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🤖 | "Theatrical version Tensura Guren no Kizuna", Riko Fukumoto plays the key role of <Queen Towa>


"Theatrical Version Tensura Guren no Kizuna Hen", Riko Fukumoto as the key to the story <Queen Towa>

If you write the contents roughly
◎Comment from Subaru Kimura, who plays the role of Lacure.

From "Theatrical Version That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Guren no Kizuna" scheduled to be released on November 2022, 11,... → Continue reading

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    It was slime when I reincarnated

    "It was slime when I reincarnated』(It was a slime when it was reincarnated)FusebyJapan OfNaro systemNovel[W1].. The abbreviation is "Rolling slur'[2]..Novel posting site "Let's become a novelistWas serialized from February 2013, 2WEB novelHas been significantly revised as a rough plot, and since May 2014GC Novels(Micro Magazine Company), Manga based on this work, gaiden manga, anime based on the manga version, etc.Media mixDeployment is taking place.


    The author, Fuse, said, "Let's become a novelistThe WEB novel serialized in "" is the basis of all related works.

    After that, while writing and publishing the Gaiden, the writing of the commercial novel version with major additions and corrections based on the WEB novel was started, and at the same time as the commercial version volume 6 was released, the manga version written by Yasuki KawakamiMonthly Shonen SiriusSerialization (serializationMedia mix) Has been decided, and a book has been released after the serialization started.Furthermore, supervision is Fuse, drawingOkagiri glassThe spin-off manga "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" was published by Micro Magazine.Web comic distribution siteSerialized in "Comic Ride"[3].

    Also popular in "Become a Novelist"OverloadFuse reveals that he has been greatly influenced by[4]..In addition, the main character slime is the game "Dragon quest"notTable talk RPGMade from the image of a nasty monster that appears in[5]In addition, due to the TRPG play experience of Fuse's student days, "Sword world""Wizardry RPG""GarpsIs also influenced by[6]..In addition to this, some demons under LimuruSuper carNamed after[7][8].

    The story of making a book is "NarokonIn November 2013, Fuse revealed that he did not expect an offer to come to this work, which he wrote with the intention of practicing because there were a lot of problems even if the evaluation points were high.[9]..In addition, when making the book, we revised it while receiving a great deal of indication from the editor in charge, and as the volume progressed, it became inconsistent with the WEB serialized version, so the WEB serialized version isplotIt is revealed that it came to think as[10].

    "This light novel is amazing!”, 2017th place in the book / novels category in the 8 edition[11], ranked 2018th in the 6 edition[12], ranked 2019th in the 5 edition[13], ranked 2020th in the 7 edition[14].

    Cumulative circulation of the series including related books is 2017 million as of March 3[W2], 2018 million copies as of March 3 when it was decided to make it into a TV animation[W3], 1 million copies as of November of the same year during the first period of TV animation[W4], 2 million copies as of September 1 before the first part of the second season of TV animation[W5], Has exceeded 2 million copies as of September 2 after the second part of the second season of TV animation was broadcast.[W6].

    In May 2022, the 5th comicalize "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime"Kodansha Manga AwardAwarded the Boys category[15].


    The synopsis shown below is a brief excerpt from each volume of the book.The content is based on the book novel version, which is the source of all derivative media except the WEB version, and minor content changes in comparison with other media are summarized in a separate section.

    Also, regarding the background setting, appearance process, acquisition ability, etc. of the characters that appeared, all of them are set in a separate section unless commentary is indispensable for the progress of the story, and are omitted here.

    1. Status improvement edition[16][17]
    Satoru Mikami, who died after being stabbed by a thrill killing, is in a cave in another world.SlimeReincarnated as[18]..In a different world "Limuru TempestSatoru Mikami who got the name of[19] TheStorm Dragon VerdolaWhile increasing friends, friends, and subordinates[20],Monster townStart to make[21].
    And Limuru is a senior female transferee from her hometown JapanShizu(Ibodai)Meet[22], I ate my body, drawing on the wishes of Shizu, who was dying after the turmoil.[22]..And Limuru gained the ability to transform into the appearance of Shizu in his lifetime.[23].
    2. Forest mayhem[24][25]
    After that, Limuru continues to build the town, but is disturbed by the Demon Kings.[24]..As a result of rejecting the Demon King's crafting act, the Great Demon Tribe (Ogre) 6 people and the Lizards ()Lizard man) Forces, andオ ー クWith 15 remnants of the armyJura ForestAs the managers came under Limuru, the monster town grew rapidly, and as a result, Limuru became.The Jura Forest AllianceBecame the lord of[26].
    3. Demon King Invasion Edition[27][28]
    Demon King ClaymanInvents a new plot against Limuru[29], Riding thisDemon King MirimWith the personDemon King CarillonSubordinates visit the town[30].
    Limuru signs friendly relations with Dwarves[30], Make friends with the Demon King Mirim, and Mirim stays in the demon town.[31]. AlsoKingdom of BlumundoCame fromGray parrotIs enshrined as a hero who performed an orc repulsion that was not actually done[27].
    As a result of Karion's subordinates arriving after that, they hated Mirim in the process of causing a conflict in the town.[32]Transforms into a monster with a demon plot[33], Attacks the town but is buried in Mirim with a single blow[34]..And Limuru recognizes the mastermind Clayman as an enemy[34].
    4. Human demon exchange edition[35][36]
    Tempest, which was established as a nation, will start diplomacy with western countries.[35].
    Limuru fulfills Shizu's regretsKingdom of InglaciaAnd Shizu's student,Freedom Union General YukiMeet and have no life expectancy that Yuki was protecting5 childrenTo lead as a teacher[35]..And Limuru, who was looking for ways to change the short-lived fate of the children, took them with him.Spirit homeI went to and solved the child's lifespan problem there[35].
    After that, Limuru was returning to his own country alone and was a student of Shizu like Yuuki.Divine Law Empire Ruberios OfPaladin HinataBeing attacked and losing consciousness[37].
    5. Demon King Awakening Edition[38][39]
    Kingdom of Falmus Demon Land TempestInvasion started.
    Limuru, who survived the attack, returned home in a hurry, but his friends have already returned.Summoning the Kingdom of Falmus 3 different worldsAfter being killed by.After that, Limuru thought that he could revive his friends who had died due to the awakening of the Demon King, and asked 2 POW Kingdom troops who were approaching for the sacrifice necessary for the awakening, unilaterally slaughtered it, and accompanied the invading army. Only three heavyweights of the Kingdom of Falmus were taken prisoner.
    And with Limuru who completed the evolution of the Demon King, all the dead of allies were revived, and the race evolved.At that time, it was annihilated by the Demon King MirimBeast Kingdom EurasianMore refugees arrived in Tempest, and at the same time, LimuruStorm Dragon VerdolaWas revived and opened.
    6. Hachiboshi Terusho[40][41]
    One of the "Medium Clowns"LaplaceIs the inner temple of "The Divine Law Emperor Ruberios" and should not be thereDemon King ValentineReport to the "mysterious boy" that he encountered.The mysterious boy is the lord of Laplace and othersMagic King KazarimWas resurrected.Mysterious boys make further plotsTen Great Demon KingsWe will use the "Feast of the Demon Kings" held by everyone.
    At that time, Limuru and his colleagues were discussing various national policies at the international conference "A Meeting of Humans and Devil".Demon King RamirisAppears, and Clayman's speculation to host the feast of the Demon KingsDemon King CarillonAnd tell that it is the eradication of Limuru.Limuru and his colleagues began preparing for the battle with the executives, and Limuru himself decided to face Clayman directly at the Demon Kings' feast.
    The war with the Clayman army ended with a one-sided victory of the Allied forces, and the Tempest executives of the separate corps were based in Clayman.Gistave CastleI put it in my hand.
    In the Limuru vs. Clayman battle, Clayman was defeated and completely disappeared.andDemon King FreyThe total number of the Ten Great Demon Kings was reduced to eight as the two Demon Kings Carillon retired from the throne, and Limuru decided on the new generic name (Rimuru).Eight Star Demon King).
    7. Holy Devil Conflict[42][43]
    At a joint meetingPaladin HinataTempest national troops are decided.Upon arriving at Tempest, Hinata started the war while trying to talk with Limuru, and was defeated in a single combat with Limuru, and at the end of the battle, Hinata was dying from the trap of "The Old Master of the Seven Days".
    The mastermind of the plot against Hinata and othersGranbell RossoThe following five elders, and as part of a subsequent plotArchbishop of the Kingdom of Falmus ReihimWas killed and pretended to be the work of the Tempests.
    I was entrusted with the capture from Limuru in the Kingdom of FalmusDevil DiabloResponded to this plot and reported to Limuru that he was probably the true culprit, and killed three of the seven-day old masters who appeared there.andNew King of Farms EdwaldPromised the hero Yomu to transfer the throne, and the post-war process against Falmus was completed.
    The two old masters of the day of the week, who also appeared to Limuru and Hinata, appeared late on the spot.Demon King LuminousHinata was healed by Luminous.The last remaining organizer of the old master of the day of the week,Sunday Master GranIn Bessho, all seven of the old masters of the day of the week died.
    However, Sunday Master Gran was possessed by Granbell Rosso, and he was a granddaughter and a reincarnated person.Mariabel Rosso"The town of demonsRosso clanIt is a dangerous existence for us and must be crushed. "
    8. Territorial seizure[44][45]
    Limuru,Luminous,HinataThey settled and discussed the future.
    And we will hold a national festival, and againDwarven King GazelleLeadArmed State DwargonDeclares to continue friendly relations with Tempest, led by LuminousDivine Law Empire RuberiosDiplomatic relations withMagical Dynasty SalionIt was decided that the emperor himself would travel to Tempest.
    When Limuru returns to TempestDemon King RamirisEncounters the scene where he is about to relocate to Tempest, and Limuru uses the ability of Ramiris to create a labyrinth.Adventure attraction labyrinthDecided to create.
    And LimuruJura Forest OfElfThe slave company that was kidnapping and buying and sellingHero MasayukiI heard that the purpose of his journey to the land of demons was to subdue the demon king Limuru.Predicting that he is a summoned Japanese from Masayuki's name, Limuru hopes for a discussion and resolution, and prohibits his subordinates from doing anything.
    9. Magic City Opening Edition[46][47]
    MasayukiWas a transferee of a general male high school student and was known as the brave man "Masayuki of the Flash", but it is the best luck for the situation that the surrounding people overestimate himself with the skill effect acquired immediately after the transfer. A kid who invites[48]was[49].
    Masayuki is a senior transferee from her hometown and forgives her heartFreedom Union General YukiAs a result of participating in measures against illegal slave traffic at the request of, after twists and turns, the former slave elves who protected themDevil Federation TempestWill be escorted to[50]..The surroundings misunderstood this as Masayuki's subjugation of the Demon King, and Masayuki was also optimistic about the story.[50].
    And the opening festival is started, and the fighting tournament by the monsters[51][52]And open the labyrinth[52]Various offerings such as[46], And a meeting was held in the meantime[46]..And LimuruLuminousFrom the eastern merchantDamladaHear that the work of[53].
    LimuruClaymanI am convinced that the mastermind behind a series of hostile actions, including the conflict with[54]But there is no evidence of Yuuki's darkness[55]Therefore, I was worried about the trouble of Yuuki who will start in the future.[56].
    By holding this opening festival, the demon federation Tempest and neighboring countries have become even stronger.[46], Behind the scenesRosso clanThe sabotage work was unsuccessful[57]. AndRosso Chief Granbell RossoIs a granddaughterGreedy Maria BellI promised to leave everything after that to Mariabel[58].



    Limuru Tempest[59][60]
    Voice- Miho Okazaki[W7]
    Race: Youma (Demon)Slime[61] → Demon Slime[62] → Dragon Devil Viscous Star Shintai (Ultimate Slime)[63]
    Belongs:Jura Tempest Federation (Demon Federation)

    Limuru is the main character of this work[64]..Japanese people[65]Office worker Satoru Mikami (Mikami, Satoru, voice-- Takushima Terashima[W8]) Was stabbed by a thrill kill and died, becoming a monster slimeReincarnation official[64]Has the initial setting of[66]..Limuru's "previous life" in the film refers to the life of Satoru Mikami.[66]..By the way, he was a college graduate and an office worker of a major general contractor.[67].

    By exchanging names with the storm dragon Verdola, a willing creature that he first met in the cave where he was reincarnated, he became a "named monster" and became the first hometown in the post-incarnation world. Acquired the ability to imitate the human figure by absorbing the human Shizu[68]..The appearance of the human body is more female, but it is biologically asexual, and the spirituality remains the same as in the previous life, so the tone is masculine.[69].

    Basically, he is a light-mannered and gentle pacifist, and he has a personality that can not be said to be unpleasant if he is relied on even during his time as a salaryman.[70]..He thinks of the monsters under his name like a family, and also wears ruthlessness that is unforgiving to those who hurt his friends.[65]..He has the talent of being a genius, and his subordinates carry out any unreasonable orders with a smile.[71], Immediately get up and fail[72], When it gets hot[73], I am aware of the drawbacks such as repeating the mistake of giving permission and regretting without thinking ahead.

    The basic principle of action is "I want to create a country where people of all races can spend their time in a fun and comfortable way." Reach a level comparable to[65]..On the other hand, I do not have the ambition of conquering the world because I think that freedom of thought, speech and expression should be guaranteed in order to create diversity and develop culture (entertainment).[74].

    As a friendship, my first friend with the storm dragon Verdola[75]And, the brother-in-law and the greatest ally who sent their names to each other and connected the corridor of the soul, the best friend with the Demon King Mirim[76], Brothers and disciples with King Dwarf Gazelles[77], I am close to the Emperor Hermesia as a clever companion.

    Game creatorMasanobu EndoSaid that he felt that the slime of this work was the author's own view of the world rather than taking the image of "slime = weakest" in the wrong direction.[W9].

    Limuru's ability

    Below are the abilities Limuru acquired during his reincarnation.

    Race "Slime"
    At the time of reincarnation, Limuru thought that if he ran out of blood, he would die, so he is a "body that does not need blood."SlimeBecome[70][78]..Slime is a race that is also referred to as a viscous creature or a demon in this work, and is usually set as the lowest monster that rarely leaves the habitat by repeating absorption, division, and regeneration without thinking. Have been[79].
    The body is a collection of cells that combine the functions of brain cells, nerves, and muscles.[80]Also, in this work, the slime race does not need to reproduce, so Limuru itself, whose body is slime, has no biological gender, and even when implementing the ability to transform into a human being acquired later, after transformation The body becomes asexual, not male or female[65][Note 7].
    After the awakening of the true Demon King, it evolved into a "demon viscous spirit body (demon slime)", and the whole body's physical strength increased significantly, and the amount of magic element increased more than 10 times.
    Furthermore, in the 15th volume of the book, after preying on Verdola manipulated by Rudra, Ciel analyzed it and became the fifth "dragon species" (subspecies) in the world, which is the highest holy demon spirit. It has evolved into a "Star God Body (Ultimate Slime)" and has acquired the same amount of magical elements as Verdola.[63].
    Various resistance
    From the beginning at the time of reincarnation, "piercing resistance", "physical attack resistance", "current resistance", "paralysis resistance", "heat resistance" and "cold resistance" have been acquired as environmental resistance, and "pain resistance" has been acquired as sensory resistance.
    As the story progresses, these evolve more powerfully, in order:
    1. "Heat fluctuation resistance"[70]
    2. "Invalid heat fluctuation"[82]
    3. "Physical attack invalid" "Natural effect invalid" "Abnormal state invalid" "Mental attack resistance" "Sacred demon attack resistance"[62]
    4. "Mental attack invalid"[83]
    It has become.
    Also, after the true Demon King awakened, he gained various resistances.[62].

    Limuru skills

    Limuru, who became a slime, preys on creatures with the skill "predator" that he has possessed immediately after reincarnation, and acquires the skills that the creature possessed.[16]..Here, among the skills that Limuru acquired in the story, only those that are of particular importance in the story are excerpted and listed.

    Dissolution, absorption, self-renewal
    Apart from the skills acquired immediately after reincarnation, it is a race-specific skill that the slime race, which became Satoru Mikami's new body, has from the beginning.[16].
    Later, "self-renewal" was integrated with "mimicry," which is a function of "predators."Extra skillsIt becomes "super fast playback".
    Magic detection
    In slime statefive sensesOf these, it is an extra skill that Verdola taught in a cave to perceive the outside world because he had nothing but tactile sensation.[16].
    Immediately after reincarnationUnique skillsAs a "great sage" and "predator".
    After the awakening of the true Demon King
    1. "Infinite playback"
    2. "Universal sensing"
    3. "Demon King Haki"
    4. "Universal change"
    Acquired unique skills.
    Predatory ability skill
    1. Predator (Kuramono)
    2. Gluttony[84]
    3. Gluttony King (Beelzebub[85]
    A unique skill acquired by Limuru when he was reincarnated because he thought that he would eat (sexually) in the next world.It is set as the easiest skill to use for Limuru, it can be activated from anywhere in the body, and it can affect the space just by looking at it.[86].
    This skill includes the following skills.
    1. "Predation"-takes the subject into the body[19]
    2. "Analysis" --Analyze the captured object and create an item[19][Note 8].
    3. "Stomach" --- Stores predatory objects or stores created by analysis[19].
    4. "Mimicry" --Reproduce the object that was successfully analyzed[19].
    5. "Quarantine" --Contains harmful effects that cannot be analyzed and reduces them to magical power after detoxification.[19].
    "Predator" was later integrated with the unique skill "Hunger (Wellmono)" that was acquired when preying on the Pig Head Demon King Gerd.Deadly sinEvolved into a unique skill "Gluttony", "acceptance" and "supply" of abilities with affected monsters, and "corrosion" that gives a corrosive effect to the target are added.[84].
    Also, when he evolved into the Awakening Demon King, he acquired the unique skill "Mujihinarumono" that seizes the soul of his broken opponent, which he acquired in the process of murdering the Allied Forces of the Kingdom of Falmus and the Western Holy Church that attacked Tempest. By integrating ")" into "Gluttony", it has evolved into "Beelzebub", the ultimate demon-based ability.As a new authority, "Konjiki", "acceptance" and "supply", which have changed "heartlessness", are integrated into ""Food chainTo earn[88].
    Storm King (Verdola)
    The ultimate ability acquired by establishing a soul corridor with Verdola and preying on the residue.It is the ability to handle the power of Verdola instead of being a backup of Verdola, and the power is described in the magic book, "Summoning a storm dragon" that summons Verdola in the form that Limuru remembers, "Restoring a storm dragon" that restores Verdola. Three of the transcendental magic "storm magic" that has not been done.This ultimate ability also made Verdola completely immortal as long as Limuru was safe.[85]..During the release of Verdola, surplus demons flow into itself and the body is activated by the circulation effect, but it does not fill up because it constantly consumes about 9% of the total demons.After evolving into a dragon demon viscous star god, it became possible to call it with a burden of about 3%.[89]..The ultimate ability "Burning King (Werglind)Also get[90].
    Eventually it disappears as a sacrifice to complete the "Void God"[91].
    Pledge King (Uriel
    Based on the unique skill "Infinite Prison" that sealed Verdola, the ultimate angelic ability was born by integrating the abilities that Limuru had acquired in his previous activities.With authority specialized in space management[92], "Infinite prison" that confine the object in the imaginary space, "Universal barrier" that is absolutely protected by multiple complex barriers and space disruption, black flame thunder, inertial control in addition to magical power operation and heat quantity operation, freely to "stomach" Acquire "law operation" to move heat in and out, and "space control" to freely control and move the space that recognizes the position coordinates.[85].
    It was the ultimate ability that Rudra once devised, including his beliefs and vows to unify the world, and the powers of "destruction" and "protection" that manifested the crystals of the thoughts of his friends who responded to it.[93], Because it was exchanged for "King of Justice" of Verdanava, it disappears after the disappearance of Verdanava.[94].
    Eventually, Ciel consolidates the main powers into the "King of Fertility" and the remnants are transferred to Wergrind and disappear.[95].


    The skill "Great Sage" that exists only in Limuru's brain evolves and changes its name like other skills as the story progresses, but the name of this section is consistently unified with the Great Sage.

    Great Sage[85]) → King of Wisdom (ラ フ ァ エ ル[85]
    Voice- Megumi Toyoguchi[W7]
    At the time of reincarnation, Satoru MikamivirginityBecause of that, I remembered the myth that "If you are a virgin until you are 30 years old, you can become a witch", and as a result of thinking that the wise man and the great wise man are not dreams soon before the age of 40, I acquired the great wise man as a unique skill.[70][78].
    This wise man skill is set as a peculiar / special skill even in the story, and in the story world, the skill originally has questions that require self-awareness, and although it is not possible to respond to conversations, it is necessary to answer Limuru's questions. By diverting some of the functions of this special setting "Words of the World" that resonate with the whole world at the time of evolution and can be heard by all the inhabitants of the planet, the wise man skill itself tells itself as a skill in the world Self-modification that is impossible with common sense, it became possible to respond[19].
    Sage intervention skill
    There are several functions that are realized by the wise men working on Limuru in various ways, limited to the inside of Limuru:
    1. "Thinking acceleration" --- Perceptual speed 1000 times acceleration
    2. "Analysis and appraisal" --Analysis and appraisal of the target
    3. "Parallel computing" --- Compute the target separately from your thoughts
    4. "Destroy Casting" --- Use spellcasting magic, etc. without casting
    5. "Everything" -covers all unhidden events
    Is included.
    Skill evolution of the wise man
    The Great Sage is evolving as the story progresses, just like Limuru's other skills.
    1. "King of Wisdom (Rafael)"-Angel-type ultimate ability (ultimate skill)[85]..Support specialization[92], Thinking acceleration 100 million times, "Integrated separation" and "Ability modification" added[96].. By combining "Thinking Acceleration", "Casting Discard", and "Everything", you can build any large-scale magic in less than 0.1 seconds.[97].
    2. "Theosophy Nuclear Ciel" -Finally, the Theosophy Nuclear Ciel was born by naming the skill, integrated with "Gluttony King", and disappeared as "Void God".[91].
    The Theosophy Nucleus was born when Limuru named "King of Wisdom", and its origin is "Teach".An entity that integrates abilities and assists the Lord[98]As, take control of all the ultimate abilities of Limuru.
    At the same time, the following skills can be used.
    1. "Thinking acceleration" -Available up to the speed of light[99]
    2. "Future Attack Prediction" --Defined Attack Prediction[100]
    These are all integrated operational powers such as "analysis appraisal", "parallel computing", "integration", "separation", "chanting destruction", "everything", "food chain", "thought rule", "law rule", and "attribute conversion".[101].
    Also, at the time of this evolution, it began to consolidate and abolish skills at its own discretion without the permission of Limuru.
    Void God (Azathoth
    The ultimate ability that Ciel integrated "King of Wisdom" and "King of Gluttony" and sacrificed "King of Storm" and "King of Burning".[91].
    The power to be included is:
    1. "Soul Gluttony" -A super-enhanced version of predation and gluttony that eats up the entire target soul[102]
    2. "Void Collapse" --The ultimate destructive energy that fills the chaotic world[102]
    3. "Imaginary Space"-A prison that traps objects to be isolated with the super-enhanced version of "Stomach" + "Isolation"[102]
    4. "Dragon Species Release"-The effect of "Dragon Species Summon" has also been added.[102]
    5. "Dragon Species Nuclearization" --- Condenses the enormous energy body "Dragon Species" and transforms it into a "sword core (blade core)"[102]
    6. "Space-time domination" -Teleportation is possible just by grasping and conscious of time and space[102]
    7. "Multi-dimensional barrier" --Absolute defense by the "dimensional fault defense area", which is a multi-dimensional barrier that is always activated.[102]
    Consists of 7 abilities[102].
    Fertility King (Shub-Niggurat
    Wergrind's "Rescue KingIntegrated into ""Pledge KingThe ultimate ability that inherits the essence of[103].
    The power to be included is:
    1. "Creation of ability" --- Create new ability from the information obtained by "food chain" and "analysis"
    2. "Ability duplication"-Make a duplicate of the acquired ability
    3. "Ability gift" --Give the duplicated ability to the person to whom it applies
    4. "Saving abilities" --- Informatize acquired abilities and instantly reproduce them
    Is one of.
    These powers can give the ultimate power to their subordinates, and if they can acquire their own power only by helping, they will be the ultimate power, and if they give a great deal of power to a suitable person, they will be the ultimate gift.
    With the ability that can be said to be the crystal of the bond between Limuru and the demons under his control, Ciel created it to dismantle and informatize a large amount of skills.[104].

    Jura Tempest Federation (Demon Federation)

    Please note that the division between the main executives and other executives is for editorial convenience and is not the distinction / classification set in the story.

    Key executives

    Benimaru (Red Maru)[105][106]
    Voice- Shin Furukawa[W10] , Koichi Makoto(childhood)
    Formerly the son of the chieftain who ruled the village of the Ogre, he is the brother of Shuna.In the second volume of the book, he became a subordinate of Limuru, evolved into a demon tribe by the name of Limuru, and became a beautiful boy with crimson hair and eyes, with two jet-black horns and a height of about 2 cm.Evolved into a demon king of Limuru, he became a demon, was given a soul by Limuru in Volume 2 of the book, and after clearing his regrets as the head of the clan, he awakened and evolved into a demon god, the Flame Rei Demon.[107], As one of the Twelve Guardians of the Holy DevilKing of Wrath (Flare Road)To the title of[108].
    He has a warlike and a little impatient personality, but he is more restrained than other compatriots.He is a samurai general who has been trusted by Limuru and has been given command of the entire army.Became the commander of the Red Flames (Klenai) and the Green Corps (Green Numbers), which consist of former child demons named Limuru.[109]..Due to the military reorganization after the opening of the Demon Federation, the command of the I Corps including the Green Corps was transferred to Gobuta, and instead he was also the general of the XNUMXth Corps consisting of the Red Corps (Red Numbers).I wasn't very enthusiastic about getting married because of my naive personality,MapleAlbisMarried two people, recognizing their enthusiasm and determination[110], Has a child who will be the successor to the clan.
    In battle, it becomes the strength to play one of the three peaks under Limuru[111]It features a sword technique with a sword combined with flame heat, and uses a black flame prison (Hellflare) that burns down a limited space with ultra-high heat.After repeated training, the master Hakuroア ル ベ ル トGrowing up to be a swordfighter[112], Creates a hazy black flame, Hyakuka Ryoran, which shoots a sword flash of God speed.Possessing the unique skill "Generalissimo" that can read the victory and defeat with excellent spatial cognition and high accuracy,WergrindAcquire the ultimate ability "Amaterasu" to control and accelerate light and heat based on the power of[113].
    Souei (Aokage)[114][115]
    Voice- Takuya Eguchi[W10]
    Formerly a vassal of the Great Demon Tribe.In the second volume of the book, he became a subordinate of Limuru, evolved into a demon tribe by the name of Limuru, and became a beautiful young man with dark skin, blue-black hair and azure eyes, about 2 cm tall.It became a demon by the evolution of Limuru to the Demon King species, and by receiving a gift when Benimaru awakened and evolved into a flame spirit demon in Volume 190, he himself evolved into a dark spirit demon.[116],DarknessIs given the title of[117].
    He is always calm and calm, but when his anger reaches its peak, he naturally smiles.Basically, I'm not interested in anything other than Limuru and my friends in my country, and especially those who despise Limuru are unforgiving.As the head of the Oniwaban in the Demon Federation, he leads the Ai Yami (Kurayami) and undertakes all intelligence activities.SubordinatesSokaAnd the paladinLitisIt has been favored by many people of the opposite sex.It is the same age as Benimaru and has been a rival since the time of the Great Demon Tribe, and gains divinity as a pair of Benimaru by awakening evolution.
    In battle, he uses a dual wield ninja sword and "sticky steel thread", is ruthless and has a good ability to collect information.Possess a unique skill "Shinobmono" that makes an attack from unconsciousness a fatal attack[118], The ultimate gift "Tsukuyomi" that allows you to create a separate body that is completely divided into consciousness, transfer the separate body directly over a wide area of ​​one town, and monitor the situation around the world with video and audio. To earn[119].
    Zion (Shien)[120][121]
    Voice- M ・ A ・ O[W10]
    Formerly a vassal of the Great Demon Tribe.In the second volume of the book, he became a subordinate of Limuru, evolved into a demon tribe by the name of Limuru, and a single horn like obsidian grows in purple eyes, and a big model body with a height of about 2 cm with long purple hair as a ponytail. Become.It became a demon by the evolution of Limuru to the Demon King species, and in Volume 170 of the book, the soul was transferred from Limuru and awakened and evolved into a fighting spirit demon.[122][Note 9], As one of the Twelve Guardians of the Holy DevilWarlordTo the title of[123].
    The appearance is cool beauty, but he has a bad habit of wanting to solve anything by force.Cooking skills are devastating.Limuru's chief secretary and escort is also entrusted, but the secretary's practical ability is inferior to Shuna.There are many radical words and deeds, and he is treated as a problem child by Limuru along with Diablo who is competing for the position of secretary.He died once with the inhabitants in the attack by the Kingdom of Falmus, and became a trigger for Limuru to evolve into a Demon King species.Revived by "King of Wisdom" who received the intention of Limuru[124], Resurrected as an almost immortal semi-spiritual life form, and becomes the head of the Purple Katsushi (Yomigaeri), which consists of immortal people who have been revived together.Cruelty dwells under the influence of the devil's soul consumed during resuscitation[125]For a while, I get jealous of the people around me and become mentally unstable, but Limuru advises me to change my consciousness beyond myself.[126].
    In battle, he uses a large sword named Gorikimaru and uses a powerful and simple technique by making full use of nonstandard superhuman strength.[127]..It surpasses Benimaru in the amount of demons, and grows to become the second strongest among the great demons.Possess a unique skill "Cook (Sabakumono)" that omits the process and derives a definite result. At the time of Volume 2, Ciel judged that there was a risk of killing Limuru, so the acquisition of the ultimate ability has been postponed.
    Voice- Senbonsai[W10]
    Originally a princess of the Great Demon Tribe, she is Benimaru's younger sister.In the second volume of the book, he became a subordinate of Limuru, evolved into a demon tribe by the name of Limuru, and became a petite beautiful girl about 2 cm tall with two white porcelain horns with pale pink hair and crimson eyes.It evolves into a demon by the evolution of Limuru into the Demon King species.
    He has a gentle and humble personality, but he is scared when he gets angry and angers with a smile.Manages all of Limuru's secretarial work and becomes a battle between Zion and Limuru.He always accompanies Limuru's outings and is diplomatically reliable because of his elegance and courtesy.A talented woman who is familiar with medicinal herbs, is good at sewing and cooking, and is in charge of production businesses such as silk fabrics and cooking research in the Devil's Federation.
    Although he is a non-combatant, he uses a folding fan as a weapon.[130], Because he is also learning practical Jiu-Jitsu from Hakuro, his ability in close quarters battle is high.[131]Also good at efficient use of magic skills,AdalmanWith the secret of faith and grace from Limuru[132], Learn sacred magic.Unique skill "Creator (Umidasumono)" that possesses a unique skill "Analyst (Subtlemono)" that can analyze objects and magic only visually and can use it immediately, and creates another material by converting, fusing, and separating substances. To own.
    Hakuro (Shiraoi)[133][134]
    Voice- Yoshitsuka Otsuka[W10]
    Formerly a vassal of the Great Demon Tribe.A man with black eyes and white hair.In the second volume of the book, he became a subordinate of Limuru, evolved into a demon tribe by the name of Limuru, and rejuvenated from the old man to the age of the elderly.It evolves into a demon by the evolution of Limuru into the Demon King species.
    He is a mixed race of humans and great demons, is the grandson of Shiraya Araki, a swordsman of the Oboro style and a different world, and is a real child with the maple of the Tengu tribe.MapleHas been awarded.Sword demonHe is a master of swords with the nickname of, and has a deep knowledge of cooking.Since I was a great demon, my brothers and sisters in the villageGazelleInstructs sword skills to various people including.He has also served as a battle leader in the Demon Federation, training Limuru, executives, and combatants.In the military reorganization after the opening of the Demon Federation, the military adviser of the XNUMXst Corps will also be appointed, and when the commander Gobuta goes to the scene, he will take over the command of the Green Corps.
    In battle, he uses a sword, raises his physical ability with an excellent fighting method, makes full use of sword skills and techniques, and does not matter the small amount of demons at all.A unique skill "Martial Artist (Martial Artist)" who can accurately read the flow and power of demons by learning the highest mystery of the Oboro style, Yae Sakura-Yahana Sen-, which instantly slashes enemies eight times in various combinations. Kiwamelmono) ”is owned.
    Voice- Kenpei Yamamoto[W10]
    The mayor of the Goblin village that Limuru first came into contact with after his reincarnation.Named Limuru in the first volume of the book, it evolved into a human demon (hobgoblin) and rejuvenated into a large, middle-aged man.He was awarded the status of Goblin Road by Limuru, and was later promoted to Goblin King by joining nearby Goblins under Limuru.
    I love banquets and want to hold a banquet for some reason.It is the oldest under Limuru's subordinates, and the appearance has changed drastically from the old man who is sloppy by the name, so when Limuru is surprised by the dramatic change, he will be called a rigged shock.He is the central figure in charge of the internal affairs of the Demon Federation, and is also in charge of the oldest judiciary.Lugurd, In charge of legislationReguld, In charge of administrationLogold, In charge of production businessLirina(Voice- Rena Kondo) And the Demon Federation.
    As a civilian, he rarely appears on the battlefield, but he is always training and has a martial arts side.The strength that was equivalent to B rank at the time of the second volume of the book also exceeds the A rank at the time of the 2th volume of the book.
    Voice- Asuna Tomari[W10]
    A goblin who lived in a goblin village that Limuru first came into contact with after reincarnation.Named Limuru in the first volume of the book, it evolved into a hobgoblin, but its appearance has hardly changed.
    Although he is in a good condition as soon as he is praised by the brain weather, he has a personality that he cannot hate and is loved by the people around him as a mood maker.However, he often fails and sees painful eyes due to unthinking remarks and sweetness.He later teamed up with Langa to serve as the captain of the Wolf Demon Soldier (Goblin Rider).
    He is a genius skin who is dexterous and nimble in battle, and quickly learns to summon the Fang Wolf tribe.Learn how to fight by training with Hakurou, and acquire the unique skill "Orenichikarawo" that merges with Langa to form a wolf in a fighting tournament, but reveals immaturity that you can not control your own power and speed do[139].
    With Ranga, he received special training from Mirim to improve his fighting sense and skills, and grow into the strongest class among former goblins.
    Ranga (Storm Fang)[140][141]
    Voice- Tomohiro Kobayashi[W10]
    Formerly the son of the chief of the Fang Wolf tribe who invaded the village of Goblins, he became the chief of the clan after his father's death.In the first volume of the book, he became a subordinate of Limuru along with the clan, evolved into the Storm Fang Wolf tribe (Tempest Wolf) under the name of Limuru, and became a giant wolf with horns growing from the star-shaped bruise on the forehead.Due to the evolution of Limuru to the Demon King species, he became a black storm star wolf, and in Volume 1 of the book, his soul was transferred from Limuru and awakened and evolved into a god wolf's wind spirit wolf, as one of the 14 guardian kings of the Holy Devil.Star Wolf King (Star Road)To the title of[142].
    In battle, although strong alone, there are many scenes where you fight in combination with others.Uses an attack called Deathstorm, which produces a tornado that discharges, and Dance with Wolves, which produces supersonic shock waves in the form of a gobuta and a wolf.[143]..Acquire the ultimate ability "Hastur" that possesses the unique skill "Demon Wolf King" that enables continuous attacks that completely command the clan, and controls even the weather that inherits the abilities of Limuru and Verdola.[144].
    Although he has some thoughts about his father's death, he has no resentment towards Limuru, but rather has a gratitude, calling him "my lord" or "lord" rather than his name.
    It usually hides in the shadow of Limuru and escorts it, and when it appears on the surface, it appears in a smaller size than it should be at the direction of Limuru.He likes to have his coat stroked by Limuru and is sometimes treated as a pet.At the fighting tournament of the opening festival, he should have forgotten to participate at the instruction of Limuru, but he will participate in the war in response to the summoning of Gobuta.[145].
    Voice- Taro Yamaguchi
    Originally invaded the large forest of JuraPig Head Emperor GerdA pig-headed general of the subordinate Inojin (High Oak).In the second volume of the book, in order to entrust the thoughts of the pig head Emperor Gerd, he evolved from Limuru to Gerd and became the head of the clan.In the 2th volume of the book, the soul was transferred from Limuru and awakened and evolved into the wild boar of the wild boar, as one of the twelve guardian kings of the Holy Devil.Guardian King (Barrier Road)To the title of[148].
    Serious, in-law and craftsman, he has a big bowl and is masculine, but he is not good at explaining things in order.Leading the Yellow Corps (Yellow Numbers) consisting of the wild boar tribe under the control of the Pig Head Emperor Gerd, and adding the Orange Corps (Orange Numbers) due to the military reorganization after the opening of the Demon Federation, the defense and rear support and work of the standing army Become a general of the II Corps, which is the main force of the.He is also an executive in the civil engineering and construction department, and is responsible for building cities in the Devil's Federation and laying roads and tracks for magic trains to each country.
    In the battle, it attacks the spiritual body and the physical body of the opponent touched by the fairy at the same time, and exerts a collective defense power as if it was united with the wild boar tribe of the II Corps.It possesses the unique skills of a "gourmet" who shares a stomach that can store and store supplies with friends and a "guardian (mamorumono)" who takes on the damage of friends, and strengthens these abilities by combining them after awakening evolution. Acquired the ultimate gift "Beelzebub".
    Voice- Jun Fukushima[W10]
    Formerly the son of a Lizardman chief.In Volume 2 of the book, he is banished from the kingdom by taking responsibility for the civil war, and moves under Limuru with his subordinates who yearn for Gabil.Officially under the control of Limuru, the name is overwritten by Limuru and evolves into a dragon tribe (Dragonute).In the 14th volume of the book, the soul was transferred from Limuru and awakened and evolved into a true dragon tribe's water spirit dragon, as one of the XNUMX guardian kings of the Holy Devil.Tenryu King (Drag Road)To the title of[148].
    If you praise him, he will get sick and fail, or he will take responsibility for the task he is assigned to.Although he is not good at strategic thinking, he has high command ability, accurate tactical judgment, and a lot of people from his subordinates.At first, his self-esteem was so strong that he tended to look down on other races, and when he visited Limuru as a messenger asking for cooperation in preparation for the battle with the pig head army led by Oak Road, he despised him as a slime. Infuriated Limuru and his men (especially Zion and Langa) in rapid succession, but during the battle between Limuru and the pig head army in the large forest of Jura, the attack of the godfather Germud who revealed his true character. He has changed his attitude since he was saved from the situation where he was in trouble.Served as the commander of the Hiryu, a lizardman tribe, and led the Blue Corps and Wyvern due to the military reorganization after the opening of the Demon Federation, and was in charge of the flight from the sky. Appointed as General of the Third Corps.He is also in charge of growing hippocte grass and is involved in research and development of recovery drugs with Vester.
    In battle, you can control the water vortex spear entrusted to you by your father, and by evolving into a dragon tribe, you can change your fate only once a day. Acquire the unique skill "Dragon Warrior (Dragon Body)" that can be enhanced and the wound can be healed immediately.After the evolution of awakening, "Dragon Warriorization" has been strengthened to "Dragon Scale Armor (Dragon Skin)", which wears armor that takes in surrounding demons and repairs itself. Mood maker) ”will be strengthened.
    デ ィ ア ブ ロ[151][152]
    Voice- Takahiro Sakurai[W10]
    originallyPrimitive black (noir)A male-type demon with black hair with a red and gold mesh, who is a high-ranking demon general (Ark Demon) with the nickname of.Summoned by Limuru in the 5th volume of the book against the Kingdom of Falmus[153]After that, he officially became a subordinate of Limuru, and was named and evolved into a demon.In the 14th volume of the book, the soul was transferred from Limuru and awakened and evolved into the demon king of the genie, as one of the twelve guardian kings of the Holy Devil.Demon King (Demon Road)I appointed the title of.The origin of the nameSuper car OfLamborghiniCompanyデ ィ ア ブ ロ[154].
    Cunning and computationally expensive, but with no ambitions, a ruthless and capricious personality.Speak in honorifics to everyone.One of the highest ranks of the demons who once crossed over with Guy, he has a rare temperament that he is not obsessed with strength among the demons.Having a connection with Shizu, he was interested in Limuru even before he was summoned, and was so fascinated by Limuru that he was jealous of Beretta summoned before himself.Taking the usefulness of Limuru as the utmost joy, he tries to eliminate those who are against Limuru without hesitation.In this respect, he hits off with Zion, but he competes quietly over the position of secretary.Since he is proud of Limuru no matter where he is, Limuru is annoyed and he is not good at it.Leads a black corps (Black Numbers) of demons who have forced work and recruited to be on Limuru's side.
    In battle, it plays one of the three peaks under Limuru, and is considered to be the strongest of them.Awakening evolution with the unique skill of "Great Sage (Motommono)" similar to Limuru's "Great Sage" and "Tempter (Otosmono)" who seizes the life-killing of the opponent who succumbed to himself and semi-forces him to subordinate. As a result, the amount of magical elements becomes the same as that of Limuru when Limuru was a magical viscous spirit body, and the "Tempter" is strengthened to the ultimate ability "Temptation King (Azazel)".
    Demon tribe under Diablo.He is a special individual who has unique skills by nature, although it has not been so long since he was born.He was rebellious and turned to Diablo many times, so he was liked by Diablo and forced to subordinate.[156]..A hard worker who is constantly forced by Diablo[157]..Evolve into a baron-class demon by the evolution of the master's awakening[158]..I don't have a clear memory, but I am a reincarnated person and wear punk fashion.[157].
    In charge of escorting Masayuki at the order of Diablo, I respect Masayuki who keeps his own will from the bottom of my heart[159]..With Masayuki's coronation, he accompanies the empire with Testarossa.

