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🧁 | JR Shikoku's popular sightseeing train becomes a special train where you can enjoy sweets ♪ This time the theme is "Strawberries in Shikoku"


JR Shikoku's popular sightseeing train becomes a special train where you can enjoy sweets ♪ This time the theme is "Shikoku Strawberries"

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JR Shikoku announced in February 2022 that it will operate as a special train where you can enjoy sweets as a measure to attract customers in winter when the number of users decreases.

JR Shikoku's sightseeing train "Shikoku Mannaka Millennium Story" will be operated as a special train to enjoy sweets in February 2022 ... → Continue reading

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Measures to attract customers

Shikoku Passenger Railway

Shikoku Railway Company(CheerfulBritish: Shikoku Railway Company)[1]It is,JR Corporate LawBased onJapan OfShikoku regionCentered aroundpassengerOperate railways, etc.Japan OfRailway operator.Privatization of the national railway divisionAlong with,1987 (Showa62 years)May 4[1]ToJapan National Railway(JNR) to ShikokuDirectorate GeneralTaking over the passenger railroad business ofSpecial companyWas launched asJR GroupPassenger railway company[2][4]It is one of the companies.Known asJR Shikoku(JR Shikoku)[1], English abbreviationJR Shikoku.Corporate color Thelight blue.

Old railwayShikoku General BureauIn the flow ofShikoku regionAll prefectures andOkayama853.7 km in part of[1] OfRailway lineHave.The head office isKagawaTakamatsu.."S" is written on the tint block of the ticket.The company slogan is "Always RailwaysIs[Note 1].


The size of the company is the smallest of the six JR passenger companies.Passenger Railway Co., Ltd. and Japan Freight Railway Co., Ltd.Based on (JR Company Law)Special companyso,stockAll ofIndependent administrative agencyRailway Construction/Transport Facility Development Support OrganizationJNR Clearing Business HeadquartersJapan National Railways Clearing Corporation) OwnsStock listingThe prospect of is not standing so far.A management stability fund (2082 billion yen, principal cannot be used) has been created as a management support measure.Property taxI am receiving a reduction or exemption.

In June 2011, the management stability fund was increased (repayed 6 years later) under the revised former Japanese National Railways Debt Processing Law.Interest-free loan of 20 billion yen from the Railway and Transportation Organization of the Railway and Transportation OrganizationBond(The annual rate is fixed at 10% for 2.5 years), and the interest rate of the bond is obtained as a substitute (the annual interest rate of 35 billion is included in the ordinary income).At the same time, a subsidy of 400 billion yen and an interest-free loan (1/2 subsidy, 1/2 interest-free loan) were provided to renew the aging equipment.

At the time of its inauguration, the surplus routes are automobile routes even if all railway lines and automobile routes are included.Matsuyama Kochi Express LineIt was just a situation[5]..Then in 1988Seto Ohashi BridgeSales increased due to the opening effect ofhighwayThe world's first to counter the rapid maintenance ofPendulum typeRailcarAlthough aggressive speed-up measures such as the introduction of the service have been launched, the number of users continues to decrease.especially,Akashi Kaikyo BridgeAfter opening, the benefits will be maximizedTokushimaNot only from within, but all over ShikokuKeihanshinConnect the directionExpress BusWhile many routes have been opened and the number of passengers is steadily increasing,Seto Ohashi LineThe number of passengers is decreasing.For this reason, we are taking advantage of the introduction of new rolling stock, the renewal of existing rolling stock, and the sale of special tickets, and some effects can be seen.For transportation within Shikoku Island, the enhancement of the high-speed bus networkLow birthrate and aging populationIt is on a downward trend due to the influence of.Also, the highway tolls that started in March 2009ETCIt is a discount systemHoliday special discountIt has been hit by the upper limit of 1,000 yen.

In response to this, various cost-saving measures are being implemented. Since October 2009, on regular trainsOne-man drivingHas been gradually increased, and the timetable revision in March 2010 is rapid.Marine linerMore than half of the regular trains except for the one-man operation.In addition, in September 2009Democratic PartyThe administrationManifestListed inFree highwayIf this is realized, the annual revenue decrease will be 44 billion yen.Unless public assistance is provided, it will have to consider reducing operations and reviewing routes.[6].. In January 2010, he became the first JR Group train conductor to become a flight attendant.Contract employeeAnnounced to hit[7][8].. According to the 2010 railway business overview announced on April 4, 26, railway revenue decreased 2009% year-on-year, the largest decrease since its inception.President Kiyohiro Matsuda (at that time) explained that the decrease in sales due to the impact of the highway rate discount was about 10.3 billion yen.[9].. In the business plan for fiscal 2010, we expected a deficit of 2 billion yen in ordinary income, assuming that the decrease in sales due to high-speed rate discounts would double from the previous year.[10].. 2010 stations by October 6st, 21 to save costsMujin-ekiAnnounced that[11]..This is the first time since privatization that a station has been unmanned due to business conditions. In the fiscal 2011 financial results announced on April 4, 28, although the consolidated ordinary loss was lower than expected, it recorded 2010 million yen (7 billion yen on a non-consolidated basis), and passenger transportation revenue wasGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence of the above, it was 0.5 billion yen, 227% of the previous year.[12]..In the same announcement, it was expected that the financial results would be in the red in 2011 as well.[12], Finally recorded ordinary income of 1 million yen due to national management support measures[13]..However, railway revenue and sales continued from the previous year.Great East Japan EarthquakeIt decreased due to the influence of such factors.

After 2020Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionDue to the decrease in passengers due to the above, the current account deficit for the fiscal year ended March 2021 was 3 billion yen, the worst ever.[14].

