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🎥 | "Avengers" 10 years after the release in Japan Marvel's feat that realized the hero gathering movie

Photo The Avengers Will Return in 2025 – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Photofest/Getty Images

10 years after the release of "Avengers" in Japan Marvel's feat that realized the hero gathering movie

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The movie, which features a lot of superheroes, has definitely improved its box office performance.

The movie "Avengers" (August 2012, 8) was released in Japan, and it will be 14 years on the 14th. "Japan, this... → Continue reading

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Super hero

Super hero(British: superhero) Have supernatural or superhuman abilities, wear a kind of costume and concentrate on fighting crimeHeroic person.. And usually to protect the publicSuper villainfight with. Female superheroes oftenSuper heroineCalled (superheroine). EspeciallyAmerican comicsSo, from the 1930s, superhero fiction (superhero fiction) Known as



At least the example of the English word "super hero"1917Can be traced back to[1].. Before the superheroRobin HoodlikeFolkloreHero is characteristicCostumeWas wearing[2].1903 OfScarlet PimpanellAnd itsSpin-offHas its ownClothing,MaskDidrevengeThere was already the characteristic of a person, a secret identity.Shortly thereafterパ ル プ ・ フ ィ ク シ ョ ン,Comic stripIt is a character wearing a mask and costume serialized inMysterious Zoro(1919 years),(English edition)(1928 years),(English edition)(1930 years),Flash Gordon(1934 years),phantom(1936) began to appear. These outfits (masks, cloaks, flashy bodysuits, etc.) influenced later superheroes, but did not possess superhuman abilities. Characters with superhuman abilities, although not wearing costumes like superheroes,(English edition)(1928 years),Popeye(1929 years),(English edition)(1930) and so on.

the 1930sIn JapanGolden bat(The story of the popular picture-story show in 1931 was made into a manga in 1947 and an animation in 1967. The original picture-story show illustration does not exist.)[3][4],(English edition)(1934)[5][6][7],Superman(1938 years),マ ベ ベ ベ(1939) (In addition to Marvel Comics Captain Marvel, now known as Shazam), characters with the earliest superhuman abilities and wearing costumes such as cloaks and masks appeared all at once It was And these characters led the Comic Book Golden Age.

Golden age

1938To Jerry Siegel and Joe SchusterSupermanWas introduced. Superman had features that define the superhero, such as secret identities, superhuman abilities, and costumes with emblems and cloaks.

DC ComicsIn response to Superman (at that time National and All-American)バ ッ ト マ ンとロ ビ ン,Wonder Woman,Green lantern,The Flash,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu, Hawkman,Green arrowAnd so on.

The first superhero team was the Justice Society of America (JSA) by DC, who brought together the above characters.

The market at that time was dominated by DC. Other publishers have also created superheroes.Marvel comicsHuman Torch (Original Human Torch.Fantastic four OfHuman torchAnother person), Submariner, and Phantom Lady in the quality comic plastic man.Will EisnerThe Spirit of.

the 1940sThroughout, Captain Marvel (now known as Shazam) made more sales than Superman.

After the war, superheroes lost popularity. this isホ ラ ー,gangLed to the rise of the manga. The dubious content of these comics has led to activities by regulatory activists who blame the comics for their delinquent boys. The root of this movement was the root of superhero comics.PerversionClaimed to be widespreadPsychiatrist OfFrederick WorthamMet.

Accordingly, self-regulation (Comic code)It was adopted. Andthe 1950sBy then the superheroes have been wiped out.

Silver age

the 1950s, DC Comics under Julius Schwartzthe 1940sResurrected the hero.

1960Is a group of popular heroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.Justice League of America (JLA)Was formed.

Marvel comics OfStan LeeとJack KirbyCreated a character different from a simple superhero with the mercy and punishment he had done so far.

  • The sing: A member of Fantastic Four, who is a powerful person, but suffers from a rock-like monster appearance.
  • Spiderman: In addition to being a superhero, struggling to find employment, earn living expenses, and maintain friendships.
  • Hulk : Jekyll and HydeThere is such a relationship, and when you get excited, you become a green giant and rampage.
  • X-Men: MutantsmutationGained supernatural powers. It is excluded from the society that fears its power.

Bronze Age

the 1970sDC Comics isバ ッ ト マ ンWas changed to a vigilante who ignores the law. 『Batman: The Dark Knight Returns』(1985 - 1986) Promoted the change of Batman.Marvel ThePunisher,Wolverine,Frank MillerBy etc.Dark heroWas introduced. X-MenBishop of the X-ForceCable,Spiderman OfVenomBecame a famous dark hero

1992ToJim Lee,Todd McFarlane, Rob Reifeld leave MarvellImage comicsWas established. The aim of the image comic was to own the character by the creator and challenge Marvell and DC's 30-year industry dominance. Lee's "Wild Cats" and "GEN13", Reifeld's "Young Blood", McFarlane's "Spawn] Got popular.


