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📺 | Mei Nagano "Riding a unicorn" straying?Viewers confused by sudden development of “esports challenge”


Mei Nagano "Riding on a Unicorn" Straying?Viewers confused by sudden development of “esports challenge”

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Entrepreneur Sachi Haneda (Ryoko Hirosue) also proposed to invest 3 million yen, and Dream Pony was steadily approaching a "unicorn company."

It was supposed to be about an edtech start-up company, but...TBS Tuesday drama "Yu... → Continue reading

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    Sachi Haneda (Ryoko Hirosue)

    Unicorn company (finance)

    Unicorn companies(Unicorn Kigyo) has a valuation of 10 billionDollarMore thanUnlisted OfStartup company.. It refers to a company that has four conditions: "within 10 years since its establishment," "valuation of $ 10 billion or more," "unlisted," and "technology company."If it does not meet these four conditions, such as being listed, it will no longer be a unicorn company.The total number is constantly increasing and decreasing depending on the unicorn company that is born and the unicorn company that is leaving.

    This word isVenture capitalist Of(English edition 2013Invented in, to represent the statistical shortage of successful venture companiesmythTypicalPhantom beast OfunicornI chose.

    The top unicorn companies are Decacorn and Hectcorn companies, with Decacorn companies being used by unicorn companies over $ 100 billion and Hectcorn companies being used by unicorn companies over $ 1000 billion.

    According to US research firm CB Insights2018As of August, there are 8 unicorn companies.

    According to the "NEXT Unicorn Survey (2019)" of Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.JapanUnicorn companyPreferred Networks,TBM,SmartNewsThere are three companies.


    When Aileen Lee coined the term "unicorn" in 2013, only 39 companies were considered unicorn companies.Harvard Business ReviewIn another survey by2012から2015The start-up company established during2000から2013It turned out to be valued twice as fast as the start-ups founded in.


    Shared economy

    Shared economyAlso called "collaborative consumption" or "on-demand economy", is based on the concept of sharing personal resources.This tendency to share resources has become three of the top five unicorns (Uber, Didi Chuxing, and Airbnb) to become the world's most valuable startups.recent years[When?]The recession has led consumer spending to more cautious spending, and the sharing economy supports this trend.


    E-commerceThe innovation with and gradually inherits the physical location needs of the store brand.A typical example of this is in the United States.the mallIncludes a decrease in.Mall sales in the United States fell from $ 2005 billion in 874 to $ 6000 billion in 2015.Amazon,AlibabaE-commerce companies such as have reduced the need for physical locations to buy consumer goods.Many large companies have seen this trend for some time and are trying to adapt to the trend of e-commerce.WalmartRecently acquired a US e-commerce company for $ 33 billion in an attempt to suit consumer tastes.

    Innovative business model

    To support the sharing economy, Unicorn and successful start-ups have built an operating model defined as a "network orchestrator."In this business model, there is a network of peers who create value through interaction and sharing.Network orchestras can sell products / services, collaborate, share reviews, and build relationships through business.Examples of network orchestras include all sharing economy companies (Uber, Airbnb), companies where consumers can share information (trips, Yelp), peer-to-peer or business interpersonal sales platforms (ie Amazon, Alibaba).


    Data as of October 2018

    • Number of unicorn companies: 260
    • Total valuation of unicorn companies: $ 840 billion

    Top 5 Unicorn Companies

    As of November 2020, three of the top five most valuable unicornsChugokuIt is in.The other twoAmericaIt is in.

    1. Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku Ant group
    2. Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku ByteDance
    3. Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku Didi Chuxing
    4. United States flag The United States of America Space x
    5. United States flag The United States of America stripe

    Number of unicorn companies in the world

    According to CB Insights of the United States, as of the end of December 2021, the number of unicorn companies in the world is as follows.

    Number of unicorn companies in the world
    December 2021 Source: CB Insights[1]
    RankingCitizenshipNumber of companies
    1 bitUnited States flag The United States of America488
    2 bitFlag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China170
    3 bitIndian flag India55
    4 bitGerman flag Germany25
    5 bitIsraeli flag Israel21
    6 bitFrench flag France20
    7 bitCanadian flag Canada16
    8 bitBrazilian flag Brazil15
    9 bitSingapore flag Singapore12
    10 bitRepublic of Korea flag South Korea11
    11 bitJapanese flag Japan6


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