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🧁 | Moist and fluffy ♪ Please enjoy our special sweets Ricoa ~ natural sweet ~

Photo (clockwise from the top) "Chiffon cake" (black honey 180 yen, plain 170 yen), "roll cake" (plain 150 yen, cocoa 170 yen) that you can enjoy a fluffy texture

Moist and fluffy ♪ Please enjoy our special sweets Ricoa ~ natural sweet ~

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Enjoy "Home-roasted hot coffee" and "Esashi apple amazake" with your sweets!

"Ricoa ~ natural sweet ~" in Esashi, Oshu City is ... → Continue reading

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Esashi apple

Esashi apple(Esashi apple) isIwateOshu CityEsashiApple Ofbrandone of.The correct notation is "Esashi apple", and "Esashi apple" and "Esashi apple" are incorrect.


Esashi has a large temperature difference between day and night,limeとphosphoric acidThe rich soil is spreading.Taking advantage of this environment,DwarfingCultivation has progressed and production has become possible without attaching fruit bags.Good coloring,sugar contentIt has a rich taste that matches well with sweetness and acidity.Esashi apples are a sales brand, not a variety.As a variety, Jonagold,San Fuji, Shinano Gold, etc. are cultivated.2010/(HeiseiIn 22), a new variety "Beniroman" was born.

Esashi apple flowersGolden weekIt blooms around that time.After floweringHoney beeOther bees, artificiallyPollinationI do. Around the end of MayFruit thinningDo the work.This is known as the same apple producing areaNagano,AomoriCompare withDaylight hoursIs short and the yield is low.[1].. In MayObonAround the dawn, the leaves are picked and the balls are turned to improve the coloring (red) of the apples.In other areas, cover apples with fruit bags around June (pest(To prevent scratches and scratches), but Esashi apples should not be covered with a bag at all. It will start shipping around October.

There are five grades of Esashi apples, in the order of "special → special excellent → excellent → ○ excellent → special".Only 5% of the total yield is selected as a special choice, one box (1)kg.. 28 pieces) for a value of 100 million yen or moreAuctionMay be attached with[2][3]..The sugar content is 13-14 degrees, which is higher than other brands (11-12 degrees), and can be eaten as it is.Apple juice,jellyIt may be eaten as.

"Esashi apple"Iwate Esashi Agricultural Cooperative(JA Esashi)Regional collective trademarkRegistered in商標IsRegional brandsIs (2007/Application on December 6,2008/Registered January 1[4].cf. List of Regional Collective Trademarks # List of Registered Trademarks).Also on October 2017, 10Geographical indication protection systemApplication for registration at (abbreviation: GI)AnnouncementBecame[5]..The name is given only to good products that have been selected according to certain criteria such as color, size, shape, and sugar content at the agricultural cooperative's fruit sorting facility. Of "Esashi apple"logoIt is a genuine product that is sold in a box or bag with "JA Esashi" printed on it.Even if the apple producers are shipping to the agricultural cooperative, the products sold directly from the production area without permission or the products sold individually are selected by the producers based on their own criteria, and the trademark "Esashi apples" Is not allowed to be used.


1927/(ShowaIt is said that it was cultivated from around 2 years), but at that time it was only a small scale.but,1963/(Showa 38)bananaImport liberalization (Banana #History in JapanAs a result of the increased consumption of bananas (see)1968/Apple prices plummeted from around (43) ("Kokumitsu", "Red ball”, Etc.), and the cultivated area has continued to decrease.

there,1971/In (Showa 46), the "Esashi City Apple Club" was born.The members of the clubDwarfingCultivation (GraftWe are preparing to open a large-scale apple orchard by promoting apple cultivation using the "dwarf rootstock" that has the property of suppressing the growth of the scion, and cultivating it by keeping the height of the tree low. I proceeded. Two years later1973/In (48), the "Ogurazawa Apple Production Association" was established mainly by the members of the club.In the same yearMinistry of AgricultureIt was selected as a model district for the "Apple Dwarfing Cultivation Model Garden Establishment Project" designated as 5 locations nationwide by the government, and full-scale dwarfing cultivation has begun.

Production area

Only Esashi, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, but with "Hiraba / Middle / Yamate"elevationThe production areas are divided according to the difference, and the varieties are divided according to this area and relay shipments are carried out.


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