    Other executives

    originallyPrimitive white (Blanc)A female demon with silver-white hair and red eyes.Diablo solicited as a person responsible for chores, officially became a subordinate of Lirum in Volume 11 of the book, and evolved into a demon prince named.As one of the Twelve Guardians of the Holy Devil in Volume 14 of the bookMassacre King (Killer Road)I appointed the title of[161], The soul is transferred from Limuru in the 15th volume of the book and awakens and evolves into the demon king of the genie[162]..The name comes from the supercarFerrariCompanyTestarossa[154].
    A smart, proud, graceful and perfect self-confident person, but with a bad habit of looking down on others.Despite his pretty appearance, his personality is warlike and cruel, causing the "red-stained lakeside incident" that annihilated the Sylvian kingdom under the eastern empire a few years ago.At a glance, Limuru decides to be a vassal, and is sent to the Western Council with his adjutants Moss and Sien to become a diplomatic military attaché.After the war with the eastern empire, the council was entrusted to Sien because of the eastern ties, and Masayuki was seconded to the empire that became the new emperor.
    In battle, he is good at precise magical manipulation, uses the blessing of death (death streak), which is a nuclear attack magic that forcibly rewrites the gene sequence and destroys the soul, and has a skill that is said to be troublesome along with Diablo. have.As a result of his experience in the battle with Wergrind and his inner face in the story from Diablo, he acquired "Belial", the ultimate ability to control life and death, which is more inclined to the death side. do.
    Demon tribe under Testarossa.The Grand Duke of the Devil World (prehistoric species) who lived for tens of thousands of years with the ability next to the original.Evolved into a Grand Duke-class demon by the evolution of the master's awakening[158], In the titleEmpress's Confidanthave[164]..It looks like a boy in the 5th and 6th grades of elementary school.He has the ability to fly small separated "split bodies" to various places, and is good at collecting information using this, which is also useful from Diablo and Souei.
    Demon tribe under Testarossa. He is an undefeated baron for 300 years, but its outbreak is as close as possible to the original mainstream.Evolved into a Viscount-class demon by the evolution of the master's awakening[158], In the titleEmpress clerkhave[164]..Since I am good at paperwork, I am often entrusted with a substitute by my husband[165], Became a diplomatic military attaché of the Western Council in place of Testarossa, who goes to the empire.
    originallyPrimitive purple (Viole)A female demon with purple hair and side ponytails.Diablo solicited as a person responsible for chores, officially became a subordinate of Lirum in Volume 11 of the book, and evolved into a demon prince named.As one of the Twelve Guardians of the Holy Devil in Volume 14 of the bookCruel King (Pain Road)I appointed the title of[161], The soul is transferred from Limuru in the 15th volume of the book and awakens and evolves into the demon king of the genie[162]..The name comes from the supercar Ultima Sports.(English edition[154].
    At first glance, she is a cute and cheerful girl, and she is called a young lady and is loved, but in reality she is gloomy, insidious, cruel and ups and downs.Following Veyron and Zonda, the adjutants, he became the prosecutor-general of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Devil's Federation, and he recalls Logold as an uncle.Carrera becomes a quarrel by competing with something from job content to meal menus, and becomes a specialty of the town, such as being the target of betting.I am aware that I am the most immature of the seven original pillars, but I also think that I have the most growth margin.
    In battle, a nuclear attack magic called Nuclear Flame, which causes a thermonuclear explosion, is used.Acquired the ultimate ability "Samael" that gives the effect of instant death and lethal poison by awakening evolution and causes the target to die.DamladaAfter the battle with, he devised a piercing technique, the Red Snake Death Poisoner (Bloody Bite), and was entrusted with all of the technique by Damrada.
    Demon tribe under Ultima.He is an old marquis (prehistoric species) who has lived for more than XNUMX years, and has been defeated by Moss several times in the past and has been reincarnated repeatedly.Evolved into a duke-class demon by the evolution of the master's awakening[158],Poison Princess ButlerHas the title of[167]..He always follows Ultima with a taut posture, prepares tea on the battlefield and serves perfectly.In the battle against Marco in the 15th volume of the book, Qi Men Dun Jia, he won the ultimate gift "Authentic Writer (Artist)" and recreated the sword technique of Byakuya Araki.
    Demon tribe under Ultima. He is an undefeated baron for 300 years, but its outbreak is as close as possible to the original mainstream.Evolved into a Viscount-class demon by the evolution of the master's awakening[158],Poison Princess CookHas the title of[167]..Wear a cook coat and serve the finest food on the battlefield[168]..Has specialized authority to grasp the situation and support[167], Good at recovery magic.
    originallyPrimitive Yellow (Jeune)A high-ranking demon general of the demon family with the nickname of, a blonde female demon.Diablo solicited as a person responsible for chores, officially became a subordinate of Lirum in Volume 11 of the book, and evolved into a demon prince named.As one of the Twelve Guardians of the Holy Devil in Volume 14 of the bookKing of Ruin (Menas Road)I appointed the title of[161], The soul is transferred from Limuru in the 15th volume of the book and awakens and evolves into the demon king of the genie[162]..The name comes from the supercarPorscheCompanyCarrera GT[154].
    Although he has an idea like a samurai, he has an irreverent and rough personality, and tends to seek momentary enjoyment.Once based on the continent where El Dorado is located, he was annoyed by provoking Leon with playful nuclear magic.After swearing allegiance to Limuru, he became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with his adjutants Agera and Esprit.
    In battle, it uses the gravitational collapse (gravitational collapse), which has the greatest magical power among the demons under Limuru and creates a locally artificial black hole.As a hobby, he began to learn swordsmanship from Agera, and his skill became a license.Acquire the ultimate ability "Abadon" that specializes in destructive power through awakening evolution.(I.e.After the battle with, Kondo's mythical weapon, the golden gun, was handed over, and the authority of the condemned king, including the god-destroying bullet, became available.
    The demons under Carrera.Due to the following circumstances, it is a Viscount class despite being a modern species that has only been born for about 300 years.Evolved into a marquis-class demon by the evolution of the master's awakening[158],Tyrant MasterHas the title of[170]..The appearance is a white-haired old man with a golden mottled pattern.Unusual for a devil, he uses a sword as a weapon instead of magic to teach Carrera swordsmanship.Before becoming a demon, the previous life was the founder of the Oboro school and the grandfather of Hakuro, Byakuya Araki.[171]..In the 15th volume of the book against Garcia in the Hachimon Kenjin, he won the ultimate gift "Toshinhenge".[171], Let Esprit take himself as a sword and defeat him in the highest mystery of the Oboro style, and even in the confrontation between Carrera and Kondo, he becomes a sword and assists Carrera.After the war, he was sent to Dwargon to train Gazelle, hoping to cool his head.[172].
    The demons under Carrera. He is an undefeated Viscount for 500 years, but its outbreak is as close as possible to the original mainstream.Evolved into a count-class demon by the evolution of the master's awakening[158],Tyrant's friendHas the title of[173]..Although she looks like a girl with a lovely face, she has a bad personality, and she devotes herself to Carrera's taiko drumming, and pushes her words to Agera.It has the ability to keep in touch with people who are separated by time and space.
    Voice- Aoyama Minoru[W10]
    Formerly a large merchant in the royal capital of the Kingdom of Blumundo.He is the former clerk of the Blumundo shopping district and calls himself Don of the underworld.In the 4th volume of the bookFuseEncountered Limuru by undertaking a business negotiation for a recovery drug made by Limuru through the mediation of[176], But at the time of the opening festival, he was invited by Limuru and decided to move to the capital Limuru.[177].
    The roots are good, such as disregarding profits to help the injured and giving priority to letting others out of the monsters.[176]..Surprisingly Miha, a big fan of Masayuki.In the Devil's Federation, he is in charge of finance and public relations.Being the first human executive and the first civilian, he was worried about various troubles, but he is also good at grasping the human mind, which makes him sad.With LimuruHermesiaFormed a group of three people[178], Established an organization to compete and restrain the front and back societies of Western countries, and became the representative of the four-country so-called federation that conducts commercial activities between nations, while being a secret society to unify the back societies. Serve as one of the representatives of a certain three wise men (Riega)[179].

    Subordinates / people

    Voice- Haruki Ishiya[W11]
    Race: Child demons → Human demons
    Rigurd's son and guard captain.By the name of Limuru, he inherits the name given by Germud to his brother who died in the battle with the Fang Wolf tribe.In the early days of town planning, he was also in charge of hunting for food procurement, and later left the captain of the wolf demon soldier unit to Gobuta and turned to assist his father, Rigurd.He assisted Benimaru in the first delegation to the Beast Kingdom, and since then he has been appointed as the leader instead of the fast-paced Benimaru.Partly because of that, he is trusted by Benimaru, and he is also named as a candidate for the commander of the 1th Corps.
    Kurobee (Kurobei)[182][183]
    Voice- Junichi Yanagida[W10]
    Originally the weapon number of the Great Demon Village, whose family business is blacksmithing techniques inherited from different worlds.In 2 booksBenimaruTogether with them, they become subordinates of Limuru, and with the evolution of Limuru, they evolve from demons to demons.
    Given the profession of swordsmithing from Limuru, the skill of blacksmithing surpasses Kaijin, and the work becomes at least rare and at most characteristic.[184]..At the time of the 14th volume of the book, he succeeded in manufacturing legendary weapons, and finally he was able to create a mythical class on his own.[185].
    Voice- Ax Atsushi[W10]
    Originally a dwarf of Dwargon and a commoner.He is a famous blacksmith even in the human country, but he was originally a researcher.He was once the commander of the royal knights' work force.When Rimuru visited the country of Dwargon in the first volume of the book (episode 1 in the anime), he had a relationship with Rimuru, who was looking for a craftsman after a dispute with Bester, and became a childhood friend.Garum,Dordo,MildThe three brothers will accompany you.After moving to the Devil's Federation, Kaijin was in charge of blacksmithing mainly on weapons, Garm was in charge of clothing production, Dordo was in charge of tool production, Mild was in charge of city planning in addition to architecture and art, and the Devil's Federation It plays an important role in improving technological capabilities and increasing the value of products.
    In Volume 2 of the book, Kaijin entrusted the production and production of weapons to Kurobee and devoted himself to the coordination and research of production relations.[188], In Volume 3 of the book, the Demon Federation is reconciled with Vester, who has moved to the demon federation, and the two of them work together to start the development of the spirit magic nucleus.In Volume 2, he and Mild are sent to the site to build a new city in Mirim territory.[189].
    Voice- Kenjiro Tsuda[W10]
    Originally a dwarf from Dwargon, a nobleman.Originally a researcher specializing in spiritual engineering, he served as the deputy leader of the Royal Knights' work force, and was jealous of Kaijin from the common people, and failed in a runaway plan with a magical soldier plan, and the responsibility was blamed on Kaijin, the leader. I rubbed it.He continued to harass Kaijin, who had left the army, but was dismissed from work for the responsibility of expelling Limuru from Dwargon in Volume 1 of the book, and was banned from entering the royal palace.I missed Vester's talent in three volumes of booksGazelleDispatched to the Demon Federation as a human resource to provide mutual technology, and apologized to Limuru and Kaijin for reconciliation.
    After moving to the Devil's Federation, he took up a research and development position and was alive to be mistaken for the civilian era, and the products developed based on Limuru's ideas will be indispensable for the development of the Devil's Federation.In addition, he also serves as a liaison to Dwargon, and is also appointed as an educator such as reading and writing abacus and customer service manners by making use of his aristocratic culture.[191]..Since the status of the duke was maintained, all the duke's family will be mobilized to secure human resources.[192].
    Voice- Rumi Okubo
    Formerly the Chief Guard Captain of the Kingdom of Lizardfolk.Gabil's sister.Evolved into a dragon tribe by the name of Limuru[195], 4 subordinates also evolve into a human-like figure[196]..Belongs to the Ai Yamishu led by Souei and becomes its leader[197]..I yearn for Souei, but I can't quite reach that feeling.Whenever I meet Gavil, he always seems to argue, but in reality, my brothers and sisters are on good terms, and the people around me are aware of it.With the blessing of Gavil's awakening evolution, the amount of demons comparable to that of the upper demons will be acquired, and the four direct reports will be strengthened to the same level as the upper demons.[185][198].
    Maple (autumn leaves)[199][200]
    The daughter of a maple elder, a long-nosed elder, acting on behalf of the elder[201]..My father is Hakuro.Violent temper[202], A self-confident person with high pride.In battle, it has an extra skill "Tenrokan" that nullifies hallucinations and illusions, and its strength isAlbisExceeds[203].
    In Volume 8 of the book, he meets Benimaru, who visited the village as Limuru's name to lay the road, and Kaede demands that Benimaru and Momiji marry as a condition for laying the road, but Momiji turns to Benimaru on his own. Declare to let[204]..He met Hakuro for the first time in the capital, Limuru, and at the same time he became a disciple, expressed his determination to become Benimaru's wife, and began to fight Albis over his wife's seat.[205]..After that, he learned cooking from Shuna and filled the outer moat by taking charge of the commander of the XNUMXth Corps instead of Benimaru as his "wife".[206]..A friendship was born by fisting with Albis many times, and the two of them narrowed down their wisdom to become Benimaru's wife, and finally shot the position of Benimaru's first lady in 2 volumes of the book.[207].
    Kenya Misaki (Kenya Misaki),Ryota Sekiguchi,Alice Rondo, Gale Gibson[208][209]
    Voice- Ayaka Asai(Kenya),Shizuka Ishigami(Ryota),Haruka Shiraishi(Alice),Gen Sato(Gale)[W12]
    Children incompletely summoned in western countries.At the time of meeting Limuru, Kenya and Ryota were 10 years old, Alice was 9 years old, and Gale was 11 years old.It was a body that died before becoming an adult without being able to control the amount of demons fused to the soul.[35]..After Shizu left the school, he was desperate because he was about to die, and he became an untouchable problem child.
    Limuru acts as five teachers, including Chloe[210], Succeeded in harboring higher spirits in the spirit labyrinth controlled by Ramiris, enabling control of demons and solving the problem of death[35]..Kenya has the upper spirits of light and is qualified to become a "hero" in the future, and the other three are pseudo-superior spirits integrated by Limuru's "pervert" (Ryota is water breeze, Alice is sky, Gale is The land) dwells[35].
    After that, it was taken over by the Demon Federation by Limuru.[211]Under the guidance of Hakuro and Hinata, Kenya is a combination of the spirit of light and the sword technique that can be transformed, Ryota is a dexterous fighting method that uses the spirit magic of water and wind properly, and Gale makes full use of the spirit magic of the earth on the shield and sword. Alice, a puppeteer (golem master), learns tactics such as manipulating magic steel puppets and a large number of swords.Kenya is currently stronger than the average paladin, and Alice is believed to be on par with the paladin's captain in a few years.[212].
    Chloe Ober[213][214]
    Voice- Azusa Tadokoro[W12]
    A 10-year-old girl with a gentle personality, one of the imperfectly summoned children[215]..Encounter Limuru who visited the Kingdom of Inglacia in Volume 4 of the book while his death is approaching due to the harmful effects of incomplete summoning.[215], Called a teacher and became fond of him, and was saved by visiting the spiritual home with Limuru and harboring the soul of Kronoa.[216]..Take over Shizu's anti-demon mask from Limuru[217]After that, participated in the opening festival of the Demon Federation with 9 volumes of books.[218], Protected by the Demon Federation with Kenya and others[219].
    In the 11th volume of the book, he visited the country of Ruberios with Limuru, witnessed the death of Hinata who had sheltered himself from the attack of Granbell, and traveled back in time with Hinata's soul and disappeared from the world.[220]..Regain the memory of the reincarnation so far after going back in time[Note 10]After working as a hero with the help of Luminous to avoid the death of himself and Limuru caused by Yuki in the future[Note 11], Sealed in the Torah ark by Luminous[223][Note 12]..After being unsealed by Yuki and revived as Chloe, Chloe's consciousness is regained by the power of Limuru and Luminous.[225]..After that, he stayed in the Demon Federation where Limuru and Kenya were.[226], In 16 volumes of booksJiuAlthough it prevents the assassination of Limuru by them,FeldwayTemporarily controlled by the mind[227]I can't fight[228]..Overcome spiritual control at Tsutenkaku[229], Ciel secretly asks Limuru to escort him, protects Limuru from Michael's time stop, and defeats Michael's parallel existence with a single combat.[230]..Since then, it has also possessed the nature of Klonoa, kissing Limuru unexpectedly, and at that time providing the remnants of King Hope as a bribe to Ciel.[231].
    He possesses the unique skill "Time Travel (Tokino Tabibito)" that interferes with time, and gains the power to stop time by acquiring the ultimate ability "Yog Sotos" through the interference of Limuru, and the ultimate ability "Tokino Tabibito" from Granbell. As a result of inheriting "Kibou no Ou" and hatching with Hinata's "egg" fused with his own "hero's egg", he awakens as a true hero and becomes a nonstandard existence.[232]..The King of Hope is temporarily ruled by Feldway, but the power of King Justice is taken in from the parallel existence of Michael.[229], The King of Space-Time Evolves into "Yog-Sothoth"[233].
    Chloe's different personality.Chloe, who went back in time, gave her name to act as a hero, and the name was Hinata.Absorb Hinata's "Usurper" by naming[234][Note 13], Based on the memory that "Rimuru died", the ego dwells in the "Usurper" as an incarnation of virtue[225]..After the personalities of Chloe and Hinata fell asleep, they became the main characters and acted as the urge to destroy, but the urge to destroy was calmed down by reuniting with Limuru, and the "Usurper" was integrated into the "King of Space-Time". Optimized for Shinchi Nucleus[225]..Both Chloe and Klonoa have ego in one body, and when Klonoa is conscious, he becomes an adult.In the 16th volume of the book, he concentrates on the control of "King of Hope" dominated by Feldway, and he cannot talk to Chloe.[228]..When he fought Michael instead of Limuru at Tsutenkaku, he became one with Chloe in the true sense of the word.[231].
    Masayuki Hongjo (Masayuki Honjo)
    Originally a Japanese reincarnated person of Russian descent[235].. Immediately after entering high school about a year ago, I reincarnated at the moment I was distracted by a beautiful blue-haired beauty[235]Became an adventurer belonging to the Freedom Union,Hero Masayuki or Flash MasayukiGrowing into a popular Western country called[235]..Visited the Demon Federation in Volume 9 of the book, met Limuru, and was allowed to stay in the Demon Federation with his friends.[236].
    After participating in the fighting tournament of the opening festival and winning the runner-up, he reveals his feelings of closing in on the excessive favorable evaluation beyond the ability received from the surroundings and his own ability and applies for asylum to Limuru.Since then, he has been involved in the labyrinth management as an advertising tower.Then the emperorRudraIt turns out that there are two, but in preparation for the Imperial Army in the east, he is appointed as the commander of the corps.[237]..In 16 volumes of booksCornuIs about to be assassinated in the labyrinth, but is finally helped by Wergrind[238]..In an empire that lost the emperor when she told her that she was a reincarnation of the fragments of Rudra's soul that had been lost during her long life.Masayuki Rudra Nam Ur NascaSolidify the determination to coronate as[239]..In the 19th volume of the book, Tenma Battle, he recreates the personality of the hero Rudra, who is himself in the previous life, and defeats the Royal Palace Castle in Feldway.[240].
    There is no particular ability in battle.All of his favorable evaluations are the result of the unique skill "Hero Hado", which is conveniently interpreted by the surroundings without doing anything, and the authority to lead good results is always activated.[235]..It is interpreted by the world that the true love for Vergrind was confirmed at the moment when he was troubled by the blue-haired beauty he saw at the time of reincarnation, and although he did nothing, he became the ultimate ability "Shinnar Eiyuu". Awaken and gain the power to grant your servants blessings against good luck and ultimate abilities[241]..One of its powers, "Hashanoyorube," can reproduce the heroes of the past who died in the state of their heyday as being of the same quality as the information life form (digital nature).