On the other hand, since 2014, the sightseeing train "Iyo Nada MonogatariWe are also working to increase sales and revitalize railway lines by attracting tourists from outside Shikoku Island, such as by starting operation. In the organizational reform dated March 2020, 3,Industry-academia-government collaboration"Regional Cooperation Office" to strengthenFour nationsIn addition to upgrading to the "Collaboration Department", the "Monogatari Train Promotion Office" and "Takamatsu Station Building Preparation Office" were established.[15]..In 2017, the four local national universities andJapan PostConcluded a series of agreements with the Shikoku branch office for tourism and promotion along the railway lines[16][17].

busIn 2004, the (automobile) division was "JR Shikoku BusWas spun off asTransit BusWe are trying to strengthen the management base and routes of the department.In addition, the chartered bus business division was in 1995, before the spin-off, and is now specialized in taxis.Kagawa Prefectural TransportationFromCharter BusThe department has been taken over and the area in Kagawa Prefecture has been strengthened.In particular, expressways are positioned as the main business after railways for the JR Shikoku Group, and sales have been steadily increasing. According to the business overview for fiscal 2009 announced on April 2010, transportation revenue decreased by 4% from the previous year, the first decrease since the company was spun off.[9]..However, it is the top earning department within the group,West Japan RailwayIt has a profit structure that can be said to be a high-speed bus company rather than a railway company.

Other than the railway businessMail orderWe are engaged in business, condominium business, accommodation business, and travel business.In the mail-order business, we sell special products of Shikoku.[18]..Telephone at the beginning of the business,FAXIt was only ordered at, but nowInternet salesIs also going.

In the condominium business, from 2016CondominiumEntered the business, Takamatsu CityShowa TownWith urban environment development at the site of the company's house in XNUMX-chomeJoint venture In addition to selling "J. Crest Takamatsu Showacho", which is the first property at (JV), it is outside the railway business area.HyogoHimejiBut also in 2016 by JV with urban environment developmentHimeji Forus"Himeji The Residence" was sold at the site.New townOrange Town(Sanuki City), The subsidiary "Yontetsu Real EstateIs working on it.

In the accommodation business, in addition to the existing JR Hotel Clement stores, the simple accommodation facility ``4S STAYIs outside the railway business areaKyoto CityStarting with[19], The second store is in Tokushima prefecture in the railway business areaMiyoshi OfAwaikeda StationOpened before[20]doing.In addition, the accommodation-specialized hotels "Clement Inn Takamatsu" and "Clement Inn Kochi" have been opened, and "Clement Inn Imabari" (Autumn 2021) is scheduled to open in the future.

In the travel industryTravel centerAswarp"and"Warp PlazaWith 4 stores in 14 prefectures in Shikoku and 1 store in Umeda, Osaka.

Even so, the business environment is harsh because the railway business has been in the red since the company was established. In 2017, we set up an advisory panel to consider measures to maintain the railway network.[21].. At a regular press conference on July 2018, 7, President Shinji Hani said, "(Additional financial support from the government has been decided).JR HokkaidoIt is necessary to make a request eventually. "[22].

The following points are the only ones in JR Shikoku among the six passenger railway companies of the JR Group (for rolling stock, ""vehicleSee section).

In addition, JR Shikoku is the only company among the seven JR Group companies, including freight, regarding the following.

  • Company nameDesign lettersThe usual "iron" character is used for (other companies use "鉃" <"gold" biased "arrow">).
  • The company song does not exist (insteadFavorite songThere is).
  • Since its inauguration, no fatal accidents have occurred due to reasons for its own responsibility.

Introduction of IC boarding card

IC boarding cardIn February 2002, the "Shikoku Common Card (tentative name)" will be issued by 2.Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway,Iyo Railway,Tosa Electric Railway(CurrentTosaden Transportation) Was agreed[23][24]..However, no concrete progress has been made since then. At the time of December 2010, there was a statement on JR Shikoku's own website that there were no plans to introduce an IC boarding card for the time being.[25]..Therefore, until March 2012, 3, it was the only JR passenger railway company to offer "SuicaI couldn't use any other JR companies or IC card that can be used interchangeably with them.The other three companies that had agreed on the Shikoku common card areTakamatsu Kotohira Electric RailwayBut"IruCa"(Dolphin),Iyo RailwayBut"IC card"Tosa Electric RailwayBut"Are youWe issue IC boarding cards that can be used on each company's buses and railroads.

Masafumi Izumi, then managing director, who was appointed as the new president on May 2010, 5, stated at a press conference that he would like to promote the introduction of IC boarding cards in the future. I'll have to set it in. "[26][27].

After that, in June 2011, following the enactment of the revised former JNR Debt Processing Law, which included support for four JR-related companies including JR Shikoku from the surplus of the Railway Construction and Transportation Facility Development Support Organization (Tetsuken Organization). , It was reported that it would consider introducing an IC boarding card using this support as a source of funds.[28]..In line with this, on June 2011, 6, President Masafumi Izumi (at that time) first held a regular press conference.Kagawa districtからWest Japan Railway Company(JR West) "ICOCAOrEast Japan Railway(JR East) "SuicaThe company has announced that it will consider introducing an IC card of the same type as "" by FY2014.[29].

On September 2011, 9, both JR Shikoku and JR West announced in the spring of 26.Takamatsu Station-Sakaide StationBoth stations and ICOCAOkayama / Fukuyama areaAnnounced that ICOCA will be available (dedicated)Automatic ticket gateJR West will bear the cost of installation and other installations).

From March 2012, 3, one automatic ticket gate dedicated to ICOCA will be installed at Takamatsu Station, and one simple ticket gate dedicated to ICOCA for entrance and exit will be installed at Sakaide Station. (InteroperableSuica-TOICA-SUGOCA-PiTaPaBut after March 2013, 3Kitaca,PASMO-sense of-nimoca-HayakakenIs now available.However, at both stations, one dedicated charging machine is installed for charging.SMART ICOCAOnly supported, ICOCA will not be released.In addition, we do not handle commuter passes.There are also restrictions on the area, and it is between the two stations.Kozai Station - Yasoba StationNot available at each station (at this point, it will be available from 2014 as described below).In addition, both stations and ICOCA's Hiroshima area (Sanyo Main LineHongo Station,Kure LineSunami StationYou can't go back and forth (west)[30][31][32].

