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🤖 | "Dungeon Meshi" will be made into a TV animation!TRIGGER is in charge of animation production


"Dungeon Meshi" will be made into a TV anime!TRIGGER is in charge of animation production

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And the monsters of the dungeon watch from the darkness as they wait impatiently for the completion of the delicious-looking pot, making it a piece that seems to be a “dungeon meal”.

TV animation of the popular comic "Dungeon Meshi", which has surpassed 850 million copies (including digital version) in total circulation of the series... → Continue reading

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Dungeon rice

"Dungeon rice] (Dungeon Meshi) isRyoko KuibyJapan OfComicthe work.Manga magazine published 10 times a yearHaruta』(KADOKAWA) has been serialized from volume 11 (February 2014).The author's first feature-length serial work[1].


A style that mixes adventure and gourmet, in which the characters cook various monsters that appear in classic fantasy works using cooking methods that exist in real life while traversing dungeons.[1]The gourmet fantasy manga[2][3].Slime,Mandragora,Basilisk,GolemIn fantasy works, the ecology of standard monsters is reconsidered logically, and based on that, the focus is on "how to cook it to make it delicious."The recipes are included in the dishes made in the work, which creates a fantasy, reality, and persuasive power.[2][4][5].

2016In August of the same year, to commemorate the release of Volume 8, a food sample of "Large Scorpion and Walking Mushroom Mizutaki" that appears in the first episode of Volume 3 was released, and in September of the same year, "Natural Oishii Treasure Bug Snack" and Episode 1's "Mimic Salt Boiled" food samples were produced and displayed at event venues in Tokyo, Osaka, and Tokushima.[6].

August 2019, 9,TRIGGERAn anime commercial video announcing the release of Volume 8 produced byYouTubePublished in[7][8].This video did not include staff credits, but in response to requests from fans, an additional version of staff credits was released on September 9th of the same year.[9].

As of January 2022, the cumulative circulation has exceeded 8.[10].

On August 2022, 8 (the release date of Volume 10), it was announced that it would be made into a TV animation.Detail isLater.

Also on August 2022, 8,Card games"Monster Eater ~Dungeon Meshi Board Game~" will be released on September 2022, 9Arc lightannounced by.card gameMonster makeris a remake of Dungeon Meshi's world view, and the original authorSuzuki GinichiroAfter receiving permission before death[11]Kanai SageIs in charge of the design.



One day, a gigantic cavity appeared that extends underground from the wall of a cemetery on a remote island.From there, a rotting man who called himself a king crawled out and was supposed to have perished a thousand years ago.Golden country” reveals the existence of the “frenzy sorcererBecause he continues to be trapped underground by ”, he left behind saying that he would give the entire country to those who subjugated the culprit, the sorcerer, and disappeared into the dust.Fascinated by those words, let's go through the dungeon where monsters are rampant. And the era of many adventurers has begun.

Adventurer in a party of 6LaiusThe party challenged the Red Dragon in the depths of the dungeon, but hunger was the remote cause and destroyed them, but Laios' sisterFallinThe other members escaped to the ground because they used escape magic while being eaten by a dragon.Raios wanted to go rescue Farin as soon as possible in order to rescue Farin's body before it was digested by the dragon and revive it with magic, but everyone lost their belongings other than the equipment they were wearing due to the side effects of escape magic. I didn't have enough money because I wasShallowNamariis withdrawing.Disbanding the party, I couldn't stand Laios trying to challenge the dungeon alone.Marsilchill chuckoffered to cooperate, and a new party of three was formed.The remaining problem was to procure the expenses for the exploration, but Raios will show off the outrageous idea of ​​procuring food locally, that is, using the monsters that nest in the dungeon as ingredients.

Despite their strong refusal, Raios gathers the ingredients at hand and tries to prepare a dish on the spot, but he does not know the correct cooking method and has difficulty.I passed by the placeSensioffers to help and cooks with great skill.Raios and the others are surprised at the deliciousness of Senshi's monster dishes.Senshi, who has a strong reputation for demon food, heard the party's purpose, was attracted to the possibility of Red Dragon cooking, and became a new companion.

Thus, Raios and his party will go through the dungeon while eating monsters.

After overcoming various hardships, the party reaches the 5th basement floor and challenges the red dragon again to regain Farin, and succeeds in subjugating it despite being severely injured.For Farin, who had been digested and reduced to only bones, Marcille performed forbidden ancient magic and succeeded in reviving him using the flesh and blood of the Red Dragon's corpse.