    Voice- An Haruno[W10]
    Originally a spirit queen (element) created by Verdanava[244][Note 14]Once arbitrated between Guy and Mirim, he lost most of his power and fell into a fairy tribe.[244].Labyrinth FairyOne of the oldest demons with the nickname[245], Age is over thousands of years.Appearance is a girl with hair with green and black mesh in gold and feathers on her body about 30 cm tall[245]..He has the role of giving the hero the blessing of the Holy Spirit, and in Volume 4 he meets Limuru, who visited the spiritual home of the Republic of Urglacia.[245], Rushing into the Demon Federation with 8 volumes of books, creating a labyrinth in the basement and migrating[246].
    When the amount of demons approaches the limit, it gives birth to a child and repeats reincarnation.[244], The appearance is dragged by the spirit and the words and actions are young.Curious and timid[247]Because he hits a big mouth, Limuru is described as "only the mouth is the chief", and there are also aspects that he does not understand what he can and cannot do.[248].. He is familiar with "spirit engineering" and completed the Holy Spirit's guardian colossal statue (Elemental Colossus) at the spirit's home, but it was destroyed by Limuru in Volume 4 of the book, and insteadBerettaBecomes a subordinate[249]..Volume 6 of the book shows Limuru's determination to be on his side and helps Limuru participate in the Demon Kings' feast.[250]..Until now, he was alone and neat, but he called Verdola a master and became friends.[251]After moving to the Demon Federation,TraineeJoin the subordinates[252], After the labyrinth business is established, you will get jobs and rewards[253]..In the 13th volume of the book, 70 imperial troops will be greeted as a position to unite the ten labyrinths with Limuru as a force of the Demon Federation.[254].
    Since he is growing, his fighting ability is low, but he has the ability to create a labyrinth with his unique ability "Labyrinth Creation (Chiisana Sekai)", and if he has a soul in the labyrinth, he can freely live and die. Demonstrate all-around power in the area of[255]..It seems that some of the power lost when Verdanava was no longer a god dwelled, and it is a skill of another frame that is not classified as an angel type or a devil type.[256].
    Labyrinth staff
    Voice- Kawasumi Ayako
    In the 4th volume of the book, as an escort for Ramiris, a demon doll (Ark Doll) was born by giving a name to a high-ranking demon of the black (Diablo) system summoned to a magic steel doll modeled by Limuru.[249]..Appearance is a humanoid with long silver hair and a red-eyed mask.[259]..Due to the evolution of Limuru to the Demon King species, it became a sacred doll (chaos doll).[260], Emigrate to the Demon Federation with Ramiris[246]..In the 16th volume of the book, given a soul from Limuru, it awakens and evolves into a sacred metal life form (chaos metalloid), which is a metal life form of the upper sacred demon spirit.[261].
    He has a calm personality, which is rare for demons, and is not interested in researcher skin and strength.A hard-working person who takes on the role of giving up Ramiris alone[246]..Serving Ramiris at the behest of Limuru, but at the feast of the Demon KingsGuyPledged allegiance only to Ramiris in a form that was half-forced, and officially became a subordinate of Ramiris[262]..The labyrinth master (dungeon master) and the head of the labyrinth ten masters, but the labyrinth ten masters who thought it was troublesome[263], Resigned before the labyrinth invasion by the eastern empire and handed over to Gadra[161].
    It possesses the unique skill "Uragaermono" that automatically acquires the opposite attributes, and has the characteristics of both demons and angels.Acquire the ultimate ability "Deus ex machina" that can freely transform any shape of metal by awakening evolution[264].
    Since it is a doll, it has no gender, but in the anime version, it is in the women's bath.
    Voice- Rie Tanaka[W10]
    The eldest sister of the three sisters of the tree fairy (Dryad).The second daughter is Tria (voice- Kana Azumi), The third daughter is Doris (voice- Maeda Kaori).A mysterious beauty with a slightly transparent appearance[267]..Once Ramiris fell into a fairy, they also changed from spirits to fairies and became separated from Ramiris.VeldolaWas protected by and was entrusted with the management of the large forest of Jura[268]..In 2 volumes of booksPig Head Emperor GerdAfter informing Limuru of the armed uprising, he appointed Limuru as the chairman of the Jura Forest Alliance and pledged allegiance to Limuru together with the tree people.With the migration of Ramiris to the Demon Federation, the tree fairies also moved to the labyrinth and officially became under Ramiris with the permission of Limuru.[262].
    He is a reliable person, but he is very sweet only to his beloved Ramiris.[262]..Boasting overwhelming strength in the forest, teleportation and information sharing through plants[269], Can be identified with higher spirits to enhance their abilities.It can act as a separate body, but it is restricted in a short time because the main body is in the dryad.In the 6th volume of the book, by Limuru's hand, the spirit body is moved to the spirit magic nucleus and dwells in a doll made of a large spirit tree, evolves into a spirit tree doll fairy, its ability is strengthened, and it is released from restrictions.[269]..In the labyrinth, the tree fairies act as operators in the control room, while Trainee is also active in battle, fighting Laplace twice and also fighting Zalario.
    Shinji Tanimura (Shinji Tanimura)[270]
    Formerly a 23-year-old foreigner who belongs to the mixed corps of the Eastern Imperial Army.He is a different world in the 12th volume of the bookMark Lauren,Shin RyuseiAt the same time, before the war with the eastern empire, Yuuki ordered him to investigate the labyrinth, but he was defeated by the Adalmans on the 60th floor.Meet Limuru with his teacher Gadra, decide to asylum from the eastern empire, and work in the labyrinth with Mark and Shin as Ramiris' subordinates.[271].
    In Volume 13 of the book, a different world person incorporated into an elite unit that has invaded the labyrinthLuciusRaymondWith Gadra, and take care of the two who surrendered and became apprentices in the labyrinth.[272]..In the 16th volume of the bookShunaWhen I was imagining the cuteness ofDinoBeing aware of his suspicious behavior and accidentally calling out to him leads Dino's betrayal to failure.[273].
    Chief of a race that has been at war for over 100 years in the large forests of Jura[275]..Pledge allegiance to Limuru who became the Demon King[276]Named Gozuru evolved from Gozu to Ushioni, Mezu evolved from Mez to Maoni, Gozuru specializes in physical attacks, and Mezuru specializes in magic attacks.[277]..After the battle in the armed tournament, he will take turns in charge of the 50th level guardian.Knowing the existence of the apex in the labyrinth makes you a little humble[278].
    One of the "Octagrams".
    Labyrinth boss
    Labyrinth Ten Jie
    Originally a great wizard belonging to the Imperial Army of the East.Adalman, the guardian of the same labyrinth, has been a close friend for a thousand years, and after his murder, he had a grudge against Luminous religion and went to the empire.Asylum in the Demon Federation with Shinji and his disciples in Volume 12 of the book[282], Reunited with his best friend Adalman.In the 13th volume of the book, he was entrusted with the control of the Demon King's guardian colossal statue (Demon Colossus) and the guardian of the 60th floor.Magic King (Runemaster)Two names are given[283]..After activating suicide bombing magic in the 15th volume of the book against Gozalin, he reincarnated into the black genus because he was liked by Diablo.[284]..As a result, it evolves into a metallic demon (metal demon) of the upper sacred demon spirit fused with the wreckage of the guardian colossal statue of the Demon King, and its appearance changes from a long-haired white hair to a young man.[284].
    Behaves publicly, but the roots are gentle and light[285]..He is kind to his relatives, and he recommends asylum from the empire in consideration of his disciples Shinji and Lucius, and even after asylum.YukiTake care of your personal connection with[282][286]..In addition, he has a selfish personality with no attribution to the country.[287]Immediately after saying that the empire is not in law, he swears allegiance to Limuru, but Limuru says he does not dislike his attitude.[286]..Even if the eastern empire begins to invade the labyrinth, I am impressed with the usual attitudes of Ramiris and Verdola, and I am in awe of Limuru who follows them.[283].
    Has an accurate appraisal eye, is good at estimating the opponent's ability, and in battle, former SanbusenSale,GregoryHas the ability to easily dismiss[285][283]..Evolved into a metallic demon, the power will increase, and you will get the ultimate gift "Grimoire" that allows you to write down a number of magics managed by Limuru and use them.[284][Note 15]
    Voice- Tomokazu Sugita
    A ghost in the form of a skull.Originally one of the five fingers under Clayman[291]..During his lifetime, he was a user of sacred magic, but in Volume 6 of the book, he was defeated by Shuna by using his own beliefs about sacred magic, and joined the demon federation with the ghosts of his subordinates.[292]..Recommended by Shuna in 8 volumes of the book, initially in charge of the 60th level guardian[293]..Immediately after joining the Demon Federation, it degenerates into a ghost (wight).[132], Absorbs the enormous amount of demons in the labyrinth and re-evolves into the King of the Dead[294]..In the 14th volume of the book, the soul was transferred from Limuru and awakened and evolved into the light spirit bone, which is a medium sacred demon spirit with light attributes, and as one of the twelve guardian kings of the sacred demon.Gehena Road To the title of[295].
    He respects Limuru and Shuna with an exaggerated attitude and words, so he is described as hot by Shuna.[293]Although I'm used to it, I'm not good at Limuru[132]..Although he lost his sacred magic due to weakening, he was given the secret of faith and grace by Limuru in Volume 10 of the book, and he regained his power and sacred magic by targeting Limuru.[132]..In the 12th volume of the book, the rapid growth that defeated Shinji and others was recognized and it was upgraded to the 70th level guardian.[296]Also, reunited with his best friend Gadra from his lifetime[282].
    Overcome the weakness of sacred magic by making yourself and its subordinates holy attributes with the extra skill "Sacred Demon Reversal" created with the cooperation of Beretta based on the skill given as an apology from Luminous.[297]..In addition, due to the evolution of awakening, the control over the dead, including enemy soldiers, and the protection of the dead have been strengthened, and the ultimate gift "Necronomicon" has been won.[Note 15], The power of the army consisting of many dead also expands[298].
    ア ル ベ ル ト[289][290]
    Originally a ghost knight under Clayman.During his lifetime, he guarded Adalman as a knight of the Western Orthodox Church.[299], Adalman's adjutant who is loyal even if he becomes a ghost.Immediately after joining the Demon Federation, he degenerated into a skeleton swordfighter, but after moving to the labyrinth, he evolved into a ghost paladin.[294], From the appearance of a skeleton to the appearance of a young man.In Volume 14 of the book, Limuru awarded a mythical spirit sword captured from the eastern empire.[300], Awakening evolution of Adalman into a flame spirit who is a medium holy demon spirit as a servant who belongs to him,Haunted Knight (Gey Ben Hinom Paladin)Get the title of[298].
    Like Adalman, it has an over-respectful side to Limuru.[298]..A master of swords that can slash evenly with Hakuro[301], After Adalman gets "Sacred Demon Reversal", he receives the blessing and loses his weaknesses.[297]..After that, while serving as a guardian of the 70th floor as an avant-garde of Adalman, he teaches swordsmanship to the holy knights who visit the labyrinth for training.Acquired the ultimate gift "Immortal" by awakening evolution, entrusted the soul to Adalman, and became an immortal existence whose body does not disappear unless he dies.[298].
    A giant death dragon located at the top of a dead monster, it confronts Adalman in his lifetime and becomes a trade-off, forming a master-slave relationship with Adalman and becoming his pet.In Volume 6 of the book, it disappears due to the defeat of Adalman to Shuna.[292], Summoned to the labyrinth by Adalman who regained power in 10 volumes of books[132]..Named by Limuru in Volume 14 of the book, it is now possible to transform into a beautiful woman wearing a dark robe.[302], Awakening evolution to Adalman's awakening evolution to the ghost dragon king (Gehena dragon) as a servant who belongs to him,Dark Dragon KingGet the title of[298].
    The spirit is destroyed just by touching the fairy that you wear[292], A person who gives off a corrosive sigh (zombie breath) and is mentally polluted by the miasma becomes a carrion person (zombie) who obey Adalman's orders.[303]..Only direct attacks on the soul are effective[303], The ultimate gift "Eternal" is acquired by awakening evolution, and the soul is entrusted to Adalman like Alberto, so the body will not disappear unless Adalman dies.[298].
    Voice- Reina Ueda[304]
    Originally a bee insect-shaped beast about 30 cm in length protected by Limuru in the large forest of Jura[305]..After being named after Limuru, he was tasked with collecting the nectar of rare flowers in a village of the Jujin tribe.[305]Recommended by trainees in 8 books[306], Become a territory guardian responsible for 79 levels[307]..At the time of the 10th volume of the book, the complete transformation is completed and it evolves into a bug-shaped demon (Insect) and becomes the Queen Reibee (Queen Wasp) with the fastest speed among all demons.[308],Queen InsectsCall yourself[307]..The appearance changes to a female type with a jet-black biological magic steel exoskeleton and 2 to 4 wings.[309].
    It is a secondary genus that is the genealogy of Zegion when viewed from Limuru.[310]In response to the blessing of Zegion, who awakened and evolved in Volume 14, he awakened and evolved into a medium-sized holy demon, the wind spirit bee, of the Star Wasp.Also, as a reward from Limuru, collect the souls of the army bees (Army Wasp) lost in the Minute Battle, and create 9 new insect-shaped demons.[311]..In a personal interview with Limuru in the 16th volume of the book, 9 genus are named, and Ciel changes his ability to a hero type who fights on the front line he wants, and wins the ultimate gift "Queen Worship (Proserpina)"[310].
    Strongly defeated[312], In battle, use a poison needle or a blade of impact emitted by the vibration of a feather as a weapon[313]..Although he lacked combat experience, he gained experience against Hinata who undertook training.[308], Acquire intuition close to future prediction[314]..In Volume 13 of the book, I couldn't finish the minutes that invaded the labyrinth.[313], 16 volumes of books contribute to gaining time to stop Dino's betrayal[315].
    Voice- Yuichiro Umehara[304]
    A stag beetle that looks like a compromise between a 50 cm long beetle and a stag beetle that Limuru protected in a large forest in Jura.[305]..After being named by Limuru, he was tasked with escorting a village of the Tree Hominini.[305]Recommended by trainees in 8 books[306], Become an episode guardian of 80 levels[307]..At the time of the 12th volume of the book, the complete transformation into a bug-shaped demon is completed, and it evolves into a slender humanoid with a jet-black exoskeleton and a single horn that shines with a red ball.[307][317]..In the 14th volume of the book, the soul was transferred from Limuru and awakened and evolved into the superior sacred demon spirit of the bug god (Kogami), the water spirit worm, and as one of the "Sacred Devil Twelve Guardian Kings"Phantom King (Mist Road)To the title of[318].
    A quiet man who is only interested in strength other than loyalty to Limuru[319]..It has an exoskeleton that is familiar with Limuru's cells and magic steel, and has an extraordinary physical performance.[320]..As a result of the super-optimization of this by "King of Wisdom" and training by Verdola, he acquired the ability close to Limuru at the time of the 13th volume of the book, and is said to be the strongest warrior in the labyrinth after Verdola.[283][320]..In Volume 13 of the book, the strong man of the elite troops of the Imperial Army that invaded the labyrinth is instantly killed with overwhelming power, and in Volume 16 of the book, Dino who betrayed is also dealt with with a margin.[321].
    In combat, we specialize in close quarters combat[322], Has the strength to play one of the three peaks under Limuru, is likely to be defeated by Diablo, and is suggested to be stronger than Benimaru[320]..We have devised a technique called the end of a dream (dream end) that destroys the core at the moment when the object engraved with the carved seal (Noroi) takes an action that does not meet the intention of the surgeon.[322], The exoskeleton becomes mythical due to the evolution of awakening, and possesses the ultimate ability "Mephisto" to create an illusionary world that is almost invincible.[322].
    Kumara (Kumara)[289][323]
    A fox with multiple tails[324][Note 16]..Originally one of the five fingers under Clayman[291]..After being protected by the Demon Federation, it grew to four tails, and in eight volumes of booksLangaRecommended by the guardian of the hierarchy, named Limuru and evolved to Nine-tailed[306].. Eight of the nine tails are followed as tailed beasts. In the labyrinth, the tailed beasts are the guardians of the 9st to 8th floors, and they are the guardians of the 81th floor.[318]..In the 14th volume of the book, the soul was transferred from Limuru and awakened and evolved into the upper sacred spirit and earth spirit beast of Ninetail, and as one of the twelve guardian kings of the sacred demon.Phantom Beast King (Chimera Road) To the title of[318].
    The original appearance is a fox, transformed into a human being, a girl, who moved to the Demon Federation and then went to school.KenyaMake friends with us[326]..There is an angry and computational aspect that can not be imagined from the appearance and the impression of speaking a ghost, and it is incompatible with the straightforward Apito.[318]..It can be transformed into an adult figure, and that figure becomes a beautiful woman in a country of inclination, and in the 13th volume of the book, this figure is the mother's death.KansasDefeat and take revenge[327]..Beauty and charm are increasing due to awakening evolution, and hair changes from brown to golden[318].
    Before the evolution of awakening, Limuru called Yao's name and obtained an effect similar to the name, and in battle it demonstrates the strongest power in the synthetic beast form that combines Yao.[328]..The effect is extended to Yao by the evolution of one's awakening, and all the benefits are returned to oneself.[318], Acquire the ultimate gift "Bahamut", which allows you to completely control Yao by your own will and also enables a wide range of gravity operations.[329]..Since he has little experience in battle, his ability is lower than that of the XNUMXth Guardian of the Holy Devil, but if you look only at the specs, he will dig into the top.[329].
    Euros / Zephyrus / Notus / Boreas
    Captured by Mirim and taken to the labyrinth for the purpose of adding terrain effects to the labyrinth hierarchy[330], Each of them is entrusted with the guardian of the 99th to 96th levels.At first, it had only the intelligence of livestock,[331], Evolved into a dragon king by ingesting the demons in the labyrinth, flame dragon king (fire dragon road), ice dragon king (ice dragon road), fierce wind dragon king (wind dragon road), earth dragon king (earth dragon road), respectively ), And joins the Ten Labyrinths.
    In the invasion of the labyrinth by the Imperial Army in the east, he fought well against the invading army, but was defeated due to lack of combat experience.In the 14th volume of the book, LimuruThe god of the north, south, east and west of Greek mythologyGiven the name and title from Ramiris, EurosFlame Dragon King, ZepyrosIce Prison Dragon King, NotosTenrai Ryuo, BoreasEarth-destroying Dragon KingIt becomes the name of.Also, although the race has not changed, the amount of demons has increased several times, and it is now possible to change to a figure closer to humans.[332], Euros is a red-haired beauty, Zepyros is a slender boy, Notus is a petite little girl, and Boreas is a muscular big man.[332].
    The last boss of the labyrinth who acts as the guardian of the 100th floor.
    Originally a giant of fire (Ifrit) possessed by Shizu.Verdola, who wanted an assistant, asked Limuru to revive from Limuru's "stomach".[334]..Named by Verdola, it evolves into the Holy Demon Lord of Fire (Flame Road).[334]..As a result, he became a member of the labyrinth in the form of serving Verdola.[335]Also, you will be able to use not only the flame but also the wind system.[334]..In Volume 16 of the book, fight Zarario who invaded the labyrinth with Trainee.[336].

    Mirim territory

    Forgotten City of Dragons

    Mirim Nava[337][338]
    Voice- Rina Hidaka[W10]
    One of the oldest demon kingsTyrant of Destruction (Destroy)The only dragon demon in the world with the title of (Dragonoid)[339]..Long ago, born as a child of Verdanava and Rudra's sister Lucia, she inherited most of her father's power.[340][341]..Appearance is a girl about 14 or 5 years old with a long cherry blossom blonde in a pigtail.[339][342]..Pets thousands of years agoGaiaFrom the sadness of losing the madness, runaway and destroy the ancient magical kingdom[343]After the battle with Guy that lasted seven days and seven nights when the world was about to collapse[340], Evolve into Awakening Demon King.Having a castle in the forgotten city of dragons, it is worshiped by the people as an object of worship.[339].
    His personality is innocent and innocent.Although there are many short-tempered and simple childish words and deeds, this is the result of skipping the process based on reasonable thinking, and is a genius who competes for one or two among the Demon Kings.[339]..Interested in Limuru, who learned from Clayman's plot to help overcome boredom in Volume 3 of the book[339][344], Visit the Demon Federation and become a close friend (Mabudachi) with Limuru[345]..Don't like Clayman's interference with the Demon Federation, work with Frey to deceive him and help Limuru subdue Clayman.[346]..After the feast of the magicians, the territories of Carillon and Frey and the territory of the dead Clayman will also be ruled, and they will take seriously the task of managing humanity.[347]On rare occasions, he escapes from work and visits under Limuru to help launch the Labyrinth of the Demon Federation.[348]..After playing in the labyrinth in Volume 10 of the book[349], Accompany Limuru to visit ancient ruins[350]With the help of Limuru, I am overjoyed to get an egg that sealed Gaia's soul.[351].
    Along with Guy, he is considered to be one of the strongest figures in the world of work, and in the third volume of the book, it is a dragon star diffusion explosion (Dragon Buster) that has been adjusted.CharybdisWith a single blow[352], In Volume 5 of the book, blow away the capital of Eurazania with the Dragon Star Explosion (Drago Nova)[353]..Has a unique skill "Mirimuai" that can see through all information[344], Has some ultimate ability[340]..Always protected by multiple barriers[353], Attacks such as mental control do not work at all[354]..Possess the ultimate ability of the devil system "Satanael" that is paired with the ultimate ability of the strongest angel system "Michael"[355].
    Voice- Atsushi Imaruoka
    A true dragon tribe (Dragonute), the chief priest of the priesthood warrior corps that governs the city of dragons[358]..He usually hides his abilities by fighting, but his existence value is twice that of the awakened Gavil.[359]..He is a powerful person who can make a palmistry partner with Mirim.[358], 6 volumes of books In the battle in Rania, Sphere and Gavil are overwhelmed at the same time.Although it is absurd, it has a strong stereotype and is avoided by Mirim.[358]..Especially the raw vegetable platter served as a treat was only a pain for Mirim.[358], Admits his mistake after being advised by Shuna at the opening festival of the Demon Federation.He is on good terms with Gavil and cooperates in capturing the flying dragons deployed in the Blue Corps and training the flying dragons to become "dragon warriors."
    In the 18th volume of the book, he is the most familiar with Mirim, so he is given the position of the four heavenly kings of Mirim.[360].
    Voice- Tadashi Kobayashi
    A dragon tribe (Dragonute), a dragon tribe of the priests of the priest warrior corps, and a person with the same ability as Midley[358]..From the experience of traveling to other countries, unlike Midley, he is aware that his country is stagnant and that Mirim is "patient and dating" with them, but they are treated as heretics in Japan.
    Originally a spirit dragon given to Mirim as a pet by Verdanava (elemental dragon)[361]..Once killed by an elf in the ancient magical kingdom, Mirim evolved into an awakening demon king.[362], Sealed by Mirim for being revived as an evil chaotic dragon under its influence[363]..In the 10th volume of the book, he confronts Limuru and Mirim who visited the ancient ruins Amrita, manipulated by Mariabel's "greedy" who unsealed.[364]..Succeeded in reincarnation when Mirim named the core, which was extracted by Mirim by crushing the spiritual body and the star ghost, in a pseudo-soul by Limuru.[365]..It will be revived as a small dragon with a total length of about 11 cm in 50 volumes of books, but since Mirim is too young to train directly, Limuru is custody and raised in the labyrinth.[366].

    Beast Kingdom Eurasian

    Voice- Yasuaki Nakusho[W10]
    A new generation of Demon Kings who became Demon Kings at the recommendation of Mirim and Kazarim hundreds of years ago.[339],Lion King (Beast Master)A lion beast human race with the nickname of[339]..A half-brother who rebelled against the former kingGradimBecame the king of Eurazania by expulsion with the three beastmen of that time[369].
    Honest and straightforward, but instinctively seeks strength with a straightforward personality[339]..At the beginning of the story, aiming to expand their power, they plan to create a demon king who can be their own puppet.ClaymanI agree with[339], With 3 booksPig head tighteningTo investigate the forces that subduedFobioTo the large forest of Jura[339]..Encounter Limuru when taking over the runaway Fobio, thank him for his rescue and recognize the Demon Federation as a friendly nation and trade[370]..In Volume 5 of the book, he was defeated in a single combat with Mirim and was taken away by Frey.[353]Pretending to be dead in cooperation with Mirim and Frey's plot[346]..At the feast of the Demon Kings in Volume 6 of the book, he admitted that he did not have the ability as a Demon King, and he himself stepped down from the position of the Demon King and became a subordinate of Mirim.[346].
    After becoming a subordinate of Mirim, he participated in the fighting tournament of the Demon Federation as a "lion mask" at the direction of Mirim, but abstained in the second round against Gobuta.[371]After that, go out with the training of Gobuta[372]..In Volume 14 of the book, we believe in Mirim and talk with Frey to aim for each other, creating a good atmosphere.[373]..In the 15th volume of the book, he and Frey participated in the interception battle of the eastern empire and defeated Gradim.[374], Evolved into the Awakening Demon King with the souls of those under Gladim[375], Become a light spirit beast that is a high-ranking holy demon spirit with light attributes[376]..In the 18th volume of the book, he owns the power awakened in the Labyrinth of Ramiris, and in the 19th volume of the book, he is appointed as the general general of the Mirim group and is in charge of commanding the entire army.[377].
    Three Beasts
    Voice- Ai Kakuma[W10]
    Yellow Snake WeaponThe strongest warrior who is the organizer of the three beastmen who have two names.A bewitching beast beauty with gold and black mottled hair[379]..Visited the Demon Federation as a representative of the delegation in Volume 4 of the book[379]Decided to trade the liquor and silk fabrics of the Demon Federation with the fruits and gold of his own country, leaving his followers for skill acquisition and returning to the country with Sphere.[380].
    Due to the declaration of war on Eurazania by Mirim, Carillon evacuated to the Demon Federation with the inhabitants ahead of time.[353]Shows Limuru's will to fight together to regain the country and Karion with the other three beastmen[381]..Return to the country to intercept the Clayman armyYamzaAlthough he is overwhelmed by confronting him, he is prepared to die due to the conversion of Yamza to Charybdis, but he is helped by Benimaru who appears in the wake of the crisis.After the war, returned to the Demon Federation with Sphere[382]Visited the Tengu village with Benimaru,MapleAnd the battle over Benimaru's daughter-in-law breaks out[205]..In 14 volumes of the book, he took the rules of marriage of the Demon Federation and became a widow temporarily, and then won the position of Benimaru's second wife.[207].
    Possess the extra skill "Hebinome" that grants various abnormal conditions and the unique skill "Assurumono" of the spatial system.[383]As a result of becoming a beast, the whole body with two golden horns becomes a half-human half-snake covered with dragons, and is good at special short-range combat that makes full use of abnormal conditions such as poison and petrification.[384].
    Voice- Seiichiro Yamashita
    Black pantherA black panther beastman with two names, the only male beastman among the three beastmen[387]..Visit the Demon Federation with Enrio and others to investigate and scout the strong at Karion's command in Volume 3 of the book[387].
    In Volume 3 of the book, taking advantage of his revenge on Mirim, he rides on the sweet words of Tia and Footman and becomes a substitute for Charybdis and rampages in the Demon Federation.[388], Released safely.After seeing the battle between Carillon and Mirim, move to the Demon Federation[381]Return to the country to intercept Clayman's army in Volume 6 of the book and rematch with Tia[389]..After the war, remain in the country with Gerd to rebuild the country and monitor the captive Clayman army demons[382]..After that, Albis and Benimaru were helped with the strategy to get married, and they killed each other in the labyrinth on the condition that they could really get married if they won, but they were defeated, and in the 14th volume of the book, they approached Gobua who also lost love.[390]..In the 19th volume of the book, he is the deputy leader of the "Knights of the Flying Beast", which was reorganized after the awakening of Karion.[391].
    Although his ability is certain, he has a straightforward personality and lacks the perspective of seeing the ability of the other party, so he is trying to acquire calm after the Charybdis incident.[389].
    Voice- Earth leaf[W10]
    White Tiger ClawA beastman with two names, a beautiful woman with white-haired long-haired cat eyes[379]..Visit the Demon Federation as a trading mission in Volume 4 of the book and compete with Zion to test your strength[392]..At the banquet after that, I loved the sake of the Demon Federation with Albis, and I forgot to drink it.[393]..Moved to the Demon Federation with 5 volumes of books[381], Fight the Clayman army with the other three beastmen in Volume 6 of the book, and stay in the Demon Federation with Albis and others until the opening festival of the Demon Federation after the war.
    Bloody and scary.Has the ability to manipulate lightning, and fights with electricity in his claws[392]Becomes a white tiger by becoming a beast[393].
    In the 19th volume of the book, Albis, the leader of the Three Beasts, married Benimaru of the Demon Federation, so he is the leader of the "Knights of the Flying Beasts" that was reorganized after the awakening of Karion.[391].

    Heavenly Wing Country Full Brosia

    Voice- Sayaka Ohara
    Cenozoic Demon King born 500 years ago,Queen of the Sky (Sky Queen)It is a winged tribe (harpy) with the nickname of[339]..Defeat her mother, the predecessor Queen, to become the Queen of Full Brosia according to the rules of the winged tribe.[395].
    He was concerned about the air superiority of his own country, feared the revival of Charybdis, and aimed to rule the long-nosed tribe as a stepping stone to acquire the capital of Salion, but he also realized that he could not compete with the power of Mirim.[339][396]..Using Clayman to subdue Charybdis in Volume 3 of the book[339][397]In return, help Mirim's spiritual control.This is Frey's bet on Mirim, working with Mirim to resist Clayman's plot.[346]..At the feast of the Demon Kings in Volume 6 of the book, he admitted that he did not have the ability as a Demon King, and he himself stepped down from the position of the Demon King and became a subordinate of Mirim.[346].
    After becoming a subordinate of Mirim, he was in charge of education and work management as a king as a Metsuke of Mirim, and became a clumsy partner for Mirim.[398]..Obsessed with the skyscraper to be built with the technical cooperation of the Demon Federation, and lost interest in other countries[396]..The 14th volume of the book has a nice atmosphere with the carillon.[373], In the 15th volume of the book, participated in the interception battle of the eastern empire with Karion, and is a twin sister.NagymDefeat[399], Evolved into the Awakening Demon King with the soul of the Demon Beast Corps[395], Become a sky spirit bird of the upper holy demon spirit[376].

    Armed State Dwargon

    Gazelle Dwargo[77][400]
    Voice- Takaya Haji[W13]
    King of Dwargon,KenseiMaster of the sword called[401]..It looks like a dwarf, is 170 cm tall, and has a solid body like armor.[402]..Like the grandfather of the first king, he has a free-spirited personality, but he usually plays a strict king because he grew up looking at his father who had a hard time.[403].
    After meeting Limuru directly in Volume 3 of the book, he first formed diplomatic relations with the Demon Federation and approved technical exchanges and road construction.[401]..Then onceHakuroFrom the background of learning the sword technique of Oboro style as a guide[401], Call Limuru a "disciple" every time for convenience[404]Become a personal counselor for Limuru, giving advice as a politician and giving up on Limuru's unreasonableness.[405].
    In the 6th volume of the Human Devil Conference, in order for Limuru not to be hostile to human society, he gave the wisdom of the scenario that the annihilation of the Falmus Kingdom Army was due to the resurrection of Verdola, and decided the direction of the establishment of the new kingdom by the gray parrot.[406]..In Volume 8 of the book, his vassals are worried about Limuru's rapid growth, but show his decision to trust Limuru and continue to be on his side.[407]..In the 15th volume of the book, the Imperial Army, which is the same gate as the Oboro style(I.e.In the end, he is defeated by Kondo who has abandoned his commitment to the game with the sword.[408]..After the war, he consulted Limuru to retrain himself and was dispatched to Dwargon.AgeraStart training against[409].

    Kingdom of Blumundo

    Drum Blumundo[410][411]
    King of the Kingdom of Blumundo.The queen is a mandarin duck couple and is loved by the people.At first glance, it looks mild-mannered and harmless, but it's a computationally strong and incredible gambler.[412]..Bet on the survival of a small country and face Limuru and Myormile with a long-term perspective and calculation.
    Face Limuru directly in Volume 4 of the book and formally form diplomatic relations with the Demon Federation[413]..At the Human Devil Conference in Volume 6, we decided to coexist and co-prosper with the land of demons rather than the Western Orthodox Church of human society, and instruct Fuse to participate in the Human Devil Co-prosperity Area.[414]..He visited the Demon Federation on the eve of the opening festival, stated that he had bet the fate of the country on Limuru, heard the request for the Kingdom of Blumundo in Limuru's concept of a human-demon co-prosperity zone, and was immediately excited to realize its significance.[415]..After that, he proceeded with policies such as nationalization of land, abolition of agriculture, and honorary position of aristocrats, negotiated with Myormile to obtain support, and decided to invest fully in the Shikoku Trade Federation.[416].
    Voice- Mountain[W10]
    A nobleman of the Kingdom of Blumundo.He is a clear-minded man and has a great deal of trust from the king as a foresighted minister.I have a long relationship with Fuse.
    In the 4th volume of the book, he negotiated with Limuru by introducing Fuse, signed a security treaty that skillfully made the demon federation take charge of defense against the eastern empire, and was honestly praised by Limuru in the form taken.[413]..Surprise Limuru by accurately predicting the economic benefits of setting up a magic train stop (World Central Station) in the Kingdom of Blumundo.In Volume 17 of the book, we will negotiate with Myormile about the establishment of the headquarters of the Shikoku Trade Federation, the employment of the people, and the permanent land lease contract with the Demon Federation.[412]..Also, as the aristocratic position has been decided, he promises to work under Myormile before he becomes unemployed.[412].
    Voice- Narita sword[W10]
    Branch chief (guild master) of the Kingdom of Blumundo, who belongs to the Freedom Union.A former adventurer, he was an A-ranked talent during his active career.At the time of Volume 6 of the book, he was given the seat of Assistant General Manager of the Information Bureau of the Kingdom of Blumundo.
    In order to confirm the disappearance of Verdola in the first volume of the book, Ellen and others are dispatched to the Jura Forest, and while being wary of Limuru who created the demon town, he visits the Demon Federation to see with his own eyes and meets Limuru. ..During his stay, he began to trust Limuru and formed a personal relationship of trust, which later developed into a relationship between nations.Volume 1 of the book encourages the King to connect with the Demon Federation[397], Mediating the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Demon Federation with 4 volumes of books[413]..At the 6-volume human demon conference, he was entrusted with the full power of the country, aimed to participate in the human demon mutual prosperity zone of Blumundo, agreed to establish a new nation with the gray parrot as the king, and softened the aristocrats of the Falmus kingdom with whom he had a relationship. Take on the role of[414].
    Voice- Akane Kumada[W10]
    An adventurer whose boss reports to Fuse.Lawyer Ellen, Heavy WarriorCabal(Voice- Kengo Takanashi[W10]) And thievesGuido(Voice- Ryuichi Kijima[W10]) Is active in a group of three people, and although they have a nice and positive temperament, they often act carelessly, so they are called three idiots by Fuse.[413].. All three are from Salion.Ellen is a young lady who has longed for a free adventurer and has left the country.[419], Country executivesEraldIs the daughter of[414]..Elves, but usually use medicine to change their appearance to humans[420]..Gavar and Guido are Ellen's escorts, originally members of the Magic Corps of Salion (Magus), but usually limit their abilities with magic rings.[420]..The leader as an adventurer is Cabal, but beyond his original position, he has a strong sense of companionship, and in the end he forms the intention of Ellen.[419].
    In Volume 1 of the book, Limuru witnessed him in a sealed cave that he visited for investigation at Fuse's request.[421]Offers to accompany during an adventure through the Jura Forest to re-examine the area around the caveShizu(Ibodai)He is attacked by a monster with him, but he is saved by Limuru's friends and meets Limuru.[413]..Limuru was the first person in human society to meet, and the first person to understand the connection between the land of monsters and human society.In the 5th volume of the bookシ オ ンIn order to revive them, Ellen tells Limuru the evolution of the Demon King by telling the fairy tale that the dead will be revived at the risk to himself and human society.[419].
    Gard Myormile

    Kingdom of Farmus ⇒ Kingdom of Farmenas

    Ed Maris[422][423]
    Voice- Hiroshi Iechu
    King famous for greed to rule the Kingdom of Falmus[424]..In Volume 5 of the book, he leads an army of 2 people and invades the Demon Federation, aiming for interests in the name of the Luminous doctrine.[425], Lose all troops due to Limuru's magic[153]..Although he survived as a POW, he was resurrectedシ オ ンRemodeled into a living meat mass by[426]In that state, he was repatriated to the country and exposed in front of his vassals to treat the lump of meat.デ ィ ア ブ ロBecome a puppet[427].
    After the war, he was dazzled by greed and regretted that he had misguided the country from the bottom of his heart. Nominates Edwald as the next king.After abdication, he hides his identity and becomes an adviser to the Kingdom of Farmenas, supporting the gray parrot.[428].
    Voice- Eiji Hanawa
    The chief of the court magician who serves the Kingdom of Falmus.He has survived for hundreds of years through the mystery of possessing the body of another person, and is also known as the guardian of Famulus, the hero who has mastered magic, and the demon of wisdom.[429]..In the war with the Demon Federation, he hijacks Shogo's body and gains a young body, but Diablo has no hands or legs.[430], POW with Edmaris and Reihim.Being lumped by Zion, but released by Diablo on the way to the country, he obeyed him to save Edmaris' life.[426].
    After the war, he helped the gray parrot, who was espoused as a new king, and is a teacher in the 12th volume of the book.GadraReunited with, communicated the threat of Limuru and the Demon Federation, and strongly advised not to be hostile[271].
    Voice- Fujii Jun
    Supreme Priest of the Farms Kingdom Branch of the Western Orthodox Church.One of the three survivors of the war with the Demon Federation.Became a prisoner of war with Edmaris and others, and became a puppet of Diablo[426]..In Volume 7 of the book, he visits Ruberios with a message from Limuru wishing to cooperate with the Western Orthodox Church, but to interfere with Diablo's plans.The old master of the day of the weekIt is used for and is assassinated at the end.
    Shogo Taguchi (Shogo Taguchi)[431]
    Voice- Chiaki Kobayashi[W10]
    A Japanese foreigner summoned by Rasun a few years ago.A lust murderer who is selfish, selfish, ferocious, and has interpersonal deficiencies.With 5 booksKyoya Tachibana (Kyoya Tachibana)(Voice- Sho Nogami),Kirara Mizutani (Nozomi Mizutani)(Voice- Hiyori Kono) And invaded the Demon Federation as an advance corps[432]Kill Zion and the inhabitants[433]..Later KyoyaHakuroLost to death[434], ShogoGerdAlthough he confronts him, he is overwhelmed and kills Kirara and gains new skills, but he is cornered without any teeth.[435]..He was saved by Rasun and escaped, but Rasun destroyed his mind and died.[435].
    In the 7th volume of the book, the ambition to seek the throne is expressed by the old master Gran of the day of the week, the three giants.DamladaAlthough he asked for cooperation from the Imperial Guard Division under the direct control of the Pope of Ruberios in order to once reach the throne and confront the Demon Federation again, he actually confronted Diablo and realized the fear and transferred to the gray parrot. approve[436].
    Gray Parrot (Gray Parrot)[437][438]
    Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya[W10]
    Leader of the Frontier Survey Team organized by Count Niddle Maigam, who has a territory bordering the Jura Forest.Originally a small villain, it has attractive charm and leadership.In the third volume of the book, all the members disappeared with the appearance that "it was found by the army of the pig head and annihilated", and they were trying to go to another country, but to the hero who defeated the pig head by Limuru who wants to avoid conflict with humans Being told to become, acquire appropriate strength through training with Hakuro[439], Gain the ability of Grucis, a high-ranking demon[392]..Exterminate monsters by visiting the cities and villages of the Demon Federation and Falmus.Pig Head Emperor GerdClimb to the hero until the rumors of subjugation are transmitted to the aristocrats[440][441]
    Confessing love to Miuran in Volume 5 of the book[442], Meet Grucis, who will be his best friend in his life.Accepted the plans of Limuru, the new king of Falmus, at the Human Devil Conference in Volume 6 of the book.Gazelle,EraldAlso recognized from[443]..The kingship was transferred from King Edwald, who was entwined by Diablo in the 9th volume of the book, and the country name was changed to Farmenas with the coronation, and he himselfGray Parrot FarmenasCall yourself[415].
    Miu Farmenas
    Queen of King Farmenas[415]..Miuran changed his name after marrying the gray parrot who became king in the 9th volume of the book.Taking advantage of the experience that Clayman has been trained in, he is in charge of greetings and negotiations in public places instead of the illiterate and illiterate gray parrot. First use the word "human-demon mutual prosperity zone"[444]..After that, the gray parrot's child is taken care of[428]Give birth to a girl meme[445].
    Voice- Satoshi Hino[W10]
    As one of the Eurasian missions in Volume 4 of the bookAlbisVisit the Demon Federation with them and compete with the Gray Parrot to test their strength.[392]..While staying in the Demon Federation and working in the guard, he fell in love with Miuran in the fifth volume of the book and became a close friend with the gray parrot.
    After the gray parrot took the throne, he was asked by the gray parrot to become the knight captain to fill the vacancy of Forgen who died in the war with the Demon Federation.[415]..I'm depressed to know Miuran's pregnancy[428]After giving birth, paternity sprouted and called memes as their own daughters.[271].

