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📺 | "Cheri Maho" Eiji Akaso & Keita Machida's reason for casting! P reveals

The best casting in the photo! – (C) Yu Toyota / SQUARE ENIX ・ "It seems that you can become a witch if you are a virgin until the age of 30" Production Committee

Reasons for casting "Cheri Maho" Eiji Akaso & Keita Machida! P reveals

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Furthermore, regarding the two spin-off points that will be exclusively distributed on "TSUTAYA Premium" from midnight on the 24th, there is a story that progresses from a hexagonal perspective played by Mr. Takuya Kusakawa, and a new expression that can only be seen here. It's packed with everyone's loveliness.

Producer Kanami Homma of the popular drama "Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Old seems to be a witch" (TV Tokyo, etc.) ... → Continue reading

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