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🤖 | TV anime "Extreme Hearts", Aiko Ninomiya & Ayaka Senbongi for additional cast


TV anime "Extreme Hearts", Aiko Ninomiya & Ayaka Senbongi to be added to the cast

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It has been revealed that Aiko Ninomiya will play the role of NaO, a member of the metal band "BanShee" that appears in the main story, and Ayaka Senbongi will play the role of SaKo.

New cast information has been released from the currently airing TV anime "Extreme Hearts".The meta that appears in the main story... → Continue reading

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In this item,JIS X 0213:2004 characters (Heart mark)contained(Details).

Sayaka Senbongi(Sayaka Senbongi,1995[6]11/24[3] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor.SaitamaBackground[3].I'm EnterpriseAffiliation[3].


When I was in elementary schoolNeon Genesis EVANGELIONI learned about the voice actor business when I was watching.From the second grade to the third grade of junior high schoolK-on!] Etc.Midnight animeI started to watch, and I thought, "Voice actors are amazing and look interesting," and I aim to become a voice actor.Since I was in the second year of high schoolJapan Narration Acting InstituteEntered Omiya school, but in high schoolBrass band clubHe said that he chose Narration, which he can attend once a week, because he practiced every day after school and on Saturdays.[7]..Before graduating from the institute, when he was a high school student, the TV anime "Chronicles of the Going Home ClubDebuted as Kuju Claire[8][9].

2014Than,I'm EnterpriseBelong to[10].

2016,Kabaneri of the Iron FortressPlay the first main heroine in an unknown role[11], September of the same yearGirlish numberThe role of Chitose Karasuma, who will star in the movie for the first time.[12]To play.

2017, 11thVoice actor awardWon the New Actress Award[13].

2019From October2021Until AprilRun! KayokyokuIn charge of Saturday personality[14][15].. Senbongi was in charge of the final episode of the program, which lasted 52 and a half years.

201912/29, Voice actor who co-starred in the anime "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress"Yu HatanakaWithmarriageannounced[5].


Boehm system B ♭ in club activities in high schoolClarinetPlay.Was participating in the competition[9].

Hobbysinging,ComicTo read,GameTo do, to draw a picture,Imitation[3].

Co-starred in "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress"Maaya Uchida"It's amazing that a (unnamed) character has already been created in one episode," he praised.[11].

The role of Chitose Karasuma in "Girlish Number" was unanimously selected by the staff after auditioning from more than 100 candidates, but the role that Senbongi auditioned was Yae.[16]..Director Shota Ibata and the original authorTravel"Only Senbongi's acting is foreign in a good direction, and while most voice actors read the air and brake moderately, only Senbongi was in a solid state of stepping on the accelerator."[16]..He also commented, "While there was a demand for difficult things that could be done by one or two generations above Senbongi's career, he responded well to this request."[16].


While taking charge of MC at "Kodansha Ranobe Bunko Channel", he started the in-program project "Ranobe Senbongi Knock".The content announces the title and synopsis of the light novel.While doing irregular planning in the corner, I thought that it would be the end after making and announcing about 20 works, but if the editors who are appearing can do so far, I will continue the planning to seriously make it into a book Eventually, it became a program to make the writer debut of Sayaka Senbongi.

After spending more than a year, on November 1, 2018, we announced the completion of the first paperback on Kodansha Ranobe Paperback Channel # 11.Title name "From tomorrow, I will stop swordsman and start a wedding planner! In a different world ”, a freshly made library will be shown in the program, and one library will be signed with the writer Sayaka Senbongi and the illustration Yugen, and will be given as a program gift.[17].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation

the 2010s
the 2020s


Web anime

  • Human-powered battleship !? Shiokaze Sawakaze (2017-2019, Manager Shiramizu[83]) * Tourism PR animation


  • Venus Dungeon (Augustus, Zhang Liang)
  • Pirate Fantasia (Veronica)[87]
  • Clash!Break Gakuen (Aya Suspension, Suzuko Takamaha, Reizen-in Thorn)
  • Sengoku no Tora Z
  • Sealed Hero! Mine Island and the Labyrinth of the Sky (Picto)

Drama CD

  • 300 years after defeating slime, I reached level MAX without knowing it (Falfa[166]) --Novel with drama CD Volume 5, Volume 7, Volume 9, Volume 12, Volume 14, Volume 16 Limited Special Edition
  • Asagao and Kase. Cover song & audio drama album
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Telegraph Report Suzuki Forzaemon Murder Case (無名
  • Private Bell Rose Academy ~ The Rose of Versailles Re * imagination ~ (Yamada Rinju Karu) --Limited Edition Bonus Drama CD "Happy Happy Day"
  • Megumi and Tsugumi (2019-2021, Suzume Yamada)[167][168]

Digital comic

  • Doll pass(2018, Minamo Fujisaki)
  • Volume 5 release commemorative reading PV (2019, XNUMX, even if it is an unreachable threadNaruse Uta[169]
  • Shinobu SS (2021, XNUMX)Shirakawa Shigetsu[170]
  • Devil's Recommended PV[171](2022,Kurumi Karikawa


* IsInternet distribution.