Prior to this, from February 2012, 2, in the Shikoku areaSkylarkIn each group store, and from February 2th in the Shikoku areaLawsonEach store (about 420 stores)ICOCA electronic moneyWas introduced[33][34]..Furthermore, from March 2013, 3, in the Shikoku areaSeven-ElevenIt is now available at each store.

At this point, President Masafumi Izumi introduced ICOCA at both Takamatsu and Sakaide stations in advance, and then introduced his own IC boarding card by FY2014. I want to be able to use it in common with the card. "[35].

After that, on July 2012, 7, JR Shikoku announced that it plans to introduce ICOCA to a part of the Yosan Line and the Seto Ohashi Line from the spring of 30 with JR West.[36]..In addition, in order to reduce the investment burden and promote mutual use, we decided to introduce "ICOCA" instead of introducing our own IC card, and we will consider the introduction of commuter passes and the expansion of target stations after carefully examining the usage situation after introduction. To be[37].

On August 2013, 8, JR Shikoku and JR West joined the Yosan Line Takamatsu Station-Tadotsu Station and the Hon Shikoku San Line (Seto Ohashi Line) in the spring of 26.Kojima Station - Utazu StationThe name of the original design ICOCA card for the Shikoku area to be released when the service is introduced betweenSHIKOKU ICOCAAnnounced the design[38]..According to the announcement, the commuter pass function will not be added to "SHIKOKU ICOCA".Service on both sections started on March 2014, 3[39].

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIn the "Summary of the Study Group for the Spread and Convenience of Transportation IC Cards" announced on July 2015, 7, includes IruCa, IC e-cards, and Ka? By constructing a "single-use common connection system" of 15 cards including ICOCA, which can be used nationwide, 10 cards that can be used interchangeably can be used in transportation. We are considering making it possible[40]For IruCa, from March 2018, 3, the use of nationwide mutual use IC cards by "one-sided ride" was introduced in the train section of Kotoden.[41].

Our Philosophy

Shines with Shikoku.As a "comprehensive service company" of Shikoku's feelings.


Japan Freight RailwayOf the seven JR Group companies, including (JR Freight), there is no branch office, and all routes are under the direct control of the head office.Also in the national railway eraShikoku General Bureau(The name of the organization immediately before the transition to JR) had jurisdiction over the entire island of Shikoku.

Main officeKagawaTakamatsuHamanochoNo. 8 No. 33[1]
Tokyo HeadquartersTokyoChiyodaNagata Town12-4-9 Akasaka Sanno Center Building XNUMXth floor[1]
Ehime Planning DepartmentEhimeMatsuyama City14-1-XNUMX, South Edo[1]
Tokushima Planning DepartmentTokushimaTokushimaTerashimahonchonishi61-XNUMX-XNUMX[1]
Kochi Planning DepartmentKochiKochi1-17-XNUMX, Eida-cho[1]
Osaka Sales DepartmentOsakaOsakaKitaShibata 8-11-3 Kyoei Building XNUMXrd floor[1]

Successive presidents

Successive presidents of Shikoku Railway Company
AlgebraNameTerm of officeAlma mater
First generationHiroatsu Ito1987-1998Tokyo UniversityFaculty of Engineering
2nd generationToshiyuki Umehara1998-2004Kyoto UniversityFaculty of Engineering
3nd generationKiyohiro Matsuda2004-2010Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
4nd generationMasafumi Izumi2010-2016Faculty of Law, Kyoto University
5nd generationShinji Hani[42]2016-2020Kobe UniversityFaculty of Engineering
6nd generation2020-Osaka UniversityGraduate School of Engineering


