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🧑‍🎨 | Flower nails with pearls are cute ♪ For adult feminine fingertips


Flower nails with pearls are cute ♪ For mature and feminine fingertips

If you write the contents roughly
The flower design alone is feminine and cute, but by adding pearls, it becomes an elegant nail.

Flower nails that make your fingertips gorgeous and feminine are classic nails that are easy to incorporate regardless of the season or occasion. → Continue reading


From "Latest trend nails" to "Nail design for events / scenes such as dates, offices, ceremonies, Halloween, etc." and "How to self-nail", we provide various information about nails.

An original column to read and distribute is also delivered daily.
In addition, we will update advantageous information for nail salon customers and nail artists.

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    Cute pearl

    Flower design

    Flower design (flower design, floral design,flower arrangement(Sometimes called)flowerTo devise a good structure for a certain object, and arrange, arrange, and organize it.

    People who do these thingsFlower designer(flower designer,Flower arrangerAlso called). Not only flowers but also plant stems, leaves and roots may be used.DesignIt is one of the fields of (applied arts).


    Flower design(Flower design)WhenFlower decoration(Flower decoration), But flower decoration is mostly included in flower design, and it can be said that the two are closely related. Also,GardeningDecorationThe same is true for.

    the 2000sMost until the time you enterEnglish-speaking countriesIn, the meaning of the word flower design is recognized as a word indicating breeding and improving new varieties, and it is not understood in countries other than Japan.JapanglishIt was, but in recent yearsEurope,AsiaIs finally coming to be understood.

    As a representative flower designer organization in JapanMinistry of educationとMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIncorporated association approved byJapan Flower Designers Association (NFD)1967Is established in[1].. In addition, WAFA (World Association of Flower Arrangers) is an organization of global flower designers.1981Established in Japan, the world championships are held every three years[2].

    Major flower designers


    Taisho~ Early Showa periodDawn)
    • Taeko Ikemiya (Tokyo Flower Academy)
    • Kingo Uchiyama (Nagoya Flower Design Class)
    • Yuri Uchiyama (Nagoya Flower Design Class)
    • Hiroshi Oishi
    • Sadao Kasahara(Sadao Kasahara Floral Art School)
    • Ichiro Goto (Goto Floral Design Class)
    • Toshio Sawada (Kusa Paradise Classroom)
    • Suzuki Tamajitsu
    • Masaharu Suzuki
    • Shigezaburo Sekie (Tokyo Flower Design Center, Japan Florist Training School)
    • Kinsaku Taki (Sylvesters Floral Art School)
    • Haruo Nishitomi
    • Eisuke Hirai (West Japan Flower Design Class)
    • Kiyoko Hirai (West Japan Flower Design Class)
    • Ryozo Hirata (Hirata Flower Design Class)
    • Mami Kawasaki(Mami Flower Design Studio)
    • Yuri Murata
    • Naoji Fukano
    • Toshio Yanagimoto
    • Naonosuke Yamaya
    • Akira Yamamoto(Daiichi Engei)
    HeiseiOr later


    Major foreign designers active in Japan

    • Chung Kei Day
    • Suzuki Elena
    • Doreen Rollin
    • Nicolai Bergmann
    • Ren Oak Maid
    • Laurent Bonish
    • Cyril-Lenou


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