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🍴 | All the classic sweets!Fruit & pudding & chiffon "Cup chiffon" popular


All the classic sweets!Fruit & pudding & chiffon "Cup chiffon" popular

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The pudding (324 yen) is mainly plain, with matcha and black sesame.

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ゴ マ

ゴ マ(sesame,scientific name: Sesamum indicum) IsSesame family OfAnnual grass.African continentMany sesame plants of wild species grow wild in this area, but from archeological excavations, it was confirmed that they were around 3500 BC.IndiaIs the birthplace of cultivated sesame[1][2].. Mainly seeds and ingredientsEdible oilUsed as a material for oil products such as, and used all over the world from ancient times to todayplant.

Linnaeusof"(English edition''(1753/) soDescriptionIs one of the plants[3].


Japanese nameゴ マIn the 1st century BCAncient chinaIn the west (currently north of Iran)HuThe Chinese name was born as hemp (meaning seeds containing oil) that came from a country called, and it is said that it was read aloud in Japanese.[4].

Botanical features

AfricaIt is an annual herb that is said to be native, and by the 14th century BC,Ancient egypt,Ancient indiaCultivationWas said to have been[4].

The plant height is about 1Meters (m), summer (August), white flowers on axils, fruiting in autumn, and many seeds in fruit[4].droughtIt is very resistant to dryness and very resistant to dryness in the later stages of growth. On the contrary, heavy rain causes poor growth.


99.9% of sesame used in Japan depends on imports. According to the Ministry of Finance trade statistics, the import amount of sesame in 2006 was about 16 tons. Domestically produced in Kagoshima prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Okinawa prefecture, etc., but the total production amount is less than 100 tons.[5].. Kagoshima prefecture, which is one of the leading producers in JapanKikai IslandThen, during the harvest season around August-September, sesame sun-dried "Sesame Street" (Sesame Road) appears in and around the village.[6].. In the case of warm regions in western Japan, Nijo Maki will be planted on the ridge from May to June. The optimum temperature for germination is 5 to 6 degrees Celsius, and germination is easy with the proper water and temperature. Once the number of true leaves has grown and the plant height has grown, about 20 timesThinningAnd open the space between the stocks.Harvest is around September.


White sesame, black sesame, yellow sesame (or gold sesame, brown sesame), etc.seedOf the outer skinColorClassified by[7]..Only white sesame is distributed in Europe and the United States, and half in Asia.Gold sesame is mainly cultivated in Turkey.

Pesticide,fertilizerBecause it is a crop that can be cultivated by natural selection, it can be harvested without it[8], As described belowBreed improvementThere is a history that has not been done so often.

Japanese breed
Agricultural Research Institute“Gomazo” (seedling registration 2006) cultivated at the Crop Research Institute is the first registered cultivar in sesame seeds.LignanIsSesamin, The content is high compared to existing native species[9].. In 2009, a new black sesame variety “Gomaemon” and a new white sesame variety “Gomahime” with the same high lignan content were bred and applied for variety registration.[10].. After that, both varieties were renamed to "Maruemon" and "Maruhime".


ア フ リ カ のSavannahApproximately 30 kinds of wild species are growing in the country, and the origin of sesame is the savanna area,スーダンIt is influential to be in the eastern part.Nile RiverThere are records of cultivation in the basin for more than 5,000 years.Ancient egyptThen, sesame is said to be a good food for the body,Medicinal useWhat I was doing in the medical bookhieroglyphHas been introduced in[11].

in JapanJomon PeriodThere is an example of sesame seeds excavated from the ruins.Nara periodIn the fieldCultivationTooth[7]Squeezing the sesameSesame oilTo cook as cooking oil,KeroseneUsed as[11].Heian periodof"Enki ceremony], of sesameConfectioneryAnd medicinal use[11].


Top 2010 countries of sesame production in 10[12]
(100 million tons)
Harvest rate
Myanmar flag Myanmar0.720.46
Indian flag India0.620.34
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku0.591.22
Ethiopian flag エチオピア0.310.99
Sudan flag スーダン0.250.19
Uganda flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu0.170.61
Nigerian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu0.120.38
Burkina Faso Flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu0.090.72
Niger flag ニ ジ ェ ー ル0.090.50
Flag of Somalia Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu0.070.96
World total3.840.49

2010/The world's total production of sesame was 384 million tons. The largest producer of 2010MyanmarIs. The top three countries are Myanmar,India,ChugokuAccounts for about 50% of the world total production[13].

Sesame has grown to over 2010 million hectares on world farms in 780[12]. 

Sesame seeds

Went into the podseedIs edible. Removed from sheath, washed and dried (Washed sesame) Is edible, but since the seed coat is hard and the fragrance is not good when raw, it is usually roasted (Roasted sesame)I eat the. Also, peel and cut (Chopped sesame), twist with your fingertips (Twisted sesame), crush with a mortar (Grated sesame・See below)CondimentUsed as. Also traditionallySprinkleOften used for. As for the characteristics of taste, white sesame has a slight sweetness, and black sesame has a strong aroma and is rich. Yellow sesame (gold sesame and tea sesame) has a good aroma and a rich taste.