The reunion was a short-lived affair, but due to the effect of using the body of the Red Dragon for resurrection, Farin became the "crazy magician" who is the master of the Red Dragon.Thistlebe dominated byRaios and his party tried to return to the ground to rebuild their posture, but they were saved by Shuro's party, who summoned the people of his hometown separately to save Farin.KabruWhen they join the party, Farin, whose lower body has become a dragon chimera, attacks, and the majority of Shrou and Kaburu's party are killed.Shuro, who revived the dead, Kabru returned to the surface, and Raios, who was unable to return to the surface after revealing that he had violated the taboo, decided to subjugate the frenzied magician in order to save Farin again, and entered the dungeon. will continue the search for

Escaped from ShuroIzumiRaios and his friends are invited by ghosts wandering the labyrinth, and come to a village in a mysterious space overlooking the Golden Castle in the distance.There, the inhabitants of the Golden Land spent a thousand years without aging or dying under the spell of a crazed sorcerer.inhabitants and grandchildren of kingsYaadis the protector of the countrywinged lionAs a person who should become the new king, Laios entrusted the future of this country to Laios and others.There is also the hope that by eating the flesh of Farin's dragon parts, he can be freed from the control of a mad sorcerer and returned to human form.

Meanwhile Kabru came to the islandcanary squadwas in contact withThey are a group of elves who see the dungeon as dangerous and aim to control it. , From various speculations, Kabru stopped it, and the canary corpsMissrunDrop down to the 6th basement with the captain.While waiting for rescue, Kabru learns the hidden truth of the dungeon and realizes the danger that the Raios party will capture the dungeon.After a while, it is connected to the ground by a magic object that transfers relief, but Kabruu, who learned that Laios and others are nearby, decides to continue the search to join them, and Mithrun accompanies them, so the Canary Corps follows.

Raios and his party reach the bottom of the unexplored dungeon.After defeating the Bopal Bunnies and Farin Chimeras that stand in their way, they finally arrive at Thistle's hideout.Thistle, who was waiting, summons a dragon and the party is about to be annihilated, but the only surviving Raios uses his knowledge of monsters to capture Thistle, avoiding the dragon's attack, and succeeds in reconciling with Thistle.However, the winged lion takes advantage of the gap and reveals his demonic nature, and without Raios realizing it, eats up Thistle's XNUMX years worth of desires.On the verge of becoming a cripple, Thistle entrusts his last hope to revive Marshir, and everyone is revived by Marshir's technique.Just before the winged lion is unsealed, the canaries led by Kabru and Mithrun arrive at the hideout.For interrogation, all but Marcile are hypnotized, and after a struggle between Marcile and the Canary Corps, who are struggling alone, Marcir breaks the seal on the winged lion and becomes the master of the labyrinth.

Marcil, who became the master of the labyrinth, changed the shape of the labyrinth.They were at odds over how to deal with Laios, who was (presumed to be) the master of the labyrinth.Shiro and Namari find out the truth, and the Canary Corps pursue Laios to seal the labyrinth.Around the same time, Laios feels that the power of the labyrinth is not good, but he fails to persuade Marcille and runs away from him.In order to fight the canary corps that is in the way, Marcile heads for the ground with the monsters, but the labyrinth begins to cover the world from the breakthrough that opened "above" the labyrinth, and it is only a matter of time before the demons rule the world. rice field.The Raios who escaped join Kaburu and Shiro, and when they tell them that Marsil has become the master of the labyrinth, and when they learn that the winged lion is actually a demon, they persuade him again and join Marsil in order to defeat the devil. .However, Marushiru lost his restraint due to the winged lion, and could only think about fulfilling his earnest wish.


Main characters (Raios party)