  • 1987 years(Showa62 years)
  • 1988
  • 1989 years(HeiseiFirst year)
  • 1990
    • April 4: Utaka connecting high-speed craft is suspended[48].
    • March 11: Limited Express "ShiokazeIntroduced 2000 series trains[49]..Of the Yosan LineIyohojo Station - Iyoichi StationElectrification between[44][49]..Yosan LineUchiko Line・ Dosan Line Kochi Station- Kubokawa StationBetween (maximum speed 120 km / h, some sections 110 km / h)Mugi LineHas increased in speed (maximum operating speed 110 km / h), and the limited express "Uzushio" Mugi Line has started.
  • 1991
    • March 3: The high-speed boat of the Utaka Liaison Ship, which had been suspended, was abolished (this completely abolished the Utaka route).[44][50].
    • November 11: Automatic signaling on all Shikoku lines[44]-CTCCompletion[51].
  • 1992
  • 1993
    • March 3: Yosan Line Imabari Station-Niihama Station is electrified, Takamatsu Station-Iyoshi City Station is electrified[44]..Most of the limited express "Ishizuchi" and "Shiokaze" that return to Matsuyama StationElectric trainThe maximum speed is 130km / h.
  • 1994
    • December 12: Full-scale rapid and ordinary trains in the jurisdictionSmoking cessation(The train is completely non-smoking from the beginning,Smoking carIs a Japanese National Railways typeRailcarWas left in).
  • 1995
  • 1996
    • January 1: Mishima companies including JR Shikoku revise fares[55][56].. The JR Group's nationwide same fare system collapses, causing fare disparities[57].
    • February 3:Tokushima LineHigh speed (maximum operating speed 110km / h), limited express "Mt. Tsurugisan"start operation[44].
  • June 1997, 9: Headquarters relocation[43].
  • 1998
    • March 3: Kotoku Line speeding up (maximum speed 14 km / h) completed[44].
    • December 7: Sleeper limited expressSunrise seto"start operation[58].
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2001
    • May 5: Completion of new station building at Takamatsu Station[59]..Due to the relocation of the station, the Yosan Line and Kotoku LineOperating kiloIs shortened by 0.3km[61].
    • June 6: AmendmentJR Corporate LawWas enforced (established on June 2001, 6).Although the three companies in Honshu were excluded from the application of this law, the guidelines stipulate the maintenance of cooperative relationships between Mishima companies including JR Shikoku and JR Freight.
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
    • April 4: Bus departmentJR Shikoku BusSplit into a separate company[59].
    • September 9: 18Railroad Friends AssociationBlue ribbon awardThe award ceremony for the 5000 series 5100 series car that won the award was held at Takamatsu Station.
    • October 10: The 13 series train, which underwent renewal work on the limited express "Ishizuchi", started operation.On December 8000, the same year, the limited express "Shiokaze" also started operation (both are some trains).
  • 2006
  • 2007
    • March 3: The uniform was completely changed for the first time in 1 years.[Note 2]
  • 2008
    • February 2: JR Shikoku's first station at Kochi Station to coincide with the opening of the new station buildingAutomatic ticket gateIntroduced.
    • March 3: All seats on limited express trains are non-smoking (excluding smoking rooms).Suspended mutual direct operation with Asato Line.Opened a telephone information center.Installed JR Shikoku's first reserved seat ticket vending machine at Kochi Station.
    • June 6: JR West5489 serviceTelephone reservation service started in the form of joint participation in.Similarly, an automatic ticket gate will be installed at Takamatsu Station, and a reserved seat ticket vending machine will be installed.
    • October 10: At Takamatsu StationExpress bookingInstalled a receiving terminal.
  • 2009
    • March 3: Resumed on-board sales on limited express trains on the Yosan Line and Dosan Line on a trial basis (limited to short sections). Officially revived from August 19st.
    • June 6: Okayama Planning Department is abolished.
    • October 10: On the limited express train to Shikoku and the rapid "Marine Liner" departing from and arriving at Okayama StationJ-WEST cardIntroduced "e-wari ticket" (e5489plus).
    • December 12: Resumed mutual direct operation with the Asato Line.
  • February 2010, 22: JR Shikoku's first femaleDriver(2 people) born.
  • 2011
    • March 3: JR West's "(New) e5489Jointly participated in.As a result, JR Shikoku, JR West,JR KyushuIt has become possible to make online reservations for most trains of each company.
    • March 3: About limited express trains in the jurisdictionL limited expressAbolished the name of.The smoking room of the limited express train will be abolished and smoking will be completely prohibited.
    • February 7:Yodo Lineso"Kaiyodo Hobby TrainStart operation.
  • 2012
    • March 3: A dedicated automatic ticket gate was installed at Takamatsu Station, and a dedicated simple ticket gate was installed at Sakaide Station, at both stations.ICOCAIs now available.
    • March 3: Concluded a tourism partnership agreement with Kagawa Prefecture.At the same time, give Takamatsu Station the nickname of "Sanuki Udon Station".[63]..After that, the agreement will be re-concluded on a regular basis.[64][65].
  • 2013
  • 2014
    • March 3: ICOCA service started at each station of Yosan Line Takamatsu Station-Tadotsu Station (Takamatsu Station and Sakaide Station were introduced in 1).
    • March 3: On the Yodo Line, "Railway hobby trainStart operation.Yosan Line Iyo City Station-Iyo Ozu Station (Iyo Nagahama StationThe nickname is "Lovely Iyo-nada Line".
    • June 6: On the Yosan Line limited express "Ishizuchi"8600 seriesstart operation.
    • February 7:Seven-Eleven JapanBusiness tie-up with. Within 3 yearsShikoku KioskReplace 36 of the existing Kiosk and Big Kiosk stores operated by the company with the "Seven-Eleven KIOSK" sign.[66].
    • July 7: Shikoku's first full-scale sightseeing train on the Yosan LineIyo Nada MonogatariStart operation.
    • October 10: Takamatsu StationGomen Station4 places in total in 7 stationsVice main lineAnd the fact that the inspection was not carried outAccounting OfficeRevealed by pointing out[67].
  • 2016
    • February 2:Taiwan Railway Management BureauConcluded a sister friendship agreement with[68].
    • March 3: Due to the timetable revision, 26 series trains and 8600 series trains on the limited express "Shiokaze" and "Ishizuchi" on the Yosan LineAnpanman trainWas introduced, and the Yosan Line Limited Express east of Matsuyama Station became a train except for one round trip between Takamatsu Station and Iyo Saijo Station, and of "Shiokaze" and "Ishizuchi".Uwajima StationThere will be no entry until.Introduced a vehicle with a cycle room that allows you to bring your bicycle as it is to the limited express "Uwakai" (bicycles can be loaded and unloaded only at Matsuyama Station and Uwajima Station)[69].
    • July 7: Entered the condominium business.Sales of the first property "J. Crest Takamatsu Showacho" started.


Existing route

9 routes listed in the table below, totalOperating kilo853.7 km railway line[1](First-class railway business) Is open.This total operating kilometer is the shortest among the six JR Group passenger railway companies, and among Japanese railway operators.Tokai passenger railwayNext to (JR Central) 1,982.0 km,Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu) 508.2 km continues.Hokkaido ShinkansenOnly among the 6 JR passenger railway companies due to the opening of the businessShinkansen(Standard gauge, Gauge 1435mm) is not in operation,Narrow gauge(Gauge 1067 mm)Conventional lineBecame a business operator that is only in charge of the operation of.The "Long-term Management Vision 2021" and "Medium-Term Management Plan 3" announced on March 31, 2030 state that "the early realization of drastic speeding up of the Shinkansen, etc." will be undertaken in the future.Shikoku ShinkansenAiming to introduce[82].