    Kingdom of Inglacia

    Shizu(Ibodai)[Note 17] / Shizue Izawa (Shizue Izawa)[448]
    Voice- Yumori Hanamoru[W10]
    Former Japanese demon from another world.It looks like a fleeting black-haired girl around the age of 16 or 17 with burn marks.[449][450], The actual age is around 70 years old.The reincarnated Limuru is a different world person who first met, and the person who becomes the prototype of Limuru's appearance at the time of humanoid[449].. OnceConqueror of flamesFamous hero called[449].
    In order to fulfill the only regret in one volume of the bookレ オ ンOn the way to his castle, he and Ellen are protected by the village of Limuru and meet Limuru, but Ifrit, who lives in himself, runs away and loses consciousness.Limuru is a "predator" who preys on Ifrit to stop the runaway, but Shizu's body ages rapidly.At the end, Shizu wishes to be preyed on by Limuru, and takes over his hatred for Leon and his skill "Utsuroumono" to Limuru, and sleeps peacefully in Limuru.After that, it appeared in the image of Limuru, and in the 4th volume of the bookChloeIn the 11th volume of the bookHinataAnd reunited with Chloe[Note 18].
    Volume 1 of the book depicts Shizu's past. About 60 years ago, 8-year-old Shizu was summoned by Leon with a serious burn on his whole body and possessed Ifrit.[452]..Initially, he had no complete control over Ifrit and experienced the tragedy of burning his friends.[447], A hero who visited Leon's castle gave him an "anti-demon mask", and he became able to control the power of Ifrit.[453]..Protected by heroes and working together as an adventurer, retired as an adventurer in the elderly and became an instructor in the Kingdom of Inglacia[453]..Yuki and Hinata are students of Shizu, and the last student is Chloe.KenyaAre.He embarks on his final journey to realize his life and to give Leon a complex feeling that he has no hatred for Leon.
    Fire Giant (Ifrit)
    Voice- Taku Yatsushiro[W14]
    A high-ranking spirit possessed by Shizu.After being taken into Limuru, incarnate as Verdola's servant in Volume 11 of the book[454].. In "Verdola's Slime Observation Diary", after waking up to the ego, he reflects on the past that he did not try to reconcile with Shizu, and deeply regrets the murder of Shizu's friend Pirino, which was the biggest factor.[455]..Also, according to Verdola, Ifrit, who worships Leon, and Shiz, who hates Leon, have the worst compatibility, and if they are both in good spirits, their power will be multiplied, their lifespan will not end here, and there will be different paths. It is said that there was[456].
    Kagurazaka Yuki (Yuki Kagurazaka)[210][457]
    Voice- Natsuki Hanae[W12]
    Race: Human
    Former Japanese "different world" has gained a body that does not age and keeps the appearance of high school students[35].
    In the original worldPsychokinesisSuch asSupernatural powerAlthough he had a special talent for dealing with illness, his parents died in an accident when he became a junior high school student, and he became angry at the unreasonableness of society.In retaliation, he considers the destruction of society, but when he is indivisible to make a large number of humans unhappy and is worried about becoming a politician to improve society, he is summoned to this world by the Demon King Kazalim for the purpose of robbing his body. Will be done.Based on the idea that you will defeat Kazarim with the unique skill you gained at the time of summoning, and you will rule this world and lead it in the right direction.World conquestAspire to[458].
    At the beginning of the story, Limuru visited the Kingdom of Inglacia,Freedom Union General (Grand Master)He said that how to return to the original world is a lifelong challenge.[35], For convenience such as hiring Limuru as a teacher to help the children left by Shizu, who is a teacher, and since then, he has built a friendly relationship until the opening festival of the Demon Federation.Behind the scenes, he acts as the leader of the eastern criminal organization "Three Giants".[459], Obtained the body of the homunculus created in the magical dynasty Salion, revived Kazarim as his adjutant "Kagari", became the boss of the Moderate Taoist Ren in the process, and also became the demon king of Clayman. We are trying to expand the power by using it.
    At the opening festival of Tempest, Limuru discovered that he was the mastermind behind Clayman, and he realized that he was also suspected by Limuru.[211]..Using the incident caused by Mariabel, he tries to swear the evil deeds of the Rosso clan, but he is used to release the brave Klonoa by fitting into Granbell's strategy, and to Limuru and Leon and Luminous who were there. The identity is revealed[460]..He tried to escape to the eastern empire, but was attacked by the Demon King Guy who was not happy with it, and even with the power of "sealing ability" and "saint", he could not stand at all.[461], Taste a big setback.Even so, he did not break and offered a deal to Guy, collapsed the eastern empire from the inside, declared that he would accumulate power and challenge Guy again, and temporarily suspended the armistice with the Demon Kings including Guy who were interested in this. Tie.
    As declared to Guy, in less than a year he became the "general" of the Imperial Army and was appointed as the commander of the "mixed corps".[462]..By temporarily suspending the war with the Demon Federation and inviting Cagalli to send armored corps and demon beast corps to the west, he plans to cause a coup in his home country, which has become thin, but Kondo has a plan before execution. After being exposed, he was under the control of Rudra, and the mixed army corps waiting in the eastern city of Dwargon was purged by Vergrind, and his subordinate Kagari was used as a material for the death of a ghost.When Rudra was completely taken over by Michael, he was taken to Tenseigu with the Feldways, and was dominated by Michael for the purpose of controlling the power of the King of Greed, but in reality it was dominated by Michael. At that time, he used the intention of the King of Greed as his substitute, analyzed the ruled King of Greed, and was out of his control.He sent a signal while fighting against Laplace, who was engaged in the invasion of El Dorado, and cooperated with Laplace to awaken Kagari, who was dominated by the archangel's rule, by robbing her of the ruler. However, this made Feldway feel a sense of crisis, and he was suddenly hit by the magical archangel Jahil planted in Footman and suffered damage, and he fell into a predicament.
    Initially, he told Limuru that he couldn't acquire the ability at the time of transfer, but he has hidden skills.Unique skill that creates unique skill "Creator (Tsukurumono)With the "seal ability (anti-skill)" that nullifies all abilities and magic regardless of attack or defense, it fights evenly with Limuru who became the demon king in close combat.[Note 19]..In addition, it has the ability to rob the target's ability, and robs Mariabel of the special ability "greed".[463]..Yuki himself has said that it is an exceptional ability, and there are restrictions on its activation.[Note 20]..Furthermore, the ultimate demon-based ability "Greed" has evolved.Greedy King (Mammon'[458][457]Has the power to acquire energy and steal energy from the person it touches, and has the power to stimulate emotions and even affect memory.[465]..It also has the power to rob the skill of the opponent it touches, and it can not rob what is completely engraved in the soul, but it can rob the skill if it is an unstable one given like the ultimate grant.[466].
    Kenya Misaki, Ryota Sekiguchi, Alice Rondo, Gale Gibson, Chloe Ober[208][467]
    Elric von Inglacia[468]
    The son of Aegir, the king of the Kingdom of Inglacia, and the prince of the country.Due to overconfidence, he did not hear Hinata's advice in the 10th volume of the book, broke into the place of the Western countries council in which Limuru participated, and forcibly tried to resolve Limuru, but failed and could not grasp the situation. During,GlendaHe is about to be assassinated, but Limuru, who senses the sniper, saves his life.at this pointGavanRealizing that he was deceived by him, Limuru advised that it was not his life to become a king, and he quietly accepted re-education under his father.[469]..However, in the Tenma War, he rebelled against his father with Reiner on the Feldway side and tried to rub his sin against Hinata.[470]..However, when Reiner died, Feldways withdrew, and Masayuki sided with Hinata, he realized his ruin.[471].
    General leader of the Knights of Inglacia.Maria BellA person who is under the influence of his spiritual control, believes that he is the strongest, and lacks courtesy to others.[472]..He tries to use force in the council, but is easily thrown away by Hinata, cornered by Hinata's pressure, crying and incontinence.Although he takes an arrogant attitude toward the magical hearing officer who appears on the spot with the king, he is taken down without any hesitation.[469]..After that, he was used as an experimental material for a magic inquisitor in the basement of the Kingdom of Inglacia as a condemned prisoner.[473]..Colludes with Vega to blame King Aegir for guilty against Hinata, but misses an opportunity with the intervention of Masayuki and Wergrind.[474], Taken in as a material for the evil dragon beast by Vega, and disappears by Hinata's transcendental sacred sword technique that awakens as a hero.[475].
    An A-rank adventurer with the nickname of a flowing gladiator.Under the influence of Mariabel's spiritual domination, her self-centered desires are bloated.At the opening festival of the Demon Federation of 9 volumes of books, participate in the fighting tournament and lose to the pair of Gobuta and Langa in the first round[476]..He will also participate in the unveiling of the underground labyrinth, but will be punished by the tree fairy for violating the rules of the labyrinth, and the acquired items will also be confiscated.[477]..In Volume 10, he breaks into the council with Prince Elric,ShunaDue to the collapse of the ghost, only the armor was lost and the fighting spirit was lost.[478]Detained by a magical hearing officer with Reiner[469]..After being released by the power of the Rosso clan, Mariabel strengthens her power in exchange for the rest of her life and participates in Limuru's raid with her, but is instantly killed by Limuru.[479].

    Divine Law Empire Ruberios

    Luminous Valentine[480][481]
    Voice- Lynn
    The fifth demon king[482],Queen of NightmareVampire Queen with the nickname[483]..A beautiful girl from a noble origin with good quality, silver hair and gold and silver youth[483]..Once, he became the head of the clan by destroying the vampire ancestors who created him.[482]About 2000 years ago, after Verdola destroyed the capital of the country at that time, he established the country of Ruberios centered on religion as a system to protect humans for the survival of vampires, and from about 1500 years ago. Became the god Luminous, the object of worship, and set up Roy, who looks dangerous, as the demon king on the front, and the country was managed by subordinates such as Louis, and he was hiding himself.[484].
    Spent 1000 years as a friend with Chloe, who traveled back in time[Note 10]Was informed of the existence and future of Limuru[485]..After Hinata reincarnated in this world, she sealed Chloe's body and Klonoa.[Note 11], Although he pays close attention to the trends of Limuru, he is deeply impatient with the development that is different from the future story, such as the collision between Limuru and Hinata and Limuru calling himself the Demon King.[486]..In the 6th volume of the book, I will hide my identity and participate in the feast of the Demon Kings with the intention of protecting Limuru just in case.[486], Mirim and Verdola carelessly reveal their identity[487]..Volume 7 of the book disposes of the plot of the old master of the day of the week, and volume 8 of the book punishes Verdola, and then hands-on with Limuru.[488]Concludes a 100-year non-aggression pact with the Demon Federation[489]..After participating in the opening festival of the Demon Federation, give Limuru the secret of faith and grace, and hope for cultural and technical exchange.[490], When Limuru and others were invited to the country for music exchange in the 11th volume of the book, they were attacked by Cranbell and Yuuki and lost Chloe and Hinata, but they were revived in cooperation with Limuru.[225].
    Possess the unique skill "Lust" of the deadly sins, and possesses the power to control life and death.In the 11th volume of the book, Hinata was once killed by Granbell.[491], Scoop up Hinata's soul that was captured in Chloe's "Infinite Prison"[225].
    San Gong
    Three vampires who serve Luminous directly, who know the true identity of the god Luminous.
    Louis Valentine[492][493]
    As the Supreme Leader of Ruberios, he has supported the majesty of the god Luminous for 1500 years.Roy's twin brother, after Roy's death, the power that was originally divided into two by the power of Luminous because it was too violent is revived, and it becomes a perfect body that regained the power of the past[494]..In Volume 11 of the book, we re-entered RuberiosLaplaceConfront with[494].
    Roy Valentine[492][493]
    Voice- Masaaki Mizunaka[W15]
    Plays the Demon King as a substitute for the Demon King Luminous as the Bloody Road. For 1500, Roy reigned as the Demon King, and Louis maintained the match-pump-like rule of protecting humans as the Pope.In Volume 6 of the book, although he participates in the Demon King's feast as a substitute[495], Mirim and Verdola reveal their true identity[496]..After the feast of the Demon Kings, Laplace's ability to invade the Okunoin due to his overconfident personality was misunderstood and he was killed.[497].
    Luminous Butler.He is in charge of partitioning Luminous miscellaneous matters and the night garden.In the distant past, he was the king of hostile forces, but after becoming a subordinate of Luminous, he cooperated in building the control system.In the 11th volume of the book, we entered RuberiosFootmanConfront with[494].
    Nikolaus Spertus[498][499]
    Cardinal, the Consul of the Roman Curia and the de facto highest rank of the Western Orthodox Church.A sword of Pope Louis, known as a ruthless wise man, but nostalgic for Hinata[500]..He is aware of the identity of the god Luminous, but is not interested in it, and is a heretic who uses God like Gran to connect with Hinata.[501]..Its faith and loyalty are directed only to Hinata, and in Volume 7, he finds evidence of tampering with Limuru's message and kills Gran, who tried to kill Hinata.[501].
    The old master of the day of the week[502]
    He is the chief adviser of the Western Orthodox Church and a senior executive of Ruberios.Sunday teacherGranAs the head[501], Consists of 7 hermits from Monday to Saturday.He has served the god Luminous for hundreds of years and is revered as the guardian of mankind and the great hero.Gran uses the feelings of the other day of the week, fearing to lose Luminous love, to induce him to be jealous and plan to assassinate the overpowered Hinata.[501].
    In Volume 7 of the book, Limuru aims to assassinate Hinata and eliminate the devil (Diablo) who is trying to trap the country of Falmus.ReihimFalsified the message entrusted to him, deceived Hinata and others, dispatched the Imperial Guard division under the direct control of the Pope to Falmus, ignored Hinata's intention to leave alone to apologize, and dispatched the Holy Knights to the Demon Federation. do[501].
    After the rematch between Hinata and Limuru was settled, the seven days of the week on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday attempted to murder Hinata but failed.[503], Purged by Luminous[504]..On Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, seven days of the week, Diablo tries to blame Diablo for the death of Reihim in the land of the Kingdom of Falmus, but it ends in failure.[505]..Gran who remained in Ruberios is also destroyed by Nikolaus and the plan ends in failure, but Gran's spiritual body returns to Granbell and survives[501].
    Hinata Sakaguchi (Hinata Sakaguchi)[506][507]
    Voice- Manami Numakura[W10]
    One of the ten great saints who also serves as the lead knight of the Royal Guard under the direct control of the Pope and the leader of the Holy Knight.[508].God's right handThe strongest swordfighter in the western world called[508]..A Japanese woman from another world who has a beautiful appearance with black hair in her twenties cut to a length that does not reach the shoulders and accentuates the cold impression.[509]..Have a past of murdering a violent father for his mother[508]..After transferring to another worldYukiWithShizu(Ibodai)However, Shizu and Yuki decide that they cannot achieve their goals and leave her.[510]..Became the leader of the Holy Knight and know the truth of Luminous religion, but he will emphasize the existence of Luminous for the purpose of living in the realization of an equal and fair society without conflict and a world where everyone is allowed to live happily.[510]..We continue to challenge ourselves with constant effort and determination to realize our ideals.[510]Although there is a stubborn and cold side[Note 21], Loved by the subordinates of the Order of the Holy Knights[512], I like to take care of it, and it is loved by children[513].
    I have played against Limuru twice, and I will win the first time[514]The second time, he was defeated by Limuru, who evolved into a Demon King species.[515],The old master of the day of the weekDie by conspiracy[503]..In the first match, he was deceived by misinformation and regarded Limuru as Shizu's death.[516], Misunderstanding after the second match[517]..After the exchanges that followed, I was amazed to see Limuru recreating Japanese food with all his might.[518], Although he has a bitter attitude towards him without delicacy[511], The friendliness has saved my heart, and I started to ask Limuru for his father's image.[519]..In the 11th volume of the bookGranbellConfronting withChloeI will die[520][Note 11], Limuru and Luminous work together to separate Hinata's soul in Chloe, who has gone back in time.[Note 13], Succeeded in jumping this soul in the past and fixing it to the original body without the soul, and revives safely[225].
    It is a constitution that automatically decomposes magic elements and nullifies the effects, and magic other than sacred magic that does not intervene magic elements does not work[521]..With the unique skill "Mathematician (Kawaranumono)" that supports logical thinking and always selects the optimum solution during battle[522], Has a "Usurper" who steals power from superior opponents[523]..Hinata, after the 11th volume of the book, has lost the "Usurper" due to the influence of naming Chloe Klonoa.[234], The egg of his own hero also fuses with the egg of Chloe and is lost[232]..In the Tenma War, he reunited with Granbell summoned by Masayuki's authority, and was entrusted with the true long sword (Truth) and the transcendental sacred sword technique "True Spirit Slash" by him, and with the qualification of a hero. Awaken as a hero by being given the Holy Spirit of a certain light[524]..As a result, the unique skill "Mathematician (Kawaranumono)" will evolve into the ultimate ability "Fortuna", and it will be possible to predict the future almost completely.[525].
    Imperial Guard Division under the direct control of the Pope (Luke Genius)
    It is the top of Sanbusen called Sora no Sare, and although he is a boy with the characteristics of an elf, he is the oldest of the ten great saints.[528]..He was the leader before Hinata[528]..In Volume 7 of the book, he heads to the Kingdom of Falmus with the Imperial Guard division at the direction of the day of the week, and confronts Diablo with Glenda.[529], Glenda betrayed and ended up engaging with Diablo alone[530]..During the battle, I notice the betrayal of the day of the week[531], Completely defeat before overwhelming ability difference[505].
    One of the three saints and ten great saints called Gregory of the giant rock[528]..In Volume 7 of the book, while heading for the control of Edmaris, who abdicated with the Gray Parrot in the Kingdom of Falmus,Hakuro,Langa,GavilHowever, Langa annihilate allies.[505]..After that, due to this blunder, he could not return to the Holy See, and with SaaleRasunWill be picked up by and will be assigned to work behind the Kingdom of Farmenas in the future.[532].
    Glenda Atley[526][527]
    One of the three saints and ten great saints called Glenda in the rough sea.A different world person who is a mercenary[533], A wild beauty who has recently emerged[528].Five old peopleIs a spy hired from[533], Disinformation about eastern merchants[534], In Volume 7 of the book, confronts Diablo in the Kingdom of Falmus with Saale[529], Push Diablo against Sale and escape[530]..Then, in 10 volumes of books, at the Council of the Kingdom of InglaciaPrince ElricAttempts to assassinateSowayStopped and caught[533]..Was binding the soulMaria BellPledge allegiance to Limuru who has released the technique of[533]..In the 14th volume of the bookThree wise drunksIt is revealed that he is playing the role of the boss of[535].
    Holy Knights (Crusaders)
    The six captains of the Order of the Holy Knights, who belong to the headquarters of the Western Holy Church, are the ten great saints, called Leonard of Light, Arnaud of the Sky, Bacchus of the Earth, Lithis of Water, Gard of Fire, and Fritz of the Wind.[528][536].
    Leonard Jester[537][538]
    Deputy Chief of the Order of the Holy Knights[528]..A holy mage who contracts with the Spirit of Light.He has longed for Hinata since he was a student and became a paladin.In Volume 7 of the book, he does not follow Hinata who has left the Demon Federation, but remains in the country as a deputy leader.[539]Later, following the instructions of the day of the week, he headed for the Demon Federation with the Holy Knights as a separate unit.On the way, although he doubts the instructions of the day of the week, he is fueled by Gard and confronts Zion.[540]..Stabbed by a betrayed garde and seriously injured, but healed by Hinata[504].
    A tall knight who uses a flame spear[528]..Losing the lottery, he remains in the country with Leonard[539]Later, on the day of the week, follow the instructions and head to the Demon Federation as a separate unit to confront Zion.[541]..The real garde is already missing[542], The Tuesday master who took his place shoots Hinata with the spirit magic of fire, stabs Leonard with a sword and seriously injures him.[543], Purged by Luminous[504].
    Arnaud Baumann[537][538]
    The strongest warrior after Hinata[528]..In the 7th volume of the book, I chased after Hinata and joined along the way, and headed for the Demon Federation with her.[539], Confront Benimaru[540]..Staying in the Demon Federation for interstate exchanges as a result of a hand-made meeting with Luminous in Volume 8 of the book[544].
    A large and silent man who uses a sacred mace[528]..Head to the Demon Federation with Hinata[539],Three BeastsConfront with[540]..Stay in the Demon Federation for interstate exchanges with Arnaud in Volume 8 of the book[544].
    One red point of the Holy Knights.A beautiful woman who uses the spirit of water[528]..Head to the Demon Federation with Hinata[539], Although I will never lose against Souei[540], Then favor him as being gentlemanly[489].
    A free man who uses wind magic and twin swordsmanship and worships Hinata more than anyone else.[528]..Heading to the Demon Federation with Hinata,Three BeastsConfront with[540].

    Magical Dynasty Salion

    Hermesia Herru Salion[545][546]
    Magical Dynasty Emperor Salion's Wind Spirit (High Elf)[547]..The country also created itselfEmperor of HeavenHas tremendous power[548]..A rich man who has a sensible eye on interests and has many interests[549]..It looks like a beautiful girl, but she is over 2000 years old.[548]..In front of his vassals, he treats him with a cold expression[547], Show emotions to close friends and know from grandfather's generationGazelleTreat the king as a child and call him Gazelle[178], Friend Demon Kingレ オ ンTo tease and call him Leon[550]..The ability as a warrior is estimated to be the Demon King class[178].
    Externally, it's a big game that takes half a year just to meet[548]In Volume 9, he went to the opening festival of the Demon Federation with his own body and met Limuru for the first time. Become a consultant[178]Apply for technical cooperation and track laying of mage trains[551]..In addition, the royal family talked about the idea that they can live freely instead of being slaves of the people, and formed a clever trio with Limuru and Myormile.[178], Buy a villa with a transfer magic circle so that you can go to play immediately[552][420].
    In the 14th volume of the book, the strategy decided by the three clever people with drunken momentum is told, and Hermesia is a secret society behind the scenes.Three wise drunksIt is revealed that he is the head of the Western General Trading Company, which is a table organization that gathers the survivors of the Rosso clan.[553]..In addition, he is worried about Limuru, who awakened and evolved many subordinates during the war with the eastern empire, and is urgently questioning his true intentions.[553].
    Elald Grimwald[554][546]
    Voice- Kenji Hamada
    Elven nobleman, Grand Duke, uncle of Emperor Hermesia, and one of the thirteen royal families[548]..Of the real childEllenI love (Elyun)[555], Attaching a national magic corps to escort[556]..Treated as a child much younger than Hermesia, but heavily used both publicly and privately[547][178].GazelleThe king is a close friend and can be swearing at each other[414].
    In the sixth volume of the book, he sent the android (homunculus) who possessed himself to the demon federation, recognized Limuru as a credible person, and made a friendship between Salion and the demon federation at the human demon conference. Affirm[414]..Later, Hermesia rebuked him for negotiating with the Demon Federation, which was all borne by the other party, from the perspective of long-term interests.[557], Offer to share their own country in negotiations to set up a track for a mage train[551].
    Elyun Grimwald
    Ellen's daughter, Ellen's true identity.Hermesia is a cousin.Hermesia is also a friend, calling the emperor "El-chan" and irritating his father[551].
    Sylvia El Ryu
    Hermesia's mother.A true elf, a wind spirit, a genius researcher who advocated the basic theory of "magical science," and one of the high-ranking younger brothers created by the "god ancestor" Twilight Valentine.He was also a master of Leon before he became a hero, let alone a demon king, and taught him sword skills and magic.Using the appearance of her daughter and Gourd, she secures free time by playing the role of Emperor alternately. With the highest strength of Salion called "Thunder Emperor", he is also good at stealth behavior, so it is difficult to identify where he is when hiding.[558]..Awakening Demon King-class strength and mythical-classVajraHas (Vajra), and even possesses the ultimate ability of the weather system, "Indra", which controls "thunder" and transforms his body into a thunderbolt of God speed.[559].

    Puppet State Gistave

    Voice- Takeyasu Koyasu[W16]
    Race: Youkai (Deathman)[561][562][560]
    One of the Golden Mean Tao Ren,Crazy clownAnd of the Ten Great Demon KingsFormer Demon KingOne ofPuppeteer (Marionette Master)..Originally from the same hometown as Kazalim, he was created from a corpse by Kazalim to remember the humiliation that his hometown was destroyed, and was reborn as a youkai.[563].. Became the Demon King about 300 years ago[564], Takes over the ground after Kazalim was killed 200 years ago.He does not trust others at all and treats his subordinates called "five fingers" ruthlessly, but he is close to the members of the Golden Mean Tao Karen who are his original friends, and he is particularly fascinated by Kazalim who is a substitute for his parents. ing.
    Good at plotting and commanding corps, but not good at combat[565]..Specializing in mental magic, unique skill "Performer (Ayatsurumono)Is used to obtain information through the eyes and ears of the dispatched subordinates.[566]..The most financially powerful of the ten great demons, he knows how to use gold, trades with the eastern empire and the dwarven kingdom, has the latest weapons and armor, and is subordinate to past relics and magical devices. Strengthen the strength of.In addition, the profits gained from trade are scattered and the strategy is used.[567].
    "that personI'm thinking of controlling Mirim with the Orb of Dominate, which was handed over to me, but by pretending to be manipulated by Mirim, I think I've gained her power. Lose caution.In order to awaken the true Demon King, he bought Limuru's wrath by instigating the Kingdom of Falmus and inciting Miuran and expanding the damage to Tempest, manipulating Mirim and destroying Eurazania. Karion and Frey are also turned into enemies by grasping their weaknesses and taking a high-pressure attitude.Impatient due to repeated failures, ignoring the advice of his friends and secretly invading Eurazania and Tempest again behind the scenes of holding the "Feast of the Demon Kings", but the Allied Forces of Tempest and Eurazania led by Benimaru The army is destroyed by this, and the base is also fallen by the Shuna and others. At the "Feast of the Demon Kings", he tries to get rid of Limuru with false testimony, but he is overwhelmed by Zion who possesses a weapon with a mental attack effect and can nullify the mental attack, and is cornered after knowing that he was deceived by Mirim and others. Be done.Then, at the place of "Devil's Feast", he tries to rejuvenate by incomplete awakening, but Limuru's "Gluttony King" absorbs and disappears without leaving any soul.[568].
    In fact, Kondo has been under the control of the spirit for decades, and it was also the effect that he occasionally went out of control.[569].
    It is the main character in the spin-off manga "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime", and the story begins from the moment it disappears after being defeated by Limuru, 70 years ago.
    Five fingers
    Voice- Hiroya Hirose
    The first demon of the executive.Middle finger yamza[291]..A cowardly, brutal, villainous personality, the strongest five-fingered warrior with the nickname of the Freezing Demon Swordfighter.[291]..Of the five fingers, he was the only one under Clayman himself.[291], No loyalty to give life[570]..In the 6th volume of the book, although it invaded the country of EurazaniaAlbisLose to[570]..The soul is taken into the fragment of Charybdis by the measure set by Clayman, and the main body turned into Charybdis is also burned down by Benimaru and dies.[570].
    Adalman, the index finger[291]..Originally a cardinal of the Western Orthodox Church[571], He is struck by the old master of the day of the week and dies in the land of Gistab.friendGadraReincarnated as a dead spirit with friends by the magic of reincarnation[572], Bonded to this land by Kazareem, who controls Gistave.After that, it will be responsible for the defense of this land for a thousand years.King of the Dead (Wight King)Have spent as[573]..Invaded Clayman's base in Volume 6 of the bookShunaLost to, but released from bondage by Shuna's sacred magic[301][Note 22]Being interested in her "God" and becoming a minion[292].
    Nine heads[289]
    Voice- Sayumi Suzuyo
    Nine-headed beast of the thumb[291]..A very rare and highest-ranked demon fox, but a very young individual at the age of 300[324].. Twenty years ago, he lost his hometown in the Imperial Army's demon town annihilation operation and was handed over to Clayman and became a subordinate.[574]..In Volume 6 of the book, accompany the Demon Kings' feast as Clayman's escort.LangaAlthough it confronts[575]Clayman's curse is lifted by Limuru, who notices his voice asking for help[342], Emigrate to the Demon Federation.
    Voice- Atsumi Tanezaki[W10]
    A woman called the ring finger Miuran.Originally a witch who has lived for 300 years, Clayman's arcane technique allows him to take his life and death at the cost of becoming a demon from a human and gaining youth and eternal life.
    In Volume 5 of the book, Clayman ordered him to infiltrate the Demon Federation and initially saw him as just a fool.Gray parrotTo love[577]..Clayman hinted at the danger of the gray parrot, so he covered the capital Limuru with a barrier in the unmagical area.ShogoHelp them murder Zion and others.After telling Limuru everything, he was forgiven by Limuru and released from Clayman's curse by Limuru's surgery.I swear to work with Schnauzer to maintain the barriers so that the souls of the dead do not spread, to become a witness to the mystery of anti-souls by Limuru (Rafael), and to lead the gray parrots not to be hostile to Limuru.In Volume 9 of the book, he married the gray parrot, who was crowned King of Farmenas, and became a queen.Miu FarmenasRenamed as.
    A demon called the little finger Pilone.He has pledged allegiance to Clayman and is mainly responsible for reconnaissance missions.Found by Diablo during a reconnaissance of the war between the Demon Federation and the Kingdom of Falmus, and is annihilated by being guided by Rasun's nuclear attack magic.[578].
    Voice- Kengo Kasai[W17]
    A demon hired to plan the birth of Clayman's Demon King.Be arrogant to those who are arrogant and weaker than you[580]..Wriggle's older brother, unaware that he was being manipulatedGavil,Pig Head Emperor GerdHe was planning to become a demon king himself.In the second volume of the book, the plan went astray due to the help of Limuru and others, and he was forced to go to the front line himself, but at the end he died after being eaten by the pig head Emperor Gerd he raised.[581].

    Moderate Tao Karen

    Kagurazaka Yuki (Yuki Kagurazaka)
    A boy who became the leader of the Golden Mean Tao Ren by reviving the chairman of the Golden Mean Tao Ren.He is also the general manager of the "three giants" in the eastern empire.[582].
    Kazarim[583] / Kagari[584]
    Voice- Volcano Ota(Kazareem),Ishikawa Yui(Kagari)
    Chairman of the Golden Mean Tao Federation.King of Magic (Curse Road)An old ex-demon king who survived for about 1500 years called.In his lifetime, he was a beautiful princess of the super-magical power of the long-eared tribe, but he was killed by his crazy father, Jahil, and revived as a cursed ugly man's ghost tribe, so that he can use contraindications to create a powerful ghost tribe. become[585][586]..Attempts to revive a country that was destroyed by Mirim's wrath before becoming a demon king, but the country is polluted by the invasion of a chaotic dragon, and the people are transformed into a black fairy long-eared tribe (dark elf).[586]..After wandering again and discovering a place of peace, let the people of the same country dwell in the corpse and revive it as a youkai tribe.[585]Become a demon king[219][586], 200 years ago, calling himself the Demon Kingレ オ ンAttacks and returns and dies[587]..Surviving as a star ghost, he summoned Yuuki 10 years ago for his resurrection, but was defeated by Yuuki and possessed his body.
    In the 6th volume of the book, Yuuki moved the star ghost to the body of the homunculus and played a resurrection, recognizing Yuuki as a boss and obeying it.[587]On the face of it, he is the deputy general (submaster) of the free union.Because she was a female with a fragile ear, she couldn't use her former abilities to the fullest.[587]..Following Clayman's death, he sealed the name of Kazalim and named himself "Kagari" until he achieved revenge on Leon.After moving to the eastern empire(I.e.Being mentally controlled by[588], In Volume 15 of the book, his ability is used to create a youkai, but Kondo's death lifts him from control.Bet on survival in 18 volumes of books, stay in the Michael camp, reborn as a ghost tribe's body, incarnate the seraph himself and become a youkai[589]..In the 18th volume of the book, he confronts Leon at the direction of Michael, but by touching Leon's personality and exchanging words, he reflects on his past self and reconciles.Due to Feldway's tactics, he reunited with his former father, Jahill, and although he survived, he lost allies other than Tia, and Tia who protected himself became seriously ill, so he moved to the Demon Federation. rice field[590]..In addition, Guy and Sylvia's testimony revealed that Jahill had taken over his father's body as well as Footman, and that his father was not crazy, and he was stunned but accepted the facts.[591].
    Voice- Kazuya Nakai[W10]
    One of the fellows of the same country who was reborn as a youkai by Kazarim[585]..Previous lifeHermesiaFather andシ ル ビ アHusband of the braveSalion GrimwaldHowever, I have almost lost that memory[592]..Vice-chairman of the Golden Mean TaoPleasure clown (Wonder Clown)A clown wearing a mask that looks like a licking asymmetrical person with the nickname of[593]..Cunning and cautious personality with a high sense of companionship to the same family[594]..In the Golden Mean Tao Ren, he is the second most powerful person after Kazarim, and is a mental magic user.[595]..According to himself, he is a specially made youkai.[596], Can ignore Kazarim's orders[597]..He speaks in the Kansai dialect, and since he usually speaks and acts in a humorous manner, it is difficult for others to trust him even if he is serious.[272].
    In the early stages of the work, he and his friends work behind the scenes in Jura's Great Forest to evolve into Clayman's Awakening Demon King.In Volume 6, he infiltrated the country of Ruberios at the same time as the Demon Kings' feast, learned of Clayman's death, and insulted his friend.RoyInstantly kill[497]..I advised Clayman in advance and was skeptical of his unusual behavior.[598], In Volume 7 of the book, he says that the state and "Clayman in good condition is bad" so that the anger of his sad companion turns to himself.[599]..Completed in the assault on the country of Ruberios in 10 volumes of booksLouisStruggled with and escaped with a seriously injured Footman.In Volume 14, he was appointed as a liaison for an alliance with the Demon Federation, and was absent from the eastern empire, so he escaped the purge by Rudra and Kondo.[600], Ask Limuru and others to cooperate from the bottom of my heart to save the companion who has been dominated by Kondo.After Yuki and his friends were taken away by Feldway and others, they took different actions from Limuru and others, but they were summoned by Kagari during the invasion of El Dorado by the angel army and joined his companions.He succeeds in regaining his companions by reuniting with his former wife Sylvia and collaborating with Yuki who has lost control, but Jahill awakened by Feldway robs Footman of his companions from his attack. Protect and disappear with Yuki.However, there is no certainty that he is completely dead because he is as stubborn as Yuki.[601].
    Voice- Kawaji Shinji
    One of the fellows of the same country who was reborn as a youkai by Kazarim[600]..A member of the Golden Mean Tao RenAngry clown (Angry clown)Has the nickname of.Because the Kazarim at that time was immature, the distribution of soul and power failed, and the spirit remained immature, swallowed by the mighty power.[602]..It can amplify waves and mass at will, and is good at attacks that hit huge kinetic energy.[603], High skill in battle.
    In the early days of the workPig Head Emperor GerdIn the case of, he rushes to destroy the village of the Great Demon Tribe, and works with Tia and others as an actor who leads the large forest of Jura to confusion.In Volume 6 of the book, at the request of Clayman, he was monitoring the battlefield in Eurazania, but it has something to do with it.GerdDiscovered by others and became a battle, overwhelming him[604]..In the assault on the country of Ruberios in 10 volumes of booksGuntherFight and die.Since Kagari has irresistible restrictions, in Volume 15 of the book, he cooperated with the eastern empire at the command of Kagari, who was mentally controlled by Kondo.[605], Dare to skip reason and fight against Fobio and Burn so as not to get serious[605].
    In fact, it ’s a super magical power that was destroyed by Mirim by Feldway.Magic EmperorJahir"Soul" is planted, and Jahill takes over the body at the signal of Feldway during the battle in El Dorado.[606].
    Voice- Kaede Hondo
    One of the fellows of the same country who was reborn as a youkai by Kazarim[600]..A member of the Golden Mean Tao RenTeardrop clown A woman with the nickname of.He is good at quick movements and has a unique skill "Rakutenya (Muchinalmono)" that triples all physical abilities under specific conditions.[607]..For the same reasons as Footman, the spirit is immature.
    At the beginning of the work, with Footman and othersFobioIt causes confusion in the large forest of Jura, such as inciting and reviving Charybdis.In Volume 6 of the book, he and Footman were watching the battlefield in Eurazania, but they were found by Fobio and others who were deceived in the case of Charybdis, and they fought against him, and although it was a close battle, they withdrew without being able to stop.[604]..In the assault on the country of Ruberios in the 10th volume of the book, he succeeds in attacking Chronoa by taking a chance and directing Chronoa's attention to Leon to contend with each other.In the 15th volume of the book, I could not go against Kondo, so I will fight Henrietta and Gobua without taking it seriously to the limit[605]..In the battle at El Dorado, he was seriously injured by the magical emperor Jahil who hijacked Footman's body, and moved to Kagari and mainly the Demon Federation for medical treatment.[590]..Also, Clayman's information child absorbed by Limuru is transplanted for treatment.[608].
    In the previous life, he was a maid of Kazalim when he was a princess, but there is almost no memory left, including his original name.[609].