Laios Toden
Race: Tallman.He is the main character of this work. he is 26 years old.He is the leader of an expedition team (party or guild in the work) and a tall swordsman wearing metal armor.He is Farin's older brother.He is from the Northern Continent.
Experienced and highly skilled, but a serious monster maniac.Since he was a child, he has carefully read and carried the "Labyrinth Gourmet Guide", and has always had a strong interest not only in ecology and abilities, but also in the taste of monsters.He hid his desire from his friends, but when he was forced to cut costs to rescue Farin, he confessed and put it into action.
He usually has a calm and collected personality, and has the ability as a warrior.However, he can't say that he has the ability to read the atmosphere or see people well, and he didn't even realize that he was being deceived by unscrupulous adventurers and that he was secretly shunned by Toshiro.In addition, he has a habit of speaking without thinking too much about the situation or meaning, and is often looked down upon by his companions, and Chilchuck wants him to develop social skills and an eye for people. being complained about[13].He is relatively poor at remembering people's faces and appearances, and the Kabru and his party, who encountered him on the way, only remembered the beastman Kobold Kuro.
As soon as the monster gets involved in the conversation, his curiosity becomes obvious and he forgets himself and becomes talkative.He has a paranoid passion for monster food, such as exploring the possibility of using inorganic materials such as metal and paintings as food, and planning to bring back the seeds of man-eating plants and cultivate them on the ground.However, on the other hand, he fully understands the dangers of monsters because he is a monster maniac, and he is careful about unfounded trust in monsters and excessive empathy.However, regarding the use of Kensuke, he regrets saying, "Even though it was an unavoidable situation, it was careless."Occasionally, out of curiosity, he tries to bring out the seeds and spores of magical creatures, but is blocked by Marcille and Chilchuck.
The original weapons were a "moving armor" sword and a large shield, which were obtained three years ago when I was still a newcomer, but the shield was lost when escaping from the Red Dragon and was lost when transferring, and the sword is. I couldn't stand the battle with the "moving armor" boss I encountered during the rescue of Farin and was broken.[14], After that, the sword of the boss of the "moving armor" in which the juvenile of the "moving armor" is lurking is named "Kensuke" and used.
Born in a peaceful mountain village in the countryside located further north across the sea from Kakabrook, when he was a boy, he ran around the fields with his sister, drew imaginary monsters, and spent his days dreaming of adventures.However, he became disgusted with the people in his hometown who feared Farin, who showed a talent for magic, so he left his sister in his hometown and went to a school in the town as a teenager to become a soldier. At the end of the day, he joined his sister at the magic school in Kakabrook, and they both worked on labyrinth exploration.His father is the mayor of his hometown, but he hasn't seen him in over ten years as of episode 10.In his own way, he cares about leaving his hometown after leaving his sister, who had been somewhat hindered in the village, and this is a strong motivation to rescue Farin.
He is "different" from other selfish adventurers whose main purpose is treasure hunting, and is said to be "remarkably well-bred", and is said to be "somewhere's prince" and "descendant of the golden castle". There were rumors that it was not.
In addition to being so good at imitating the barking of dogs that it can be used as a threat to monsters with beast characteristics, after defeating the red dragon, he learned magic from Marsil on the way to temporarily escape from the labyrinth, chanting basic recovery magic. It is designed to beI also made a magic circle that creates heat to boil water.
At first, he was exploring dungeons to make a living and now to rescue Farin, but after talking with Zon, the chief of the Orcs, he began to think about the possibility of himself becoming the lord of the Golden Castle. The winged lion he met in XNUMX yearned to become the new master of the labyrinth, and was once again shown a world where humans, demi-humans, and monsters all exist without distinction, and he began to "desire" that realization. ing.Raios himself remembers little of the dream, leaving only his desires and emotions.
At Thistle's hideout, lure Farin with food to suffocate him to isolate Thistle.With this, she decided to settle her deal with Thistle.
While his companions fell one after another due to the dragons summoned by Thistle, he approached Thistle by taking advantage of the gaps caused by the confusion of the territorial dispute.She made every effort to have a dialogue, and although she was put in a foie gras state due to a misinterpretation, she reconciled.
It is the main cover of the first volume of the book, and has a frying pan and a spatula.