During the JNR era and when JR Shikoku was established,Yosan Main Line-Dosan Main Line-Kotoku Main Line-Tokushima Main LineThe four lines were called "○○ Main Line", but on June 4, 1988 (Showa 63), the year after the inauguration, the name "Main Line" was removed from the line name.[46][83], All "○○ line" became the official name.

In Kagawa, Ehime and Okayama prefecturesElectrificationThere are sections, allDC electrificationIs.In addition, a part of the Yosan Line and the Honshu Bisan LineDouble trackAlthough it has been convertedMultiple linesThe section does not exist only among the six JR passenger railway companies.

There are 258 stations[1].. The first JR Group on March 2006, 3Station numberingIt was adopted. Railroad operators with lines over 500 km are numbered at all stations at once (JR West)Border stationThere is no other example in Japan (excluding one station).Station numberingAsa Kaigan Railway-Tosa Kuroshio RailwayIs common with.Detail is"Station numbering list"When"Line color listSee.

SortRoute namesectionOperating kiloNicknameRemarks
Main lineYosan lineTakamatsu Station - Uwajima Station297.6 kmSeto Ohashi Line(Takamatsu Station-Utazu Station)
Loving Iyo Nada Line (Iyo City Station-Iyo Ozu Station)
Renamed from "Yosan Main Line" on June 1988, 6
Mukaibara Station - Uchiko Station23.5 km 
Niiya Station - Iyo Ozu Station5.9 km 
Kotoku LineTakamatsu Station- Tokushima Station74.5 km Renamed from "Kotoku Main Line" on June 1988, 6
Dosan LineTadotsu Station - Kubokawa Station198.7 km Renamed from "Dosan Main Line" on June 1988, 6
Honshi Bisan LineKojima Station - Utazu Station18.1 kmSeto Ohashi LineChayamachi Station --The 12.9 km between Kojima Station is under the jurisdiction of JR West.
Local transportation lineUchiko LineNiiya Station-Uchiko Station5.3 km  
Yodo LineWakai Station - Kitauwajima Station76.3 kmShimanto Green LineBetween Kubokawa Station and Wakai StationTosa Kuroshio Railway Nakamura Line
Naruto LineIketani Station - Naruto Station8.5 km  
Tokushima LineTsukuda Station - Sako Station67.5 kmYoshino River Blue LineRenamed from "Tokushima Main Line" on June 1988, 6
Mugi LineTokushima Station- Awakainan Station77.8 kmAwa Muroto Seaside Line 
  • "Seto Ohashi LineIs between Takamatsu Station on the Yosan Line and Utazu Station, all lines on the Honshu Bisan Line, and JR West.Uno Line OfOkayama station --Nickname between Chayamachi Station[84].

Abolished route

JR Shikoku, along with JR CentralThird sector railwayAnd pure except for conversion to new linesAbolished routeDoes not exist.

SortRoute namesectionOperating kiloDate of abolitionRemarks
Local transportation lineNakamura LineKubokawa Station- Nakamura Station43.4 km1988/4/1Second Specified Local Transportation LineAbolished by designation of
Tosa Kuroshio RailwayConvert to
Currently 43.0 km due to revision of operating kilometers at the time of conversion
Mugi LineAwa-Kainan Station- Kaifu Station1.5 km2020/10/31[85][86]Asa Kaigan Railway Asa East LineAbolished due to transfer to[78]
Asa Kaigan RailwayTransfer to[78]
RouteUtaka routeUno Station --Takamatsu Station18.0 km1988/4/10Seto Ohashi LineWith the opening of the business, with the Utaka Liaison ShipHovercraftAbolished
High-speed craft suspended on March 1990, 3 (closed on March 31, 1991)
The actual distance is 11.3nautical mile(21.0 km).


The timetable revision is often implemented in March and is implemented in accordance with other JR companies, but it may not be implemented depending on the year.


Operates in JR ShikokuTrain typeThere are three types: "special express" (limited express), "rapid", and "normal".

Passenger business rulesAlthough there is a description of "ordinary express train" (so-called express) in 1999, "YoshikawaAfter the abolition of ", it has not been operated regularly in JR Shikoku.

Limited express

In general, the timetable structure gives priority to express trains.Limited express trainHas narrowed down the stops during the day with an emphasis on express delivery, but is increasing the number of stops to play the role of a commuter limited express during commuting hours.Also, commuting to work / schoolCommuter PassIf you buy a non-reserved limited express ticket separately, you can use the non-reserved seats of the limited express train.A limited express commuter pass "Kai-te-ki" that incorporates the limited express fee from the beginning is also set.

From June 1994, 6, up to 1kmSpecific limited express ticketIn addition, a new limited express fare up to 25km has been set. From October 2019, 10consumption taxIt was revised to 25 yen up to 330km and 50 yen up to 530km according to the tax increase.[87].

The entire surface of the limited expressSmoking cessationHas traditionally been negative.In addition to the fact that there are many JR West direct trains that are not completely non-smokingExpress BusThis was because there was no choice but to leave it in competition with.Even so, there are many requests from customers to quit smoking entirely,Passive smokingDecided to preventHealth promotionHas been enforced, and the limited express trains 8000 series and 2000 series will have a new smoking room.Separation of smoking areasHas been promoted.

As of 2007, it was announced that only reserved seats would be non-smoking seats, and all seats would be non-smoking by 2011 (the "Ampanman Train" operated by "Nanpu" had been smoke-free in advance). All vehicles have been moved forward since March 2008, 3deckIt became completely non-smoking including. On December 2010, 12, it was announced that the smoking room of the limited express train would be abolished by the timetable revision in March 17, and the inside of the car will be completely non-smoking.[88].. The place that was used as a smoking room on the 2011 series train until 8000Mobile phoneAnyone can use it as a room.

