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🎭 | The stage for the duel between Yoshitsune and Benkei was Kiyomizudera, not Gojo Ohashi! ?


The stage for Yoshitsune and Benkei's duel was Kiyomizudera, not Gojo Ohashi! ?

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Hokyointo is a type of memorial pagoda, and is often used as a chozubachi because of its gratitude.

Ms. Naomi Trauden, who is from Kyoto, was introduced to some surprising facts about Kiyomizu-dera Temple. August 8th (Wednesday) broadcast "Hayashi ... → Continue reading

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    Many pagodas

    Hand basin

    Hand basin(Chozubachi) was originally intended to rinse the mouth and cleanse the body in front of the gods and Buddhist altars.WedRefers to a vessel for securing.

    after that,tea ceremonyIs also incorporated intoOpen fieldBecame placed insideTsukubaiIt formed a unique style called.

    Types of chozubachi

    Natural Ishite water bowl

    It was made with an emphasis on the wildness of natural stones.WabisabiSuch astea ceremonyIt can be said that it embodies the spirit of.Since the shapes of natural stones vary widely, the following is an example.

    • Single character type
      A long, narrow natural stone flattened and a hole for long water is dug.Shoren-inShoinThe edge is famous.
    • Sickle shape
      A circular or oval hole dug in a natural stone bent like a sickle.Katsura Imperial VillaThe open field is famous.
    • Boat type
      One of the most common pierced stones in the shape of a ship.
    • Who is the sleeve type
      The name comes from the shape reminiscent of the sleeves of a kimono.Kiyomizu TempleThe one at the edge of Jojuin Shoin is famous.
    • Sima Guang official type
      A stone with uneven edges and rough edges with water holes.
    • Anglerfish type
      A stone with a completely irregular shape.


    Abandoned,LanternIt is a hand-water bowl made from the part of the tower and the tower, and the old texture makes you feel "wabi-sabi".

    • Kasaya type
      It is made using the body of a stone treasure tower and has a kasaya-shaped lattice pattern around it.Higashi Honganji TempleWataruenWhat is in ShukkeienKamakura PeriodThe tower body of the treasure tower is used.
    • Iron bowl type
      A chozubachi that uses the spherical water ring of the Gorinto.
    • Four-way Buddha type
      It uses the body of the Hokyointo and the multi-story tower, and is characterized by the Buddha carved on the surface.
    • Basic type
      It is said that the ones that use the foundations such as stone lanterns and have decorations such as "anti-flowers" are good.
    • Cornerstone type
      It uses the cornerstone of an old building and comes in a variety of shapes.
    • Higaki type
      The shade of the multi-story tower is erected sideways, and the eaves are dug into a concave shape, but there are few examples.
    • Cap type
      Stone lanternA chozubachi that looks like the beauty of warping by turning the shaded part of a pagoda or a multi-story tower upside down.

    Creative Chozubachi

    In the Edo period, chozubachi became indispensable in the open field, and from natural ones to those designed and made for the use of open water chozubachi. rice field.

    Many of what are now called "chozubachi" fall into this category, and many imitations of "masterpieces" of "famous gardens" and "famous gardens" are on the market.

    • Jujube type
    • Chrysanthemum type
    • Ryoanji type
    • Cloth spring type
    • Bridge pile type
    • Ginkakuji type
    • Masu type

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