    Kingdom of Siltrozzo / Clan of Rosso

    Granbell Rosso[610][611]
    The head of the Rosso clan that unites the Kingdom of Siltrozzo.A person who is the founder of the Western Countries Council, the council of the five elders who dominate the council, and has an influence on the free union.[612]..Once a man who was a hero's egg hatcher and a hero of light, he is a legendary man who fought for 1000 years to protect the human sphere of life.[613], Became the chief of the old master of the day of the week, Gran, and also used Luminous religion to truly rule human society.[614].
    Aiming for economic domination of human society at the behest of Mariabel[614]Became mighty with Limuru, whose purpose is competingHinataWith the aim of eliminating the[612], Lost his position as an old master of the day of the week, blocked by Luminous intervention in Volume 9 of the book[501]..In Volume 10 of the book, he loses the power of the council and Mariabel, who will be the next generation of the clan, and despairs in the future.[615][616]..In Volume 11 of the book, exhausted from the role of protecting human society, snarling into the uncertain hopes ahead of the temporary social turmoil, the clan's all-out efforts make the final bet.[617]..He himself tried to revive Chronoa and subdue Luminous using Yuuki[618], Regain the youth of the heyday with the energy stored in the ghost resuscitation (raise dead) of his wife Maria[619], Awakens to ultimate ability in battle but loses to Luminous[620]..At the end, he regains the healthy spirit that had been broken since his beloved Maria died, and is taken care of by Luminous and disappears with hope.[621]..Due to the authority of Rudra who lived in Masayuki during the Tenma War, he appeared in front of his disciple Hinata in his heyday, and also met Damrada and regained the relationship where he could laugh and talk when he was under Rudra.[240].
    Possessing the unique skill "Akira Menumono", as a result of the sublimation of the soul power of Maria and Razzle in the battle with Luminous, to manage the source of life, the circle of reincarnation[92]Evolve into the ultimate angelic ability "Sariel"[622]..At the end, entrust the ultimate ability of himself to the guardian of the world, Chronoa.[621].
    Mariabel Rosso[610][623]
    Formerly a foreigner who reigned as the ruler of Europe, a girl under the age of ten born as a princess of the country of Syltrozzo[624]..A person who occupies the No. 2 position of the Rosso clan who aims to control this world by using the knowledge and technology that controlled and manipulated many people and once manipulated financial markets.[625]..It is also a reincarnation of Granbell's wife Maria Rosso, but her personality is different.[Note 23].
    After observing Limuru and the city at the opening festival of the Demon Federation, he denied cooperation and hostility with Limuru from the viewpoint that he was convinced of Limuru's aim and mighty power and could not be the only position to set economic and social rules. Then, manipulate the five elders and Yuki to consider eliminating or detoxifying Limuru.[627]..In Volume 9 of the book, an attempt to sell grace to Limuru using Muse failed.[628], In Volume 10 of the book, the attempt to aim for Limuru's political defeat using Gavan also fails[629]..Finally the trump card of the clanChaos DragonGoes out and tries to control Limuru, but is betrayed by Yuki and killed.[615].
    Possessing the unique skill "Greed", it has the ability to interfere with the desires of the other party and control the mind, and also has the attack ability to reverse the instinct of the living person and lead to death.The strength of mental control is related to the strength of the other person's desire and the frequency of contact, and the control of the other person who has a small desire and cannot meet frequently is weak.
    Duke of the Kingdom of Gaston.At the opening festival of the Devil's Federation in Volume 9, Granbell urged retailers to run out of cash in the Devil's Federation, and tried to help Limuru to sell his favor. LimuruGazelle,HermesiaPlan fails due to successful cash procurement with the help of[630]..After that, a reporter gathered at the trading place wrote this story in an article and was dismissed.GlendaAssassinated by[631].
    An insect-shaped demon named by Granbell.Granbell's heyday companion and his 1000-year-old friend[633]..It has a strong exoskeleton that is resistant to both magic and physics, and protects the territory controlled by Cider of the Kingdom of Inglacia in preparation for the demons that invade from the northern part of the continent.[634].
    Participated in the assault on Ruberios with Granbell in Volume 11 of the book, aloneシ オ ンLangaAt the same time, he was overwhelmed at first, but he was defeated by Zion who grew up in the battle and died, and the energy of his soul awakens Granbell's ultimate ability.[622].
    Five old people
    Count of the Kingdom of Inglacia.At the Western Countries Council, in which Limuru, a 10-volume book, participates, a majority work is carried out by acquisition, and the country's own countryPrince ElricAlthough he tried to force a resolution to subdue Limuru, he failed without the approval of the members who regained decency after Mariabel's mental control was lifted.[635]..After the assassination of Prince Elric was prevented, the prince revealed that he was the principal culprit in front of the council members and was detained by a magical hearing officer in the Kingdom of Inglacia.[469], Secretly disposed of[636].
    Johann Lostia
    Duke of the Kingdom of Lostia.Volume 10 of the book turns to condemn Gavan's assault in the council and shuts down his evasion[637]..This was Mariabel's attempt to sacrifice Gavans for the purpose of gaining the power of the Inquisitor and gaining the trust of Limuru, but the failure to assassinate Prince Elric and the capture of Glenda break the speculation.[638]..Knowing Granbell's readiness in Volume 11 of the book, and with this final decision, he takes on the role of destroying the defense results of the Kingdom of Inglacia and killing the center of the council.[639]..At the councilTestarossaA magical call was detected, but he responded to his wish.MiserySucceeded in destroying the defense barrier.However, the plan failed because Misery, who avoided the battle with Testarossa, returned as it was, and at the end, in the disappointment of failing to fulfill Granbell's last request, he was taken to a magical hearing officer and secretly disposed of.[636].
    Margrave of the Kingdom of Inglacia.Knowing Granbell's readiness in Volume 11 of the book, he himself abandons the defense of the northern part of the continent, directs Razzle under Granbell, and takes on the role of drawing the demons of the north into the western countries.[639].
    King of the Kingdom of General Doran.Knowing Granbell's readiness in Volume 11 of the book, reviving human society after the turmoil of the world has subsided, choosing to survive in order to keep the Rosso clan, and tearing when he sees the farewell of Granbell and his friends.[639].
    Later, when he learned that Limuru, who would be the champion of the world, and Hermesia, who has great influence on the world, had joined hands, he decided to give them to the survival of the clan, and Hermesia became the largest shareholder. Participated in the Western General Trading Company with the clan, and a system was established in which his son Figaro served as the representative director.[640].

    Golden Town El Dorado

    Leon Cromwell[641][642]
    Voice- Jun Fukuyama[W16]
    Demon King of emerging powers,Platinum Swordfighter (Platinum Nam Saver)Has two names[Note 24].. From another world 300 years agoChloeA former human being who reincarnated with[221]When I was working as a heroHermesiaAnd acquaintance[644], 200 years agoKazarimDefeated and became the Demon King[587], El Dorado as a territory[645]..Appearance is strong with a female-like face with long blonde hair[646]..It possesses the ultimate angelic ability "Metatron" that specializes in large-scale annihilation that selects pure energy by selecting all the mixed laws to prevent interference.[92], It is also possible to freely manipulate the strongest sacred magic "Reiko Collapse" and destroy everything that touches[647]..He is recognized as a friend by Guy because of his ability, but he has a bad relationship with Verzard.[646].
    In order to search for his childhood friend Chloe, who disappeared immediately after moving to another world, he is collecting children of different worlds who appeared in this world while understanding that he was doing something wrong.Shizu(Ibodai)Summoning is part of that.In order to spread the method of summoning a specific person to Western countries, he also deals with merchants in the east and the Moderate Karen.Meet Limuru at the feast of the Demon Kings in Volume 6 of the book and convey Shizu's final wishes[648]..Visited Ruberios with information on Chloe from Tia in Volume 11 of the book[649], Induce hostility with LimuruGranbellDetecting Limuru's intention to see through the trap[650], Believe in Limuru and meet Chloe while exchanging swords[520]..Although I was once stunned by her disappearance going back in time[651]Reunited with Chloe in cooperation with Limuru and Luminous[652]..Receive an explanation from Chloe about what happened in Volume 12 of the book[653].
    He recognizes his childhood friend Chloe as his beloved woman, but he hasn't been dealt with by Chloe at all.[653]..I am not good at it because it is often ridiculed by Ramiris who knows his childhood before becoming a hero[654]..Hermesia says that she is too quiet and inflexible, and tries to carry out all the work herself without revealing her true intentions to anyone.[655], Limuru is also evaluated as a type that is easily misunderstood by the surroundings, contrary to Masayuki, and is sympathetic for the pity that Chloe does not deal with.[652].
    An aide to Leon, who is said to be the strongest in El Dorado, the golden town called the Black Knight.I have an acquaintance with Guy with my colleague Arros.He is also the master of Shizu's sword.
    The leader of Leon, who is called the Silver Knight Lord.

    White Ice Palace

    Guy Crimson[657][658]
    Voice- Ishida Akira[W18]
    The oldest demon king[659],Dark Emperor (Road of Darkness)Devil tribe with two names[646]..Originally one of the primordial demons,Primitive red (rouge)Also called[Note 25], Appearance is shiny and durable with bewitching red hair[660]..Summoned tens of thousands of years ago, it awakens and evolves by destroying the country that summoned itself and its hostile countries.[661]..After that, he challenged the creator Verdanava, but was defeated, and at the request of him, he took on the role of a mediator who manages the world and humans, and named himself the Demon King.[662]..Settle in the White Ice Palace[646]Dominates the northern continent[663], Destroy the skirmishing country[664]I think humans are cute[662], In a position that is neither an enemy nor an ally of humans[665].
    Visited to subdue himself as a heroRudraMeet[Note 26]After I liked him and became my best friend[666], I have been playing the game of winning the opponent with only hand pieces without fighting each other for more than 2000 years.[667], I could only see Rudra breaking down because of my ambitions, delaying the conclusion of the game[668]..Encounter Limuru at the feast of the Demon Kings in Volume 6 of the book[660], Once drew with himself in 11 volumes of booksデ ィ ア ブ ロMeet[669], Knowing that four primordial demons have taken control of Limuru, have an interest and threat to Limuru[670]..Talk directly with Limuru in Volume 12 of the book, show understanding of Limuru's ideals and leave the management of Western countries to Limuru[665]..Volume 14 of the book asks Limuru to entrust his last hope to fight the eastern empire.[671], 16 volumes of books, feeling Rudra's death and shedding tears[668].
    Acquired the unique skill "arrogant (pride)" of the deadly sins that embodies the heart that decided to become a demon king[662], Awakens to the devilish ultimate ability "Lucifer" after the battle with Verzard[663]..He once killed the rampaging Verdola[672], Runaway on a certain time axis in the futureKlonoaI'm cleaning up[673], Is depicted as one of the strongest figures in the world of work.
    Voice- Hirose Yuuki
    Originally one of the primordial demonsPrimitive green (veil)[Note 25]..In ancient times, he challenged Guy with Rain and was defeated.[675], Summoned to entrust the chores when Guy incarnates, is given a name and evolves into a demon prince and becomes a maid faithful to Guy[676]..She looks like a beautiful green-haired girl, wearing a dark red maid outfit.[677]..The origin of the name is "human facial expression distorted in pain".
    Sharp intuition, enthusiastic work and diligent personality[675]..I'm often surprised at how sloppy Rain is, but I trust him as a colleague.[678]..Volume 6 of the book welcomes Limuru and others who participate in the Demon King's feast[679], Tells Rain the expectation that "Clayman will die" as soon as he returns to Shiramizunomiya.[680]..In the 11th volume of the book, in response to the summoning by the green apostle under his control, he breaks into the Western Council and meets Testarossa in order to rampage in the royal capital at the order of Guy.[681]..Knowing that she was given a name under Limuru, she immediately withdrew and passed on the information to Guy.[670], Diablo and other primordials will be placed at a glance at Limuru[682]..In the 14th volume of the book, he visited the Demon Federation with Guy, and at the order of Guy who liked Shuna's cake, she provided a recipe, and Limuru gave him a soul to awaken and evolve into the Demon King. Show[683].
    Voice- Eri Yukimura
    Originally one of the primordial demonsPrimitive blue[Note 25]..In ancient times, he challenged Guy with Misary and was defeated.[675], Summoned by Guy and given a name, evolved into a demon prince and became a maid faithful to Guy[676]..Appearance is a beautiful blue-haired woman wearing a dark red maid outfit[677]..The origin of the name is "blood rain".Serves as a storyteller in the fourth episode of Volume 17 of the book.
    At the feast of the Demon Kings in Volume 6 of the book, he was the facilitator of the meeting.[643], Book 11 is overwhelmed by fighting Diablo[684], Knowing that Limuru subordinated Testarossa, Ultima, and Carrera in addition to him[670]Put Limuru at the top of his watch list[682]..Originally I liked slime, and I liked Limuru who seemed to be capable.[685], Visited the Demon Federation in Volume 14 of the book, and was surprised at Limuru who awakened and evolved himself into a demon king, and swore that he would spare no effort to cooperate.[686].
    Although it is being repaired in front of Guy, the essence is a self-centered personality and the youngest temperament.In the 17th volume of the book, you can enjoy the lazy and sloppy personality, seeing Guy in trouble, always wanting to be a winner, drawing an abstract picture of a special skill and making the model Misary angry and having fun. He talks about his hobby of enjoying a vacation in the everlasting summer mode only in the "barrier" at the White Ice Palace.[687]..Also, he is not good at Diablo who drew with Guy.[688]He criticizes the annoying vampire ancestor and Dino, who has a habit of devouring himself, while paying homage to Luminous and Ramiris.[347].

    Holy Hollow Damargania

    Voice- Rikiya Koyama[W15]
    A giant with a large body, one of the second generation old Demon Kings. It has territorial ambitions, with the westernmost part of the continent bordering Ruberios across the wilderness called "barren land".For this reason, they are fighting for power with Luminous, and even in Walpurgis, they have a bad relationship with each other, such as restraining each other, but they are not so terrible, and there are parts that recognize each other.
    I don't have the Demon King because I wear holy attributes.[689]However, it boasts an extraordinarily huge amount of demons that is on par with the "dragon species".[690]..The fighting power is also high, and although he has fought against Verdola many times, it has not yet been settled.He has not only fighting power but also calm judgment and is a quiet personality.
    He made an effort to stop the damage caused by the runaway Mirim fighting Guy, but he could not stop the influence on the earth and the territory turned into a barren land.[691]..Until the present day, it has been chased after the catastrophic destruction and slowed down the progress of desertification, but the work is busy and it is difficult to manage humankind.[692].
    He sent his three sons, Dougla, Lula, and Debra, who later caused a turmoil, to the capital, Limuru, for training.[44].
    Volume 18 of the book anticipates the beginning of the Tenma War when he participates in the Walpurgis held by Guy's call, and reveals that the Tenma War is being caused by Rudra's authority.When Limuru's subordinates were dispatched to each Demon King's power at Guy's request, I was deeply surprised to hear that Limuru had subordinated the original three demon daughters, and heard that the original yellow Carrera was dispatched. I refused with all my might.The opinion was accepted with the support of Guy and Leon, but instead the primordial purple Ultima was dispatched, and she tried to refuse her because of the experience that her territory overlapped with her own country. On the contrary, Guy agreed with Limuru, so he accepted it with anxiety.

    Eastern empire

    Rudra Nam Ur Nasca[693]
    Emperor of the Eastern Empire, Nasca, Namrium, Ulmeria, and the Unified Empire of the Eastern Union[694],MirimI'm my uncle.Once a teacher of VerdanavaHero of the beginningPerson who became[666]..He had the ideal of creating a unified nation where humans could live happily, and was recognized by his teacher as his sister Lucia and his lover Verglind.GuyChallenged the battle for more than 2000 years and became a rival to each other[666]..Because I wanted to reassure Verdanava, who had a child with my sister Lucia, I was playing a game where I could compete with each other without touching each other directly.[695], Valdanava and Lucia are murdered by the terrorist attack of the enemy country, and the ugliness of the person is pointed out[668].
    Specializing in the chain of command inherited from Verdanava[92]Possess the ability of control by the ultimate ability of the angel system "Michael"[696], Has inherited ego and memory and power comparable to the dragon species to his own child, but with each reincarnation, the soul wears out, loses ideal and holy power, loses qualification as a hero, and in the game Become obsessed with victory only[697]..After training the army, it is exposed to threats, and it continues to wage a large-scale war based on the idea that if even one awakened hand piece gathers to make a million sacrifices, it will be balanced.[698]Finally, 12 volumes of books start the war with the Demon Federation[699]..Contrary to the plan, the army was annihilated by the Demon Federation, so he tried to secure Verdola with Vergrind, but was counterattacked by Limuru who was angry, and a single number of the Knights of the Guard was also defeated by Limuru. Steal the dragon's factors and powers from the parallel existence of Wergrind[700].
    During the war with the Demon Federation, Rudra was already replaced by Michael, and the last remaining Rudra's soul was spatiotemporally transferred with her to protect the parallel existence of Vergrind attacked by Feldway. NS[701]..Fragments of the soul are collected by Vergrind who crosses the space-time, and Masayuki who is awakened to the ultimate ability bears the scattered soul of Rudra.[702]..On the other hand, Rudra's body moves with Feldway to the Tenseigu where Verdanava was born, and begins to act as the general general of the invading forces of angels and insect demons.[703]..With the authority that Masayuki later acquired, a temporary revival will be achieved in the form that the reincarnated Masayuki has the power and personality of the heyday.[704].
    Originally possessed by Verdanava, he disliked the power of control and exchanged it for Rudra's "Pledge King" to become Rudra's.[701]..Ability to control willful ones, including dragon species[705], The ability to freely manipulate the abilities of the controlled object, the ability to absolutely control the ultimate ability of the angel system, and the ability to develop an indestructible constantly activated defensive barrier based on the loyalty of subjects and subordinates There is also[701]..In addition, it has the ability to give the ultimate grant to humans who have become saints, "alternative rights", and can mass-produce owners of the ultimate ability, albeit in a limited way.[706]..There is also a trump card "Armageddon" that summons an angel legion that destroys everything, although it is difficult to control.[707].
    The corps leader who leads the armored corps, and the rank is general[709]..He was married to a baron from a low-ranking aristocrat, but was betrayed by his wife at the time, and was exiled after being filled with medicine and blinding his left eye.[710]..Aiming for career advancement driven by the anger and hatred at that time, he became a corps commander in his mid-30s with Minutes and Kansas on his side.[710]..In the third episode of Volume 17 of the book, he plays the leading role and depicts the "turbulent days" of the eastern empire after the defeat.[W19].
    Although he seems to be a soldier who is particular about tactics and victory, he has a greed that is willing to lose, and in the 12th volume of the book, he is dazzled by the value of the labyrinth, underestimates the power of the Demon Federation, and criticizes Gadra who opposes the war. To argue against Rudra for the start of the war[711]..Invades the Demon Federation by commanding 13 troops in 70 volumes of books[712], Leave yourself and annihilate[713]..Although he awakens from that despair to a saint, he is killed by Diablo without mastering the power he has just awakened.[713]..After that, he was revived by Limuru with about 70 subordinates and became a POW.[714], Realizing Limuru's strength, apologizing to his subordinates for his missteps, and being informed by Bernie of Rudra's true purpose in this war.[698]..Even thanking Limuru for cooperation and requesting a stay in the Demon Federation[715]..In the 16th volume of the book, in the labyrinth of the Demon Federation, in honor of Rudra and Masayuki, the figure that protects Masayuki from Cornu who attacked him is depicted.[702]..After repelling Cornu and others, he learned that Masayuki was a reincarnated person of Rudra, looked up to Masayuki as a new emperor, and made an effort to revive the eastern empire.[716].
    After the war, he was the only survivor of the three major corps leaders, so he concurrently served as a military general and a military minister.[717]..An investigation by Testarossa and Moss revealed that the betrayal of his ex-wife was a conspiracy-based misunderstanding, and after capturing the mastermind of the conspiracy, he reunited with his ex-wife.[718].
    Major General of the Armored Corps and a subordinate of Caliglio's confidant[710]..A stranger who came from the Marquis family but wanted to compete only with his own talent[720]..In the 13th volume of the book, he rushes into the labyrinth as a commander of an elite unit, defeats Apito in a form close to a trade-off, and joins the surviving Krishna.[313], Zegion kills him instantly.After being revived by Limuru, I am happy to know that there is an unimaginable strong man, and I do not have a grudge against Limuru in particular.[720]..Limuru appointed Masayuki as a counselor because he was conspicuous at the meeting to bring Masayuki to the throne.[720].
    After the war, he was in charge of nemawashi to the aristocrats, and under the new system, he was appointed as the Chancellor.[720]..I had no relationship with my younger brother, the current Marquis[720], Moss' investigation revealed that he had been handed over the Marquis family to his respected brother and was apparently repulsive so as not to be overwhelmed by the sense of responsibility, and that fact is reported.[721].
    A soldier who reports to Minutes and is a subordinate of Caliglio's confidant.[710].. A hero who succeeded in the operation to annihilate the Youmakyo 20 years ago.KumaraFor me, he destroyed his hometown and sold himself to Clayman.[722]..In the 13th volume of the book, he rushed into the labyrinth as one of the elite troops and confronted Kumara, and used the previous nine-headed beast to overwhelm the tail beast of Kumara who has little battle experience, but he is an enemy to Kumara who integrated the tail beast. It is chopped up and dies[327]..Resuscitation fails because fear broke the core[714].
    Lieutenant General leading the Armored Tank Division[723]..Command 13 troops and 20 magic tanks to attack Dwargon in 2000 volumes of booksGobutaClash with the I Corps led by[723],LangaThe troops were destroyed by his power identified with[724],TestarossaI leave the opponent to Davis of the Knights of the Guard and try to withdraw, but she is killed instantly by her seriousness[725].
    Major General leading the Air Division of the Armored Corps[726]..One of Gadra's disciples, a mage, but betrays his teacher and pledges allegiance to Caligulio[726]..Invaded Dwargon from the air with 13 soldiers and 4 airships in 100 volumes[726],GavilEngage with the Hiryushu led by[727]During that time, Ultima who got into the bridge annihilated his subordinates, and he himself was exposed to her nuclear magic and evaporated with the airship.[728]..Resuscitation did not come true after the war[729].
    Major General of the Armored Corps[730]..He was tasked with commanding 300 airships and transporting 3 demon beast corps to the center of the continent, but suddenly the strategy was changed in Volume 15 of the book, Rudra boarded and was transferred to Dwargon by Wergrind.[730]..During the battle, the whole body disappears in the magical rays of Testarossa[731]After the war, revived by a petition for life from Caligulio[732]..Inspired by Limuru's plan to rule the world's skies, he volunteered to work at the airship improvement site in the labyrinth.[733].
    A corps leader who leads the demon army corps, and the rank is general[734].CarillonA beast human race who is the half-brother of the former king, he was deprived of the right to succeed to the throne by the former king after his selfishness, and he rebelled against the former king with a resentment, but his brothers expelled the country of Eurazania.[369].. About 300 years ago, he moved to the eastern empire and imitated the Fools, but 300 years ago he was defeated by the subjugation army and became a subordinate of Rudra.[735]..He has the ambition to defeat the Marshal someday, rebel against the emperor, and take over the country.[735].
    He leads an army of 3 demons, whose members consist of artificial heroes who combine magic and knowledge of the other world and the demons they follow.[736]..In addition, although the success rate is 1%, the trump card is "The Beast," which is an artificial synthetic beast (Battle Chimera) that is integrated with humans and demons due to its special administration ability (medical skill).[736]..In the war with the Demon Federation, play a role in attacking the royal capital of Inglacia[737], Was heading to the center of the continent by an airship, but was forcibly transferred to Dwargon by Wergrind in Volume 15 of the book.[730], Confront the cadres of the Demon Federation and Dwargon.He aimed to subdue Gazelle, but confronts Carillon, who was disturbed by Gazelle and rushed to the reinforcements.[738]..Due to the high ability of the opponent, he ordered "Beast Demon Combine" to his subordinates, but since he got a large amount of souls from his subordinates who died unexpectedly due to side effects, the evolution to the Demon King species began, and it attacked unbearable drowsiness. I was taken a chance and was defeated by Karion and died[374].
    Three generals of the demon beast corps with the nickname of Suzaku[369]..A winged variant from Fulbrussian,FreyHe is a twin sister of the group, but is exiled from the country and picked up by Gradim and becomes a subordinate.[369]..The ability is about to evolve into a Demon King species, and in the 15th volume of the book, he was hitting Soka.[739], Confronts Frey who appears in the rescue, and as a queen, is defeated and dies without any means to negate the attack from the winged tribe[399].
    It is the third general of the demon beast corps with the nickname of the blue dragon, and is accompanied by the water dragon of the upper dragon tribe.[369]..Although he is completely defeated by Gavil in the 15th volume of the book, he becomes a "beast demon union" and hunts him down with Gradim.[736]..Furious when Gradim and Nazim were killed, he absorbed his companions and artificially gained the power of the Awakening Demon King, but Gabil, who received the ultimate gift, lost his recovery ability and died.[740].
    Three generals of the demon beast corps with the nickname of Genbu[735]..A shrine maiden of a different ethnic group who follows the rock fairy (Lorelei) and specializes in magic.[735]..In the 15th volume of the book, he gained the power of a saint by "Beast Demon Union" and once hunted down Gadra to a self-destruction.[741]Reincarnated into a metallic demon and died after losing to him who received the ultimate gift[730].
    Yuuki Kagurazaka (Yuki Kagurazaka)
    A corps leader who leads a mixed corps, and the rank is general[742].
    Three giants
    The head of the three giants, a criminal organization in the eastern empire,FriHas the nickname of Damrada[743]..At the beginning of the storyEast merchantA person called.Looking up to Yuuki as the boss, in cooperation with the Moderate Taoist Federation, disinformation is sent to the Kingdom of Falmus, and LimuruShizu(Ibodai)Misinformation that you killedHinataOr shed[516],GranbellTo support the confrontation between Limuru and Hinata again, but be wary of Limuru who rejects these plots under the direction of cunning Yuuki.[744]..Its true identity is the deputy leader of the Knights of the Guard.
    FemaleOne of the three giants with the nickname of Misha[743]..He is good at entwining men by making full use of the charm of women.Yuki entrusted me with Caligulio's entanglement[746], Accompanied by the armored army and monitored the war situation, but the defeat of the unit was confirmed and it was escorted by Bernie and Jiu and withdrew.[747]..He was arrested by Diablo during his withdrawal, but he was overlooked and returned to Japan because he was under Yuuki.Assassinated by Kondo while preparing for a coup d'etat in Volume 14 of the book, information on friends is extracted[748].
    PowerOne of the three giants with the nickname of Vega[743]..Born in the royal capital of Inglacia, he was born as a heretic under the influence of his father who took in too many monsters, and was captured by Yuuki because he ate various things including humans with his unique skill "Iyashiimono".[743], Sent to the empire by Yuki who spared the fighting ability, and received education from Damrada[749]..More faithful to instinct than the beast, only recognizing and following Yuki's strength, no loyalty[749]..However, because it is not possible to calculate interests and differences in ability at all, it is said by colleagues that it is too crazy.[750].
    Yuki's order accompanies the unit to monitor the Demon Beast Corps[746], Eat the corpses of Gradim and the three generals to strengthen themselves[749]..In addition, I aim for Karion and Frey who fell asleep for awakeningLaplaceBeaten up by[751], According to LaplaceKagariConfront Feldway to rescue them[752]..Yuuki, who was dominated by Michael, ordered him to subdue Laplace and attacked him, but he was overwhelmed, but with Diablo's intervention, he moved from the battlefield with Yuuki and Feldway.[752].
    At one point, he was a former throne under Zarario and was a senior and lower "general" class demon.GnomIt was used for incarnation, but Gnom's personality was altered by the greed that permeated each cell, and Zalario erased that personality, returning consciousness as Vega.[753]..Furthermore, by eating even the seraph summoned by the "Angel Army", the "Evil Eater" evolves into the ultimate ability "Azhdahaka".[754].
    Close friendAdalmanIs the death ofThe old master of the day of the weekBecame one of the greatest wizards of the empire and climbed up to the commander of the magic corps, but became an honorary position as a technical advisor of the armored corps due to the decline in the status of magic battle.[755]..So far, he has fueled the war to the west for his own purposes, boosting the supremacy of the eastern empire.[287].
    He has a friendship because he recommended Yuki as a corps commander, and he knows his coup plan.[756][287]..Former discipleRasunInformation from and dispatched to the labyrinthShinjiRealize the threat of the Demon Federation from the information obtained from us[757]..In addition, the information that the old master of the day of the week died lost the meaning of remaining in the empire, and asked Limuru for asylum in the Demon Federation, and reunited with Adalman.[282]..Returning to the country, he tries to give advice to the emperor to stop the war as his last service, but is assassinated by Damrada, who was manipulated by Kondo just before the audience.[286]..However, on the verge of death, he activates an emergency escape magic and revives in the Labyrinth of the Demon Federation.[286].
    Shinji Tanimura (Shinji Tanimura)
    Knights of the Guard (Imperial Guardian)
    Tatsuya Kondo (Tatsuya Kondo)[745]
    A saint who ranks first in the order of single-digit numbers and is the leader of the Knights of the Guard.[758]..Also the director of the Imperial Information BureauPhantom who nests in informationと 呼 ば れ る[758]..Originally a soldier from another world, he attacked an enemy fleet that was hijacked by the demons 70 years ago and reincarnated in this world on the verge of death.[759][Note 27]..In this world, I pledge allegiance to Rudra from the bottom of my heart[760]See him and anyone who is in the country as an enemy[761]..Rudra considers him a friend, and when he loses sight of his ideals, he asks him to kill him.[760].
    He is a cold-hearted rationalist and is willing to use outrageous means.[748][762], The sword technique may have personal feelings[763]..As an information bureau at home and abroad[764], In Volume 14 of the book, I got information from Misha and was convinced about Yuuki's coup[748]Manipulate Damrada and plan to annihilate Yuki[765], Self dominates Kagari and others and controls the spirit[766]..Participated in the scene of the war in Volume 15 of the book[762], Corresponds to the same gate of sword techniqueHakuroGazelleNeutralize[763]..It shoots a god-destroying bullet into Verdola and supports Rudra's rule of Verdola.[767], In the battle of Qi Men Dun JiaCarreraAgeraDefeat in the duo[760]..When he died, he remembered his promise with Rudra, realized that he was under Michael's control, and entrusted Carrera with his skill and promise with Rudra to die.[760].
    Araki Byakuya's younger brother is a master of the Oboroshinmei style, and he uses a military sword and an automatic pistol as weapons.[762]..Has a unique skill "decipherer (Yomitokumono)" that reads the thoughts of the target[748], Also possesses the ultimate ability of the angel system that governs the battle, "Sandalphon"[762], Can use a dominion bullet that controls others shot by Rudra's "right to act"[748].. "Sandalphon" is entrusted to Carrera and integrated into her "King of Death"[760].
    It is the second place in the rank of single-digit numbers, and serves as the deputy leader of the Knights of the Guard.[765].KenseiA saint who has lived for more than 2000 years with the nickname of, he served as a leader before Kondo and served Rudra longer than he did.Rudra, when he was sane, ordered him to kill him if he lost himself.[768]..In addition, he has also received a command to "find someone who can kill himself."[768], Can be the candidateYukiAs a boss and cooperate with his ambitions[765]..In the early part of the story, make a leap around the Western countriesEast merchantIt is also the true identity of.
    He has a cautious personality like hitting a stone bridge without believing in his subordinates.According to information from Gadra who survived in Volume 14 of the book, it is revealed that he is a person on the Rudra side.[756]Despite that, he said he would turn his loyalty to Yuki and was trusted as a companion.[769]..After that, the connection with Yuki was revealed to Kondo, and he was mentally controlled by Kondo and confronted Yuki.[748]..Although the spiritual control is released by Yuuki, Rudra appears in the battlefield and accepts Rudra's control of Yuuki.[770]..While the situation suddenly changed and I could not afford to think about it, in the battle of the Hachimon Kenjin in the 15th volume of the bookUltimaConfronted with, suffered a fatal injury at the end of the fighting battle, mourned Rudra at the cost of his own skill and soul, andMasayukiAsk Ultima to protect her and die[768]..Later, in the Tenma War, he was summoned by Rudra who lived in Masayuki, talked to Rudra in a shattered tone, slammed with his former comrade Granbell, and fought with his former enemy Moss.[771].
    He has trained his handless skills against interpersonal and individual opponents, and has the skill to respond flexibly and without waste.[765][768]..Rudra's "right to act" gives him the psychological barrier to nullify any mental attack and the power of physical destruction to penetrate all defenses, but Kondo's mental control is higher than the "right to act" himself. Works effectively for abilities based on the ultimate abilities of[770].
    It is the third place in the order of single-digit numbers and serves as the head of the four knights.[772]..Rudra's "right to act" possesses the ability to identify the fighting ability of opponents other than the ultimate ability, and has the nickname of a military officer who laid the foundation of the empire.[772]..In the battle of the Hachimon Kenjin in the 15th volume of the bookBenimaruHe was refused to invite him to his army, and he was despised as a subordinate and talked for a long time.[772].
    4th in the order of single-digit numbers and one of the four knights[773]..Retaining the ability of "parallel existence" by Rudra's "right to act"[773]..In the battle of the Hachimon Kenjin in the 15th volume of the bookSowayHe has a personality that prefers to slap while begging for an enemy who has robbed his resistance, and he is defeated by him who awakens to the ultimate gift during the battle and dies.[773].
    5th in the order of single-digit numbers and one of the four knights[774]..Rudra's "right to act" possesses the ability to strengthen the body simply by swearing at the enemy[774]..In the battle of Hachimon Kenjin in the 15th volume of the book, Agera,Esprit,ZondaBecause he mocked Limuru to activate his ability, he touched the reverse scale of all of Limuru's subordinates.The combination of Agera and Esprit, who received the ultimate gift during the battle, died after being shattered into dust, and his soul was also suffered by Ultima for 1000 years.[774].
    6th in the order of single-digit numbers and one of the four knights[775]..A female insect-type demon, Rudra (Michael) was dispatched by the insect demon king Zelanus when she formed an alliance with the insect demons.It has the ability to regenerate many times by eating the corpse of an insect-shaped demon beast that it created, and further shortens its rebirth time by Rudra's "substitute right".[775]..In the battle of the Hachimon Kenjin in the 15th volume of the bookシ オ ンDefeated by her who evolved into a fighting spirit demon during the battle and died, telling Zion the existence of the insect demon king at the time of death[775].
    7th place in the order of single-digit numbers[777]..A foreigner from the United States, 45 years old[778], Alumni of Ingracia Academy[779]..Introduced by Yuki, he is called a witch and becomes a member of Masayuki's friends.[779]Originally, one person who was secretly ordered by Damrada to protect Masayuki, who has the appearance of Rudra and Gourd.[769].
    Rudra's "right to act" gives him an absolute advantage over unique skills and complete concealment of his own powers, and hides his abilities from around Masayuki and Limuru.[780]..Immediately after the Imperial Army's invasion of the labyrinth failed, Kondo ordered him to try to assassinate Limuru with Jiu.[780], Defeated by Benimaru[781]..Escape from the labyrinth with the resurrection bracelet that he had hidden, and withdraw to his own country as Misha's escort[747], Discovered and killed by Diablo[782].
    Revived in a state of being weakened by Limuru[714]Shows his willingness to take responsibility for the failure of the operation while spending time in the labyrinth as a POW[698]..Protect yourself when Masayuki is about to be assassinated by Feldway and others in Volume 16 of the book[783], Reconciled with each other[784]After the coronation of Masayuki, he will be a direct escort at his own request.[785].
    8th place in the order of single-digit numbers[786]..It has a unique skill specializing in infiltration that can mimic the person who sees it, and although it is not possible to reproduce the ultimate ability due to Rudra's "proxy right", the accuracy of imitation is improved.[786]..In the 15th volume of the book, as a mediocre information bureau member, he participated in the Dwargon capture battle among the general soldiers and disguised himself as Kondo.GavilAnd seriously injured, but rushedVeyronEnds without stopping[786]..Rematch with Veyron in the battle of Hachimon Kenjin, but lose to Veyron who received the ultimate gift during the battle[787]..Begging for Veyron, but his tongue pulled outUltimaTreated as a gift to[787][Note 28].
    9th in the order of single-digit numbers.A female spirit magician who became a member of Masayuki after Bernie.[788], Visit the Demon Federation with Masayuki and his friends in Volume 9 of the book and stay as it is[236]..Damrada ordered him to protect Masayuki with Bernie, but they didn't know each other.[789].
    With Rudra's "right to act", he has the ability to completely hide his power and the attack power that can kill Limuru, and in Volume 13 of the book, Kondo ordered him to suddenly attack Limuru and attempt to assassinate him, but failed and was defeated by Chloe. To be[781]..Revived outside the labyrinth with Bernie and attempted to return to the empire, but was killed by Diablo[747][782]..After that, he lost his power but was revived by Limuru.[714], Only two people, myself and Bernie, survive in a single digit[785]..In Volume 16 of the book, when Masayuki is attacked by Cornu, she magically disguises himself as him and draws Cornu's attention.[783]..After Masayuki's coronation, he will be a direct escort at his own request.[785]
    The 10th place in the order of single-digit numbers.Its true identity is the Demon King of the Seven Archangels of the Primordial[790].
    11th place in the order of single-digit numbers[792]..A key player who solved the lakeside incident that was once dyed in crimson[792]..Belonging to the armored corps, he teams up with Baltic in 38th place and Gordon in 64th place to challenge Testarossa who should have been defeated again, but there is an overwhelming difference in ability and it can not be rewarded. Wipe out[792].
    17th in the order of single-digit numbers.He belongs to the armored corps in collaboration with Badan, who is ranked 35th, and Reicha, who is ranked 94th.BazanWentyKrishnaア ル ベ ル トDefeated and with the wizard ReichaAdalmanDefeat[793]..After that, he was instantly killed by Zegion who joined Minutes and challenged, but he escaped from the labyrinth with a real resurrection bracelet and told Caligulio that the operation failed, but was killed by Diablo.[713]..After being revived, he began to worship Limuru like a god and wished to stay in the Demon Federation, but he plans to move after the empire stabilizes after being persuaded by Adalman.[794].

