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The caster, Jun Hori, said, "It's soft, isn't it?"

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Jun Hori

Jun Hori(Jun Hori,1977 May 7 -) isJapan Ofjournalist,caster..Citizen posting typeNews site"" Presided over.North productionBelongs. ExNHKannouncer[1].


HyogoKobe City[2][3] birth.HyogoTakarazuka[4]→OsakaMinoh City[5]→TokyoOta[4]→OsakaMinoh City[4]→Kanagawa横 浜 市[6] And live in various places.Kindergarten is Osaka[7][8].. Transferred to an elementary school in Tokyo at the age of 9[7]..Moved to Osaka in 5th grade[7],Minoo City Toyokawaminami Elementary Schoolgraduate[5].

Junior high school is Osaka[7] OfMinoo Municipal Fourth Junior High School[9] In the fall of the second gradeYokohama City Iwasaki Junior High SchoolTransfer to[6] And joined the same tennis club as when I was in Osaka[10] .Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Hiranuma High School[6]Ronin life after graduation[7]Experience.Rikkyo UniversityDepartment of literatureGerman literatureBranch[11] graduate.

Joined NHK 

2001 NHKEntry.Okayama Broadcasting StationInformation and news wide program "Blinky wideAfter taking charge ofTokyo Announcement RoomMoved to "News watch 9''Biz SportSuch asNews programIn charge of.Synchronous announcerMasato Miyoshi(Director in charge as of 2022),Mihoko Kitago,Chiaki Kamakura,Haruka Moriyamaetc.

2012 6ToThe United States of AmericaUniversity of California, Los Angeles(UCLA),Visiting ResearcherbecomeSocial MediaResearch on the utilization of[12]..Independently produce the video movie "Henshin" while studying abroad[13].Tsunehiro UnoAiming to contribute to the realization of citizen participation in broadcasting and the strengthening of the ability of citizens to communicateNews siteLaunch "" on March 3th[14].

2013 After returning to Japan in the spring, he left the press and said, "Today's dishesIt was decided to be in charge of the moderator[15] But the same yearMay 4Retired from NHK[12]. "Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentNHK news aboutTwitterBecause I criticized it at, "he said.[16]..Furthermore, NHK's upper management moved to prevent the screening of "Transformation", so the production document "Transformation Metamorphosis World after Meltdown" was released in 2014.

Turn free 

2014 From OctoberNorth productionWill be in charge of management. From April 2014Shutoku UniversityVisiting professor, Department of Expression, Faculty of Humanities.

2019 4, Waseda University Institute for Global Science and Knowledge Fusion Invited Researcher[17].. At the SDGs Frontier Lab, we are planning events and information dissemination that transcend the boundaries of the public and private sectors.

2020 3, Released the movie "I do not allow division" that I directed, filmed, and edited[17].


Episodes of school days

At Iwasaki Junior High School, when he was the chairman of the council of the Student Organization, he has a track record of changing from uniforms to plain clothes.[18].


  • As one of the reasons for becoming an announcer, "The movie" in high school "Anchor womanI saw it. "[19]However, Anchor Woman was released in Japan in May 1996, and Hori, who was born in 5, was released only in the United States when he was a high school student (1977 to 1993).
  • If you weren't an announcerHairdresserWanted to be[20].


  • Parents' homeKamakura cityIt is in[21].
  • One child[22]And my family is my father[7],mother[7]There is.My father worked at a trading company, so there were many transfers in Kansai and Kanto.[6].
  • I have a former wife and son who live apart[23].. "When I was worried about my life choices, my ex-wife" "I said. I got in touch with the moat and said," Can I go see you? "I was very happy. I wasn't a married couple anymore, but there was a family there. I thanked my ex-wife and said that I could build a proper relationship without being bound by the system. I was able to believe it. "[23].


  • NESMy first encounter with was a Christmas present when I was 10 years oldSega OfSC-3000 [24]..The game with the main body is "Road runnerBought me[24]..I was waking up at midnight and playing the game because I could only do it for about an hour because the "NES restriction order" was issued due to overdoing the NES, but it seems that my parents noticed it.[24]..A memorable game is "Three people in the galaxy』.The presiding "8bit News" is inspired by the NES.[24]

Favorite things 


Described the appearance after free transfer.