Many superheroes have the following characteristics.

Many superheroes act independently. But there are also many superhero teams.Fantastic four,X-MenMembers of some teams, such as, have a common origin and usually act in groups. Also,The incredibles familyIs a family of parents and children with superpowers.DC Comics OfJustice League,Marvel comics Ofア ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズIs an all-star team consisting of heroes of different origins and active independently, and teams up when faced with a major crisis.

the 1940sSuperheroes introduced inSide kickWas (captain AmericaとBucky,バ ッ ト マ ンとロ ビ ン). It's common for kids to be sidekick, as superheroes become more sophisticated and the need for boy-oriented characters diminishes as readers age, and acts that endanger children are unacceptable. lost. Sidekick is considered a separate category from superheroes.

Superhero fiction is considered a type of fantasy adventure, but spans many genres. The franchises of some superheroes are similar, with crime fiction (バ ッ ト マ ン,Spiderman,Daredevil), horror fiction (Hellboy, Specter), Paranoid Fiction (Watchmen, Marvelman), and traditional science fiction (egGreen lantern,Guardians of the Galaxy).

In their fictional universe, public perceptions of superheroes are very different.Superman,Fantastic fourSome characters, such as, are respected and are seen as important civil society leaders and even celebrities.Hulk,SpidermanCharacters likeWatchmenIn that, distrust and explicit hostility are turned.

Costume features

Superhero costumes help make the hero aware of the masses. The costumes are colorful to enhance the character's appeal and incorporate superhero names and themes. For exampleDaredevilThe crimson costume worn byDevil,captain AmericaThe costume ofUnited States flag,バ ッ ト マ ンThe costume is a big bat,SpidermanThe costume features a cobweb pattern.

Superhero costumes have many features, including:

  • Superheroes who maintain a secret identity oftenMaskTo wear. The mask isロ ビ ンとGreen HornetDomino mask likeSpidermanとBlack pantherThere are various such as full face masks. The most common is a mask that covers the upper part of the face and exposes the mouth and chin. This allows both incredible camouflage and recognizable facial expressions. The notable exception is Superman, who wears nothing when fighting crime. Some characters, such as Doctor Fate and Magneto, wear helmets.
  • Usually, a symbol mark such as a stylized letter or icon is drawn on the chest. For exampleSuperman"S",バ ッ ト マ ンBat symbol of theSpidermanSuch as the spider emblem. Groups or leagues often use common symbols. For example, Fantastic Four “4”,X-MEN"X",The incredibles familySuch as "i".
  • tights,spandexWear a costume that fits your body. Such outfits emphasize the physical beauty of the character and provide a simple design for the illustrator to reproduce it.
  • Most widely knownバ ッ ト マ ンとSupermanThe hero wearing a cloak is the most widely recognized because the two superheroes wearing the cloak.Watchmen,Mr. IncrediblesHas pointed out the fatal flaw of the cloak seen realistically.
  • Most superhero costumes only hide their identity and make them recognize the image, but there are also costumes with practical functions. For example,Venom OfSymbiote・Suit andSpawnNecroplasmic Armor has been a great help to both wearers.IronmanArmor protects him and gives him a technical advantage.
  • Depending on the theme being treated, some superheroes cansub cultureWear a costume that symbolizes.magicHave the power ofZatana TheMagicianCostume of (silk hatとtuxedoOuterwear,Fishnet tightsAnd black leotard),オ ー ト バ イget onGhost riderIs wearing a motorcycle fashion such as a leather jacket.
  • the 1990sAppeared inデ ッ ド プ ー ル,Cable,Image comicsAntiheroes, including many of the characters, chose more practical and military equipment to avoid traditional superhero costumes. And the pads that protect the shoulders, elbows and kneesKevlarMade of vests, metal armor and heavy duty belts.


Many superheroes (Supervillains) are operated from bases and headquarters. These sites are often equipped with state-of-the-art or alien technology. These are generally set up in fake or secret locations so they are not discovered by the enemy or the public (eg, Superman's Solitude Fortress or Bat Cave). However, Baxterville and Justice Hall are commonly known (their exact location remains a secret). Many heroes and villains that do not have a permanent headquarters can instead have a base to move to.

Heroes and villains with a secret base can perform a variety of functions, including but not limited to:

  • Stores operation rooms and their technology and alien devices.
  • A lab for experiments and scientific research.
  • A hero hideaway that can hide itself from their enemies.


The Marvel Comics Group and DC Comics are in the United States of the word "Super Heroes" as applied to comics.商標Co-ownership rights, the two companies own the famous superhero.

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Box office record(Gyosei) ismoviesA word that indicates the sales ofperformance income-Distribution income,Audience mobilizationIt will be published by etc.


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