An individual of "moving armor".The sword is a substitute for the shell, and the main body is a mollusk hidden in the handle.The shape of the hilt resembles a wing. "Moving armor" is actually a shell-like creaturegroupAfter it was found to be a meal for the party, it was picked up by Laios who lost his sword.Perhaps recognizing Laios as a comrade, she threatened the treasure insects that were mimicking her, and worked to inform Laios of danger, and was named and loved by Laios who was delighted.However, in the face of danger, she can run away on her own accord, or take embarrassing actions such as not trying to move.She sometimes gets food from Laios.She hid what she was hiding inside after picking it up, but her companions found out about it during the Red Dragon subjugation.[15]but has continued to use it ever since.
It turns out that Hiruto had changed into a lion's face at the time of volume 7, but in fact, it has become a lion-like face since she was eaten by the dungeon cleaner at the beginning of volume 6.Also, in volume 8, it plays the role of a key that opens an unexplored door to the 6th underground layer.These were caused by the winged lion, and the captive winged lion was aware of the actions of the lions through Kensuke.
Marcel Donato
Race·Half elf.She is a woman and a witch.She is a half-court magician with an elf mother and a court historian with a Taleman father, but she didn't tell her friends about it until she was exposed by Thistle in episode 69.She is from the Northern Continent.She grew up in a seaside town.
He can use powerful attack magic, and in addition to some recovery magic, he can handle various magic such as defense, traps, and unlocking locks, but recovery magic does not touch the pain sensation, which is a risk, so it hurts during treatment. has the drawback ofThe weapon is hand-woven with the roots of a tree that sprouts with two leaves that grow with magic at the tip of the ring-shaped cane head.Cane,ambrosiaand spellbooks.Since her long blond hair acts as a medium for magic, she is especially careful to take care of it before performing large-scale techniques, and frequently changes her hairstyle during the work, such as changing the position of the braid and the way it is put together. . 2 years agoSlimeIt was my first death experience when I was suffocated by a fire.
A bright and expressive person.Although he is often soft-spoken, he also has a strong-willed side, such as quarreling with his comrades and retorting against the hatred of the orc chiefs.He can also be careless in safe situations and sometimes dig a grave.Possessing common sense and tastes, Raios's plan to "eat monsters and save money on food" is a strong rejection from the beginning, as there are cases of food poisoning deaths due to monster eating in addition to psychological reluctance. and is absolutely against eating the creatures in the labyrinth.However, he can't resist hunger, and every time he eats monster food, it's unexpectedly delicious, revealing his complicated feelings.Romance novelIf you are a fan ofDangmeiSomewhatGirl hobbiesThere is a place
Originally enrolled as a researcher at the School of Magic in Kakabrook to research dungeoniums for the purpose of safely cultivating and collecting magical materials.He met and became friends with Farin in a specially mixed class.There is also a slightly overprotective side to Farin.Offers to accompany Laios to rescue Farin.his father's premature death[Note 1]And from the death of his pet, the death of his close ones first, and strictly speaking, "Because he is a half-elf, only himself, who has a longer life span than any other race, will be left behind", which is a strong motivation to rescue Farin. ing.Also, thinking that the difference in life expectancy is the source of conflicts and rifts between races, he has a history of becoming involved in ancient magic in the hope of equalizing the life expectancy of each race.
She has a wealth of knowledge about magic, and when she was a student, she excelled in her studies to the extent that she was said to be "the smartest girl since school started", but after meeting Farin, she realized that she had little practical experience, and her lack of practice became apparent. have experience.She also slowed the party down due to her low athleticism, and Chilchuck called her bad about it, causing her to become depressed when she thought she was a hindrance to her journey. there were.However, after hearing from Laios that she relies on her magic and her policy of wanting to preserve her power deep down, she received an apology from Chilchuck and got back on her feet. ing.
He often considers labyrinths from the perspective of dungeonium theory, and is curious about the mechanism that constructs and maintains the entire labyrinth, as well as the vast amount of magical power.As part of his dungeonium research, he is well versed in ancient magic, and even ventures into contraindicated magic.He holds the stance that there is no right or wrong in magic, but due to general prejudice against contraindicated magic, Chilchuck is nervous and anxious, and some of those who know the history of Farin's resurrection call him a "dark elf" or "evil." It will be misunderstood as "a black magician".If the details of Farin's resurrection become known to the Western Elves, Kabru predicts that he will either be sentenced to the death penalty or assigned to the Canary Corps.
As mentioned above, he is often unreliable in the main story, but when he meets Laios in order to recruit Farin, it is shallow under the plot of the Toden brothers to "help the inexperienced Marcille and make him recognize his ability." Even when he explored the layers, he had enough ability and theory to make up for his experience.However, immediately after that, he experienced suffocation by slime and resurrection by Farin, and his interest in ancient magic that brought him closer to his "dream" exploded.
