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📺 | "Yoshitsune's smartphone" 60-minute enlarged version broadcast!Masako Hojo also makes a new appearance

Photo Masako Hojo also newly appeared – (C) NHK

"Yoshitsune's smartphone" 60-minute enlarged version broadcast!Masako Hojo also makes a new appearance

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Miori Takimoto will also appear as a new cast member Masako Hojo.

A 5-minute expanded version of the SF period drama "Yoshitsune's Smartphone" broadcasted from May to June this year, "Yoshitsune's Smartphone Natsukusa no Jin"... → Continue reading

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Masako Hojo

    Miori Takimoto

    Miori Takimoto(Miori Takimoto,199110/16 -) isJapan Ofactress,singer,talent.. ExLAGOON Ofvocalist.

    TottoriTottori CityBackground[2].Stardust promotionBelongs.Tottori Keiai High Schoolgraduate[3].


    He has been interested in the entertainment world since he was in elementary school, and often comes to Tokyo from his hometown to attend a dance school, etc., and starts performing arts activities.After that, she went to Tokyo for work and lessons until she graduated from high school.

    2003 year 8 month,AvexSponsored Audition "avex audition 2002” and was selected as 2 out of 15 applicants.[Note 1], and finally a five-person dance and vocal unit ・Sweet S(The stage name at this time was "MIORI"[1]) debuted in the entertainment world as[4].2006The group disbanded after releasing the best album in August, and took a break from singing activities.

    scouted at age 17[4], 2008,Stardust promotionTransferred to the 3rd part of the performing arts.

    A movie released in March 2010Cluster amaryllisEarned the role of the heroine in the audition of[5][6]. 2010, in the second half of the same yearNHKContinuous tv novel"Teppanwas appointed to the leading role of[7]. In 2011, a remake of the popular Korean drama "You're a beautiful man] (TBS series) for the first time in a commercial drama[8].Here she resumed her singing activities as a member of the band ANJELL, which she played in, while the program was limited.[9].

    May 2013,My wife is Kunoichi』(NHK BS Premium)soHistorical dramafirst appearance in the firstアクションTo challenge[10]. published in JulyHayao MiyazakiAn animated feature film "Breeze], in charge of the heroine, Nahoko Satomi[11].

    From October 2014 to September 10, the variety program "another sky』(Nippon TVSystem) served as MC for the first time[12][13]. In November 2014, a group of five who participated as vocalist "MIORI"Girl band"LAGOON"ButSony musicDebut from[Note 2][14][15]. First stage at ""[16].. May 2016,"Raccoon palaceFirst appearance in a musical[17]. In October, TottoriOldness and ambassadorIs commissioned[2][18].

    In 2018Obi drama theater"Koshiji snowstorm story"" (TV AsahiSystem)Koshiji snowstormplayed the adolescent role of[19]. In 2022, the serial drama "Doctor White』Appeared in[20][21].In the fall of the same year, the serial drama "S][Note 3][22].




    Theater animation

    TV drama

    Serial drama

    • Continuous tv novel Teppan(October 2010, 9-March 27, 2011,NHK) - Starring ・ Akari Murakami Role[7]
      • Teppan Extra Edition "Eve Love Live" (December 2011, 12)[29]
    • You're a beautiful man(July 2011, 7-September 15, 9,TBS)-Starring Yoshio Sakuraba / Yoshiko Sakuraba Role[8]
    • hungry!(July 2012, 1-September 10, 3,Kansai TV)-Heroine Chie Okusu[30]
    • GTO(July 2012, 7-September 3, Kansai TV)-Heroine Azusa Fuyutsuki[31]
      • GTO Fall also demon rampage special (October 2012, 10)[32]
      • GTO New Year Special! Winter vacation is also a hot-blooded class (January 2013, 1)[33]
      • GTO Final Edition ~ Farewell Onizuka! Graduation Special ~ (April 2013, 4)[34]

    Special drama (single drama)

    Guest appearance

    • Partner season18 Episode 11 (January 2020, 1, TV Asahi)-Sayaka Amemiya[77]

    Online drama


    Year drama

    • Artificial Intelligence Love(January 2022, 1-Delivery, NUMA)-Starring・Maple Role[88]

    Other TV programs

    Television Animation


    promotion video



    under the name of SweetS

    in the name of ANJELL

    Release datetitlerecorded musicspecificationStandard product numberRemarks
    April 2011, 10ANJELL WITH TBS system

    Friday drama "You're a beautiful man'


    1. promise
    2. Two people
    3. alone
    4. Miss you
    CDAVCD-383844-disc set of 2 ANJELL songs + drama soundtrack

    Label:Avex trax

    2CD + DVDAVCD-38382B

    LAGOON name


    Release datetitlerecorded musicspecificationStandard product number
    April 2014, 11the world you wait for
    1. the world you wait for
    2. dear friend
    3. Are You Ready?
    4. Kimi no waiting world (Instrumental)
    CD + DVDSRCL-8651 /


    April 2015, 5KNOCKED-OUT BOY
    2. platinum secret
    3. Shout it out!!
    4. KNOCKED-OUT BOY (Instrumental)
    CD + DVDSRCL-8815
    April 2015, 11Rhapsody In White
    1. Rhapsody In White
    2. One More Love
    3. what they both wanted
    4. Rhapsody In White (Instrumental)
    CD + DVDSRCL-8928

    Mini album

    Release datetitlerecorded musicspecificationStandard product number
    April 2016, 6Our daily life will be forever.
    1. Our daily life will be forever.
    2. The blue sky of that day, with you
    3. my home ~The place where my heart returns~
    4. goodbye
    5. Red eye ~What time alone taught me~

    Advertisement etc.



    • Tsukamoto Furisode Catalog "Mayuko" "Hatachi Style" (2011)
    • Asahi Shimbun Advertising feature "2012 years old, me so far, me in the future" For adults with happy aura and playfulness (January 1, 9)




    • mine(Mina,SHUFUNOTOMO) started serialization of “can be a heroine” from the March 2012 issue.


    • Miori Takimoto Calendar 2017 (December 2016, 12, SDP)[104][105]
    • Miori Takimoto 2018 Calendar (December 2017, 12, SDP)[106]
    • Miori Takimoto Calendar 2019.4-2020.3 (March 2019, 3, SDP)[107]


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