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📺 | "Emo" and the reason for the excitement of the morning fan Kaya Kiyohara, decided to star in the Nippon Television Sunday drama


"Emotional" and the reason for the excitement of morning drama fans Kiyohara Kaya, Nippon Television Sunday drama starring decision

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"Hisui, who exists as a psychic, is very mysterious and unapproachable at first glance, but on the other hand, he shows his innocent and somewhat clumsy side to people close to him, and makes him want to protect this child. I also have a part like this.

In the Sunday drama "Spirit Detective, Hisui Shirozuka" (broadcast at 2022:10), which will start in October 22 on Nippon Television, ... → Continue reading

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    Medium(refrigerant,medium Or spirit medium) is a supernatural being (or spirit medium)SpiritIt is a person who can directly mediate between human beings and human beings.[1].

    in JapanKissingAlso known as [2] . AlsoMedium(Reibaisha),MediumIt is also called (Reibaishi).


    For the medium, the person who uses the ability only privately and the abilityReligiousThere are people who play a role[1].

    The medium intentionally puts itself in an unusual state of consciousness[1]..This state is "Transformer state"(or"Altered consciousness")It is called[1]..In the meantime, it is thought that a supernatural being enters the person's body and the personality changes to a supernatural state (spirituality).[1]..As for the way of entering the transformer, there are cases where it occurs spontaneously, so to speak, but in many cases, the state is artificially promoted as training.[2]..Under consciousness (insomnia) due to fasting or cages (insomnia)無意識) Is prepared to activate the activity, and personality transformation by suggestion occurs.[2]..In this trance state, automatic language (tongue talk. Your mouth moves regardless of your intention) andAutomatic writing such asParanormalAbility will work[2].

    The words of the medium are "I am the god of" and "I am the spirit of".First personForm[1].

    To the mediumPossessionExistence to神BuddhaBeginning,Ancestor spirit,Dead spirit,Animal spiritWide range[1].

    What the spirit medium doesAutomatic writingIs said to have written down the supernatural messages received from spirits and souls, without conscious control or restraint.

    Cultural anthropologyIn, the medium is "ShamanI understand it with the words, and think that it is a type of it.


    ParapsychologyCan communicate with the deadSpiritual abilityThe person who is thought to have is called a medium medium. [3]..With the deadtelepathyA person who communicates like this is called a "mental medium psychological medium", and a person who causes a physical phenomenon such as floating an object is called a "physical medium".[3]..Explaining the physical medium, in Europe and the United States, there were many people who once held a séance only in a dark room and exhibited a physically mysterious phenomenon there, but when I investigated such a person, it was a fraud. There are many cases that were discovered, but there are many people whose credibility is not clear.[3].

    Regarding life and death, the idea (=) that "some conscious existence remains after the death of the body, it is alive after death" and the alternative hypothesis that "it does not survive after the death of the body". There is a way of thinking (= non-survival hypothesis), but in parapsychologySuper-ESP hypothesis(The information that is said to have been obtained spirituallyESPThe hypothesis that information can be read from real people and things by using, and that it can be explained by such an idea) has been presented, and rigorous experiments have presented the dead, which cannot be obtained by mediums with normal abilities. Even if you get accurate information aboutConsciousness after deathByInterpretationIt is believed that proof of consciousness after death is practically quite difficult, as it has become the theory that even if it is possible to do so, it cannot be concluded that it is evidence of consciousness after death.[3].

    Since parapsychological research has led to the understanding that even ordinary people who are not called "mediums" have some psi-like abilities, the term "medium" is used in parapsychology. , It is no longer limited to the meaning as before[3].

    History of medium

    From ancient times to the present day, mediums have existed regardless of the east or west of the ocean.[1][2].

    Tohoku region of JapanItako[2][1]And wolf sama[1], Or in the Nansei IslandsUtah[1][2], Kanka Kariya[1],AlsoWalker,shamanOr of a modern new religionGuruHowever, there are many people who can be classified as mediums.[1]..This is a person who uses his abilities for religious roles, etc., as mentioned above.

    BibleAmong the"Samuel Above ”28,Saul KissingAsked to find the woman[2].

    In ancient Israel, generally speaking, mediums were forbidden as being hated by God (Isaiah 8: 19-20)[2]..And the aversion to spiritismキ リ ス ト 教Will be taken over to[2]And then in ChristianityPossessedThe spirit is exclusivelyDevil,Evil spiritHas been regarded as[2].

    In the Christian sphere of Western EuropeSpirit worldIn 1848, the Fox sisters in New York were revived with the spirit of a person who was previously murdered in the house where they live.Tapping soundIt was after the incident of communicating by (rapping).[2]..Many people visited this house and were convinced of the work of supernatural beings.[2]..This sisterSpiritual abilityIs recognized, for example, now a deceased relativeSpiritWill respond to requests such as callingTransformer stateEntered and communicated with the spirit[2]..This led people to enthusiastically conduct psychic experiments.[2], In each Victorian home in the West,table-turning(Table turning.Kokkuri-san(Something like) has become very popular[2]Eventually, some people showed objects floating, and their curiosity about supernatural beings, which could not fit into the framework of existing religions, began to capture people's hearts.[2], The scientific quest for these physical psychic phenomenaParapsychologyWill lead to[2].

    ParapsychologyResearch in a traditional framework began to be carried out extensively after 1920, but in parapsychology, the term "medium" is usually referred to as modern spiritualism that emerged in the United States in the mid-19th century. Refers to those who have the ability after exercise[3].

    A meeting to come into contact with the abilities of the spirit mediummeetingOr sitting, in JapaneseSpiritual societySay[3](SéanceMay be guessed).

    Of the people in the séance,Spirit worldThe desire to communicate with was extremely serious and serious.[2]..importantChildLost or belovedwife,husbandThe person who lost the deadcommunicationI tried to take[2]..Eventually twiceWorld warWhen the tragedy of the event and the death of a large number of people occurred, people began to enthusiastically hold séances again.For, in these wars, too many people died without being able to witness the death of their precious family and had a hard time.[2].

    Supernatural in the West, where the Christian tradition is deep-rootedSpirit worldCommunication with is spirit healing (Psychotherapy) New ThoughtNew ThoughtAnd mental science, expressing dissatisfaction with the materialistic worldview[2].

    As a prominent figure in the former psychological medium,Leonora Piper,Irene GarrettAnd so on.For Piper, the psychologistWilliam jamesBut also about Garrett, the physiologistKarel[Avoid ambiguity]Etc. conducted experimental research[3].

    Esther Hicks (Ester Hicks) is a well-known medium in modern times.Esther Hicks), Sylvia Brown (Sylvia Brown), John Edward (John Edward), James van Prag (James Van Praagh).


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