In the decisive battle with Thistle, he died after being exposed to the poisonous mist that the worm spewed.However, when Sisuru, who reconciled with Raios, had her desire eaten by the winged lion, she used her last power to revive Marsil, and Chilchak Sensi Izutsumi was revived by her.The next day, the Canary Corps catches up, and at Chilchuck's suggestion, he hides in the attic with Izutsumi, but his whereabouts are revealed by the actions of Laios, who is not good at lying, and he confronts Mithrun. The brainwashed Chilchuck said, "The daughter of the court magician," and misunderstood that Pattador was the court of the elves. The story returns to the main line, and confronts Mithrun again.Pattador was worried about Mithrun's physical examination (searching for the book that sealed Winged Lion), so she released Winged Lion and announced that she would finally become the master of the labyrinth due to Mithrun's further onslaught.She ignored the subdued canary squad and disappeared with the winged lion.
In the main cover of the second volume of the book, he is chanting magic by brandishing a ladle.
Chilchuk Timms
Race: Halffoot.Because the race itself is baby-faced and petite, Sensi initially thought he was a child of Tolman, and even Marcil treats him as a child, but as a half-foot he is 29 years old (50 years old for modern people). A man with a wife and three adult daughters.He is from the eastern continent.
Using the agility, dexterity, and keen senses unique to their race, they unlock doors and treasure chests, and disarm traps.In addition, it mainly plays an auxiliary role, such as shortcuts by activating devices that are set up, avoiding dangers in advance, and guiding people to give priority to safety.Although he basically does not fight, he can use projectiles and sometimes provides logistical support.In addition, because of its role, it has suffered damage including death many times in the past,mimicand Tentacles from the bottom of my heart, and resisted eating them, but ended up eating both.
He usually has a calm personality and is thoughtful, and is the most out of the world in the party. It is also respected in the party including.On the other hand, he is strict about his territory and role, and when he opens a trap, he shows intense anger at Senshi's actions that do not follow his instructions, and sometimes swallows the atmosphere.According to Laios, this attitude is due to his strong sense of responsibility to the party, and because his role forces him to speak bluntly and directly.When he was a rookie, he was almost fed to a highly useful monster in a dungeon, so he created a "guild" so that his relatives would not be "disposable", and is known as the leading role of the half-foot around the labyrinth.He also has a severe sense of money, and accepts the shortcoming of "I can't get out of the way", and only accepts work with advance payment.
When he was thinking about retiring from labyrinth exploration early, he was introduced to a union member as the only half-foot who could dive deep and joined the party.He agrees to accompany him on the expedition to rescue Farin because he had received his reward up front, but he regrets that this decision might have put his companions in even greater danger. is exposing. Although he says, "I don't want to die," he really has a strong desire not to let his comrades die.In addition, he dislikes human relationship troubles that mainly start with love, and hides his private life and true feelings that are the underlying cause.However, after hearing about the details of his separation from his wife due to a quarrel, Marsile admonishes him to learn the subtleties of other people's minds.
He has a more flexible way of thinking about demon food than Marcil, and accepts unconditionally due to concerns about food poisoning and mood problems. there isAlso, when he finds sake, his eyes shine and he tries to drink it immediately, and he accurately evaluates the ale made by the residents of the Golden Castle.[16].
In the magazine article, "Halfling', but in the book it is unified as 'half foot' and 'chill chuck'.
Although it is said that it has no combat ability, it contributes in a fighting style that makes use of its dexterity, such as stabbing the Red Dragon's left eye with the thrown Orichalcum knife, shooting arrows near the ice golem's core, and guiding Izutsumi to defeat the ice golem. is doing.
The main cover of the third volume of the book, holding a mimic's leg with a key pick.
Eldest daughter of Chilchuck.Her appearance is the most similar to Chilchuck.She is also her locksmith, and despite her unamiability, she has been recommended as her replacement for Chilchuck in case something should happen.
The second daughter of Chilchuck.She has a strong desire to marry, but her relatives are stingy and poor, so she seems to prefer wealthy dwarves.Maybe that's why she's worried about Chilchuck letting her meet with Sensi.
pack patty
The youngest daughter of Chilchuk.Last time she was there she was selling dragon poop.Chilchuck predicts that she will get hurt soon because she has some licks in her life, but it is also thought that she will do well at the same time.