In addition, for management rationalization, even if it is a limited express stop stationMujin-eki(Some stations become unmanned stations only in the early morning and at night), and at unmanned stations, train tickets and limited express tickets can be used by conductors (multiple people are on board) at the station platform or in-car ticket gate. Yes) collects.


fastIs Takamatsu Station on the Seto Ohashi Line Okayama stationAmong"Marine liner, Yosan Line Takamatsu Station-Rapid train between Sakaide StationSunportThere is.The rapid train "Sunport" runs between Takamatsu Station and Sakaide Station, and stops at each station until the end of the train, except for some areas west of Sakaide.Some are 1 carOne manI'm driving at.

Also, from Kochi Station on the Dosan LineTosa Kuroshio Railway Sorry / Nahari LineDirect rapid trains are also treated as rapid trains (even if they stop at each station within the JR section).

As a temporary rapid train,Trolley train Single lineIn principle, rapid operation is used so as not to interfere with the operation of other regular trains (especially limited express trains) in the section.PreviouslyMulti-customerof"Moonlight kochi","Moonlight matsuyama"ButKyoto StationAlthough it was set between, it was not operated at the end of the year-end and New Year holidays of 2008-2009.

Incidentally,Special rapidDerivative types such as and section rapid trains are not set in JR Shikoku.

Truck train / sightseeing train

On each line of JR ShikokuTrolley train,Tourist trainIs operating.All these trainsRailcarIt is operated inElectric trainThere are no trains operating on[Note 3]..As mentioned above, most of the routes within the JR Shikoku areaNon-electrifiedBecause[Note 4].

In-car sales

Including limited expressIn-car salesWas once abolished in October 2003[62](At that timeShikoku KioskandShitetsu campus businessThe person in charge) was reopened on a trial basis from March 2009, 3 on a short section of the limited express on the Yosan Line and Dosan Line, and officially revived on August 19 of the same year with "Shiokaze" and "Nanpu".Even after the resurrection, business was limited to a short section of Marugame Station-Kan-Onji Station, Marugame Station-Kotohira Station.The salesperson said "AnpanmanFive types of bento boxes such as "bento boxes", canned beer, coffee, and sweets were placed on carts and patrolled.Sales time is from around 5 am to evening[89]..After the revival, the group company Takamatsu Ekiben (dissolved in September 2014) was in charge, but since June 9, it has been taken over by Station Create East Shikoku.[90]..However, it was abolished again with the timetable revision on March 2019, 3, and it ended 16 years after the resurrection.[91].

One-man driving

Within the JR Shikoku jurisdictionOne manAll trains are at manned stationsdoorIt is "rear ride / front disembarkation" without opening.Even at the first train station, only the rear door in the direction of travel is open, and at the first train stationNumbered ticketWill also be issued.However, if the terminal station is a manned station, all doors may be opened.In addition, there are many passengers at stations along the way.Kotoku LineThere are exceptional times when trains arriving at Takamatsu Station will drop off passengers from other doors.This is because before 2008, the holders of tickets and commuter passes were also required to take numbered tickets, but the handling has not changed since then. From the timetable revision on March 2008, 3, only customers who do not have a ticket or commuter pass can get a numbered ticket.If you are a one-person operator and do not have a ticket, commuter pass, or numbered ticket, you will be charged the fare from the first station.

Of stationLEDformulaDeparture markBut I made it clear that it was a one-man train,In-car broadcasting, We are also promoting to get a numbered ticket on the station broadcast.Also, at the boarding doorsensorWhen a person is detected, a device that announces "Please take a numbered ticket" is installed to prevent forgetting to take it.

There used to be a two-car one-man operation on the Kotoku Line, but now there is no two-car one-man train.Even if the one-man train is a two-car train, the vehicles that are behind in the direction of travel areForwardingIt is closed as a vehicle and cannot be boarded.Depending on the train, two-man (two-man) at the first stationconductorIn some cases, the operation was a one-man operation (or vice versa) with the deadline for the second car at the station on the way.

One-man trainTrain numberIs unified in the 4000s.Kojima Station-All lines in Shikoku except between Utazu Station are operated by one-man operation mainly on trains during off-hours.There are also "section one-man" trains where the conductor is on board only on weekday crowded sections, trains that are two-man on all sections only on weekdays, and trains that are treated as one-man operations but not handled by the conductor as mobile ticket gates.In this case, the conductorIn-car replenishment ticketRelease, specialTicket gate, Supports ticket collection when getting off, but does not handle doors or driving such as in-car broadcasting.

In addition, from the timetable revision on March 2012, 3, instead of the conductor, on some rapid and ordinary trains on the Yosan Line and Dosan Line.Flight attendantInstead of having a (attendant) on board to collect tickets and sell them in the car, the driver handles the doors as in the conventional one-man system, so-calledUrban one-manTrains using a method similar to[Note 5]..This train is assigned a train number in the 5000s (excluding the Sunrise Seto) and is compatible with this one-man system (as of 2012).121 series one-man modified car) Is in operation.Such a method has been used in JR Shikoku as well as in Marine Liner and some limited express trains since around 2009, but it is strictly different because the conductor is on board with the attendant on these trains.

In this method, unlike the conventional method,Station clerkAll cars and doors will be opened regardless of the presence or absence of cars and the number of cars, and no numbered tickets will be issued.In-car broadcasts will also be guided by automatic broadcasts, except that the attendant will collect tickets at unmanned stations and sell tickets in the car as mentioned above.DriverIs done by.As an aid to these, a system was introduced to prevent passengers getting on and off from being accidentally caught in the door by installing sensors on the doors and installing monitors in addition to conventional mirrors at some stations. ing.

JR Shikoku has indicated that it will continue to expand the introduction of new one-man trains such as those mentioned above.[92].

Train list

List the trains with nicknames that have been operated or were once operated on the company's routes since the inauguration of JR Shikoku (as of the revision on March 2021, 3).For trains whose type has been changed, list the trains after the change, and for trains operated by other companies' vehicles, list the company name (discontinued trains are at the time of discontinuation).See the article for each train for details.