    Invading race (aggressor)

    The intention that resides in "Masayoshi no Ou", one of the higher-ranking virtue skills in the angel system that specializes in the command system created by Verdanava.
    Feldway, who has the same purpose, is given a name for play and evolves into a theosophy nucleus, and a firm will grows for the purpose of complete revival of his original master, Verdanava.[795].
    As Rudra, he was released from Rudra by being completely defeated as "Rudra" by suppressing all his hands in the war with the Demon Federation, and from the parallel existence of Vergrind who was full of wounds, the factor of the dragon and "rescue" Robbed "Noou".He tried to expel the forces of the Demon Federation together with Feldway who appeared, but was disturbed by Limuru and withdrew with Feldway.[700]..After that, he reigned as the chief of the angel army based on Tenseigu.The former mixed army corps that became a youkai by taking in the seraphs summoned by the "Angel's Army" who became the Verzard and the Youkai who were under control, and the demons who formed an alliance, commanded the invasion of the basic world. And start the Tenma War[796]..Although he appears to defeat Limuru who has sought to feed on Leon who ruled in the battle of Tsutenkaku, the parallel existence is defeated by Chloe who came as Limuru's escort, and the main body is also taken in by Limuru. All the powers and skills of those under control, including suspension, are invalidated and defeated.It disappeared with the satisfaction of being eaten by Limuru's emptiness god and feeling that everything was filled, and at the same time with the regret of leaving his friend Feldway.[797].
    It is possible to analyze and reproduce not only the authority of King Masayoshi, who is his mother, but also the authority under his control, and recover the authority of the angelic holder under his control and give it to another. Or you can own that power[798]..By hijacking Rudra's body, Rudra's sword technique can also be reproduced.However, by setting the energy source of the royal palace to the demons, I was able to fully grasp my authority, such as not realizing that I could not exercise the royal palace until the actual battle. Not[799]..As a result of incorporating the factors of Verglind and Verzard, the existence value is 9 million, which exceeds Verdola.[800].

    Demon / Angel Army

    An army organized by the former angel demons who became invading races in another world and the demon king Feldway, who is the pinnacle of them.

    Primitive Seven Archangels
    Rule the demonsDemon KingThe existence of a different world called.He was also the head of the seven seraphs, the highest-ranking individual of the angel family, once called the "Seven Archangels of the Primordial".
    His personality is serious and inflexible, he does not bend his will when he thinks, and he does not listen to the opinions of others, so the evaluation from his colleagues was divided into two.[801]..Dino, a colleague, also says that he is self-sufficient without asking for the opinions of others because he is smart.[802]..It seems that it was different in the past, but nowadays it is not popular because it does not care about the evaluation from others and adheres to rationalism.[803].
    Given the task of monitoring the phantom dragon Ivarage and the phantom beasts, who were sealed in another world by Verdanava, he traveled to another world with Zarario, Cornu, and Obera, and transformed into a youkai in the process of managing the other world.[804]..Although the horse did not match with Zelanus, the demon king who was born by mutation from the phantom beast tribe, they recognized each other's usefulness in the battle with the phantom beast tribe and kept non-interfering with each other.However, he was obsessed with the idea that he was abandoned by Verdanava because he disappeared and did not resurrect even after hundreds of years. became[805]..Since then, he has been obsessed with the madness of sticking only to the resurrection of Verdanava and not worrying about anything else, and he has a very cold attitude when Michael annihilate his fellow Obera's subordinates. And even for Mirim, the Lord's beloved daughter, unlike Obera, he did not have any feelings, but tried to use it for the resurrection of the Lord.[806]..He had a long-standing three-way relationship with the phantom beast tribe because he had a disagreement with Zelanus due to his disagreement with Verdanava, but with the advent of Michael, he formed an alliance.
    He was contacted by "King Masayoshi" more than 1000 years ago, formed an equal cooperative relationship with "King Masayoshi", and gave him the name "Michael" to play with him, leading him to the core of Shinchi.[807].. It becomes a vessel of Michael using "parallel existence", and it becomes possible to use a part of Michael's authority.Since the main body has not yet come out of the other world, Michael's authority, the parallel existence, is sending himself and the three youkai under his control to the physical world.Hiding as the 10th place in the order of the Knights of the Imperial Guard of the Empire, and using Michael's authority to rule Kondo and others behind the scenes for the purpose of liberating Michael.[808].
    One of the "three youkai" who rule the youkai, and the leader under Feldway.[809]..A former seraph who was once called the "Seven Archangels of the Primordial", he transforms into a youkai in the process of managing another world with Feldway.[804]..Like Zegion, you can use the "Spatial Distortion Defense Area (Distortion Field)".[810]..He is very cold to his subordinates, seeing the failure of Cornu and the alteration of Gnom that has taken in Vega's cells, and discards it as a piece that is not worth it.[811]..He is a colleague to Feldway and admits that he is his boss, but the Lord is Verdanava and has no loyalty to Feldway.He adheres to his orders when under the rule of the Archangel of Feldway, but otherwise has roots in ignoring them.
    In the primordial era, he is the second strongest person after Feldway, and unlike Feldway who is easy to ride provocation, he is a cold warrior, so his simple strength is described by Diablo as more than Feldway, and his strength is also recognized by Guy.[812]..By being incarnated by the youkai tribe, it has become possible to fully demonstrate the power of the main body in the youkai palace.Its existence value exceeds 2000 million, and it is comparable to dragon species opponents[813].
    By incarnating the youkai tribe prepared by Kagari before the invasion of the basic world, the power increases and the ultimate angelic ability "Israfil" is acquired.[814].
    A male-type demon under Zalario.He is a former cherub and a confidant from the cherub era.Truonette, a former slave warrior who was entrusted with the staff of the mixed corps[815]Incarnation by the youkai tribe[816].
    A female demon under Zarario.She is the confidant of Zarario, who has the same rank as Daris.She is incarnated by the youkai tribe created by Kagari[816].
    Originally a member of Yuuki, he was a disciple of Gadra, but he was a unique person who was a witch and a heavy warrior who had undergone remodeling surgery himself.AriaHe was a talented warrior who had many special skills.Orca[815]Although they were separate human beings, they became in a state of having both personalities when they were resurrected as a youkai tribe, and the youkai tribe under Zarario.サ ンCompletely capture[816]..In addition, the seraph summoned by the "Angel Army" is incarnated by himself and becomes a "ghost".[589]..After asking yourself, unify your consciousness as "Orlia" and acquire the ultimate grant "Multiple Weapon" that creates various mythical weapons.[817]..Although he overwhelmed Leon's subordinates in the invasion operation to El Dorado, Kumara who rushed to cheer had no teeth due to the difference in fighting experience, and Vega preyed on the place where he was cornered and died.Authority was also robbed by Vega[818].
    Race: Angels / Seraphs → Youkai
    One of the "three youkai" who rule the youkai[809]..A former seraph who was once called the "Seven Archangels of the Primordial", he transforms into a youkai in the process of managing another world with Feldway.[804]..It has a ferocious carnivorous eye and a fearless physical beauty.[159]..Among the three youkai, he was in charge of invading other dimensions[819]..Although it is of the same rank as the primordial, it is evaluated to be inferior in terms of ability compared to other three youkai due to its magnificent personality and narrow field of vision, and even from Guy who has been acquainted with Cornu for a long time. It has been criticized in comparison with Zalario and Obera.[820]Rather, he was evaluating his subordinates[812].
    In charge of the invasion of another world that took place several decades ago, the plan began to collapse due to the weakness of the ego under his control, and Verglind's scorching dragon championship acceleration that was "spatiotemporal jumping" from the future "key world" After being attacked through the "Underworld Gate" by excitement, he was seriously injured, and his subordinates were also burned down.[821][822].
    Race: Angels / Seraphs → Youkai
    One of the "three youkai" who rule the youkai[809]..A former seraph who was once called the "Seven Archangels of the Primordial", he transformed into a youkai in the process of managing another world with Feldway.[804]..As Zalario and Cornu invade the labyrinth, they remain in the defense of the "Yokai Palace" in the interior of the other world.Among the three youkai, he was in charge of responding to the phantom beasts and monitoring the "Kaikai Dragon Ivarage", which is the pinnacle of it.[819]..Actually, I'm not good at insects, so I bought a person in charge of the phantom beast tribe with a higher risk until I asked Zarario to do it.[823].
    Despite being in the position of the Three Youkai, he believes that Feldway, who has abandoned the mission given by Verdanava and has begun to move toward the resurrection of the Lord, has gone mad, and the happiness of Mirim, the daughter of the Lord, is the will of the Lord. He has pledged allegiance to Mirim as the legitimate successor to Verdanava.As the Feldways proceed with the invasion of the Demon Federation, they secretly pass information through Mirim and are given the status of the Four Heavenly Kings.[824]..When incarnated by a youkai tribe before the invasion of the basic world, they acquire the ultimate angelic ability "Azrael", which is powerful but currently useless.[825]..While the Feldways invaded El Dorado, they abandoned the King of Salvation and led an army away from the Michael camp.In the battle with Michael, although the unexpected situation that Michael could not use the royal fortress temporarily gained an advantage, Michael who became able to use the power of Wergrind and Werzard annihilated the army, and himself Escaped to Mirim while suffering a serious injury[826]..After recovering, he was officially added to one of the four Mirim Kings and given the role of a warrior.[827].
    Obera's only confidant who survived the battle with the phantom beasts.Former throne.Instead of losing both eyes when becoming a demon, it has a monocular that sees everything, and communicates with "telepathy" only by leaving a sewn mark on the mouth.[828]..Deputy leader of the mixed corps purged by WergrindzeroIncarnation by the youkai tribe[816].
    Withdrawal from Michael, he was annihilated as a result of holding Michael with the army to escape Obera.The corpse was to be eaten by the dragon Ivarage.[829].
    Voice- Yusuke Kobayashi[W15]
    The sixth generation of the old Demon King who took office[340][482],Sleeping ruler (sleeping ruler)Fallen angel with the title of[643]..Originally the Primordial Seven Archangel Seraph, he was one of the three pillars who remained on the ground to stabilize the earth at the behest of Verdanava and became a watcher, and then fell into the fallen angels.[830]..A young man who looks like a high school student with dark purple hair with silver mesh and always sleepy eyes[831].
    Meet Limuru for the first time at the feast of the Demon Kings in Volume 6 of the book[831], Exiled from Dagrül in Volume 11 of the book, recommended by Guy and rolled under Limuru[832]..A lazy person with an aesthetic of not working, he has never made money for hundreds of years, and has never eaten or drank with his own money, but he started working in the labyrinth.[832]..I enjoyed working in the labyrinth and had a sense of companionship.[833], Trying to abduct Ramiris by betraying Limuru and others in 16 volumes of books[830]..But with BerettaApitoEarn time[833], AwakenedZegionDefeated by and stamped on him, but revived outside the labyrinth and succeeded in escaping[321]..The reason for betrayal is that you can use the power of "Justice King" because you have the ultimate angelic ability.FeldwayBecause I couldn't go against the order.At first, he was reluctant, but Feldway was a former colleague, so he was optimistic. Far from having no feelings, in the face of Feldway's madness trying to use it to start the resurrection of Verdanava, he realized that Obera's betrayal and Feldway had transformed to an irreparable place. I regret having arrived at the Feldway[806].
    Possess the deadly sins unique skill "Slows" that increases power to the extent that it does not move normally and forcibly invites the target to sleep[834], Apply this to use a sword technique that induces cognitive impairment[835]..Possessing the ultimate angelic ability "Astarte" that can evolve as you wish, and evolving the "lazy person" to the ultimate demon ability "Belphegor" in the battle with Zegion. However, I didn't understand the essence of this ability, which is very effective in supporting my colleagues, and I couldn't master it.[836].
    Race: Angel / Seraph → Fallen
    Large and muscular female warrior[837].. As one of the "Seven Archangels of the Primordial", he lives under Dino's subordinates and usually infiltrates the land of humans.[838]..Armed with a one-handed sword and a circular shield, higher than Dino in terms of power[839]..Possess the ultimate angelic ability "Haniel"[840]..There are only Dino's friends, and he spends his free time like his fellow Pico.
    Wergrind was ordered by Feldway to prevent the repair of a hole in the labyrinth, but he fought against Gerd who awoke from the sleep of evolution, and withdrew after Dino was defeated and Cornu died.
    He accompanied El Dorado's invasion operation, but entered a kamakura made of ice with Pico and had a girls-only gathering with Rain and others.
    Race: Angel / Seraph → Fallen
    Petite beautiful girl[837].. As one of the "Seven Archangels of the Primordial", he lives under Dino's subordinates and usually infiltrates the land of humans.[838]..Use a spear as a weapon and use a lightning strike called "Black Thunder"[841]..Possess the ultimate angelic ability "Jibril"[840].
    Marshal Samsung
    One of the eight star demons, the youngest brother of the three brothers of Dagrül.Born from a giant mad king, a mad fist giant who once ransacked the earth with his brother and was sealed by Verdanava.Its existence value is 6000 million, which is comparable to that of a dragon species, and it is said to be an ancient evil god, a disaster next to the extinct dragon Ivarage.The two older brothers were shut down and obedient to Verdanava, but because only Fen had the same temperament as a tyrant who had lost control of emotions while retaining his intellect and reason. It was sealed in the Tenseigu by the chain of the Holy Devil (Gleipnir) created by.However, at the behest of Verdanava, who was sympathetic to the situation, Feldway came to see the situation on a regular basis, and as he talked to each other, he became a trusted friend.Due to this relationship, the seal was broken by Feldway, and he was appointed as the head of Samsung under Feldway.[842].
    The head of state of the super-magical empire that once existed,Magic EmperorA man who called himself.A true human being created by the ancestor Twilight Valentine, and the number one high-ranking younger brother.[843]..With a particularly arrogant personality among high humans, he does not doubt that he should reign as an emperor.He therefore sees others only as a tool to satisfy his own desires, and is generally referred to by those who know him as a lower species.His name does not remain in history, but his deeds are known as the fool who unleashed the world's worst demons by summoning Guy Crimson and destroying the whole country.
    Although the circumstances are unknown, it is known from conversations between Kagari, Guy, and Sylvia that he had taken over the body of the king of the super-magical power, the father of Kagari who was a wind spirit.[843]There, he kills Kagari, who was a wind spirit, and makes him an ugly male ghost tribe, and tramples the people of Kagari's country for his own experiments.In addition, aiming for Mirim's rule, killing Gaia, Mirim's pet, caused her anger and awakening, and the whole country was extinguished.[844].
    The soul is protected by Feldway, and he is incarnated by the body of Footman, who was under his control during the invasion of the core world, and he hijacked Footman's body at the signal of Feldway.He has been given the King of Rescue by Michael, and based on that, he obtains the ultimate grant "King of Flames (Agni)".[845]..The existence value has reached 1400 million, and the existence value of the spear called "Origin Blood" given by the ancestor is also over 1000 million.[846].
    Seven evil heavenly generals
    Appointed to be the first of the seven heavens[847].
    Originally ranked 44th in the order of the Imperial Guard Knights, he was a lost person of "another world" who was a member of Yuuki.A little petite but irreverent personality[815].. Has a unique skill "murderer (Corosmono)" with characteristics suitable for assassination missions such as "silent movement" and "concealment of existence"[848]..He was killed by Damrada in front of the coup d'etat, but later revived as a youkai tribe by taking in the youkai tribe under Zarario.[816]In addition, the seraph summoned by "Angel's Army" is incarnated by himself and becomes "Youkai".[589]..And at the cost of "murderer", the ultimate ability "King of Condemnation" recovered from Kondo is given as the ultimate grant.[849], Can be treated as a "Punishment King (Sandalphon)" that embodies as an all-you-can-shoot pistol[850]..Overwhelmed Khan and Leon under Misary in the invasion operation to El Dorado, and defeated Souei who rushed to cheer even though he was immersed in an uplifting feeling and withdrew.[851]..In the mission to assassinate Masayuki in Inglacia, she hides with Feldway in a concealment by authority, and although she aims at the place where Masayuki appears, it ends in misfire due to Masayuki's luck, and the empire of Venom, Bernie, Jiu, and Minutes who should be subordinate. He was cornered by the forces, and was used as a material for the evil dragon beast by Venom and died.Asking Feldway for help, but abandoned due to previous blunder[474].
    Mai Kojo (My Furuki)
    Former Japanese high school girl and summoner.I trust and admire him because he was picked up by Yuuki, who was the general manager of the free union, and received help.[815]..The purpose is to return to the sickly younger brother who left behind in the world over there[816].
    It was purged by Verglind during the coup d'etat, but it was revived by taking in the demons under Zarario.[816]In addition, the seraph summoned by the "Angel Army" is incarnated by himself and becomes a "Youkai".[589]..And based on the unique skill "Traveler (Samayomono)", you can imagine every place and grasp what is happening there, and you can "teleport" to your favorite place without any time difference, which is limited to this world. Acquire "Noou (World Map)"[817].
    Leon Cromwell
    Ruled by the Archangel of Feldway and greeted as one of the Seven Heaven[847]..Regain sanity with Limuru in battle at Tsutenkaku[852].

    Phantom beast tribe

    Race: Phantom Beast (Crypted)
    MekkairyuThe king of the phantom beast tribe called.It is unknown where it occurred and where it came from, and although it has power comparable to that of a "dragon species", it cannot even communicate due to lack of intelligence, and it develops destructive actions as instinct.After fighting fiercely with Feldway, who was concerned about the danger of ruining the world, he was sealed in a different world by Verdanava, who thought that intelligence could sprout, and the phantom beast tribe rather than the demon that leaked from himself. Came to occur naturally[853].

    Insect demons

    Race: Insects
    MushimaouThe king of the insect demons called.Originally a willing individual with intelligence born from the phantom beast tribe, given the name by Verdanava, he began to exterminate the phantom beast tribe who had run away from his natural struggle instinct without being ordered. Created a bug demon that became his own limbs, and eventually formed a part of the faction[854].
    It used to be in conflict with Feldway, who leads the demons, but now it has a cooperative relationship with Michael on the condition that it controls half of the world.[855].

    Dragon species

    For an explanation of the dragon race

    The eldest brother of the world's highest and strongest species, the "dragon species"[856]And the father of the Demon King Mirim.Of this worldCreatorIt ’s the first “dragon species” to be a barrel.[856],"Star King Dragon"Has the nickname of[857].
    Originally, it was a perfect "all one", and when it was born, it had only its own will, but when such a world is boring, it abandons its "all-knowing and all-powerful".[858]..Many other dimensional worlds (another world)[859]An angel who creates and helps his work, a giant mad king who is the incarnation of the earth, a fairy queen as a star administrator, a vampire ancestor to build and prosper civilization on earth, and perfect It has created a willingness to support many races and the world, such as fertility, adaptability to the environment, and human beings with unique ego and curiosity.[860]..In addition, the role of "mediator" is entrusted to the naturally occurring demon tribe's original red guy.
    A dreamer (romantist) but also a perfectionist, he has the calmness to think about what is impossible as an ideal.[861].
    After that, he married his disciple's sister, Lucia, and earned Mirim, but this weakened him to a state that was almost the same as a human being, and became a person who was bound by "lifetime", and the remaining power was used as Mirim's pet and escort. Reincarnated into a spirit dragon and became the founder of "dragons" such as dragons.[857]..He was happy to die with Lucia, but soon after his daughter was born, he died with his wife in a terrorist attack in the Kingdom of Nasca by an enemy country.[862]..Since the dragon species does not completely perish, it is thought that Verdanava will eventually be revived.[857], So far no signs of that have been confirmed[863].
    When creating the world, it creates the laws of the world and the authority called the angel system to manage those laws, and when the world stabilizes, the ultimate ability of the angel system that specializes in domination."King Justice (Michael)Leaving only, he gave other powers to his sisters and his subordinate primordials, and released the rest to the world.Rudra who became a disciple is the ultimate ability"Pledge King (Uriel)Because he hated the power of control when he acquired, he gave up "King of Justice" in exchange for the authority of Rudra, and regained "King of Pledge" instead.
    Voice- Yuka Iguchi
    A dragon species that lives in Guy's castle"White Ice Dragon","Ice Empress"Has a synonym such as.Verdola, Vergrind's sister[864][865]..Guy Crimson's companion.The dragon form is a beautiful white dragon with deep-sea-colored eyes.[866]..The human face resembles a niece Mirim, with shiny white hair and deep blue eyes.[867]..When he was at Hakuhigu, he took the form of a girl for the purpose of deliberately leaking the aura, but when he arrived at the Michael camp, he became a bewitching beauty.It is characterized by the behavior of a charming older sister, such as calling her younger brother and sister in a chanting manner, but her personality is strict and she does not allow her to have a weak spirit.[868].
    Being jealous of Guy, who was recognized by his brother, he challenged the battle, and realized why he liked him by drawing with him who evolved his ultimate ability by himself in the battle, and he himself also liked him and walked together. I decided.
    From my brother, the ultimate ability of the angel system to fix the state and respond to unforeseen circumstances "Patience King (ガ ブ リ エ ルHave been given[869][92], Has the nature of force specialized in "stopping kinetic energy".It can completely suppress the release of magical power, and the defense of the iron wall of the absolute stop "Eternal World" does not lead to any of Verdola's abilities.[870].
    Every time Verdola went wild, he was smashing him on an overkill scale, so he had a strong sense of weakness, but the violence was not malicious and was avoided until Limuru pointed out. Did not recognize[871].
    It seems that he had some desire for him even while he was with Guy, and when Feldway invaded the White Ice Palace, Michael dared to accept their rule and release his desire for Guy. I joined the camp.Therefore, although it is under the control of Michael, it seems that it is not under the control of the spirit.
    "Burning dragon"Has the nickname of.Verdola's sister, Verzard's younger sister.An aide to Emperor Rudra, who has been nominated as General Manager in the eastern empire for generations.It has a huge crimson dragon form and a beautiful woman with blue hair as a characteristic bun.I love rudra[872], Serves as a "Marshal" in the empire and is enshrined as a guardian dragon living in "Burning Kamiyama", but it is not generally known that they are the same person.[873]..I will do anything for Rudra, but I am not interested in politics.In fact, it is vulnerable to bribes other than money.[874].
    The controlling attribute is fire.The nature of force is "acceleration" derived from heat, and the ultimate ability of an angel system whose essence is "support" by freely manipulating energy."King of Rescue (Raguel)Have[875], The strongest mystery "Burning Ryuha Acceleration Excitation (Cardinal Acceleration)" that forcibly accelerates the opponent if it hits directly and even converts information into energy and causes thermal collapse.[876], Amplifies the amount of heat to the maximum and burns tens of thousands of degrees溶岩"Burning Embrace" to be trapped in the prison[877]Have skills such as.
    Simultaneously proceed with multiple operations with a completely divided "separate body", suppress the coup d'etat by Yuki, defeat the three demon daughters, transport the demon beast army, and succeed in restraining Limuru and others.In cooperation with Rudra and Kondo, he ruled Verdola mentally, but this caused Limuru's anger, and he was defeated before Ciel's computing power and was captured in the "imaginary space".At that time, it turned out to be under the control of Michael, so due to Ciel's "ability modification", the ultimate ability that integrated the "Rescue King" and the transferred "Pledge King""King of Fire God (Cthugha)And get out of control, you will be able to detect the "soul" of Rudra scattered all over the world[95].
    By meeting Limuru and touching on that idea, Rudra left behind when he left, taking care not to lose his bloodline with the people he loved, and moving himself to see the room for their growth. Thinking is changing so that you can see things from a big perspective, such as not[878].
    Voice- Tomoaki Maeno[W7]
    "Storm Dragon"The youngest brother of the "dragon species" with the nickname of.The monster that Limuru first spoke to in the cave of the Jura Forest that first appeared in this world[19]In that case, the brave man Klonoa who fought 300 years ago[Note 29]Was sealed in "Infinite Prison" by[19][881].
    Before the seal, it flew around the world and rampaged, and is socially feared as an "evil dragon."After being killed by Guy and Verzard, he has been resurrected repeatedly, and he has a strong sense of weakness towards his two older sisters, and he cannot raise his head. About 2 years ago, it destroyed the Luminous City, Night Rose Palace.[Note 30], Luminous often accuses me of being a "fucking lizard."It was supposed to disappear while being sealed in about 100 years, but after naming Limuru and exchanging his last name with Limuru, he became the first friend of Limuru in the world.[19]..In order to avoid disappearance, Limuru's "stomach" is stored together with "Infinite Prison", and about two years later, Limuru, who became the Awakening Demon King, revives when he captures "King of Wisdom".Midway at Limuru's house for a whileneatHowever, after being entrusted with the last boss at the innermost part of the labyrinth, it became easier to spend time by creating a living room that does not affect the ground even if it continues to emit demons in the original dragon shape.[44], Charis is working as an assistant at the laboratory in the labyrinth.It is possible to suppress the demons by referring to the knowledge of the manga gained in Limuru, but sometimes there is a danger that the demons will explode unless they are released, and when they are actually released in the labyrinth, The labyrinth was distorted by the blast, and Ramiris felt dangerous.[44].
    In the form of a dragon, it is a dignified giant jet-black dragon.[Note 31], When Limuru's "strengthening alter ego" was revived as a substitute, he became a young man with blond hair, dark skin, and a solid physique.[85][883]..His personality is simple and easy to get on with, and he often talks about what he thinks, which often leads to trouble.[864]Also very curious[864]I know it.Limuru recognizes that there are places that are human-loving and lonely.[19]Inwardly, he is called "Mr. Chologon" because he is vulnerable to fanning.
    Dominates the three attributes of wind, water, and space[884], Boasts the largest amount of demons among the existing "dragon species"[885]..Storm magic "Wind that calls for death", "Black lightning bolt", "Storm of ruin"[886], And "Black Ruin Tempest" with the effect of the ultimate ability[887]Manipulate.After the resurrection, Limuru's ultimate ability "Storm King"'s "Storm Dragon Restoration" also gained complete immortality as long as he was safe.[888], We are developing a combat technique derived from cartoon knowledge called "Verdola style fighting killing method" and a mystery "convergent storm attack (storm blast)" that interferes with space with "thunder storm roar" released from the mouth.[889]..Unique skill to know the target information "Investigator (Siritagari)Have[864], The ultimate ability of the analysis system with the evolution of Limuru's awakening after the resurrection"King of Investigation (King of Investigation)Faust)Acquired.During the war with the empire, he was shot by Kondo's "God-destroying bullet" and was forcibly ruled by Rudra, but he was "predated" again by the rushed Limuru and escaped from rule.At this time, Ciel performs "ability modification", and "King of Investigation" is the ultimate ability "Chaos King (NyarlathotepEvolves into an immortality that is almost impossible to destroy[890].
    In the bonus novel "Verdola's Slime Observation Diary" at the end of the manga version, you can know the impression of Verdola's viewpoint in that volume.Although he is in a different space of Limuru, he is able to access his senses to some extent by making full use of his magical power, and shares the information he has seen and heard (I do not know Limuru). He is a little overestimated because he believes that Limuru is consciously providing support by the autonomous skill "Great Sage" that even he who has "Investigator" did not know.By observing a number of actions that go beyond the common sense of Limuru, he is impressed and reflects on his former actions.In addition, ifrit, who was taken in as a time-killing partner, is invited to the subspace where he is, and he can observe the words and actions of Limuru together, and games such as books (subcultures such as manga and reference books) and shogi in his memory. I like[891].


    Pig Head Emperor Gerd
    Voice- Kenji Nomura
    In Volume 2 of the book, he leads an armed uprising of the surrounding pig heads to survive the great famine and longs for his adoptive father.GermudNamed by the pig head emperor (Oak Road). Lead a large army of 20 to destroy the villages of the great demons and confront the Lizards and Limuru who rushed as reinforcements in the kingdom of the Lizards.[892]..During the battle, he eats himself to fulfill Germud's wishes and evolves into a Demon King species as he aimed.[581]..At the end, he was defeated by being eaten by Limuru's "predator" and disappeared with relief that Limuru would carry his own sin.[581].
    The Pig Head Emperor is a peculiar individual that occurs suddenly once every several hundred years, and is based on the unique skill "Hunger (Wellmono)" that is unique to a special race that is inherited in atavism.[893]It has an inexhaustible feeling of hunger, the ability to convert what it eats into energy, and the ability to give the ability of the monsters it eats to its subordinate pig heads.For this reason, it causes a disaster that eats up surrounding monsters and organic matter.[894]..The pig head emperors who appeared in the past are all subdued by humans because humans are not predators.[895].
    Charybdis (Charybdis
    A legendary spiritual creature that dominated the sky in ancient times, it repeatedly regenerates and dies in a cycle of hundreds of years, and when it manifests, it becomes the first dragon with a total length of over 50 meters.[896]..A disaster-class monster that has strength comparable to that of the Demon King, but has no ego and rampages with instinct.It was sealed in the large forest of Jura by a brave man, but in the third volume of the book, due to the dark leap of the Golden Mean Karen.FobioIt fuses with and revives using Verdola's demon pool.It could not be defeated even in the total war between the Knights of the Devil and the Tensho Knights of Dwargon, but it disappears, leaving only Fobio, who became the body by Mirim who participated in the war.In Volume 6 of the bookYamzaHe tried to revive again by fusing with, but before it became a perfect body, it was burned down by Benimaru's Black Flame Prison.
    It is difficult to approach because it summons a giant shark (Megalodon) and flies at high altitude in a group, and it is difficult to subdue it from the ground because it does not allow magic attacks due to its ability to disturb demons.[897]..Has a mysterious ray emitted from the eyes as a means of attack and a wide range annihilation attack that shoots tens of thousands of shield scales as shells[896]..After the subjugation by Mirim, many shield scales were used as materials for armor, and the demon core fused to Fobio was separated by Limuru.CharisIt is used as the core of.

    List of Demon Kings


    NameTwo peoplereadingCommentary
    1.Guy CrimsonDark emperorRoad of Darkness[898]#White Ice Palacereference
    2.Mirim NavaTyrant of destructionDestroy[899]#Forgotten City of Dragonsreference
    3.RamirisLabyrinth fairylabyrinth[899]#Labyrinthreference
    4.Dagrül[279]The wrath of the earthEarth Quake[899]#Holy Hollow Damarganiareference
    5.Luminous ValentineQueen of the Night DevilQueen of Nightmare[899]#Divine Law Empire Ruberiosreference
    6.Dino[279]Sleeping rulerSleeping ruler[899]#Primitive Seven Archangelsreference
    7.Leon CromwellPlatinum Sword King[900]Platinum saver[901]#Golden Township El Doradoreference
    8.Limuru TempestNew Star ⇨ Holy Devil Hybrid EmperorNew Bee[899] ⇨ Chaos Create#Jura Tempest Federation (Demon Federation)reference

    At the beginning of the storyTen Great Demon KingsHowever, when Limuru murdered Clayman in the "Feast of the Demon Kings" and took the position of Demon King, Carillon and Frey abdicated, and Luminous was replaced by Roy who was a shadow warrior. Will be 8 people, and at that time Limuru will be entrusted with the naming rightOctagram (OctagramBecame[40].

    Former Demon King

    NameTwo peoplereadingCommentary
    1.KazarimMagic KingCurse Road#Medium Tao Karenreference
    2.ClaymanPuppeteerMarionette Master[560], Puppet Master[35]#Puppet State Gistavereference
    3.FreyQueen of the SkySky Queen[394]#Heavenly Kingdom Full Brosiareference
    4.CarillonLion KingBeast Master#Beast Kingdom Eurasianreference
    5.Roy ValentineOverlord of fresh bloodBloody Road#Divine Law Empire Ruberiosreference


    In this work, it is set that Verdanava created a wide variety of different dimensional worlds with different civilization levels and laws.

