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📺 | Ryosuke Yamada Words from Asadora heroine experienced Rina Kawaei "The next heroine is me"


Ryosuke Yamada Receives words from former Asadora heroine Rina Kawaei "The next heroine is me"

If you write the contents roughly
The drama "With murderous intent to dear me" will start at 10:5 on October 22 (Wednesday) (15 minute expansion for the first time).

Mr. Ryosuke Yamada talked about the back side of hard shooting. On October 10th, the drama "Kuroshi to my dear me" that will start on the same day... → Continue reading

 Fujite Review !!

A medium that provides entertainment information from the "Fuji TV perspective". Under the theme of "There is a continuation in that flower," we will deliver "intelligence that only the staff can know" and "the real intention of the performers" in text and video. It is full of information other than TV such as entertainment, fashion, gourmet, outing, and beauty.

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