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🎭 | City-building SLG "City Block Build ...

Photo City building SLG "City Block Builder" set in the gorgeous Los Angeles of the 1950s Steam early access started

City-building SLG "City Block Build...

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Reminiscent of 1950s Los Angeles with its furniture, posters, advertisements, and more, the game aims to combine gameplay with a freewheeling atmosphere.

Tentworks Interactive is a management simulation game “City Block Bus… → Continue reading

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the 1950s

the 1950s(Senkyu Hyundai) isAD(Gregorian calendar1950から1959Refers to up to 10 yearsDecade.. This article describes the 1950s from an international perspective.


In the 1950s,Cold WarIt is positioned as an era with a fixed structure. OldAxis powersincludingWestern countriesThen the economy is recovering rapidly,the 1920sThe same consumer life as the above has come to be carried out.Suburban housing has developed in the suburbs of the city.Slightly politically and culturallyMaintenanceAnd somehuman rightsThe request for expansion was neglected.As a reaction to this conservative trendCounter cultureAsYouth cultureWas born,the 1960sIt leads to the explosive expansion of the counterculture of.

またKorean WarFrom the tension of the east and west blocks later,Arms race,Space development competitionIn the westRed picking(McCarthyism) Happened. This tension led to political conservatism.

War and politics




United States and Western Europe


Philosophy and thought




Classical music
Contemporary music
Popular music

Movies, plays, butoh, performing arts





Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Latin America

Sub-Saharan Africa

West Asia and North Africa

South Asia

Southeast Asia



South Korea

The event of fiction

  • The existence of aliens for the purpose of invading the earth is confirmed, but this secretly causes frequent internal conflicts between countries and organizations on the earth side, and eventually multiple earth defense organizations are scattered around the world Becomes (Novel/AnimeIlya sky, UFO summer])[1]


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  1. ^ Mizuto Akiyama Ilya Sky, UFO Summer Part 4Media Works, 2003, 253,254 pages.ISBN 978-4-8402-2431-4. 

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