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🎥 | "Escape Shame" SP, Gacky & Gen Hoshino comment video released

Photo Photo is a screenshot of the official Twitter of "New Year Special Drama" Escape is Shameful but Useful "(Tentative)"

"Escape shame" SP, Gacky & Gen Hoshino comment video released

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In the previous series, Mikuri went to a graduate school of liberal arts and obtained a qualification as a clinical psychologist, but he couldn't get a job and was dispatched, so he started working as a domestic helper under Tadashi.

In "New Year's special drama" Escape is shameful but useful "(provisional)" (TBS series, broadcast in January 2021), Mori ... → Continue reading

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    Population over 15 years old
    Labor force population
    Non-labor population
    Working populationUnemployed
    Potential workforceSchool / housework / others
    Extended job seekers
    Employable non-job seekers

    Housework(Kajitetsudai) is a narrow sense of cooking, washing, cleaning, etc.HouseworkAnd to help and engage in the family business.

    The following is an example of a form of helping with domestic affairs.

    1. motherOn behalf of her mother because she is not sick, is sick, or is busy with work.HouseworkIt manages the whole.
    2. Parents are family runself employedI am helping my parents work.
    3. Needs care for family illness and old ageNursing careAre doing
    4. There are many siblings, and older people take care of their younger brothers and sisters on behalf of their parents.

    Occupational classification

    Cabinet OfficeIn the survey of the study group on youth employment in Japan, after including help with domestic affairs, in 2002,neatPublished a statistic of 85 people.On the other handMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareAccording to the definition of, if you are mainly doing household chores in your daily life, you should not include it in'neat', 2004 edition of Labor Economics.White paperThen, NEET is estimated to be about 52 people.

    In response to this difference in definition, the House of Councilors Economic and Industrial Committee took up this issue on March 18, 3, and stated that "the definition of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will be adopted as the unified view of the government."

    Marriage market

    According to Kikuno, a writer of love jp,MarriageIn the market, it used to be the image of a young lady to help with household affairs, but in the 21st century,Unemployed,part timer(Part-time worker) Is just a paraphrase.The hurdles for women to register at the dating agency are low, and even if they are not full-time employees, they can join, but from the standpoint of men who choose, they often exclude women who help with domestic affairs and part-time workers. "If you want to stabilize your life, if you want to get married, get a job with Chitin to connect with society."[1].


    1. ^ Kikuno (April 2016, 4). “Marriage does not reverse life !? Reasons why poor girls in their 30s and above should change jobs rather than marriage”. Woman Excite. As of March 2017, 3originalMore archives.April 2017, 3Browse.

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    Clinical psychology

    Clinical psychology(Psychology, psychology,British: clinical psychology) IsMental disorder,Psychosomatic disorder, Aiming to assist, recover, prevent, and study psychological problems and maladaptated behaviorPsychologyIs a field of[1]..Psychology focuses on general human psychologyBasic psychologyAnd focus on specific human psychologyApplied psychologyIs classified into this latter[1].ClinicalLiterally, it is a discipline aimed at providing psychological support to people who may be the target of medical treatment.[2]..On the other hand, such problems[2]. Psychological examination, Psychological interviews, community assistance, and research studies.The subject matter to be dealt withPsychiatry,PsychopathologyIs deeply involved with.ResearcherClinical psychologistAnd the practitioner of that knowledgePsychologist,ClinicianCalled.Based on clinical psychologyPsychologyFor professional qualificationClinical psychologistThere is[2].

    Target psychological problems and behaviors

    Mental disorderPsychological assistance and prevention do not have immediate effects on all psychological and behavioral problems.OrPsychiatryEven in some cases, the cause and treatment have not been established.However, the clinical picture of each problem and the accompanyingDepressionEmotional symptoms such as, and their coursePsychotherapyPsychological assistance such as[2][3].

    At Japanese educational institutions

    Relationship between positioning in humanities and science and adjacent areas

    Universities and graduate schools are the main places to study psychology.In Japan, theyFaculty of Psychology(Department)Graduate School of Psychology(Major) is mainlyLiberal artsOften positioned in[4]..But psychologyExperimental psychology,Cognitive psychology,Physiological psychologyな どnatural ScienceThere are many fields with a strong color, and it is also used as a research method.statistics,ExperimentEtc.Applied mathematicsTargetScienceBecause it requires specific processing, it means "academic studies that span multiple fields such as the humanities and science fields."InterdisciplinaryIt may be counted as one of the "academic studies"[4].

    Especially in clinical psychology, as mentioned abovePsychiatryAs a subject to be dealt with from the relationship withPsychiatry,Psychopathology,Psychosomatic medicine,PsychopharmacologyThere is a strong interdisciplinary tendency because it is closely related to[3], The faculties and graduate schools are established in the liberal arts except for independent faculties and graduate schools.Faculty of EducationFrom scienceFaculty of medicineWide range[3].. (fact,JapanThe first Department of Clinical Psychology was established in 1991.Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare(Installed in) Also, at the time of graduation / completionBachelor of ScienceAs a major, it means that you have completed interdisciplinary studies.Doctor (Academic),Master (Academic),Bachelor (Academic)May be awarded[5][6].

    Weight of undergraduate and graduate education

    Since clinical psychology is a discipline closely related to people's mental health, it has been pointed out that psychotherapists and clinicians who practice in clinical practice need highly specialized education at the level of completing a graduate school master's course. ing[7].

    In particular, based on clinical psychologyPsychologyProfessional qualificationClinical psychologistQualifies for a master's degree in clinical psychology[8].. That is,Ministry of educationLicensedJapan Clinical Psychologist Qualification Certification Association[9]Certified and evaluated by professional graduate schools, etc.Clinical psychologist designated graduate schoolIs stipulated to complete[8].

    Above all, the countryHighly professionalEstablished for the training ofProfessional graduate schoolSome of them have an advanced training system that emphasizes graduate school education, such as the establishment of a graduate school for clinical psychology.[10].

    Psychological assessment / psychological test methods

    School / School of Psychological Interview / Psychotherapy Theory

    Four colleges

    In therapy and education, there are four mainstream schools: dynamic psychiatry, humanistic psychology, behavioral theory, and system-theoretic family therapy.[11].

    Dynamic psychology

    Humanistic psychology

    Behavior theory system

    Cognitive behavioral therapyWhat is (CBT)?Cognitive therapyRational emotive behavior therapyDeveloped based on the combination ofCognitive psychologyBehavioral psychologyIt contains both elements of. CBT is related to three points: how to think (cognition), how to feel (emotion), and how to behave (behavior), and it is based on the theory that each interacts. There is.

    Systematic family therapy system

    Other schools

    Community aid theory

    Research related

    Related academic societies

    Japanese Society of Clinical Psychology
    Established in 1964.The first academic society in Japan related to clinical psychology.Later, the majority withdrew, and the following Japanese Society of Clinical Psychology was established mainly by those who withdrew.About 400 members.
    Japan Psychiatric Association
    Established in 1982.Established mainly by withdrawals from the Japanese Society of Clinical Psychology.Currently, it is the largest academic society in Japan related to psychology and clinical psychology.The number of members is about 22,000.


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