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🎥 | Kazuma Kawamura and Ryoki Miyama are actually confronted by 22 latest works of "Dog-chan" and "Hi-Lo"


Kazuma Kawamura and Ryoki Miyama are actually 22 people from the latest works of "Dog-chan" and "Hi-Lo"

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From the left in the front row: Yuki Tokito, Mizuki Itagaki, Henry Daichi Mikami, Shin Hasegawa, Itsuki Fujiwara, Ryoki Miyama, Kazuma Kawamura, Koki Maeda, Ryu, Aoi, Shin Koyanagi, and Atsushi Arai.

The kick-off event of the movie "HiGH & LOW THE WORST X (Cross)" (released on September 9th) is 9... → Continue reading

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Makoto Hasegawa

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Makoto Hasegawa (Shin Hasegawa,19723/31 -) isJapanSource ofrugbyplayer.Rugby representative from Japan[1], And Super RugbySun Wolves OfScrumcoach. 2020Yamaha Motor High performance coach.



Started rugby at the age of four.Until thenHookerWas,Higashiyama High SchoolThen in 2 yearsgardenParticipated as a prop.Chuo University Rugby ClubLet's go back to Hooker.

After graduationSuntoryJoined the company. As a representative of Kanto in 1995New ZealandExpedition to.

1997Pair ofHong KongThe first cap of the representative in the battle.FlankerIt was a substitute participation as.

1997,1998Every timeNational Adult Tournamentrunner up. 2000,2002, XNUMXJapan ChampionshipVictory.

2001In Suntory alone teamWales National TeamNamed Venus to win.

2003ToWorld CupWas selected as a member of the group and participated in all four games.

2007Retired from active duty.Become a coach.

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Ryoki Miyama

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    Ryoki Miyama(Ryoki Miyama,1999〈Heisei11 years>4/26[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor,ArtistsAndBoys group-BE: FIRSTIs a member of[1].AichiBackground[1].


    Movie "" and TV drama "Please fall in love with me”, 2.5D Dance Live “Tsukiuta.] Appeared on the stage.

    2021,SKY-HISponsored boy group excavation audition "THE FIRST], a boy group ・BE: FIRSTSelected as a member of.



    TV drama





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