Race·Dwarf.Her birthplace is Izganda on the Eastern Continent.An ax warrior whose name means "seeker" in Dwarvish, with a well-built short frame, large round eyes, and thick black hair and beard.He joins the party because he can't stand the amateurism of Raios who tried monster food for the first time, and offers to accompany them for the purpose of cooking Red Dragon.He supports the party with meals, and acts as the vanguard in battle alongside Laios.He can also read ancient Dwarvish.
He processed the heirloom shield, which he claims to have been handed down from generation to generation, into pots and pot lids, always carried various cooking utensils and seasonings, including mithril knives, and continued researching monster food in the labyrinth for more than 10 years to become self-sufficient. Say you're livingHe usually works based on the third floor of the dungeon.About once a month, he goes out to the ground to buy seasonings, and that's when he meets Raios.
Golems are activated without permission and used as substitutes for fields, and human waste from toilets in various parts of the dungeon is collected and used as fertilizer, but as a result, this plays the role of maintenance and inspection within the dungeon.Because he lives alone in the labyrinth, his skills as an adventurer are high, and his knowledge of monsters' body structure and habits is used flexibly during battle.
Far from showing no interest in processing simple procedures using magic, she blatantly dislikes it, and is proud and obsessed with using old technology to take the trouble.However, he does not have an irrational dislike of magic itself, and will accept Marcil's magic (although he initially dislikes it) if necessary.
Even in the dungeon, he preaches the importance of food and health, does not approve of eating unbalanced nutritional meals, and is sometimes obsessive.[13].Although she has a stubborn temperament, she is sincere and sincere when it comes to her cooking, and has the capacity to admit her own mistakes and praise Marcile.
On the other hand, he is extremely crude and suitable for things other than cooking, and although he is a dwarf, he cannot distinguish the types of ores, and his relatives are amazed and surprised by his lack of blacksmithing skills and talent. .His battle ax is crudely maintained and easily broken in a battle with a red dragon, and he does things like turning a rare mineral adamant shield into a pot, which would surprise Namari, who has a standard dwarven sensibility.His battleaxe has been handed over from the Orc Lids.
In fact, he is the only survivor of a group of charlatan-like dwarf miners who dug a dungeon before the residents of the "island" 76 years ago. I continued to live in the vicinity of the labyrinth and in the shallow part without being able to do it.His helmet and pot are mementos of his companions.Also, when he entered the Golden Castle with the adults of the miners, he was an apprentice at the age of 36 (equivalent to 14 to 15 years old in Tallman conversion), and perhaps because he was able to overcome the difficulties as it was, he did not have the knowledge that dwarves were originally supposed to possess. sparse[17].He had a traumatic experience with Griffin because of the loss of his friends to Griffin, and the suspicion that the meat he ate after that had belonged to his friends. It turns out that it belongs to Laios, and the bond is deepened.
He expressed concern about how easily he could be revived in the labyrinth, but when he heard that "the soul can be likened to an egg," he compared Farin's current situation to a bacon egg, and said, "If you use the nature of the dragon meat you ate, it will not return to its original state." , maybe we can save Farin's soul just like peeling bacon and eggs."
He has a habit of keeping a diary, and "Haruta" No. 63 has a binding appendix with the setting of his diary.The contents of this diary are also included in the official side reader "Dungeon Meal World Guide Adventurer's Bible".
On the cover of the 4th volume of the book, he is running away from the Red Dragon with a shallow pot of fried rice and a kitchen knife.
Farin Toden
Race: Tallman.She is Laius' younger sister and a magician.She is from the Northern Continent.She had a gentle and gentle personality, and acted as a mediator and pacifier among her peers.Her curiosity and adventurous spirit are as strong as her brother, such as saying that she "want to eat" monsters.She doesn't like physical combat, and in addition to assisting magic that mainly recovers, she uses advanced techniques to exorcise spirits.As for her exorcism, she was so advanced that even Marcille was amazed.She's mastered gnome magic[13]So, I once taught my brother the magic that I learned, but because I'm a sensory person, I'm not good at explaining it, and Raios didn't learn magic.
Ever since he was a child, he has been chasing his older brother through the hills and fields, but one day, when he calmed down a wandering ghost in the village cemetery, the other villagers found him creepy.However, his older brother encouraged him to take advantage of his talents, and he enjoyed the fantasy of traveling to a foreign country with his brother and sister.Upon hearing the response in Farin's village, Marsil was surprised, thinking, "Are you in the Middle Ages?"
A year after his older brother left the village, he left the village and enrolled in a magic school in Kakabroud. rice field.As a result, he couldn't make any friends and his grades didn't improve, but when he presented the Dungeonium assignment, he became a good friend after Marcil, who was surprised by Farin's high-quality experimental results, became interested in him. turn around.After that, when his older brother came to see him just before crossing over to the "island", he escaped from school even though he was about to graduate to go on an adventure together, and since then he has been exploring labyrinths.