Radio cd

  • Radio CD "Kabaneri Tours" Vol.1 --3 (2016)
  • Mayoiga-"Mayoiga-" Public Relations Section, Narumura Village Office "(2016)
  • DJCD "Kabane Tours de M Kabane Sayaka Senbongi Tournament" (2016)
  • "Girlish Number CUTE GIRLS RADIO (abbreviated as" Kuzuraji ")" CD "Kuzuban" (2017)

Video products

  • DVD I see! The Hondo Kaede Festival (2019)
  • Kageki Shojo !! Blu-ray video bonus "Sayaka Senbongi and Yumiri Hanamori's walk" (2021)








  • Animax reading drama "Honey Lemon Soda" (September 2022, 9, Hulic Hall Tokyo)-Hana Ishimori[193]

TV program

* IsInternet distribution.

TV drama


Other contents

  • Angel Festa!(Asaka Kanami
  • Onsen daughter(Sakura Nagato)
  • Yatate Collection 2nd promotional video (2017, non-Oda rear)
  • Audiobook "Noboru Castle"(2017,Princess kai[196]
  • Audiobook "Kagami's lone castle(2019, Moe Tojo)
  • Escape from JoJo's Bizarre Museum (2021, Trish Una)
  • Healin'Good Precure Thanksgiving Day (2021, voice of Thunder Element)
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress(2021,無名
  • Voice drama "Slow life in a different world starting at a blacksmith" (2021, XNUMX)Liddy[197]) --Free version & 4 novels URL distribution (purchase privilege) version with paper book obi
  • Exhibition 2 which was slime when reincarnated (2022, Shuna <voice guide>)


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9/18Homecoming club activity record Character song & soundtrack collection Homecoming club @ music room ♪Karin Tono (Yuuki Mizuki), Kuju Claire (Senbonsai"What you can say about you"Television Animation"Chronicles of the Going Home Club"Ending theme
Domyoji Sakura (Miharu Kobayashi), Ohagi Peony (Sae Aiuchi), Kuju Claire (Senbonsai"Best Friends"
Natsuki Ando (Ibuki Kido), Karin Tono (Yuuki Mizuki), Domyoji Sakura (Miharu Kobayashi), Ohagi Peony (Sae Aiuchi), Kuju Claire (Senbonsai"Waku Waku DAYS ☆ ~ All members of the homecoming club ver. ~ (TV size)"
11/18Original soundtrack of TV anime "Monster Musume no Nichijou"ANM48[Member 1]"Everyday Animal Ears"
"I wanted to hunt"
Television Animation"Everyday with a monster girl"Insert song
2/20Trinity Tempo Drama CD1 Team: BouquetTeam: Bouquet[Member 2]"Stellar Dreams Shine"Drama CD "Trinity Tempo" related songs
11/16Girlish Number/BloomGirlish number[Member 3]"Bloom"Television Animation"Girlish number"Opening theme
12/7Girlish Number/Short Now, Dreaming Maiden"I'm short and dream now, maiden"The ending theme for the TV anime "Girlish Number"
"Rainbow Sunrise"TV anime "Girlish Number" insert song
12/14Hikari☆High tension/SSS"Take☆High tension"
12/21On the way to tomorrowGirlish number[Member 3]+ Sakuragaoka Nanami (Amina Sato"On the way to tomorrow"
Karasuma Chitose(Senbonsai), Yae Kugayama (Kaede Hondo"Check a"Web radio "" Girlish Number "CUTE GIRLS RADIO" theme song
3/1Today's Tokibiri Buono!Today's chef[Member 4]"Today's Tokibiri Buono!"Television Animation"Piaget ~ My Italian ~"Ending theme
3/29Girlish Number / Character Song Mini Album ~Growing!~Karasuma Chitose(Senbonsai"Baby Sweet Gi (a) rl"TV anime "Girlish Number" related songs
Girlish number[Member 3]+ Nanami Sakuragaoka (Amina Sato)"Growing!"
11/22Good Luck LilacGATALIS[Member 5]"Good Luck Lilac"Television Animation"Anime freaky"Ending theme
"Love G / A / T / A / L / I / S!"TV anime "Anime-Gatari" related songs
1/31Journey to the SunshineAqs[Member 6]Ura no Hoshi Friends[Member 7]"Where is your courage? On your chest!'Television Animation"lovelive! Sunshine!!] 2nd ending theme
3/28Figure Heads Original Soundtrack[Note 1]Rosalia (Ninomiya Aiko), Nilde (Senbonsai"From the back Dead Or Alive"Game "Figure Heads" related songs
5/26Camona Tempest! / Good night orangeLimuru (Miho Okazaki),master(Megumi Toyoguchi), Verdola (Tomoaki Maeno), Shuna (Senbonsai), Zion (M ・ A ・ O), Langa (Tomohiro Kobayashi), Gobuta (Asuna Tomari"Camona Tempest!"Television Animation"When I was reincarnated, it was a slime."Ending theme
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Watanabe Sarasa (Senbonsai
Watanabe Sarasa (Senbonsai), Ai Narada (Yumiri Hanamori)"To his land"
Watanabe Sarasa (Senbonsai
Watanabe Sarasa (Senbonsai), Ai Narada (Yumiri Hanamori)"Overflowing feelings"


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