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📝 | Sweets but no guilt !? 5 easy "sweet potato" recipes


No guilt though it's sweets !? 5 easy "sweet potato" recipes

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After slowly steaming it in a frying pan, simply entangle it with butter and granulated sugar.

Sweet potatoes that are in season in autumn.Tempura, simmered dishes, Daigakuimo, roasted sweet potatoes ... You can enjoy them on various menus, but the sweet "Sweet Po ..." → Continue reading

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Granulated sugar

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Granulated sugar(Granulated,English: granulated sugar[1][2][4][7]) Is fine grainedcrystalLetRefined sugarIs a kind of.Zarame sugarOf the mostcrystalIs fine. The main component isSucrose.. "Granulated" is a transliteration of the English word granulated.


世界Most used insugarIn the world, "sugar" means granulated sugar. But,JapanThen.White sugarIs more common and uses more.

It is a colorless crystalline sugar made from the highest purity sugar solution.sucroseHigh purity,Invert sugarAlmost no[8]Therefore, it is smoother than Johakuto. In addition, it is very easy to dissolve and has no peculiar taste.coffee,Black tea OfsweetenerUsed as[9].

Soak in airGranuleWhat is shaped likeFrost sugarIs called. this isNissin SugarIt is a product developed by Iced Coffee and Iced Tea because it dissolves faster than granulated sugar even in cold water.YogurtIt is used as a sweetener for semi-solid foods such as, and as a confectionery material.

Nutritional value

Of granulated sugarcalorieIs the highest of all sugars, 100GPer 387Kilocalie.Glycemic indexIs around 60.The main component of granulated sugarsucroseIt is,GlucoseとfructoseConsists ofDisaccharideEven if fructose is absorbedBlood glucose levelThis is the value because it is difficult to raise.


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