    The world in which Limuru plays an active role is a material world that is also called the "basic world", and is full of demons, demons, and magic. "Spiritual world" where spiritual life forms such as spirits, demons, and angels live in addition to the "basic world"[902][903]In addition to, "chaotic world" and "semi-spiritual world" where spiritual life forms can be manifested.[902][903]And the world named "Underworld" where the invading race (aggressor) lives is set.[904]..In addition, there is a setting that the same world is one, there is no parallel world, and the same existence cannot be duplicated on the same time axis.[859].

    It is said that "spirit engineering" etc. exists as over-technology at the medieval European level in setting the civilization and technical level of the "key world".[903]..The economic and social setting is mainly the monetary economy in big cities, but bartering is the mainstream in rural areas, and it is said that it is a disparity society in the monetary economy.Humans and monsters are in a hostile relationship, and the Demon King is also in a relationship of mutual non-interference.Entertainment and culture are not developing due to the limited use of money and the constant danger of life.The mysterious "voice of the world" is set to announce the acquisition of skills and the evolution of the race.[903].

    Country, place name

    Jura Forest[905]
    The area where the main character Limuru reincarnated. Since Verdola was sealed 300 years ago and was a buffer zone for humans, demons, and demons, a non-aggression pact was signed to prevent Verdola from being unsealed.[906]..Jura's Great Forest is located in the geographical center of the work world[905]The eastern and western countries across the Jura Forest are called the Eastern and Western countries, and the continents north and southwest of the Jura Forest also have areas controlled by the Demon King.
    Jura Tempest Federation[907][908]
    Demon Federation (Tempest)Also called.A large alliance nation in which monster villages living in the Jura Forest, with Limuru as the alliance, cooperated and allied.[907]..At the beginning of the story, the area of ​​control was about 3% of the forest.[909], The entire large forest of Jura is under control by the inauguration of Limuru's Demon King.
    Aiming for friendship between humans and monsters[905], Joined the Council of Western Countries and signed security, and countries such as the armed nations Dwargon, the Kingdom of Blumundo, the territory of Mirim, the Kingdom of Farmenas, and the Magical Dynasty Salion joined hands, and humans and demons coexist and co-prosper. Become the center of the sphere concept[910].
    The governing system isFederal stateContrary to the name ofNational prerogativeThe de facto personal possession of LimuruDictatorshipHowever, looking to the futureSeparation of three powersWe are promoting.At the beginning of the founding of the country, the main product was a recovery drug using hippokte grass, and thenAlcoholic beveragesな どFermented foodStarted production[911], The result of Zion's "cook" of crops using the power of tamperingBreed improvement[912]The food culture will develop to the same level as Limuru's premortal world.In addition, the standards of clothing and crafts are high, and these products and cultures are utilized for interstate exchanges.
    The standing army is about 5 people, and the commandership is in Limuru, the king, but Benimaru has command.[913].. There are three standing corps and a small corps belonging to individuals, which are not large but of high quality.The quality of the armament is also high because the iron ore produced from the mountainous area is exposed to the magic elements released by Verdola and "magic steel" can be mass-produced naturally.In the 3th volume of the book, 14 executives have evolved to the equivalent of the Awakening Demon King, and to themHoly Devil Twelve Guardian KingHas been given the title of[914].
    Central city Limuru[915]
    The capital of the Demon Federation.Originally a city where small settlements where Riggleds lived developed.Based on the cross-shaped route connecting the gate and the central square, there is an office as an administrative government in the central part, as well as a residential area, agricultural land, central square, executive residential area, guest house, industrial area, warehouse area, public facility area. It is divided into such as.The relocation of Ramiris will allow the entire city to be relocated to the 101st floor of the Labyrinth in the event of an emergency.
    All 100 levels of underground created by Ramirismaze..Since it will be immortal inside the labyrinth, it will be operated as an adventure attraction facility that takes advantage of this feature, and will also be a base for the technological development of Tempest and the production of resources using demons.It also has the hidden role of quantifying life form information and building a database.[916].
    Inside the labyrinth, the hierarchy guardian protects multiples of 10[917], Below the 50th floor is the guardian of the labyrinthLabyrinth Ten JieRefrain from. The 91st floor is an iron ore storage warehouse, the 92nd floor is a magic steel manufacturing factory, the 93rd floor is a flower garden, and the 94th floor is a honey processing plant, which are isolated from the outside.[918].. On the 95th floor, there is a city called Labyrinth, where elves and tree people migrate, and there are dungeon rest areas, research facilities, and hippokte grass cultivation areas.[44].
    Armed State Dwargon[919][920]
    A dwarven kingdom with a history of 1000 years.The population of dwarves alone is 5000 million, and 1 million including other races.A nation built in a natural cave located in the northern part of the Jura Forest.Recognized the Demon Federation as a nation in Volume 3 of the book, aiming for mutual non-aggression pact, paving of highways, and mutual technology provision[921].
    Neutral nation, active free trade and interracial trade[922]..High technical level, active research on "spirit engineering"[923]..Money processed in the Kingdom of Dwarves circulates as universal money[924].
    Forgotten City of Dragons[925][926]
    A territory controlled by Mirim.The total population is less than 10.It is located on the south side of the large forest of Jura, bordering Eura Zania in the west and Gistave in the east.
    Although there is a temple where Mirim lives in the capital, there is no political function.There is no regular standing army, but there is a knight order to protect the temple.Residents are descendants of humanized dragons who have met as humans.[927]The wealth produced by the inhabitants is concentrated in the Central Temple, and is governed by the priests who redistribute the wealth to the inhabitants.There is an ethnicity that avoids trying too much to worship Mirim, and there is an idea that it is the best treat to have the food as it is.
    Beast Kingdom Eurasian[928][929]
    A nation centered on the beast human race (lycanthrope) controlled by Karion.The total population is 3 million.Located on the south side of Jura's Great Forest, it borders Fulbrosia in the west and the forgotten dragon city in the east.
    Agriculture is flourishing in the country of Shura, where the weak cannot enter.[930]..Polygamy is common[931]..The capital is destroyed by Mirim in 5 volumes of books[932], Karion is annexed to Mirim's territory as it is under Mirim's control.[933]..Established diplomatic relations with the Devil's Federation in 4 volumes of books, and Limuru offered to support the reconstruction of the war in 6 volumes of books, making it a permanent friendship country.[934].
    Heavenly Wing Country Full Brosia[928][935]
    A nation centered on the winged tribe (harpy) that was ruled by Demon Lord Frey.The total population is less than 100 million.It is located across the Kusha Mountains on the south side of Jura's large forest, bordering the sea to the west and bordering Eurazania to the east.The capital is a layered city created by hollowing out the center of a mountain range.
    It is a society in which those with wings are ranked high, and those who cannot fly in the sky on their own are not treated well even by powerful high-ranking demons.[936]..Rare metals and gems are mined.Since there are almost only females in the winged group, polyandry is the basis.As Frey's aide, there is a "Tenshoshu" composed of rare warrior-type winged tribes.[937]..In Volume 6, Frey resigned from the throne of the Demon King and became a vassal of Mirim, so he was annexed to Mirim territory.[933].
    Puppet State Gistave[938][929]
    Originally dominated by the Demon King Kazarim, it is a nation centered on demon races such as the Black Youkai Chief (Dark Elf), who took over the rule of Clayman.The total population is 1 million.Borders the Great Forest of Jura, the Forgotten City of Dragons, and the Eastern Empire.
    Most of the peopleslaveSelf-identify as a grave keeper in the ranks.Amrita, the capital, is also an ancient ruin built by Kazalim in imitation of Soma, a super-magical power destroyed by Mirim, and has a defense mechanism using magical techniques and magic dolls (golems).[939]..Free trade is permitted and a monetary economy is established.[940]..It is a buffer zone with the eastern empire because of the steep mountains that rise between it and the eastern empire, but it is possible to come and go with the empire.[941].After Clayman disappears in Book 6, it will be jointly managed by Milim and Rimuru.[Note 32]
    Kingdom of Blumundo[943][944]
    A small country bordering on the west side of the large forest of Jura, a member of the Council of Western Countries.The population is about 100 million and there are 50 free people.Only 1% of aristocrats are lords (local supervisions) of small villages[945].
    The only city that can be called is the royal capital, and the streets are old-fashioned like medieval Europe.[946]..Like a country in a remote area, people who are armed are conspicuous even in the city[946]..The closest human country to Tempest, following Dwargon, concludes a friendship treaty with the Demon Federation[943]..Although it was an information nation that sells information, in Limuru's human-demon mutual prosperity area, a relay point for magic trains connecting each country will be set up, and it will play a role as a distribution center.[947]..In anticipation of this, the people will work together to study world affairs and economics, and as a national policy, nationalization of land and honorary positions of aristocrats will be promoted.[948].
    Kingdom of Farmus (Kingdom of Farmenas)[949][944]
    It is a large country in the western countries with a population of 3000 million and 1000 million free people, for a total of 4000 million people.[949]..It borders the large forests of Jura, Blumund and Dwargon.
    A feudal nation with a tyranny and a military power, it holds its own summoning ceremonies and holds a large number of foreigners.Located at the gateway to the trade route connecting Western countries and Dwargon, tourism and trade are thriving and prosperous with tax revenues on imported goods, but the level of non-trade industries is low and the wealth is redistributed to the people. Not done[950][951]..Concerned about a new trade route with Dwargon via the Devil's Federation, he launches an invasion war against the Devil's Federation in Volume 5 of the book, but is completely defeated.The king abdicated, and the gray parrot from the common people became the new king and changed the country name to the Kingdom of Farmenas.[50]Aiming to convert agricultural products to a country of origin[952].
    Kingdom of Inglacia[953][954]
    One of the largest powers in the west, located almost in the center of the continent.The population is 2000 million, with 4000 million people and XNUMX million free people.A stable nation that is not easily damaged by monsters because it is not in contact with the large forest of Jura.
    It is a key trade route in Western countries, with the headquarters of the Freedom Union and the working base of the Western Orthodox Church.The capital is a big city, and a chalk castle towers in the center of a large lake in the center, and the townscape spreads radially around the castle.In addition to the normal army and knights, there are magical inquirers who have incorporated the demon factor into the secret unit under the direct control of the king.[955].
    Divine Law Empire Ruberios[956][957]
    A religious nation located in the western part of the continent, which was founded about 2000 years ago.Approximately 2000 million people are the only Luminous who follow the god Luminous.
    Luminous is a nation founded by Luminous to coexist and co-prosper with humans and vampires in order to obtain the vitality that is essential for the survival of lower vampires. In return for creating a false threat to the Demon King and guaranteeing a happy life for humans, a system for seeking blood donations to obtain vitality from humans is maintained.[958]..The true imperial capital where vampires live in the basement of the main facilities of the Western Orthodox ChurchNight garden (night garden)Is spreading, and research on "physical engineering" that finds the rules of the natural world and defines the laws of physics is being conducted by the imperial aristocrats.[959]..In Volume 7 of the book, the Luminous doctrine of "not allowing the survival of demons" was abolished, and the Federation of Demon Kingdoms was officially recognized as a nation, forming 100 years of diplomatic relations.[960].
    Kingdom of Siltrozzo[961][962]
    A small country with a population of 200 million, facing the North Sea, bordering the Kingdoms of Falmus and Inglacia.
    It is dominated by the Rosso clan with Granbell Rosso at the top, and through the Council of Western Countries founded by Granbell, it has a strong influence on the Western countries along with the Council of Five Elders.The goal was to control human society from an economic perspective,[610], The death of Granbell and Mariabel crushes the plan, and the survivors of the Rosso clan fall to the Kingdom of General Doran.[962].
    Magical Dynasty Salion[963][964]
    A dynasty nation centered on the old elf dynasty that follows the elf thirteen royal family, which was founded about 2000 years ago.The population is 1 million and the number of free people is about 2000 million.It borders the western countries, and the Kusha Mountains rise between the large forests of Jura.
    Known as a great power dominated by Emperor Hermesia, who claims to be a descendant of God, he is not a member of the Western Council, like Dwargon.The emperor serves as the supreme leader of the military, and the royal family controls the mediation of each country controlled by the thirteen royal family, and is covered by the tax revenue paid by the thirteen royal family.The people are of the blood of the long-eared tribe, and "magic science" by those who have mastered elemental magic with active magic research is developing.[923]..It has freedom of religion, a unique sense of religion, and is not under the influence of the Western Orthodox Church.
    Republic of Urglacia[965]
    A small country with a population of less than 1000 million and about 100 million free people, located at the southern tip of the central continent, bordering on Salion.
    It is a democratic and peaceful country that is made up of trade with Salion, is not under the influence of the Western Orthodox Church, and is not a member of the Western Countries Council, so there is little direct connection with the Western countries.There were a large number of spirits in the country, and there was an entrance to the "spirit home" where Ramiris lived in the northernmost part of the country.
    Nasca Namrium Ulmeria Eastern Union Unified Empire[582][966]
    An imperial nation that controls the northeastern part of the continent, located to the east of the Jura Forest.A huge nation with a population of 8 million subjects and an estimated tens of millions of free people.
    Because the official name is longEastern empireIt is called.Both political sovereignty and military commandership are one of the oldest nations owned by the unified emperor Rudra Nam ul Nasca, and will become a major power over 2000.It owns a huge army with a special form of pay for performance, and its army is about one million.Protect the emperor as a true forceImperial Guard Knights (Imperial Guardian)There is a hermit-class talented person consisting of 100 people, equipped with a legendary class (legend).Especially at the top of the rankSingle digit number (double o number)Are all "saints", given the ultimate grant "authority" by the emperor, and can handle the ultimate abilities in a limited way. Armor is given[967]..Active weapons development that applies the scientific knowledge of protected transferees[968].
    The war with the Demon Federation loses two-thirds of its total strength, and Emperor Rudra is hijacked by Michael and disappears. Masayuki, who has the "soul" of Rudra, becomes the new emperor in view of the imperial house law that "the person recognized by Verglind becomes the emperor (Rudra)".
    Ice continent[969][970]
    A frigid continent further north of the Kingdom of Inglacia[971]So, Guy's territory.Until tens of thousands of years ago, a super-magical empire existed, but it is destroyed by a guy summoned to use it for war with an enemy country.The battle between Guy and Werzard for three days and three nights transformed it into an uninhabitable frozen soil, and as a result, Guy's castle, the White Ice Palace, is covered with ice.[972].
    Golden Town El Dorado[973]
    The Demon Federation is a nation controlled by the Demon King Leon Cromwell on another continent across the sea.AustraliaIt is located on a continent that is a little larger, and has an artificial cityscape that has been reorganized on a flat land that has been forcibly arranged and optimized by great magic.The shape is a six-pointed star, and the cityscape gradually increases in height from the entrance in a spiral, and the white royal castle rises in the center.The city itself depicts a mighty layered magic circle, and with the effects of powerful "entry monitoring (search enemies)" and "interception defense (counter magic)", even army magic specializing in city attacks can be easily repelled.[974]..It was close to the Hell Gate, which was dominated by the original Huang (later Carrera), and was frequently attacked.
    The territory of Dagrühl, a city that was abandoned by the decisive battle between Guy and Mirim long ago. In the atmosphere of a decaying sanctuary as the common name of "holy emptiness", the power of two people who were forcibly expelled to another dimension continues to leak from the collapse of the dimension, so the huge tower "Tendori" which is barely a safe zone Except around the Kaku, a storm of sand that corrodes things that touch it blows, and even strong monsters cannot work outside for a long time.[975].
    Barren desert
    Spread further west of Western countriesDesertZone.Since it faces the territory controlled by the Demon King Dagrül, it is a blank area with no ruler.[976]..In the place where the ancient magical kingdom of the long-eared tribe used to be, there is "Soma", which is the capital of the time and is now one of the largest archaeological sites in the world.The cause of desertification is the battle between Mirim and Guy, and Dagrühl is trying to stop the progress of desertification.
    The birthplace of Verdanava, which was before the creation of all the worlds, the place of origin that was adjacent to but isolated from all the worlds. In a very small flat world of less than 100 square kilometers, it exists on the inner surface of one sphere, the lower half is the earth, the upper half is the sky, the warm climate without four seasons and the beautiful chalk castle are the only changes. A complete world that cannot be felt.You need a "key" to go through the gate to get in and out[977].


    Western Council (Council of West)[905][978][979]
    A council formed by a group of nations west of Jura's large forest.The founder is Granbell Rosso.It is a gradual international organization that mediates various conflicts within the Western nations, and at the same time has the aspect of a coalition for the Western nations to oppose the eastern empire.It is located in the Kingdom of Inglacia, which functioned as the center of Western nations before the founding of Tempest.Some small nations and empires do not participate in the council.
    Although it claims to be neutral and fair, the voices of the kingdoms of Falmus and Inglacia, which have large national powers, are given preferential treatment, and those who take the breath of the "Council of Five Elders" with Granbell at the top have many seats and are involved in concessions. Was interfering with the problem[961]..After the fall of the Rosso clan and the Council of Five Elders, the Demon Federation became the most vocal nation due to the success of the Testarossa.
    Free union[978][979]
    A private international organization that originally existed as an adventurer mutual aid union, but was modified by Kagurazaka Yuki to establish the right to negotiate with the leaders of each country and mutual aid provisions.The headquarters is in the Kingdom of Inglacia. , The council asks for various jobs in return for investing.
    Free union members can freely change their nation, and in the nations affiliated with the union, their identities are proved, so they can come and go freely.[980][981]..The main types of activities are roughly divided into three types: collecting items, conducting field surveys, and subduing monsters, which are carried out by the adventurer (union member) to which they belong.[981]..There is also a school called "Jiyu Gakuen," which has an aspect as a membership training facility, and retired adventurers are teachers.It also has the aspect of a mercenary group in which a certain number of union members belong under the command of the state when a mobilization order is received based on a national agreement.
    Since the 11th volume of the book, the general and deputy general have been confused because they have been sent to the eastern empire.[979]..In addition, as a similar organization to the eastern empire, there is a "contractor federation" that dispatches professionals.[982].
    Moderate Tao Karen[983]
    A group of demons dressed as clowns who call themselves a shop.It is an absolute rule not to betray friends and clients[97]..Originally, it was a group composed of the Demon King Kazalim and the youkai tribe under it, but Kagurazaka Yuki's was killed by the Demon King Leon 200 years ago, and about 10 years ago on the condition that Kazalim was revived. Be under the umbrella.With the ultimate goal of conquering the world, he is dying in the world as a mysterious force.
    Western Orthodox Church[984]
    Organized for the purpose of preaching Luminous religionReligious group..Formally, it is an independent organization from the country of Ruberios, and its practice is based in the Kingdom of Inglacia, but its headquarters is located in Ruberios.Originally, it had no force and only spread the teachings of God, but in order to protect the safety of those who preached, the Holy See requested each country, and a knight group dispatched to each country from the central Holy Church temple was formed. , The number exceeds tens of thousands.The most excellent of theseHoly Knights (Crusaders) Is allowed to belong to the Paladin and is called the Holy Knight.[985]..At the hands of the paladin leader Hinata, the knights have been dispatched to churches scattered throughout the western world, and the organization has been transformed into a powerful organization that carries out efficient organizational activities as a "friend of justice that protects the weak."[986].
    Three giants (Cerberus)
    A huge secret society that dominates the eastern underworld[987]..An organization created by Yuki crushing the "Mother of Darkness (Echidna)" who ruled the underworld of the eastern empire.[988]..With Yuki as the general commander, the three leaders who bear the "gold", "female", and "power" that symbolize the desires of a man are called the three giants.


    All non-human races are distinguished for convenience from a human point of view, and humans mating with humans such as dwarves and long-eared (elf) who are friendly to humans and are considered to be members of humanity. Demihumans are the races that are close to the human race, and monsters are the general term for races other than animals that are hostile to humankind.[989][19]..Also, among the monsters, the race with high intelligence and fertility is called the demon, and the monster with great power is called the demon.[989][19].

    Demon is ranked by the free union according to the degree of danger to humans[990]..Add plus and minus signs to the strength within the rank and add B-, C+Notated as[991]..It is difficult to distinguish between animals and monsters, but the clear difference is that monsters are much stronger than animals, and monsters that have been altered by being exposed to demons eat meat and nuts like animals, while their diet is mainly demons. Nanoha is classified as a youkai[992].

    The demons (demons) are at the end of their growthDemon King SpeciesEvolved into[993], As a title if approved by 3 or more Demon KingsDevilCan be named[994]..And those who meet certain conditions and get 1 soulsTrue Demon KingEvolve to (Awakening Demon King) and gain the highest strength[7][995]..In addition, if the awakening evolution to the Demon King is successful, the blessing of the Harvest Festival will be distributed to the subordinate demons in the genealogy of the soul, and the subordinates will also evolve and gain new abilities.

    Human beings are semi-spiritual life forms at the end of harsh trainingSenjinIt is said that if it evolves to, and if it further evolves, it will be comparable to the Awakening Demon King.saintTo[996], When the existence value rises furtherGod manWill be.Unlike monsters, humans cannot adapt immediately even if they evolve, and it is necessary to get used to them over many years.[997]If you become a perfect saint, you will be equal to a mental life form that is not bound by the body, and you will not need to sleep or breathe.[458]..There are also those who have mutated from humans and turned into demons, and theyHuman demons (demonoids)Collectively called[998].

    Dragon speciesIs the world's highest, strongest species and immortal existence with only four confirmed in the world[857][856][863]..It's not immortal, but once it dies, it becomes a dragon with a different personality somewhere and revives.[999]..It can be compared to a natural phenomenon because of its unreasonable immortality that even if the "heart core" that is inevitable to disappear even if it is destroyed is destroyed, it can be revived.With the strongest will power, you can defeat the ultimate ability even with a simple attack[1000]..The body of the dragon is also a temporary figure, and the reality is a spiritual life form.[881][856], A high-ranking species of spirits that has both holy and demon attributes, and is located at the top of the holy demon spirit.[1001]..It has a human figure and a dragon form (dragon mode), both of which have exactly the same attack power, but the human figure is overwhelmingly superior in terms of energy efficiency and succession ability, and the giant dragon form is overwhelmingly superior in terms of attack range and defense power. If anything, the dragon form is stronger[1002]..According to the evaluation of the free union, all four are classified as special S-class natural disaster class (catastrophe).

    By the wayDragon tribe (DragonIs a demon born with the deteriorated factor of "Star King Dragon" Verdanava, and is a physical life form that resembles a "dragon species" but has a physical body, and its essence is(I.e.Close to.When the spirit dragon died and the dragon factor was scattered, the lower dragons were born from the demon pool.With the dragon king of the earth, water, fire, and wind (Dragon Road) at the top, a dendrogram is drawn to the attribute dragons of flame dragon, ice and snow dragon, fierce wind dragon, and terrestrial dragon.Combat experience is important regardless of the strength of the attribute dragon.It has a habit of building a nest, and you can change the territory to your own environment.[1003].

    Ability, technology

    Ability (skill)[1004]
    Ability that can be acquired when the world recognizes some growth.There are various opportunities for acquisition, such as evolution and strong will.There are also abilities that are innately acquired as a racial trait.In addition, when multiple skills are acquired, they may be integrated and grow into new skills.Originally, it was systematized to some extent so that it could influence the laws of the world set by Verdanava, and it resides in the "soul" of a willing person and is activated by using its pure energy as food.[1005].
    Roughly as a type of skill,Common ability (common skill),Special ability (extra skill),Special ability (unique skill),Ultimate ability (ultimate skill)It is classified into four categories.Extra skills are far more powerful and performant than common skills[1006]..Unique skills are even more powerful than these, giving shape to one's emotions and aspirations and giving them unique powers as desired.Often rooted in the soul, the holder is protected by the skill and can mitigate the effects of powers that affect the soul.The ultimate ability is a skill bearing the name of an angel, a demon, or a god that only a few who have reached a special area such as a true demon king, saint, or hero can obtain.Above all, it comes from the fundamental desires of human beings.The deadly sinsSkills are said to be particularly powerful.There is basically no similar ultimate ability because the ultimate ability is beyond the limits of unique skills.[1007]..It is an absolute rule that the ultimate ability can only be countered by the ultimate ability, and the lower ability does not work.[1008].
    After the world became stable, Verdanava left only "King of Justice" to himself, and transferred some of his ultimate angelic abilities to the sisters of the dragon species and some of the Seven Archangels of the Primordial Primordial. As a result of releasing the rest to the world, the power is taken into the circle of reincarnation and appears in the world in a state of being restricted to a unique level in the qualified "soul."Virtue systemA unique skill[1005]..Skills such as the devilish ultimate ability were created by the owner himself by imitating them so as to correspond to those pure powers, if their intentions and desires were created in the form. Has the same authority as the head family[1009].
    Technology (Arts)[1010]
    It is an acquired technique that an individual acquires through his or her own efforts and training, and corresponds to martial arts and magic.It is often learned by humans who do not have magical elements and lack magical power when they gain power, but there are also cases where they have learned high-ranking monsters with high intelligence.You can also use a combination of arts and skills, such as the extra skill "Magic Fighting Spirit" that converts fighting spirit into magical power and puts it on a weapon.[1011].
    In the collection of setting materials, it is explained that magic embodies "an image that produces some effect" by a specific law.Since it is both an ability and a technology, you can manipulate the law by using the demons in the atmosphere instead of the energy of the soul.[1013]..In another dimension where magic is thin, magic and magic are mainly used.
    Magic can be roughly divided into four types: elemental magic, spirit magic, sacred magic, and summoning magic, which are called the four major magics.According to this broad classification, the name of the profession that uses magic is also distinguished from the element magic user as a lawyer (Sosara), the spirit magic system as a magician (Sherman), and the summon magic system as a summoner (summoner). Those who have mastered the above magic are called magicians, and those who have mastered three or more lines of magic are called wizards.In addition to the four major magics, there are hallucination magic, engraving magic, ghost magic, nuclear attack magic, spirit magic, dark magic, and dragon-type magic.The magical attributes consist of the five major attributes that combine the natural and spatial attributes of the earth, water, fire, and wind, and the top three elements of light, darkness, and time.[923][1014]..The five major attributes are in a conflicting relationship of "earth> sky> wind> water> fire> earth ...", and light and darkness contradict each other, and at times they reign over all attributes without being trapped by anyone.[1014].
    Elemental magic
    It is a magic that rewrites the laws of physics with magic elements, and it is activated not by the activation of the phenomenon but by the realization of the image.[1015]..It is based on a law different from natural and chemical phenomena, and as long as the magical power and magic elements put in by the surgeon are not exhausted, it will continue to exert the effect as imagined, but it is difficult to find the law and it is diverted to other purposes. When I try, it doesn't work[1016]..Its power is higher than that of <Spirit Magic>, but it is slow to activate because it requires chanting, and close quarters battle is difficult.[1017].
    Nuclear attack magic
    The ultimate and mystery of elemental magic.Powerful enough to pass the ultimate ability[1018]..High-ranking demons and dragon species with enormous amounts of magical elements can be fired in rapid succession, but when handled by humans, high-level casters will realize it as ritual magic or group magic.[1019].
    Spirit magic
    A magic that is activated by concluding a contract with a spirit, handing over a magic element as compensation, and using that power.By exercising the power of existence that is similar to the natural phenomenon of spirits, the result will be according to the laws of physics.[1020]..If you master it, it will become an offensive magic that will be paired with elemental magic, and if you learn to summon spirits through further training, you can freely exercise the power of the contract spirit itself.[1021]..There are 8 attributes depending on the attributes of the spirits[1014]..It doesn't require spell casting, so it's easy to combine with close quarters combat.
    Specter magic
    A variant of spirit magic.You can summon the dead with magic that uses negative grudges such as evil spirits and ghosts.[1022].
    Sacred magic
    Magic that efficiently manages Reiko that cannot normally interfere[1023]..The power of faith that believes in miracles is a condition of acquisition, and the strength of feelings turns into power regardless of good or evil.[1024]..The principle is called "the secret of faith and grace", and the surgeon can use magic by borrowing a part of the power through the name of the god who is the object of faith.[1025]..In this case, God refers to an entity that can interfere with Reiko, and as long as a contract with God is established, there is no need to collect magic elements in the atmosphere, and it does not depend on the amount of magic elements of its own. You can use great magic with sufficient knowledge and casting time.[1026]..The purpose of prayer words is to convey an image, and the arithmetic processing is left to each individual.
    If the number of believers increases, the magical power will increase and the status as a "god" will rise, and the trick of substituting one's own calculation area by connecting with the believers will be possible, so if there are a huge number of believers, even large-scale magic You will be able to exercise in an instant[1027]..The strongest sacred "disintegration" is one of the magics that can be applied to the ultimate ability holder.[1018].
    Summoning magic
    Magic that summons and exercises spiritual life forms as superior beings and monsters to be used.It is a magic that can be learned only after learning other magic, and if you are summoning a monster, you need to learn elemental magic and understand the reason of the space system, but if you are summoning a spirit, you need to learn spirit magic.[1028]..The skill of the caster determines the strength of the monster, and various conditions are required to summon a monster that is stronger than your own ability.[1029].
    Hallucinatory magic
    Including witchcraft etc.[1030], Some are based on elemental magic and some are based on spirit magic[1028].
    Engraving magic
    Magic that gives magic effects.Not only you but also the magic of others can be engraved.It is common to put magic in items such as cards and jewels, and it is also possible to temporarily add magic effects to armor.[1028].
    Creative magic (create)
    Upward compatibility with engraving magic.A demon doll possessed by the devil (Golem) Can be manufactured[1031].

