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🎥 | At midnight on the 19th, the drama "Rohan Kishibe does not move" episodes 4-6 will be rebroadcast

From the photo "Thus Spoke Kishibe" – (C) LUCKY LAND COMMUNICATIONS / Shueisha (C) NHK / PICS

19th midnight, drama "Rohan Kishibe does not move" 4-6 episodes rebroadcast

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Yasuko Kobayashi, who also wrote the script for the anime series "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," wrote the script, and worked with Takahashi on the Taiga drama "Naotora, the Lady Castle Lord" (2017) and the drama "Snow Country -SNOW COUNTRY-" (2022). Kazutaka Watanabe served.

Episodes 4 to 6 of the NHK drama "Rohan Kishibe doesn't move" starring Issei Takahashi, which was broadcast at the end of last year, will be aired on NHK at midnight on the 19th. → Continue reading

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    Snow Country -SNOWCOUNTRY-” (2022)

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