At the beginning of the story, while protecting Laios and being caught in the fangs of the Red Dragon, he saved the party by chanting a return spell, but he himself was preyed on.Later, his brothers' party succeeded in defeating the Red Dragon, and he was revived by Marcil's secret art using the Red Dragon's blood and flesh from bones recovered from his body and reassembled.[18].
However, he lost his sanity due to the combination of black magic and the flesh and blood of the Red Dragon.ChimeraIt will be changed to the appearance of.[19][20].
Although Farin's appearance remains to a large extent in his current appearance, his consciousness is dominated by the soul of the Red Dragon who is a slave to Thistle, and while he mercilessly attacks and tries to kill his former companions, he runs out of magical power. Farin's intentions, such as actively trying to protect Thistle even if he is not, are hardly seen.However, some of her actions, such as trying to eat nuts with Thistle, have a Falin-like character.
According to the Adventurer's Bible, it seems that graduation and employment have been decided.Marsil explained that he was employed as a grave keeper, and unlike his hometown of Farin, who was shunned, he was treated very well.Also, in fact, his eyesight has been poor since he was young, and it seems that his eyes are fine because he looks closely.Therefore, immediately after the rescue, there are fewer scenes where he narrows his eyes, and when he turns into a monster, he opens his eyes except when he breaks his expression.
In the main cover of the fifth volume of the book, he is running away from ghosts with a chopping board and a meat beater.
Asebi / Izutsumi
The soul of a demon called Big Cat by black magic[21]A Tallman woman whose body has become a beastman because she was mixed withJapanese andromedais a nickname given to him as a subordinate of Shuro's father, and his real name is Izumi.Born in the Eastern Archipelago.Manners when eatingpartial eclipseFrom such, it is speculated by Chilchuck that he is "badly brought up".
Originally went to the island as an attendant of Shuro.NinjaOne of them, in episode 38, when Shiro and others returned to the ground with the return technique, they "lost" and left the group, and in episode 40, they took Marcile as a hostage and appeared in front of Raios, and were hung on themselves. Requests that Marcil dispel the two types of spells that are present.The collar technique applied to Maizuru was dispelled when the shikigami that appeared were defeated by Laios and his party, but the remaining one is a rather special black magic, and it is difficult to understand that two souls are mixed. Due to the current state of affairs, Marsil has not been able to get his hands on it.However, due to the possibility that "separation of the soul" is similar to the final rescue method of Farin, who was chimerized by the "crazy magician", he will go to overthrow the "crazy magician" with Raios and his party.
Because he is a cat-type beastkin and a ninja, his fighting ability is high among the party, and he is especially good at close-quarters combat that makes use of his agility and agility.Kunaiis used as a weapon, but it is strong enough to fight against monsters almost barehanded.
He has a boring, calculating and self-centered personality.By the time he can remember, he has already turned into a beastman, so he is not treated as a human being and after moving from one land to another as a show, he was bought by Shuro's father and trained by Maizuru.At that point, his distrust of humans had already taken root, so he doesn't feel his loyalty or comradeship.He doesn't even go so far as to have a sense of fellowship with the Raios and takes a curt attitude, but he treats himself as a collaborator as if it's only natural, and gradually becomes wary of them who share meals. is being solved.When Marcile bursts into tears after hearing about Farin's past from Raios, he shows a bewildered yet comforting attitude.
As mentioned above, she is a very picky eater and avoids or throws away things she doesn't want to eat.Meat and fish are willingly eaten, but vegetables and mushrooms are reluctant to eat.It is often liked by sensi, but there is no sign of fixing it.At first, I completely rejected monster food, but if it's something delicious like Barometz, I'll accept it.Since he is a cat-type beastman, he will vomit when he eats something he cannot digest.
It has a body similar to that of a human, but because it has long body hair, it sometimes takes off its clothes in front of people without worrying about it.[22] .However, Raios, who likes magical beasts, is stopped by Chilchuck and Senshi when he tries to see "the number of nipples" and "the base of the tail".
When attacked by a succubus, she transforms into a "mother" she doesn't remember.Because she was able to fight and defeat her "mother" while being charmed by a succubus that would normally make her unable to move, she was depressed at one point, thinking, "Didn't even her heart become human?" AppearedBlack leopardI have doubts about the existence of a succubus like this.Then, someone who was fascinated by the appearance of black panther came to think that it was "the beast inside of me", and from there I came to the conclusion that there are two minds in one body, the beast fused with Izutsumi himself. I was not alone.”
The main cover of the 7th volume of the book, holding skewers in both hands.

