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🧁 | McFleury x Black Thunder collaborate!This year, we will add "arrangements unique to winter"

Photo "New McFleury Black Thunder Winter Lightning" (290 yen including tax)

Collaboration between McFleury and Black Thunder!This year, we will add "arrangements unique to winter"

If you write the contents roughly
It is a cool dessert with a heart-throbbing taste that you can enjoy the harmony of black and white double chocolate and the crunchy, crispy texture that spreads in your mouth.

"McDonald's" will be available for a limited time from Thursday, November 11th, with cool sweets "McFleury" and a chocolate bar ... → Continue reading

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This is a trend information site for active women who want to have fun every day. From events, gourmet and outing information to the latest cosmetics and items, deliver "I want & want to go" information every day!

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