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🍴 | First challenge to the popular menu "Nuki" of the hidden famous store [Shibuya / Shinsen "Misawa"]


First challenge to the popular menu "Nuki" of the hidden famous store [Shibuya / Shinsen "Misawa"]

If you write the contents roughly
The owner is a good-aged man, and he looks strong because he looks crisp, but this is also a long-time business in this area, and the customer service is also wonderful.

From convenience stores to square-shaped and standing-eating soba restaurants Shibuya has the image of a youth town, but long ago, in front of the station ... → Continue reading

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handsome man

handsome man(Binashi, Bidanshi)appearanceとimpressionBoth neat or fearless and attractiveCis genderMaleas well as the TranssexualMaleIs a word that refers to.Beautiful manAlso called (binan, bidan).If you are a young personBeautiful boyIs called.To synonymsTwink(The meaning of "cool" and the part of "men" are multiplied by the meaning of "face" (face, also "Men" (male), etc.)Colloquialism) ・Beautiful(Bijobu) ・Man(Otoko Mae) and so on.

Human capital OffaceHas a characteristic that appears on average depending on gender.(English edition)It is,ComputerCreates average male and female faces, and gradually corrects gender characteristics on each face to create multiple images such as "feminine woman" and "masculine woman", and "the face that looks most attractive" We conducted an experiment in which the subjects selected.

results of the experiment,FemaleIn the case of, the image that emphasized femininity in the average image was preferred, but in the case of men, the image that feminized the average male image was most preferred.The reason why men with feminine features are preferred is between men and womenGender differenceTo minimizeSelective pressureWork, and the feminine look looks younger.[1].

類 義 語

A manly and well-mannered man. Close to "boy", but more literary.
Beautiful youth
A beautiful young man.
Refers to "a man with attractive looks".Mass mediaDue to the influence of such things, it is used more easily than beautiful boys.2000 eraSince then, it has become widespread across generations.
good looking
Loanword from the English word "handsome".The etymology of handsome is "hand" + "some (suffix to make an adjective)", starting with the examples of "affordable" and "easy to handle".16st centuryIn the second half, examples in the sense of "just the right size" and "good looking" are confirmed.[2]..However, especially in American EnglishAmerican English) Then the scope of the word handsome isJapaneseMuch wider than.
Second piece
Kansai KabukiOn the signboard ofSecond pieceSince it was standard for beautiful boys to be posted on the signboard, it became established as a word for beautiful boys.By the way, the first one is the leading role, and the third one is the gag maker.
By adding a "front" that has the role of emphasizing a specific word, such as skill or full-fledgedHardcoreIt is a word that expresses an attractive man.
A man is a condition that he is masculine, and means that he is attractive in terms of dignity and behavior other than his appearance.
In addition, a woman with a boyish and beautiful face and a woman who behaves dignifiedly are sometimes referred to as "male", and a woman who has both neutral and masculine charm (Beautiful woman) Is also a word that expresses.
Date man
An example of "Date man"Edo PeriodAppearing in the following literature, "a man who behaves flashy", "a man who is not flashy", "SmartIt is used to mean "a man".
Originally, it was said to "stand up a man" like "stand up a man" and to show motivation and try to look like a man.16st centuryCan be confirmed in the example in the middle[3].Basara,ThatchedIn modern timesNaughtyIt will be a feeling similar to.
Folk etymologyAs a theoryDate Masamune Hideyoshi ToyotomiWhen he was put on a wet garment, he had his subordinates carry the crucifixion, and he himself was dressed in white (Death costume), But the myth is well known that the townspeople who saw him at that time called him Dateo.
Good looking
Good looks are beautifulmen and womenBoth are calledmodernSpeaking of the wind, the appearanceimpressionTends to be called by those who tend to have neutral beauty.It is easy to get a neutral impression among general beautiful boys.


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