Grated sesame
MortarSmashed sesame using. To get a small amount of grated sesame, a tool such as a "tabletop sesame scraper" is convenient. The sesame is crushed in the middle, and the oil contained in the sesame oozes out, giving it a slightly moist feel. EspeciallyJapaneseAtWhiteningIt is an ingredient that is used in a variety of recipes such as.
Sesame sauce
SauceIt is a kind of the one that uses grated sesame as a material. "Sesame dressing" used for salads is similar.
Sesame paste
Crush the sesame completely,peanut butterAs it contains oil likePasteShaped. If you add vegetable oil or seasoning to thisShiba hemp saucebecome.
Sesame Oil
Since the oil content is about 50% or more, squeezeSesame OilUsed as. Unique to roasted sesamefragranceIssuedRoasted sesame oilThen, the sesame was refined without roasting and the original taste of the sesame was produced.Thick white oil/white sesame oil(Unroasted sesame oil). In addition to being used as cooking oil and seasoning, unroasted sesame oil is used for confectionery andMassageAlso used for oil.

Of leavesGreen juiceIt is also used.mineral,vitamin,Dietary fiberIn addition, it contains antioxidants[14].

Sesame dishes, sweets


Sesame has long been known as a nutritious foodCrude drugWas also used as.

Black sesame, white sesame, and tan sesame are classified into varieties such as gold sesame depending on the color of the seed coat, but there is almost no difference in nutrition.[4][17].. On the skin of black sesameTanninsystemPolyphenolpigmentContains a lot.

calcium,magnesium,,Rin,zincEtc.mineralIs included a lot,OsteoporosisPrevention andanemiaIt is effective in improving.protein,Dietary fiber,Niacin,Vitamin A,B1,B2,B6,E,Folic acidIs abundantly included. For sesameAntioxidantWork asLignanIs included, and the typical sesame lignan isSesaminIs. Sesame itself also has an antioxidant effect, suppresses the production of active oxygen in the body, strengthens liver function, and suppresses cell aging and canceration. For seedsoleic acid,Linoleic acid,Palmitic acidSuch asFat oil45-50%,proteinAbout 20%,carbohydrate10%,Adenine,コ リ ンEtc. are included[4].

Linoleic acidEssential fatty acidsWith one kind ofcholesterolSuppresses the deposition of blood vesselsArteriosclerosisIs said to help prevent[4].. However, if the oil is squeezed and left in contact with the air, it will become lipid peroxide.cancer,hepatitis, Is also said to be involved in the onset of arteriosclerosis[4].

Sesame allergy

Although sesame is said to be nutritious and good for your health,childrenAroundSesame allergyInvestigation has been reported.Atopic dermatitisの子供126名を対象に行なった例では、1歳未満の乳児が21%、1歳から1歳6ヶ月未満では44%、2歳・3歳以上では約50%が、ゴマに対して陽性を示す結果となった[7].

Use other than ingredients

Sesame onceCrude drugAlso used as. Fruits are harvested in autumn, seeds are collected, and sun-dried sesame seeds are called sesame seeds because of their high nutritional value.Nourishmentbecome,cut,ErosionWas also used to heal[4].. For wounds and sores, it is said that applying fresh sesame oil to the affected area helps protect the wound surface and extinguish inflammation.[4].. Also, when small insects get into your ears, you can apply sesame oil to the tip of a cotton swab and put it in your ears to use it to remove insects due to the stickiness of the oil.[4].


Words about sesame

  • From how the sesame pops
    • "Arabian nightA shout that opens the door of the secret cave that appears in the story of "Alibaba and 40 thieves"open Sesame".this is,Arabicof"open Sesame(If taḥ yā sim sim)”JapaneseIt is a translation.anusMeans old arabic TraitThere is a theory that it was originally derived from (simma) and had a sexual meaning as a phrase.
  • Figuratively from shape-Sesame is sometimes used in a symbolic sense because of its black appearance.
    • belly buttonSesame seeds -Dust that collects on the navel. There are various opinions about the ingredients. Secretions, sebum waste products, clothing fibers, etc. Since the navel has thin skin and is easily damaged, and it is difficult to manage hygiene when it is injured, do not dare to clean it, and be careful when cleaning.
    • Sesame spot(Gomafu) is a fine speckled pattern of black sesame. "Sesame seal","Spotted chamomileCan be seen in species names such as.
    • In the field of image/video processing, the dots seemed to be scattered.noiseIs called "sesame salt noise".
    • The head with white hair is called "sesame salt head". It is often used by men after their 50s. The amount of hair does not matter. (Tokyo dial?)
    • A word that refers to a person who has a black tooth with a tooth gap. (dialect?)
  • From sesame processing
  • Other
    • "DeceiveThere is a theory that it is related to the etymology of "(cheating)".



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