Locomotive1 cars,Electric train164 cars,Railcar262 cars,truckOwn 5 cars[1].

As a thing peculiar to JR Shikoku, the vehicles (trains and railcars) newly built and introduced after the introduction of JRVehicle type,Vehicle numberCan be mentioned. While other JR companies basically inherit the numbering system of the JNR era, it is major in JR Shikoku.Major private railwaySimilar to the above, all are attached with only 4-digit numbers for each car model, and no symbols indicating the car model such as "Kiha", "Moha", and "Kuroha" are used.

In addition,2600 series-5000 series-7200 series-8600 seriesExcept for the Japanese National Railways type such as "Four Kama"AbbreviationAffiliationDepotThere is no notation.Diesel trains instead have the same ward name card as locomotives, but trains do not.Initially, even the type notation of security devices was eliminated, but now it isATS-SS"SS" indicating installation (5100 type isJR EastThere is a notation of Ss in the style, and S) in the Japanese National Railways style for the 5000 type.This had the meaning of distinguishing it from vehicles not equipped with ATS-SS.

On the other hand, the vehicles inherited from the Japanese National Railways are registered as "Japanese National Railways".NameplateStill remains[Note 6].

The world's first controlled pendulum railcar immediately after the company was established2000 seriesAnd control pendulum limited express train8000 series, A light railcar but uniqueseatIn placementElectric command type brake(Exhaust brakeIntroduced1000 type,controlElectric carFrom single line (1M) onlyAccompanying vehicle It has a degree of freedom of knitting up to 2M1T, which is a combination of two (T), and adopts a small cross section.7000 seriesIntroduced many ambitious vehicles.These vehiclesYosan line OfMinoura StationTo the westTorigoe tunnelNarrow such astunnelTo correspond to the cross section ofpantographFolding height is 3,900 mmIt is suppressed within.

6000 seriesMany of the subsequent trains were designed based on the vehicles of other JR companies in order to reduce manufacturing costs (6000 series- 211 series-311 series, 5000 series 5200 type, 5000 type- 223 series, 5000 series 5100 type- E217 series).Also, to replace old cars, other companiesScrapped carWe are also implementing cost reduction measures such as taking over the vehicle (113 series) that has become a model and introducing it after major remodeling.

After the launch of vehicle coloring, passenger vehicles, regardless of trains, passenger cars, or diesel cars, are in corporate color except for some types.light blueIt was changed to the one that wore. Since the latter half of the 2000s, the number of vehicles that do not have aqua color is increasing, regardless of whether they are renewed or newly built.

The company's vehicle is only in Okayama prefecture of JR West. JR Shikoku has the smallest number of prefectures other than its own area where its own vehicles enter among the six JR passenger companies.

Like JR Central and JR Hokkaido, there are no 4-door cars.

The following points are the only JR Shikoku Railway Company that operates passenger business.

Up to 1500 type, the manufacturer of the vehicle is not fixed and it changes for each type, and the five major companies (Kawasaki Heavy Industries,Kinki Vehicle,Tokyu vehicle manufacturing,Japanese vehicle manufacturing,Hitachi, Ltd.) With everythingNiigata Ironworks,Niigata Transis,Fuji Heavy IndustriesThere are 8 companies including the ones that have placed orders, but since the 8600 series, both trains and railcars have been manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

As of August 2019, 8, all 31 series cars have been scrapped.[74][75]As a result, all commercial trains owned by JR ShikokuVVVF inverter controlIt became a car.Also, all trainsAll stainless vehicleBoth are the first cases in the JR Group.

In addition, it is the second in the JR Group after JR Hokkaido that all the types of trains manufactured during the JNR era have disappeared.However, it was manufactured during the JNR era and later7200 seriesWas remodeled into121 seriesTherefore, the vehicle itself still exists.

Working institution


* () IndicatesDepotAbbreviation of. "Four" means under the direct control of the Shikoku head office.

Vehicle factory

Crew ward office

Takamatsu driver's officeYosan line・ Takamatsu Station- Kozai StationOn the wiring, inside Takamatsu Station
Matsuyama driver's officeMinami Iyo Stationadjacent
Tokushima driver's officeTokushima StationCampus
Kochi driver's officeDosan Line-Fushida Station - Tosa Ichinomiya StationOn the wiring, inside Tosa-Ikku Station
Tadatsu driving wardTadotsu StationCampus
Uwajima Driving ZoneUwajima StationCampus
Takamatsu Carriage WardTakamatsu StationCampus
Matsuyama driver's officeMatsuyama StationCampus
Tokushima driver's officeTokushima station yard
Kochi driver's office
Uwajima Driving ZoneUwajima station yard

Facility management ward office

Track maintenanceTakamatsu StationCampus
Takamatsu track maintenance Tadotsu stationed
Matsuyama StationCampus
Resident in Saijo, Matsuyama Track Maintenance
Resident in Ozu, Matsuyama Track Maintenance
Tokushima StationCampus
Tokushima track maintenance Ikeda station
Kochi StationCampus
Resident in Susaki, Kochi Track Maintenance
Electric area
(Signal / communication, power)
Takamatsu station yard
Takamatsu Electric Ward Tadotsu stationed
Takamatsu Electric Ward Kannonji Station
Matsuyama station yard
Resident in Saijo, Matsuyama Electric Ward
Resident in Imabari, Matsuyama Electric Ward
Resident in Uwajima, Matsuyama Electric Ward
Tokushima station yard
Tokushima Electric Ward Ikeda resident
Kochi station yard
Resident in Susaki, Kochi Electric Ward
Machine building areaTakamatsu station yard
Other ward officesTakamatsu station yard
Matsuyama station yard

Number of users

Each JR Shikoku stationPrefectural office locationEven in the surrounding areaHonshuCompared to the station, the number of users is small even considering the population.The station with the highest number of users isKagawaIt occupies half of the ranking at 10 stations.ThenEhime5 stations,Tokushima3 stations,KochiThere are 2 stations.

