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🎥 | Tsuyoshi Kusanagi "If I can share this excitement with everyone" at the stage greeting of the movie "Sabakan SABAKAN"

Photo Tsuyoshi Kusanagi with a smile (East Sports Web)

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi "I wish I could share this excitement with everyone" at the stage greeting of the movie "Sabakan Sabakan"

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Kusanagi played Takaaki Hisada, a novelist who survives as a ghostwriter.

Actor Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (XNUMX) and others performed the movie "Sabakan" (directed by Tomoki Kanazawa, released on the XNUMXth) in Tokyo on the XNUMXth... → Continue reading

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Novelist(Shosetsuka) is continuouslyNovelA person or group who writes or presents a work.



There is no standard that clearly distinguishes between "novel writers" and "novel authors." Generally, a novelist isOccupationAs a person who earns money from the work I wrote as well as a person who also works concurrently with other professions, I often call it a "novist." The income from novels is low, and he earns his living through lecture activities and writings other than novels.AuthorEven in the case of, there are many cases where the work is generally regarded as a novelist because it is widely known, but if the number of works is small or the work is not widely published, it is usually not considered as a novelist. is there.


Many of the ways to make a debut are to apply for a work in the open recruitment award, and when the work is awarded, the publisher will publish a book.This allows him to make his debut as a "novelist".

Some writers have made their debut in ways other than the rookie award.Some writers made their debut as a hit with a book published at their own expense.Recently, there are many cases where books are published by picking up works posted on novel posting sites from publishers.


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