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🎥 | <People who loved Rocky Balboa> Adrian, Apollo, Paulie ... and fans

Photo from the movie "Rocky the Final" (2006) Photo courtesy of AFLO

<People who loved Rocky Balboa> Adrian, Apollo, Paulie... and fans

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He was the Michigan state amateur boxing champion, and as an American football player he was selected as the best player (it is said that he also demonstrated his talent in baseball).

The Rocky series is not a boxing movie.Human drama. --Sylvester Stallone himself... → Continue reading

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Michigan State Champion

    Best player

    Best player(saiyuu senshu,British: Most Valuable Player; MVP ,Most Valuable PlayerAlso) is an award given to the player who has achieved the best results in sports, etc., and is usually selected from the games throughout the year (season).This section also covers the Man of the Match (MOM), which is selected for each match or for a certain period of time.

    selected throughout the season

    Selected per game

    Man of the Match (British: man of the match;), Player of the Match (English: player of the match), Player of the Game (English: player of the game) is an award given to a player who has made a memorable performance in a specific game of team sports.It is often given to the player of the winning team, but it can be awarded to any player belonging to any team.Championship (English: championship) and All-Star games are often selected.It is an award with a unique tradition when it comes to sports, and in Australia it is usuallyEnglish: best and fairestThe designation is used, and it is awarded for either a specific game or a long season.Especially in North American competition,English: most valuable player (MVP)(above) or British: most outstanding player;The name is used.In North American ice hockey, the top three players are electedEnglish: three starsCorresponds to this.

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