The station is the central station in each city,Takamatsu Station とMatsuyama StationAre two big in the same cityTerminal stationPrivate railway station formingKawaramachi Station,Matsuyamashi Station) Exists, and wide area communication and city traffic are dispersed.In Takamatsu, the number of users is about twice that of Kawaramachi Station, and Takamatsu Station has more users, but in Matsuyama, Matsuyama City Station (however)Matsuyama city lineThere are about 1.9 times more users than Matsuyama Station.

Stations with the highest number of users in the jurisdiction
(Average number of passengers per day in 2020)[93]
Rankingstation nameof people
The year before
Number of people in the previous year
No increase or decrease 1Takamatsu Station9,285Decrease 28.4112,976KagawaTakamatsu 
No increase or decrease 2Tokushima Station5,560Decrease 31.328,089TokushimaTokushima 
No increase or decrease 3Matsuyama Station4,784Decrease 30.436,871EhimeMatsuyama City 
No increase or decrease 4Sakaide Station4,214Decrease 21.045,333KagawaSakaide 
No increase or decrease 5Kochi Station3,834Decrease 24.455,070KochiKochi 
No increase or decrease 6Marugame station3,278Decrease 18.264,005KagawaMarugame 
increase 7Utazu Station1,845Decrease 17.982,247KagawaUtazu Town 
Decrease 8Imabari station1,714Decrease 24.072,254EhimeImabari 
No increase or decrease 9Tadotsu Station1,675Decrease 20.092,094KagawaTadotsu Town 
increase 10Gomen Station1,656Decrease 12.5111,892KochiNankoku City 
Decrease 11Niihama Station1,370Decrease 29.7101,948EhimeNiihama 
No increase or decrease 12Kanonji Station1,287Decrease 20.0121,609KagawaKanonji 
No increase or decrease 13Iyosaijo Station1,252Decrease 17.3131,513EhimeSaijo City 
increase 14Zentsuji Station1,157Decrease 16.9151,393KagawaZentsuji 
increase 15Hashioka Station1,148Decrease 13.6161,329Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 
Decrease 16Anan Station1,124Decrease 21.3141,429TokushimaAnan City 
No increase or decrease 17Shozui Station957Decrease 21.2171,215TokushimaAizumi Town 
increase 18Ritsurin Station956Decrease 14.9201,123Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 
Decrease 19Iyohojo Station906Decrease 21.4181,152Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture 
Decrease 20Kotohira Station892Decrease 22.5191,151KagawaKotohira Town 

Affiliated Company

Group Companies

According to "List of Group Companies" on the official website of JR Shikoku[94].

Other investment companies

The following are not companies of the JR Shikoku Group, but JR Shikoku has also invested.

Group company that once existed

  • JR Shikoku MS Network
    • convenience store"MINI STOPHowever, in March 2004, the group left the group, the company name was changed to Shikoku MS Network, and in August of the same year it was merged with the Ministop headquarters.
  • Shitetsu Shoji
    • Its predecessor is the Japanese National Railways Purchasing Department.Limited express trainIn-car salesIt had a small store called "R Store" in Shikoku and was liquidated in 2000.Since then, the four Station Create companies have taken over part of their business.
  • Station Create Tokushima
    • Dissolved on December 2009, 12.The business will be taken over by Tokushima Terminal Building (described later) and Station Create East Shikoku.Along with that, Station Create Kagawa changed its name to Station Create East Shikoku.
  • Takamatsu station valve
    • Disbanded in September 2014[95]..Ekiben sales at Takamatsu Station were taken over by Station Create Higashi Shikoku (Okayama)Miyoshino main storeManufacturing consignment)[96].
  • Uwajima Station Development / Tokushima Terminal Building
    • Merged with JR Shikoku Hotel Development on April 2015, 4[97].
  • JR Shikoku Architects
  • Willy winky
    • Merged with Station Create East Shikoku on October 2020, 10[98].


Currently"Hanshin round-trip free ticketThe focus is on business-like tickets aimed at promoting special tickets, but for a while since the opening of the Seto Ohashi Line in 1988, it is a well-known national district.talentSightseeing campaign with the image characterCMWas created, not only in the Shikoku / Okayama areaCapital Area-Kinki areaEach ofTV stationBut it was aired.

In 1987, the CM "Aisa Rail Tomorrow to JR Shikoku", which was produced by the General Bureau of the Japanese National Railways Shikoku at that time, used an image of the Seto Ohashi Line marine section, which was still under construction.This was controversial as it gave viewers the misunderstanding that the Seto Ohashi Line would open at the same time as the new company was launched.

マ ス コ ッ ト

This mascot series is a characterized version of the JR Shikoku station building, and was created in June 2013 by the Customer Service Promotion Office as a symbol of improving JR Shikoku service.At the beginning of the announcement, characters for 6 manned stations were created[99][100]After that, it has been introduced to unmanned stations.Each character name will be the station name with "chan" added (example: Matsuyama station is "Matsuyama Eki-chan").
In addition to being used for goods and advertising, the character was wrapped at Takamatsu Station in February 2014, and the appearance became the "Takamatsu Eki-chan" specification of SHIKOKU SMILE STATION.[101].
In May 2016, the image character "SHIKOKU SMILE STATION" will be the culmination of efforts toward the tourism campaign "Shikoku Destination Campaign" to be held from April to June 5.I'm sorry Eki-chan, Recha-kunWas born.The concept is a smiling fairy who magically turns stations and trains into smiles[102][103].
In December 2020, it was adopted as the second generation design of SHIKOKU ICOCA.

Favorite song / cheering song

There is no company song in the JR group, but there is "".The composition isNakahata Nuki, CompositionSuzuki Kisaburoaccording to.Also, mainlyCity competition baseball tournamentInCheer songThere is also "The Hero of the Blue Sky".


[How to use footnotes]

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