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🎥 | "Kingdom 2" Thorough analysis of Kento Yamazaki's feats!Shin is an image of Jackie Chan

Shin played by Kento Yamazaki from the photo "Kingdom 2 To the Far Land" – (C) Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha (C) 2022 Movie "Kingdom" Production Committee

"Kingdom 2" Thorough analysis of Yamazaki Kento's feats!Shin is an image of Jackie Chan

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In the latest visual that has been lifted, Asuka's childhood friend Takahiro Ise (Atsushi Maeda), who is popular in the class, Rumiko Hiiragi (Maika Yamamoto), who has a strong personality and says what she thinks clearly, and the same basketball club as Takahiro in junior high school. Atsushi Kiyomiya (Fuju Kamio), who was the ace of the school, but has stopped attending school due to an event, Shota Uranishi (Kotaro Daigo), who loves the occult and has a temperament of otaku, and Naruto, who is the class representative and the top of the school caste. The five members of Rie (Mayu Yokota), who have been lying face down, are looking at us, and the “red person” standing in the middle looks up at us with a bloody face and a fearless smile.

The sequel to the 2019 hit "Kingdom 2: To the Faraway Lands" (released), which is based on Yasuhisa Hara's popular manga.Ki… → Continue reading

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