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🍽 | 30 items with just appetizers !? Body-friendly Italian Tenroku "Cocot"

Photo Source: Living Osaka Web

30 items with just an appetizer !? Body-friendly Italian Tenroku "Cocot"

If you write the contents roughly
Isn't 1500 yen a great deal for a family-friendly mega prime?

<From Osaka> "cocotte" is located in the Honjo area north of Tenroku and Nakazakicho.Casual ... → Continue reading

 Living Osaka Web

Local / outing information site in Osaka city, Sakai city, Keihan line and other Osaka areas

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Big(Decamori) is extremely larger than the normal amountCuisineOneTablewareAnd so on[1].Intense,ExplosionAlso say[1]..In addition, the state, the thing that flourished.So-called"Large servingRefers to a dish with a large amount that greatly exceeds.Before the big prime, this state was often called "super large prime",TV programDue to the influence of, the chances of being called a big prime are increasing. "Large tent, "Heaping", and "" may also be treated as a type of this state.

News program,Information programWhen a restaurant with a lot of servings was featured, it was sometimes called "Big serving", but especially "TV champion"TV Champion 2』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.), Serve a big dish店AboutknowledgeIn the wake of the "Big King Championship" to compete for2006/From aroundMedia,インターネットBecame widely known through.After that, the boom ended once, butInstagramとYouTubeRekindled the boom in 2020 with the rise of[2].


Yasuaki Ishido Commonly known as: Isshi ~
NerimaFromFood fighterso,Tochigi Prefectural Kurobane High Schoolgraduate,横 浜 市Resident.
2008 8th Mito Natto Eating World Championship Winner
Mito Natto Eating World Championship 2014 13th-4th, 2015 14th-4th, 2016 15th-4th
TV Champion "Big King Championship" 2nd consecutive champion.
On November 2006, 11, we introduced a big menu that you can enjoy eating on the Yomiuri Shimbun.[3]..Possess a driver's license for two large types, two large special types, two types of towing, and large two-wheeled vehicles.
Ohashi Takenori Commonly known as: Handsome Gluttony Prince, take
A salaryman living in Ikebukuro.Gluttony challengerFood fighter.
There is a strength in the visual side[4][5][6],Pekepon,Thrilling nightAppeared in etc.My hobby is marathon[7].
Kagurazaka restaurant (3 types in total), original Toro cutlet curry restaurant, Tonjin, Genghis Khan Kirishima, Umemoto (black hole)Challenge menuConquered, and received many store awards.
Food Battle Stadiums 2007 vol.3 Winner
YBC Dim Sum Battle Club Winner
TV champion2 Participated in the 3rd Big King Championship, but lost in the 1st round.
Masaki Nagatani
Food writer and photographer[8]
Born in Aichi prefecture in 1969.Belongs to the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce.
Aichi Prefecture's food culture (Nagoya rice [9][10],Morning [11], Coffee shop), local[12]·Whole country(Matsuko & Ariyoshi's Angry New Party, March 2016, 3) Regardless of TV stations and newspapers[13]Appeared in various media and provided information.
Recruitment[Nagoya Big Retsuden] is serialized in the Web magazine operated by[14][15].
Published "Nagoya / Ichinomiya / Toyohashi ... Coffee Shop Morning Picture Book" on March 2014, 3[16].
(Yoshika Maeda) Common name: Maedango, Mr. Oyakata, Yoshi ~
A company employee living in Fukui prefecture, a big eating site, Terra Meshi Club, which introduces big eaters from all over Japan[17]Famous to preside overBlogger.
My hobby is eatingTouring, Light mountaineering.
TV champion2 Participated in the 4th Big King Championship.
Kazuyuki Matsushima Commonly known as: kazukazu, Prince Hamburger
Food writer, food journalist, XYZA Co., Ltd.[18], Japan Hamburg Steak Association Hamburg Expert
Specialty fields are hamburger steak, meat, and solid rice
In August 2012, the e-book "Big Prime Complete Strategy Guide" was published.[19].
Kentaro Yamada (Kentaro Yamada) Common name: Yamaken
Lives in Saitama prefectureFood fighterAnd a big addict.
We have a challenge blog[20].
2014 year 9 month,The originator! Desperate King New generation strongest battle final selection
January 2015, Ganso! Gluttony King deciding match Gluttony world's best deciding match Japan national team deciding match participation
January 2015, Ganso! Gluttony King deciding match Gluttony world's best deciding match Japan national team deciding match participation

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