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🎥 | Shingo Katori stares at his husband Death Note... Scene cut released "Dogs don't eat, but Charlie laughs"

Photo Ignorance is Buddha? – (C) 2022 FILM PARTNERS

Shingo Katori stares at his husband's Death Note... Scene cut released from "Dogs Don't Eat Charlie, But Charlie Laughs"

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In addition, Yujiro's smile with his boss Urashima (Koji Matoba), the manager of X3, has a bandage on his face. In one frame, it is said that Yujiro and Hiyori talk harmoniously, raising expectations for the story woven by the unique characters.

Scene cuts from the movie "Dog Mote Wa Nedo Charlie Laughs" starring Shingo Katori and playing a married couple with Yukino Kishii have been released... → Continue reading

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    Urashima store manager (Koji Matoba)


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