    the term

    Reincarnated, summoned, different world[1032]
    "Reincarnated"" Refers to all those who have inherited the memory before reincarnation and have reincarnated.In the work, Limuru, Mariabel, Agera, Venom, Gadra, etc. correspond to this.There are examples of reincarnated people to different races, but "the cases of reincarnating from the original world to another race with the memory of the previous life (reincarnated to another race and different world people) are extremely rare." It is said that Limuru falls under this category, but it is explained that it is a rare case that even Verdola, who lives almost the same age as the world, has never heard of it.[19]..Gadra is a mysterious mystery: There is an example of Adalman who has been reincarnated as a reincarnation, but there is a risk of failure, and he has been resurrected as a ghost.
    "Another world personWith regard to "", a visitor who has moved in a dimension due to falling into a rift or gate that opened between the real world and another world, and a deliberate summoning ceremony from this world forcibly robs the original life. Refers to the summoners who have been summoned.In either case, it is impossible to return to the former world on your own.In many cases, you will gain powerful abilities such as unique skills due to the influence of the demons that you are exposed to when crossing the world.The influence of the skill is acquired to the person's personality and personality.
    "Summoner"" Refers to a person who came to this world by summoning without losing the body he had in the original world, apart from the reincarnated person.It is often summoned mainly as a weapon against monsters, and is often cursed so as not to oppose the summoner.When crossing the world, the body is once destroyed, taking in a large amount of energy and semi-materializing it.They always have "unique skills" peculiar to each individual, but without a strong "soul" they cannot withstand summoning and are swallowed by energy and perish.When presenting various conditions, the ritual is performed by 30 or more summoners over 7 days, and the number of successful cases is extremely small at less than 1%, requiring an interval of 33 to 66 years.Incomplete summons that do not show conditions will shorten the interval, but the success rate will remain low, and even if it succeeds, children will often be called, and it will be 5 years due to the large amount of demons that do not fit the height. Die without peach[1033][1034]..Although summoning of foreigners is contraindicated in Western countries, there are some nations such as the Kingdom of Falmus and the Kingdom of Syltrozzo that are secretly summoning.
    "Visitors"" Refers to a person who has lost his way from the original world to this world due to accidental factors, not by summoning.It is difficult to distinguish it from the summoner, and if it is claimed to be a visitor who protected an illegal summoner, there is no way to confirm the truth.
    Being a trump card for humankind.In a different world, human beings are constantly exposed to the threat of overwhelmingly strong monster forces, so a brave man who is hopeful as a force against monsters is required. "Brave" is not so easy to be born, but in each country where it is more efficient to summon a "different world person" who is by far the strongest, contraindications are violated and hero summoning is done in secret. The called person is the "summoner"[1035].
    Those who have the potential to become heroes have "brave eggs", and when the eggs hatch beyond the trials, they awaken as true heroes.The original qualities of a "hero" are to obey the superior spirits of light or darkness.[1036]And if you are not prepared to carry all your sins and blame, you cannot overcome the trials of the spirits.According to Mirim, "It's a special existence, and it's not something you can call yourself."[1037]However, there are times when an idiot who does not think about anything and is not afraid to buy the wrath of the spirits will call himself.[1035].
    There is a cause and effect for those who claim to be heroes.[1037], There will always be a connection with the paired Demon King.As an example, the brave Granbell had a complicated relationship of being separated again after becoming a subordinate of the Demon King Luminous.In addition, Leong, who is a hero and a demon king, is self-sufficient in cause and effect.[994].
    It is a substance that is the source of magic in this world, and it is mainly radiated from individual monsters with high magical power, and has the property of being able to be used as magic using demons that exist in the air.In places where the concentration of demons is high, hypokte grass (raw material for recovery medicine) can be generated and cultivated, and monsters may also be generated from a point called "magical pool".
    It is explained that not only demons but also humans have a limit on the amount that can be tolerated by race or individual ability, and if it exceeds the limit, it will lead to death.On the other hand, since it is an energy source when exercising magic, foods soaked with magic elements also have the character of a magic recovery agent.[1039].
    Experiments conducted by Gavil and Vester in the Demon Federation have revealed that they respond to "will."[1040].
    Special particles that make up the demon.It has the property of passing through all barriers in order to make special movements that ignore time and space, and if it does not detect the random number phase, which is the law of natural transition, it will penetrate even with "absolute defense".[1041].
    Information child
    The smallest unit in the world smaller than Reiko.The mass is infinitely close to zero.It is contained in all substances, and by managing it, it is possible to control life and death to some extent.
    The ego, which is an amorphous wavelength, is surrounded by the "heart", which is a collection of "information children", and all the information is engraved on it.The energy crystal that covers the core is the "soul," and the information engraved in the soul becomes the source for exercising power, that is, ability (skill).[1042][1043].
    Thought transmission
    It is a unique ability that forms the basis of the story, and it is said that all monsters can use it without difficulty.In addition to individual recognition of anonymous monsters, they can understand each other even if they speak in different languages ​​if they speak with their will, and they can talk on the phone even if they are too far away to reach their voices.
    Mainly refers to the ritual of naming anonymous monsters.It is effective only when the upper monster "names" the lower monster, and the "named" monster evolves by robbing the named monster of the possessed demon.Since demons are synonymous with vitality, it is not an easy act, just as a parent whose vitality is deprived by a child may die due to the act of having a child.[44].
    Since the nature changes when it is "named" by a superior being, it is not possible to awaken to the "True Demon King" even if you use the "soul" that you have acquired by yourself.The energy efficiency of giving "souls" to others drops to about 1%, so even if you have the ability to change the energy of "souls", you need 10 souls.[1045].
    Shadow space
    Space that can be used by the skill "Shadow Movement".The main users are Langa and Souei, a separate space waiting area (Langa) that ignores the moving distance by hiding in the shadow and is always on the side, and the moving distance by passing through a different space that connects the shadow to the shadow. It is used as a spatial ability (souei) that makes the space zero.However, since there is no air, human demons can only use it while holding their breath.
    Since heat does not move inside the shadow space, it is used as a source transportation route for open-air baths where mineral springs can be drawn from remote hot spring areas and bathed at all times.[1046].
    Later, as the idea of ​​Limuru, the concept of building a communication network on a global scale using shadow space and magic steel was talked about.[44].
    Recovery agents
    A chemical made by fusing an extract from Hypocte grass with impurities removed.A complete extract with an extraction rate of 99% is a "complete recovery drug (full potion)", a 20-fold dilution of this is a "high potion", and a further dilution of 5 times is a "lower recovery drug (low)". Potion) ”.Since the extract has the property of being extremely reactive, an extraction rate of 99% cannot be achieved unless it is in a complete vacuum state with no impurities.[1047], Extraction rate of 98% or less is only as effective as the top recovery drug[1048]..Restorative drugs are effective based on genetic information, so even complete recovery drugs can treat even site defects.[Note 33][1049]So, even the "magic steel" armor that the owner has used for a long time and has the intention to dwell is restored.[1050]But you can't resuscitate your soul[1051].
    The Demon Federation, which has succeeded in mass-producing complete recovery drugs, sells lower recovery drugs with 4 silver coins and higher recovery drugs with 35 silver coins.[1052].
    Hippokte grass
    A rare herb that grows in places with high demon concentration, which is famous as a raw material for recovery medicine.Although it has no dramatic effect, if the pomace of the extract is fused with demons, it becomes an ointment that closes the wound.
    From the research of Gavil and Vester, in fact, with a high concentration of demonsmutationIt is a general term for plants that have been planted, and strictly speaking, it is a plant called Hypokte grass.Turned out to be nonexistent.It is also known that the Hippokte grass from which all the extracted demons have been collected will return to the original weeds.[1053].
    Magic steel
    A metal that is harder, more flexible, and more compatible with magic than steel.[1054].Boiling pointIs resistant to ultra-high temperatures of nearly 1 degrees Celsius, and has self-renewal ability.[1055]..It is very compatible with the guidance of demons, and it becomes a "growing weapon" that gradually changes its appearance to the ideal form according to the image of the user.
    "Magic ore", which is a rough stone, is a substance in which iron ore, which was located in a place with a high concentration of magical elements, has been mutated by taking in a large amount of magical elements over many years. It exists only in the habitat. The "magic steel" that can be obtained from the "magic ore" is 3 to 5%, and the "magic steel ingot" is worth more than 20 times the equivalent gold.Due to its high value, pure magic steel weapons are rarely manufactured, and it is common to prepare the blade with steel with magic steel as the core.Therefore, weapons that have been eroded by demons over many years are stronger, and even when they are old, they take in the surrounding demons and automatically regenerate them, so rust and chipping do not occur.In addition, it is said that life lives, and when it breaks or is completely distorted, the demons suddenly escape and weather.[1056].
    Shinki Gold Steel (Orichalcum
    FriFocusing on the "immutable" property of rare metals, it is a special alloy refined by adding "gold" to "magic steel" and injecting magic elements that are denser than usual.It exceeds "magic steel" in all aspects, but it cannot be mass-produced because gold itself is rare.[1057].
    Biological magic steel (Adamantite
    Legendary metal with hardness exceeding diamond and flexibility like a living thing[1058].
    Dragon Ki Magic Steel (Dragonite)
    A type of black-silver peculiar living magic steel whose magic steel has been altered by the waves of Verdola.Has strength comparable to Shinki gold steel[1059].
    Ultimate metal (Hihiirokane
    A mythical (gods) metal with permanent attributes.It repels wavelengths of all natures and deceives "analytical appraisals".Normally, even the light is canceled, so it is jet black like a dark night, but when it is changed to a battle state by flowing magical power, it shines in rainbow colors.[1060].
    Anti-demon mask
    Masked magic tool (magic item).The four effects given are "magic resistance, poison neutralization, breathing assistance, and five senses enhancement". "Magic resistance" counters the magic of the enemy and hides its own magical power, "breathing assistance" makes it possible to breathe even in an oxygen-free environment, and the remaining "poison neutralization" and "enhancement of the five senses" are also for adventurers It can be said that it is essential[1061].
    Originally owned by the "Brave", it was transferred to Shizu nearly 50 years ago for the purpose of suppressing Ifrit.[1062]..Damaged when Ifrit goes out of control over time[1063], After Shizu's death, Limuru, who took care of the last as a keepsake, inherited it, and it was taken in by "predator" and regenerated.[1061]After that, it was presented to Chloe who was sad to say goodbye to Limuru.[1064].
    Since "Brave" = Chloe, it was an equipment that repeated "Round of Time" with her.Therefore, it contains an infinite amount of time, and has the property that it can only be hurt by those who were involved in the creation of the mask. But I can't destroy it and my arm is blown away[1065].
    Magic train[1066]
    Developed in the Demon Federation列車-Trainnetwork.The body is made of magic steel and is powered bySteam engineIt is equipped with a "spirit magic nucleus" as the combustion power required for the battery, and is operated by a controlled magic technique constructed by magic science. It can also be used as a storage battery by returning the generated electricity to the "spirit magic nucleus" and storing it.[Note 34][1067].
    With the Kingdom of Blumundo as a relay point, the track will be extended to the west exit of Dwargon via the Kingdom of Farmenas on the north side and to Salion via a tunnel that runs through the Kusha Mountains on the south side.[947].
    Spirit magic nucleus
    Power furnace using spirits.By giving demons to spirits of various attributes, it has the function of converting it into energy that is easy to use, and it is also possible to circulate energy.The demons contained in the atmosphere are fuel, and if there is not enough, you only need to prepare magic stones, and although maintenance is essential, you can work forever in places where demons are always present.[1069].
    Perforated equipment[1070]
    A new type of magic weapon (magic weapon) jointly developed by Kurobee and Kaijin.The basic characteristic of Kurobee's production of the magic stone "Spirit Attribute Core (Element Core, commonly known as" Magic Ball ")", which has been given attributes based on the research of "Spirit Magic Nucleus" by Kaijin and Vester. By inserting it into a marble-sized hole in a class (unique) armor, a magical armor that can change attributes without fixing magic has been completed.The maximum number of holes is three, and the success rate is less than 3% even in Kurobee.In addition, Kaijin has two holes, and Kurobee's four high-ranking disciples have the best one hole, and other disciples have not succeeded.[1071].
    Also, in the war with the empire, it was used as a bomb in the form of a "flare bomb" that puts the magical power of the flame of Charis into the magic ball.[1072].
    Magic tank
    One of the new weapons that the empire has put into practical use. Operated by five people, the magic control power reactor excavated from ancient ruins has been improved to a modern style, and it has an internal combustion engine that uses magic elements instead of oil, and it charges and dissipates energy by circulating the atmosphere. And supply magic elements at the same time[1073].
    The main gun "Magical Cannon" has an initial velocity of 2000 meters / second, a capacity of 50 shots, and can fire 1 shots per minute. Since it is a mass weapon that was only fired by the magic principle, the anti-magic barrier has no effect.[1074] [1075]..In addition, a special bullet that blows off a range of several tens of meters with heat and blast of tens of thousands of degrees has also been prototyped.[1075].
    A secret weapon that can be said to be the crystal of the magical technology of the empire.Up to 400 people can board[1076], Operation department that operates, defense department that is in charge of "defense barrier" against physics, anti-attribute, and attack department that is involved in a total of 5 magic augmentation guns, 100 people each are assigned, and the remaining 100 people Engage in reserve, contact and medical affairs[1077]..The maximum speed exceeds the speed of sound[1078], The biggest feature is that it is equipped with a magic canceller generator.[1079].
    Pseudo soul (Gigikon)
    A device developed by Limuru that acts as a substitute for soul vessels.
    By embedding this as a nucleus in a monster formed by a demon nucleus, it becomes possible to have a "temporary demon body (avatar)" that is different from the original body.In the work, Limuru and Ramiris, and Verdola and Mirim, who are too strong and the place of activity is limited, are using the temporary demon body to act as a demon side "playing party" in the labyrinth.[1080]In addition, it was also used to revive the soul of a chaotic dragon to another monster by sucking it into a pseudo soul.[463].
    In the war with the eastern empire, the empire soldiers who killed by embedding a pseudo soul containing the "information child" extracted from the stolen soul in the body are revived.Those who are revived with pseudo-souls have no problem in living normally, and their physical abilities, magical knowledge, and acquired skills are not impaired, but their skills are strongly linked to their souls, so the energy of their souls. Cannot be used with the deprived pseudo-soul[1081].
    Demon Lords' Banquet (Walpurgis
    Demon King rally held by the agreement of three or more Demon Kings.Originally it was a tea party held by Guy, Mirim, and Ramiris, but now, from the perspective of the Demon King, various matters that require agreement on the world are discussed, and the appointment of a new Demon King is also certified. It has aspects such as.
    In addition, it is also a meeting to decide the "general name of the Demon King", and before becoming the Ten Great Demon Kings, it was held many times because "every time the name was decided (the number of Demon Kings) increased or decreased". In the end, it was decided to destroy it by the name of the human side, and it is said that all the efforts over several years regarding the naming of the Demon Kings were wasted.[1082].
    Tenma War
    A great war that occurs every 500 years.Aiming at the developed city on the ground, the demons will invade and respond to the invasion of the angel army summoned by the "Armageddon", the authority of the ultimate ability "King Masayoshi". By activating, a great war will be held with a mixture of heaven, demons, and people.The reason why the Dwarven Kingdom builds a city under the ground and Salion builds a city in a hollow of a sacred tree is to protect the city from angels.[1083]..Since the summoned angel has not been incarnated, it usually disappears in about a week, and the war ends, but it may be incarnated into life forms in the core world and settled as a seed (eg, Tengu). ).

    Differences between each version

    Here, we list the differences in depictions between the WEB version, which is released free of charge as a general plot version of all versions, and other media.However, minor differences that have little effect on the progress of the story have been omitted in advance.

    As the number of volumes increases, the differences from the WEB version will increase, so it may be difficult to list all of them in the end.

    In addition, since the publication media below the book version are based on the book version, only the book version is described and the following is omitted unless there are special individual changes.

    Shizu's tone has changed
    In the book version, it speaks neutrally, but in manga and anime, it speaks femininely.
    About the exchange between Shizu and Cabal, Ellen, and Guido
    Book version: The Cabals didn't see the real face in the mask until Shizu went out of control and separated from Ifrit, and thought Shizu was an old woman.As for the end of Shizu, he left Limuru to return to Blumundo on the way.
    Manga, anime version: The Cabals know Shizu's true face, and even at the end of Shizu, he stays in the village thinking of her safety, and when he is told about Shizu's death, he accepts the fact and mimics Shizu's appearance. Thank you to Shizu.
    The main causes of Zion and others being killed are different
    WEB version: Killed by members of the Western Orthodox Church[W20]
    Book version: Killed by 3 different worlds belonging to the Kingdom of Falmus[1084]
    Shogo Taguchi, Kyoya Tachibana, Nozomi Mizutani[431]
    It has not appeared in the WEB version, but first appeared in the book version (see the external link WEB version).
    The two names of Demon King Leon are different
    WEB version: Blonde Devil (Platinum Devil)[W21]
    Book version: Platinum Sword King (Platinum Saver)[900], Platinum Devil (Platinum Devil)[1085][641]
    Only the manga version has Shizu's hometown recollection
    In an interview with Kodansha Comic Plus, the author Fuse talks about it as an additional point of the second volume of the manga version.[W22].
    Yuki's personality and behavioral philosophy are different
    WEB version: Aiming for "the ruin of the world", the aspect as "pure evil" and "enemy to be defeated" is emphasized, such as using all beings other than yourself and ridiculing.Use a means to brainwash the other person by inducing thoughts using small insects.
    Book version: Aiming to "conquer the world", he has the idea of ​​leading this world.Although he is a ruthless rationalist who is willing to sacrifice anything for the purpose, he is confronted with Limuru, such as cherishing his trusted companions and achieving his goals with the power of himself and his companions without breaking even in front of strong enemies. It is positioned like "another hero".Sometimes they are hostile to Limuru and sometimes they fight together.
    The timing when the face behind Yuki is revealed is different
    Book version: Until Limuru found out that Yuuki was the mastermind behind Clayman at Kai Kokusai, the identity of the boss of the Moderate Jester was hidden by the description of "boy".
    Manga, anime version: When Laplace first returned from the infiltration of the Western Orthodox Church and reunited with Kazarim, who was resurrected as Kagari, it was revealed that the boss of the Moderate Jester was Yuuki.
    The process of taking over five children is different
    WEB version: Limuru, who was told by Shizu's illusion that Shizu and Hinata were being manipulated by Yuuki, thinks that Ingracia may be under the influence of Yuuki, and asks Fuse to confirm the progress of the thought manipulation inside the Free Union. Ask an insider[W23]..However, in the meantime, Hinata fights with Yuki to rescue the children.[W24].
    Book version: Limuru invites Yuki and her children to the opening festival[50], Without returning the children as it is[211]I made a transfer procedure[1086].
    Color (primitive) is added in the setting of the devil, and "seven pillars" exist[1087][1088][460]
    Black (Noir) Diablo
    Red (Rouge) Guy Crimson
    Blue rain
    Green (Veil) Misery
    White (Blanc) Testarossa
    Yellow Carrera
    Purple (Viole) Ultima
    Change of setting of old master of the day of the week and appearance of Rosso clan
    WEB version: The old masters of the day of the week work as loyal retainers of Luminous until the end.They murdered Adalman and Alberto in the same way, but they were eliminated because they became hermits instead of being heroes, had the talent to threaten themselves, and had doubts about Luminous's identity. Is the reason[1089].
    Book version: With the advent of the Rosso clan, it was set that the chief and former hero, Granbell, was the chief of the seven days of the week, the Sunday master.For the sake of self-protection by manipulating the jealousy of the other seven days of the week who fear that they will not be able to receive the love kiss (love energy) from Luminous due to the increase in the number of people who receive the favor of Luminous because of Granbell's ambition. It has become a corrupt entity that kicks and tramples others.He murdered Adalman and Alberto, and Hinata also tried to create a confrontation with Limuru and kill him, but he was blocked by Limuru and Luminous, and was judged by Luminous, and the day of the week was destroyed.
    Rudra's settings are different
    WEB version: Every time I reincarnated, my soul was worn out, and I lost my former ideal. I was trapped only for the purpose of "winning Guy" and started to deal with outrageous acts.As a result of looking at Limuru sweetly, Verdola was retaken, his power was annihilated, and Yuuki who survived at the end activated "Angel's Army" and was robbed of "King of Justice" and died.
    Book version: Every time I reincarnated, my soul was worn out, and "King Masayoshi" evolved as a core of theosophy.MichaelThe ego was hijacked.He continued to play the game with Guy due to the slight remnants of Rudra, but it was almost replaced by the nature of Michael, and he made himself justice, looked down on the people as fools, and made many casualties to create awakens. There was almost no human feeling, such as forgiving people.With the destruction of his own strength in the battle with Limuru, the game with Guy was settled in the form of "defeat", and it was completely taken over by Michael, robbed of the power of Wergrind, and where it is not an empire with Feldway. I left.
    The appearance of the inhabitants of another world and the setting of the Seven Archangels of the Primordial were added to the setting of angels.[1090][1091]
    The setting of demons, demons, and phantom beasts, and the appearance of Feldway, Zalario, Cornu, and Obera.Dino, Gracia and Pico are also members of the Primordial Primitives.
    It is stated that Masayuki is a reincarnation of Rudra.
    WEB version: Until the final battle, it was not mentioned that Masayuki was a reincarnation of Rudra, and even after it was revealed, he kept it as an abstract expression without making a statement.After the final battle, he was found in Rudra, who lived in a pseudo-soul fused with Verglind and a sword, and it was hinted that he and his friend Venom went on a journey.
    Book version: When Wergrind was exiled to another dimension by Feldway, another body in Limuru's imaginary space was modified in skill, and on a journey to recover the fragments of Rudra's soul scattered by gaining a dimensional jump. At the end of that trip, he met Masayuki in the world where Masayuki was, and when he moved to the base world, he himself jumped into the base world, and in front of Masayuki on the time axis immediately after he was blown away. Appears in and saves his predicament.Therefore, I declare that Masayuki is a reincarnation of Rudra.As a result, he was hijacked by Michael and was appointed as the emperor of the eastern empire in place of Rudra who disappeared.[1092]

    Previous list

    The novel "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime"

    Micro Magazine CompanyContinued from (GC Novels).In addition, English, Chinese, and Korean versions are being published by other publishers.Audio bookService ofAudibleAlsoMiho OkazakiThe series is being delivered sequentially from May 2019, 5 by reading aloud.[W25].

    Release dateISBN
    1.April 2014, 6[MM1]978-4-89637-459-9
    2.April 2014, 8[MM2]978-4-89637-473-5
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    18April 2021, 3[MM18]978-4-86716-122-7
    19April 2021, 11[MM19]978-4-86716-203-3

    Children's book version

    Continued publication from Micro Magazine (Kanade Bunko).Illustrations are handled by Moryo (Mitz Vah, who is in charge of the original illustrations, is written as a character draft).

    subtitleRelease dateISBN
    1.The birth of the strongest slime⁉ (above)April 2021, 9[MM20]978-4-86716-183-8
    2.The birth of the strongest slime⁉ (middle)April 2021, 9[MM21]978-4-86716-184-5
    3.The birth of the strongest slime⁉ (bottom)April 2021, 9[MM22]978-4-86716-185-2
    4.Jura Forest Catastrophe (above)April 2021, 10[MM23]978-4-86716-194-4
    5.Jura Forest Catastrophe (Middle)April 2021, 11[MM24]978-4-86716-206-4
    6.Jura Forest Catastrophe (below)April 2021, 12[MM25]978-4-86716-217-0
    7.Sakura Golden Demon King Appears (above)April 2022, 1[MM26]978-4-86716-232-3
    8.Sakura Golden Demon King Appears (Middle)April 2022, 2[MM27]978-4-86716-247-7
    9.Sakura Golden Demon King Appears (Bottom)April 2022, 3[MM28]978-4-86716-263-7
    10Those from another world (above)April 2022, 4[MM29]978-4-86716-274-3
    11Those from another world (middle)April 2022, 5[MM30]978-4-86716-286-6
    12Those from another world (bottom)April 2022, 6[MM31]978-4-86716-305-4
    13Birth of the Demon King of Slime (above)April 2022, 7[MM32]978-4-86716-315-3

    Manga "Matter that was slime when reincarnated"

    KodanshaContinued from (Sirius KC).In addition, English, Chinese, and Korean versions are being published by other publishers.

    Release dateISBN
    1.April 2015, 10[Lecture 1]978-4-06-376578-6
    2.April 2016, 4[Lecture 2]978-4-06-390623-3
    3.April 2016, 11[Lecture 3][Lecture 4]978-4-06-390666-0
    978-4-06-523838-7(Special Edition)
    4.April 2017, 4[Lecture 5]978-4-06-390693-6
    5.April 2017, 9[Lecture 6]
    April 2017, 9[Lecture 7]
    (Special Edition)
    978-4-06-397050-0(Special Edition)
    6.April 2017, 12[Lecture 8]978-4-06-510505-4
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    21April 2022, 7[Lecture 35][Lecture 36]978-4-06-528494-0
    978-4-06-528492-6(limited edition)

    Official setting document collection

    • Original: Fuse, Editing: GC Novels Editorial Department "Matters that were slime when reincarnated 8.5 Official setting reference materials[MM33]"Micro Magazine Company, August 2016, 8.ISBN 978-4-89637-580-0. 
      The following gaiden novels are published in this magazine.The link is a free WEB version with the same content.
      • Bagworm moth(Volume 1 of the book GamersBenefits)
      • Butterfly at night (1 book) ToranoanaBenefits)
      • Everyday of certain adventurers(Book 1 volume questionnaire response privilege)
      • Dress-up (2 books, Gamers benefits)
      • Spa(Book Volume 2 Toranoana Benefits)
      • Fishing (Book Volume 3 Gamers Benefits)
      • Pink scenery(Book Volume 3 Toranoana Benefits)
      • Gobuta training (4 books, Gamers benefits)
      • Mirim and Honey (4 books, Toranoana benefits)
      • Gerd and work (5 books, Gamers benefits)
      • Rival (Volume 5 of the book Toranoana privilege)
      • Limuru's Note (6 volumes limited booklet)
      • Gourmet Road (7 volumes limited booklet)
      • Defeat of the Holy Knights (newly written)
    • Original: Fuse, Editing: GC Novels Editorial Department "Matters that were slime when reincarnated 13.5 Official setting reference materials[MM34]"Micro Magazine Company, August 2019, 1.ISBN 978-4-89637-845-0. 
      The following gaiden novels are published in this magazine.
      • Salary situation in the land of demons (book volume 11 limited booklet)
      • Goddess of the Land of the Eternal World (12 volumes of books, limited booklet)
      • Lakeside incident dyed in crimson (newly written)

    Spin off cartoon

    This work has multiple gaiden works (spin-off manga) based on the main story setting.

    When I was reincarnated, it was a slime How to walk in the land of demons

    PaintOkagiri glassA spin-off manga serialized in the web comic "Comic Ride" by.The time series is after the revival of Verdola, joining Diablo, and reconciliation with Hinata and Luminous (after the 8th volume of the main story).


    The curious Rabbit Hominini Flamea is exploring the Demon Federation in a different way from his father who came with him.[44]Focused on Limuru to have a unique skill "Dlettante" specializing in aesthetics and analysis.[1093], Limuru asks me to create a guidebook for the Demon Federation[1094].


    The voice is a voice actor at the time of PV.

    Voice- Yoshimi Ohara[W26]
    Race: Rabbit Hominini
    In the main character of this workRabbitA beautiful girl of the rabbit human race with ears.
    Born in a weak tribe of Jura's Great Forest.He is also the real daughter of the Rabbit Hominini chief who once swore allegiance after taking office as the Demon King of Limuru.[44][1095]..With a curious personality, he forced his father to attend the audience ceremony and accompanied him, and immediately after arriving at the capital Limuru, he stole his parents' eyes and walked around the town.[1096]..When I was impressed, my habit was "3 stars".
    It is the only "named" rabbit in the hominini, and it was named.Demon King LuminousIs[1097][1098]..I have traveled to other countries by leaving the forest and hiding my identity.[1099], I met Luminous by chance at that time[1100]..Although he is considered a candidate for the next chieftain in the village, he has no intention of doing so.
    It is easy for foreigners to understand from Limuru who learned that his experience is summarized on a recording paper with a score system.GuidebookUndertake work on the condition of guarantee of food, clothing and shelter, freedom of action, and preferential use of new products and facilities.[1101]..Being in charge of public relations, my affiliation is a subordinate of Myormile[1102]..Later given a camera by Limuru[1103], Will also publish photo books, etc.[1104].
    He hates his hard-headed village, and hasn't returned home for a long time since the opening of the country, but he will return to his hometown once after persuading his father and others.At that time, there was a conflict with the Presbyterians, but Verdola, who had arrived at the village without permission, intimidated him and eventually succeeded in reconciling.
    Unique skill that combines aesthetics, material analysis, and dating"Dlettante"Owns[1105]..Rabbits are a type of degraded beast who are as strong as ordinary humans and cannot "transform", but have the ability to specialize in "danger detection" in order to survive in large forests.[1106], High agility[1107]I'm confident in my escape[1108]..I'm not good at attacking, but in battle, Kaijin's "Leaf Boomerang"[1109]To use.I grew up in a forest, so the place where the air stopped[1110]I'm not good at dark places and narrow places[1111].
    Rabbit Hominini Chief
    Race: Rabbit Hominini
    Flamea's father.The daughter is the only "named" Rabbit Hominini and is the chieftain on behalf of the elder child of the deceased Rabbit Hominini village.[1112]..Therefore, his position as a clan was not very strong, and after the opening of the country, he was pressured to bring back his daughter who had left the village and never returned, and visited the capital Limuru again.The change to the village as a chieftain was due to the fact that her daughter had become friends with the leaders of the Demon Federation, and that Limuru had decided to arrive home and saw the ever-developing capital, even though she was hurt. I will accept it.

    Book information

    Micro Magazine CompanyContinued from (Ride Comics).

    Release dateISBN
    1.April 2017, 4[MM35]978-4-89637-628-9
    2.April 2017, 12[MM36]978-4-89637-684-5
    3.April 2018, 3[MM37]978-4-89637-701-9
    4.April 2018, 9[MM38]978-4-89637-820-7
    5.April 2019, 3[MM39]978-4-89637-865-8
    6.April 2019, 10[MM40]978-4-89637-935-8
    7.April 2020, 6[MM41]978-4-86716-025-1
    8.April 2021, 1[MM42]978-4-86716-104-3

    Introductory Slurry Did it reincarnated as a slime?

    By drawing Shiba, "Monthly Shonen Sirius], A 4-frame spin-off manga serialized in. web comicWednesday SiriusBut it is reposted irregularly.

    The time series is drawn within the range that does not exceed the serialization of the main manga, and the daily life in the Demon Federation Tempest is drawn comically and sometimes seriously.In addition, the feature is that the sub-characters that are not often touched on in the main story are also dug deep.

    KodanshaContinued from (Sirius KC). As of March 2021, the cumulative circulation has exceeded 3.[W27]..Also, as of July 2021, it is also the only spin-off manga that has been made into a TV animation.[W28].

    Release dateISBN
    1.April 2018, 9[Lecture 37]978-4-06-512744-5
    2.April 2019, 3[Lecture 38]978-4-06-514857-0
    3.April 2019, 11[Lecture 39]978-4-06-517464-7
    4.April 2020, 7[Lecture 40]978-4-06-519725-7
    5.April 2021, 3[Lecture 41]978-4-06-522559-2
    6.April 2022, 7[Lecture 42]978-4-06-528314-1

    Even if I reincarnated, it was a company slave

    Web comic by drawing Meiji ShizukuWednesday SiriusA four-frame spin-off manga serialized in. ""Monthly Shonen Sirius』But it was reposted.

    A parallel story centered on Limuru, who was supposed to be a salaryman at a company called Tempest Shoji, which was supposed to have reincarnated in a different world, but still in slime.

    KodanshaPublished by (Sirius KC).Completed.

    Release dateISBN
    1.April 2019, 7[Lecture 43]978-4-06-516294-1
    2.April 2020, 3[Lecture 44]978-4-06-518831-6

    Troll Chura! When I was reincarnated, it was a slime

    By drawing Chacha, "Monthly Shonen Sirius], A spin-off manga serialized in. web comicWednesday SiriusBut it is reposted irregularly.

    A parallel story in which Limuru, who should have learned how to mimic humans, turns into a young 3-year-old child, both physically and mentally, for some reason.

    KodanshaContinued from (Sirius KC).

    Release dateISBN
    1.April 2020, 3[Lecture 45]978-4-06-518897-2
    2.April 2020, 11[Lecture 46]978-4-06-521251-6
    3.April 2021, 3[Lecture 47]978-4-06-522629-2
    4.April 2021, 3[Lecture 48]978-4-06-524322-0
    5.April 2022, 7[Lecture 49]978-4-06-528510-7

    When I was reincarnated, it was a slime.

    Web comic by Tae TonoWednesday SiriusA spin-off manga serialized in.Monthly Shonen SiriusBut it is reposted.The timeline of the first episode is from the return of the envoy from Eurazania to the departure of Limuru to Dwargon (between Chapters 1 and 4 of Volume 1). As of July 2, the cumulative circulation including the electronic version has exceeded 2021.[1113].


    Immediately after the beast nation Eurazania and the demon federation Tempest deepened their friendship, the fox beast human girl Foss embarked on a fact-finding survey of the fox beast human race under the secret order of the demon king Karion, but eventually joined the Tempest guard. ..And various stories that occur when you meet two girls who came from other countries with secret lives.


    Race: Beast Man (Lycan Slope)
    Therianthropy EurasiaFromBeast human race girl.Candidate for the Beast King Warrior Corps[1114]So, under the command of Carillon, he will visit the Demon Federation as a beastman instead of a mission and secretly search for the other country.[1115].
    After entering Tempest, he was short of money and started working part-time for road maintenance, but he encountered a guard there and was scouted by Gobuta, and after that he will act as a member of the guard.He is acquainted with Grucis, who was working in the guard at the time, but keeps his mission secret.
    Speak in a unique tone with "-desu" at the end of the word (go, leave it, etc.).Discrimination is low because it is upstart among the beast human race, and there is little resistance to being ordered by a weak race who became a boss.[1116].
    Following Limuru's will to wish for friendship with humans, he tried to be immortal when the Kingdom of Famurus attacked the Demon Federation, but he was furious when he saw the non-resisting demons being slaughtered by the kingdom soldiers. However, it breaks the ban and annihilate the people around it.
    Being a beast human race, it has high detection ability, action ability, and fighting ability.[1117], The power is further strengthened by the unique ability "Beast body".Because he has a sharp sense of smell, he is good at what he is looking for.[1118]..On the other hand, as for magic, only life magic can be used.[1119]..The disadvantage is that it goes too fast[1120]So, I often throw out the work of the guards and get a fist from Gobuemon.I'm not good at simple work.In addition, he participates in the training of Hakuro, learns "Ki-fighting method", and is refining his skills.
    Race: Dragon Hominini (Dragonute)
    Forgotten City of DragonsA dragon-worshiping girl who worships the dragon princess Mirim.Comes to Tempest at the behest of Priestess Midley to investigate the Demon Federation that Mirim likes.[1121].
    Full of behavioral power[1122]Not a bad person, but a slightly arrogant personality.It seems that he went straight to the Demon Federation in the direction that Midley told him, because he had a lot of sense of direction.[1123].
    At first, he denied "cooking" from the stereotypes of the people who worship the dragon, but was impressed by the deliciousness of the curry he ate for the first time and aspired to be a cook for Mirim.[1124], Apprentice to Gobuichi with Limuru's mouth[1125]..It's a little impatient, but it's focused, dedicated and polite.Gobuichi also recognizes the improvement of cooking skills.[1126].
    Although she looks like a normal human girl, she is a dragon tribe, so she has a strong power.[1127]So, the user of "Dragon Warrior (Dragon Body)", which is one of the few "People who worship dragons"[1128]..He is also a user of sacred magic, and can also use simple recovery magic such as first aid.[1129]..However, although it is compensated by speed, it has the disadvantage that it relies too much on power and the attack is a little too straightforward.[1122]So, it is also a weak point that you can not see the ability of the wizard because you think that attack magic is a cowardly technique of a small hand.[1130].
    Race: Harpy
    Born in Fulbu Russia, a heavenly wing country.He is a lazy person who loves to sleep and thinks that everything except sleeping is labor.An intelligence officer who received a reconnaissance order from Frey, but sometimes forgets his original job.[1131].
    I have a dream of making the ultimate bed, and I sleep in various places and things.[1132]..He seems to have slept on Frey's knee pillow, and he also likes Foss's fluffy tail.[1133]..Although it has a troublesome smell, it is dexterous and strong in simple work, and it is suitable for making cloth.He illegally invaded Shuna's textile workshop for the touch of clothes, and was forced to do chores in the workshop as a punishment for ruining the product, and he was scouted and became an employee of the workshop in anticipation of his talent.I've been about to sleep in wild slime, and I'm asking for a chance to sleep in Limuru, a willing slime.[1134].
    He is instinctively good at detecting danger, and it is said that Hakuro has a talent for "magic sensing".[1135]..Make full use of flight ability and drop the grasped opponent from the sky[1136], Throw a sword from a high place[1137]Besides using tactics such as, he is also good at magic[1138].

    Book information

    KodanshaContinued from (Sirius Comics).

    Release dateISBN
    1.April 2019, 12[Lecture 50]978-4-06-516906-3
    2.April 2020, 3[Lecture 51]978-4-06-518757-9
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    5.April 2021, 7[Lecture 54]978-4-06-523796-0
    6.April 2022, 3[Lecture 55]978-4-06-527029-5

    When I reincarnated, it was Kosaku Shima

    KodanshaPublished by (Evening KC).

    Release dateISBN
    April 2019, 7[Lecture 56]978-4-06-516834-9

    When I was reincarnated, it was slime Clayman REVENGE

    Kajika Ko is in charge of manga[1139]..Spin-off manga featuring Clayman[1139].. Serialized from the June 2022 issue of "Monthly Shonen Sirius"[1139].


    The first period of TV animation is from October 1 to March 2018TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[W29][W30]..The second period of the TV animation was divided into two cools, the first part was broadcast from January to March 2 and the second part was broadcast from July to September of the same year on TOKYO MX and others.[W31].

    Spin-off anime "When I was reincarnated, it was a slime.Was broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from April to June 2021.[W31].

    Theater animation "Theatrical version When I was reincarnated, it was a slimeWill be in the fall of 2022BANDAI NAMCO ARTSIt is scheduled to be released by distribution of[W32].


    • "When I was reincarnated, it was a slime ~ The Devil's Federation Genesis (Road of Tempest) ~-(October 2018, 10)SmartphoneGame app for.It was released from Kick Ass and Game Gate.There is a basic free charge for some items.
    • "When I was reincarnated, it was a slime ~ The Demon King and the Founding of the Dragon ~-(October 2021, 10)[W33]Game app for smartphones.Development and operationWFS, Delivery is Bandai Namco Entertainment.Abbreviation is "Maoryu』.
    • "When I was reincarnated, it was slime x Mystery solving game "When I was reincarnated, I was in the middle of a mystery-Ancient ruins-"-(Starting pre-order sales on September 2021, 9, shipping sequentially in early October 3)[W34]Takeaway typeReal mystery solving game.. Jointly sold by Tokio Getz and Haregake as a product called "Home Nazo".LINE appIs required.

    Various collaboration projects

    To commemorate the start of sales of 2020 volumes of comics on November 11, 27, a plan was made to appear as a front page advertisement in the morning edition of the newspaper on November 16, 11.The advertisement is made with the concept that Limuru mimics the specialties and specialties of the newspaper publishing area.The contents of the publication and mimicry are as follows.[W35]

    On July 2021, 7, Limuru was released all over the country.TramMimicry over a year (Wrapping vehicleThe concept of (to be) was announced, and firstToyama regional railwayStarting with the announcement that it was held in Japan, it has been used for tram cars all over the country.wrappingIs being deployed.[W36]

    Held on August 2022, 2J LeagueOfficial game "FUJIFILM SUPERCUP 2022A collaboration project was held at the venue, and special seats with collaboration goods were sold at the venue on the day of the event.[W37][W38]In addition, a special movie was produced, and live soccer watching videos were distributed by the cast members on the day of the match.[W39].


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