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🎥 | Topic work "PLAN 75" depicting the choice of life and death will be exhibited at the Toronto International Film Festival

Photo from “PLAN 75” – (C) 2022 “PLAN 75” Production Committee / Urban Factory / Fusee

"PLAN 75", a topical film about the choice of life and death, will be exhibited at the Toronto International Film Festival

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In addition, the box office revenue exceeded 8 million yen in 11 days from the release to August 56th.

The movie "PLAN 75" starring Chieko Baisho will be screened at the 9th Toronto International Film Festival starting September 8th. → Continue reading

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    300 million yen

    performance income

    Entertainmentincome(Kogyoshu Nyu) isMovie theater OfAdmissionPricesincomeThat[1].Box officeSometimes abbreviated as[2].. in English,チケットAlso shows the sales floorBox OfficeSay[3].. Other than moviesEntertainmentBut sometimes I say.

    Box office results in Japan

    JapanIn1999Untilmovies OfBox office recordFor the announcementDistribution incomeWas used,2000Was switched to the announcement of box office revenue[1][4]..In many cases, they misunderstood distribution income and box office income.Movie industryOfficials have changed that the data will be easier to understand, that the announcement in distribution revenue was a symbol of the closedness and uncertainty of the Japanese film industry, and that the world film industry is announcing data in box office revenue. Listed as a reason[1].. The announcement of works with distribution revenue of 10 billion yen or more, which is the standard of big hits, has also been abolished[1].

    Box office results in North America

    North American box office(British: north american box office)ofNorth AmericaThe range ofThe United States of America,Canada,プ エ ル ト リ コ,GuamHas become[5].. North American box office revenue in the United StatesDomestic box office(British: domestic box office) Means the same[6].. North American box office revenue in JapanNational box officeAlso say[7][8].

    Weekend box office results


    JapaneseweekendEntertainmentGradeRankingThen, the box office revenue will be announced only for some works with the highest box office results[9]..Therefore, mostmoviesThe box office revenue is unknown[9].. As an exception, only movies with total box office revenue of 10 billion yen or more will be released in January of the following year.Japan Filmmakers FederationAnnounced by[9].. Also, every six monthsTohoIs in-housedistribution10 billion ofYenOnly the movies that recorded the above box office revenues have announced the results.[9].

    SeniorGeneral movies except for the first (FriOn weekends(=weekend)'S box office record will be the basis for determining the screening period[10].. If the results on the first weekend are poor, the screening period will be shorter than originally planned.[10]..On the contrary, if the results on the first Saturday and Sunday are good,hitdo itLong runMay be[10]..The blockbuster movie will be releasedThursdayAnd Friday because I want to show the box office performance of the first weekend including the release date.[11]..For movies for seniors, [SeniorsWeekdayWeekdays are important because it is possible to appreciate it[12].

    In many movies, the average number of customers is 7% every week.[13].. For example, if the box office revenue was 1 million yen on Saturday and Sunday in the first week, it will decline to 2 million yen in the second week and 7000 million yen in the third week.[13].. Therefore, if you know the box office results on Saturday and Sunday of the first week, you can predict the approximate total box office revenue.[13].. However, the "fall rate" fluctuates depending on the reputation of the work.[13].. If it has a good reputation, it may exceed the box office record of the previous week.[14].


    AmericaThen, the box office revenue will be announced along with the weekend box office performance ranking.[9].. Not only the weekend box office revenue of the week, but also the total box office revenue [of all the movies being shown] can be grasped.[9].

    Distribution income

    Distribution income(I'll be there) Is from the box officeMovie theaterI deducted the share of the (entertainment side)Movie distributorThe share of[1].DistributionAbbreviated[15][16].

    Own a movie theaterEntertainmentThe company pays the usage fee (movie fee) of the movie lent by the distribution company to the box office revenue.percentagePay with[17].. This percentage is called the rate. From the standpoint of a distributor, movie fees are also called distribution income.[17].. The rate is negotiated before the movie is screened, and it is often fixed rather than fixed, depending on the number of weeks shown.In the case of a new roadshow, 2% for two weeks from the start of the show, In most cases, the share of entertainment companies (movie theaters) gradually increased to 70% for 3 weeks and then 60%.[17].. Rate varies from movie to movie[18].

    in Japan,1999Until the box office performance of the movie was announced with distribution income instead of box office income[1].. It depends on the contract between the entertainment company (movie theater) and the distributor of each movie.[19][20], About 50% of box office income will be distribution income[20][2].

    Ratio of distribution income to box office income
    Japanese/Western moviesMovie nameperformance income[21]Distribution incomeDistribution income
    Japanese moviesPrincess Mononoke[23]201.800 million yen117.600 million yen58.3%
    Antarctic story[24]110.000 million yen59.000 million yen53.6%
    Dancing Great Investigation Line THE MOVIE[25]101.000 million yen53.000 million yen52.5%
    Kitten story[26]98.000 million yen54.000 million yen55.1%
    Western paintingTitanic[27]262.000 million yen160.000 million yen61.1%
    NA[24]135.000 million yen96.200 million yen71.3%
    Jurassic Park[28]128.500 million yen83.000 million yen64.6%
    Star Wars Episode 1/Phantom Menace[29]127.000 million yen78.000 million yen61.4%
    Indiana Jones/The Last Holy War[30]74.000 million yen44.000 million yen59.5%
    Die hard 3[31]72.000 million yen48.000 million yen66.7%
    Mission Impossible [32]65.000 million yen36.000 million yen55.4%
    Ghost/New York Vision[33]61.700 million yen37.500 million yen60.8%
    body guard[28]61.000 million yen41.000 million yen67.2%
    *Japanese moviesList of successive box office shows of Japanese moviesSo,List of top performing Japanese moviesSelected from.

    Box office success

    According to the guideline for Japanese movie hitsJapan Filmmakers FederationWill have a total box office revenue of 10 billion yen because it will release more than 10 billion yen of movies[9].Kinema JunpoAccording to1999Until then, distribution income of 10 billion yen or more was the standard for a big hit.[1]In recent years, due to the increase in production costs, the minimum line is total box office revenue of 10 billion yen, and total box office revenue of 30 billion yen or more is the standard for big hits.

    The target of hits in the United States is total box office revenue of 1 million dollars or more, and the big hits aiming for the top 10 of the year are 2 million dollars or more.[9].

    Mini theaterFor the art works released at, there was a standard such as a big hit with total box office income of 5000 million yen or more, a mega hit that can aim for the first place annually if it exceeds 1 million yen,Cinema complexTomohiro Sagara also says that there is no standard as of 2014 as the prime[9].

    In the case of Japanese movies, the distribution companyPropagandaExpenses and distribution Actual expenses (print costs were quite high in the era of film distribution) top-off, from which the remainder of the contract-set distribution fee was subtractedProduction company(OrProduction Committee)[34].. Therefore, if the distribution income does not reach the top-off amount, even a high-budget work will not enter a production company at a theater company even at a theater performance. If a movie with a production cost of 1 billion yen costs 10 million yen as advertising expenses, and distribution/boxing revenue is set at 2% and distribution fee is 50%, the production company will receive 30 billion yen for the box office revenue. Becomes a deficit of 30 million yen[34].. If the production cost is suppressed to 5 million yen, the box office revenue will be 20 billion yen and the production cost will be recovered.[34].. Actually, secondary income such as TV broadcasting fee and video sales income is expected,ProfitabilityIs a little lower[34].

    Takashi YamazakiThe director2014In an interview with, he said that if the expected box office revenue is 15 billion yen, the production cost will be suppressed to 5 million yen even if the revenue from DVD is expected.[35].


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