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🎭 | Iwate High School Tennis Club is determined to reach new heights on the national stage <Iwate/Morioka City> 


Iwate High School tennis club determined to reach national stage <Iwate/Morioka City> 

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The All Japan Junior Tennis Championships will be held in Osaka from August 8rd.

The players of the Iwate High School Tennis Club, who will participate in the Uniqlo All Japan Junior Tennis Championships from August XNUMX, will be on August XNUMX... → Continue reading

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    All Japan Junior Tennis Championships

    All Japan Junior Tennis Championships(Zen Nihon - Senshuken) is held in August every year.OsakaOsaka-Tsubasa Tennis CenterWill be held inTennisIt is a competition.Official tournament nameUNIQLO All Japan Junior Tennis Championship '○ (Year).

    The second time1929Held onIt has been held annually after two interruptions due to war.

    Convention summary

    Tournament method

    The tournament will be held for about two weeks from the beginning of August.They are divided by age into 8 and under, 2 and under, 18 and under, and 16 and under, and further divided into men's, women's, singles, and doubles divisions to compete for victory in knockout tournaments.the higher rankWorld Super Junior Tennis Championships-All Japan Tennis ChampionshipIn addition to being recommended to the junior expedition strengthening team, it is also subject to selection.

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    2022 8(Hazuki
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    8/23(Hachigatsu Niju-san)Gregorian calendarAnd the 235th day from the beginning of the year (leap yearThen, on the 236th day), there are 130 days until the end of the year.




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    • Hot summer(Japanese flag Japan, 2010/2011/2012/2013)
      Twenty-fourOne of.When the ecliptic longitude of the sun is 1 degrees, when the heat subsides and autumn approaches (the residual heat may still be severe in some regions).
    • Flag day( Ukraine
      Established by the Ukrainian government in 2004.The day before Independence Day.
    • (English edition (European Union, USA, Canada)
      1939 OfGerman-Soviet non-aggression treatyAccording to (the secret agreement of the Eastern European division that accompanies)StarlinismNazismIn 2009 to commemorate the victims ofEuropean ParliamentIs enacted. In 2010, President Jerzy Buzek of the European Parliament described Stalinism and Nazism as "the two worst forms of totalitarianism in human history."Officially recognized and known as Canada and the United States[19].
    • Wulcanaria (Roman Empire
      Fire godVulcanusHolidays.In midsummer, when crops and grains tend to burn, he threw live fish and small animals into the bonfire to soothe the god.
    • ukuleles Day(United States flag The United States of America Hawaii)
      Since the ukulele is said to be based on a musical instrument brought in by Portuguese immigrants in the 19th century, August 1879, when the Portuguese registered as immigrants with the Portuguese Immigration Department in 8, was designated as the anniversary.
    • oils Day(Japanese flag Japan
      I hope it will be a day to think about oil,KyotoMt. Ooyama SakimachiEstablished jointly by Rikyu Hachimangu and Kaneda Co., Ltd.The date is859On this day (the first year of Jōgan)Emperor SeiwaBecause Usa Hachimangu in Kyushu was relocated to Mt. Ooyamazaki by the command of[20].
    • Koikeya Potato Chips Day (Japanese flag Japan
      1962On this day, "Koikeya Potato Chips Nori Salt Flavor" was released.KoikeyaMake[20].

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    • 2013 --The space battleship "Massless" is in space at 11:XNUMX on the same day. (animation"Aim for the top!])
    • 2026 --The animation "Mr. Hibit" has started airing. (animation"Space Brothers])
    • Year unknown-Captain Gogo is distressed in Corico Bay, leaving behind the "Maybe Box" and its key. (""Kiki's Delivery Service』Part 5)

    Birthday (fiction)



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