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🤖 | "Cuckoo's Fiancée" Hiro Segawa, who is both intelligent and beautiful, can wear a bunny costume perfectly ♪ Soft smile 1/7 ...

Photo "TV Anime" Cuckoo's Fiancée "Hiro Segawa Bunny Girl Ver. 1/7 Scale Figure" 19,800 yen (tax included) (C) Miki Yoshikawa / Kodansha / Cuckoo's Fiancé Production Committee

"Cuckoo's Fiancée" Hiro Segawa, who is both talented and talented, can wear a bunny costume perfectly♪ 1/7 with a soft smile...

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She is talented and beautiful, and she perfectly dressed up in a bunny costume.

Hiro Segawa from the TV anime "Kakko's Wife" has created a figure series based on the concept of "a new story that you can take in your hands". → Continue reading

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