was sold and I bought it immediately!

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Huh!You can drink Kaldi's "paper cup coffee" at home! ??The product was sold and I bought it immediately!

If you write the contents roughly
By the time the paper cups are used up, I hope the coffee service at the store will be restored ...!

When I went shopping to Cardi, I found a POP of the product I was interested in. "Paper cups will be sold for a limited time" ...! … → Continue reading

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paper cup

paper cup(Kami cup,British: Paper cup) IsDrinking waterDisposable for putting etc.paperMadeCup.Truncated coneMost of them have an inverted shape.Stacking(Stacking) is possible.

Very thin for water resistancepolyethyleneSome are pasted.Polyethylene is 110 by heating° CIt may melt before and after,microwave-oven-Toaster ovenNot recommended for use in[1].


Originated in the early 20th centuryThe United States of AmericaIs said to be[2]. that is1908/[3]It was made by Hugh Moore for drinking water vending machines, and was later sold under the trade name "Dixie Cup" and became popular.at that time,Mycobacterium tuberculosisTo prevent the spreadKansasThere is also a background that the use of public "tin-made joint cups" including in trains was banned in other states, and the use of joint cups was also banned in other states.[4].

JapanMade is not for beveragesice creamIt is said that it started from the beginning.In the old oneToyo Seikan 1930/In addition, we developed a "paper ice cream container making machine," which can be said to be the prototype of ice cream paper cups.Utility modelAnnounced[5]..Japanese beverage paper cups have been used in theaters, baseball stadiums, amusement parks, etc. since the 1950s.[2]..Furthermore, it became popular because it was used at the venues of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 1970 Japan World Exposition (Osaka Expo).[2].

vending machine,Cherry-blossom viewing,popcorn,urinalysis,Yarn phoneAlso used for.1970/ OfYodo Hijacking CaseThen,NotesInstead, it was used as a means of communicating information inside and outside the aircraft.


There are the following.

  • Envelope paper pattern cup (opened1964/,Tokaido ShinkansenMarunouchi Paper Works delivers to the in-car water cooler[6])
  • With handle (for hot drinks such as coffee)
  • Effervescent heat insulating paper cup (concavo-convex processing on the outer surfacepolyethyleneuse)
  • Small size



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