Current appearance

tv set

Past appearances

tv set
  • Live TV until the morning!(TV Asahi) --Panelists
    • "Furious discussion! Will the Internet generation change Japan ?!" (April 2013, 4)
    • "Furious discussion! Anti-Japanese / anti-Korean, do you ?! Japan-Korea relations" (May 2014, 5)
  • Link! Tvk Upper House Election Vote Counting Special (July 2013, 7, TV Kanagawa) --Moderator
  • #Endan(August 2013, 8-September 2, broadcast for smartphonesNOTTV)-MC
    • August 2013, 8-September 2, Friday Monthly MC
    • October 2013, 10-September 1 Main MC
  • Hot discussion! Coliseum-Is this all right? Nippon-(October 2013, 8-March 31, 2015,TV Aichi)-MC
  • Everyone's Question News Why Taro(October 2013 -,TV Asahi) --News commentary
  • I am crazy about 5 o'clock!(September 2013, 9, TOKYO MX)- FluffyDeputy MC for summer vacation
  • TV Aichi 30th Anniversary 8 hours 30 minutes special! (September 2013, 9, TV Aichi) --Single special program
  • Nippon Dandy(October 2013, 10 --March 9, 2014, TOKYO MX) --3nd-26th Wednesday MC
  • tvk NEWS HarborIn-program corner "Jun Hori's Connected News" (October 2013-September 10, 2014th Friday of every month,Kanagawa)
  • Morning CROSS(October 2014, 4-March 1, 2021,TOKYO MX) --Weekdays 7:00 --7:59, main caster
  • Omitted, from the top of the moon.(2014å¹´4月13日・7月11日・10月15日 - 2015å¹´9月18日、フジテレビ) - Hiromi,Ryota YamazatoCo-starred with
  • Astonishment! Money scoop(2014å¹´7月2日・9月30日・10月13日 - 2015å¹´3月16日、フジテレビ) - Hiroyuki AmanoAnd joint MC
  • Monokura-B(November 2014, 10 -,BS SKY PerfecTV!) --Every Sunday 21:00-, MC
  • Widena Show(2015å¹´10月11日・11月15日・2016å¹´2月7日・9月7日・10月9日、フジテレビ) - コメンテーター
  • Sama-zu no God(2016å¹´3月23日・4月16日・4月23日・4月30日・7月8日・7月9日・2017å¹´2月24日・2月26日・2018å¹´6月2日、フジテレビ) - ゲスト
  • 20 well-known doctors thoroughly discuss your health method! ️ The Doctor Judge (June 2018, 6, Fuji TV)- Haruna Kondo(Haliselbon),Mika Yurika(Fuji TV announcer) And moderator
  • Widena Show(October 2015 -,Fuji Television Network, Inc..Irregular commentator)
  • Horiemon's Cosmic Theory (May 2013, 5 --March 25, 2014, Nico Nico Live Broadcast) --Progress
  • Nermae News 24 (July 2013, 7 --March 27, 2014, Nico Nico Live Broadcast) --MC
  • Jun Hori's lie is Mr. Xu! (August 2013, 8 (31st) --September 1, 2015 (9th), Nico Nico Live Broadcasting) --MC
  • "Twitter meeting #Society created by us" --- "Society where men and women support each other"-(July 2019, 7, AbemaTV) -Moderator[26]

Appearance before free transition

Okayama station era
Tokyo Announcement Room Era

Masato MiyoshiEtc. are synchronous announcers.


  • Our News Room Revolution I Change TV, We Change News! (2013/9/12,Gentosha)
  • What I want to convey in the media (2013/9/18,Kodansha modern new book)
  • Asking the pros and cons of nuclear power plants and what we should do (2013/11/5,Crayonhouse)
  • Metamorphosis The world after the meltdown (2014/2/20,Kadokawa Shoten)

Video work

  • Metamorphosis-Metamorphosis (2014/03/28, TO Books)-Director / Screenplay / Shooting / Editing / Narration


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