Dungeon Adventurer/Seeker

Kabru's party

A party of young adventurers.leader'sKabru, wizardRinsha, half-footMick Bell, Kobold'sBlack, dwarvenDia, for gnomesHolmthe party of[23][24].Unlike the other adventurers, the leader, Kabru, is not a business, but rather pursues dungeon exploration with the ideal and purpose of disarming the labyrinth and eradicating monsters, and his companions are also suitable for that ideal. support[23][24].Although he is respected by other adventurers, his experience points and abilities do not match his ideals, and although he is aware of this, he is often wiped out due to miscalculations and carelessness. is suffering fromDuring the work, Laios and his party found him annihilated, and he was taken twice to make it easier for corpse collectors to find him. They are misunderstood as "jewel and food thieves."After that, he happened to accompany Shuro's party and dived into the lower layer to discover Laios' party.However, from the sense of danger that the Canary Corps who visited the "island" will attack the dungeon without considering the surrounding damage, he takes measures to buy time in anticipation of the Raios group's dungeon attack.

A young man with curly black hair, brown skin and blue eyes.He is good-looking, and you can also see the depiction that seems to be a playboy.
At first glance, he seems to be a nice young man, but he has a cool-headed and cunning tactician side.He's not a bad guy, but he's willing to kill for his ideals, he likes to observe people, and he's always judging others.He is good at negotiating and building connections, and was described by Holm as "a man who will do anything to get into people's pockets."He has mastered other languages ​​such as Kobold, and can also use simple magic, although not used in the main story.[25].
He had heard rumors of the Toden brothers and sisters for a long time, and thought that their behavior without thinking about their own gains and losses was hypocrisy due to their lack of interest in humans, and planned to one day peel off their disguise.[24].He later learns that he has an unusual fondness for monsters, and is convinced of Laios' motives for exploring the labyrinth.He felt uneasy about it, so he was rather relieved.
While he is good at interpersonal combat, he is not good at exterminating monsters.Also, from his experience of the monster disaster described later, he honestly "doesn't want to see or touch" monsters, but when he talked to Raios, he recommended a monster dish and ate it without hesitation, so it's close to trauma. have feelingsHowever, he was later forced to eat monsters, albeit by accident.[26].
He was originally from Utaya, a town on the western continent that prospered in the labyrinth, but about 15 years ago, monsters suddenly overflowed from the labyrinth, and the dead began one after another.In the middle of the battle between the demonized dead and the Western Elf Canary Corps, he lost his mother, who was his only relative, along with his hometown.After being taken in by the vice-captain of the Canary Corps at the time and receiving a high level of education, he became an adventurer despite his adoptive parents' strong opposition.[27].However, he also thought that he could not conquer the dungeon with his own strength, so he was also thinking about supporting adventurers who had the potential, and Laios was one of the candidates.Later, when he met with Raios and his party, which he had longed for, he acknowledged that Raios had a certain level of ability and the possibility of conquering dungeons, but at the same time, he said, ``Because he loves monsters, even if he obtains a labyrinth, he won't obediently seal it.'' Are concerned.Due to these circumstances, he dislikes humans who use the labyrinth, and expresses his anger at the corpse collector who was wearing Kabru to share the pain of Kabru's party and Laios' party. , is dropped into the water so as not to be revived.
As a result of the confrontation with the frenzied magician Thistle, who appeared in the shallow layer at the instigation of the Canary Corps, he was left behind in the deep dungeon alone with Mithrun.While taking care of Mithrun for a week until her rescue, she learns the truth behind the secret reason for conquering the labyrinth that the Western Elves keep hiding, and follows Laios' party with the Canary Corps.However, he was not trusted by the Canary Corps, and was forced to take a step back when he was put in magical manacles and questioned by the Canary Corps' Raios and others.
After the Winged Lion subdued the Canary Corps, the manacles came off, and he and Raios escaped from Thistle's house.Feeling a sense of danger in Raios, who is trying to pursue Marcille, who has become the master of the labyrinth, he tries to persuade him to stay for the time being.However, his dislike of monsters is exposed by Rishion, and his remarks are disturbed by unforeseen circumstances.In such a situation, when he said to Laios, "I wanted to be friends with you," he beat up Laios, who mocked himself.On the other hand, he exposed the truth that he approached Laios and his fear of danger, but on the other hand, he revealed his true intentions that he did not want Laios to die, but he still did not give up on Marcille, but he pushed Laios down the cliff in the form of protecting him from Lysion and entrusted him with the aftermath. .
According to the Adventurer's Bible, he was born into a good family, but his eyes were different from those of his family, and this is the reason why he and his mother were kicked out of the house.Kaburu himself thought that the reason for the different eye color was the work of a succubus, but Mirciril explained that ``succubuses do not have the power to impregnate people'' and ``the possibility of negative genetics and genetic diseases'', and once suspected that. cleared theHowever, Laios suggests the possibility of an incubus or a kind of parasitic wasp, and there is a scene in the monologue that makes him angry.
It seems that the other elves had heard that Myrciril protected him, and when he revealed his identity to the Canary Corps, he behaved like a friend's child.
Laios can't remember his name easily, and he recalls it in the form of a tsukkomi for the name mistake in Laios's monologue.On the other hand, Kabru himself has a proper understanding of his opponent, and even when he encounters a shapeshifter, he creates an alter ego that looks exactly like Mithrun (Kabru's alter ego was as clumsy as a scarecrow).He also calls Shiro by his real name, "Toshiro", the only one other than his attendants.
In the main cover of Volume 8 of the book, he is walking with a pick and kicking mushrooms.
Nickname is Rin.She is a young witch.she has a strong personality.Although she is from the East, she is of a different origin from Shiro and the others, and she was born in an area with an "island".She has a crush on Kabru.To the end, she was obsessed with revenge against those who had stolen their food (that is, the Raios party).She can use magic so powerful that Kabru says, "You can turn the party into charcoal with a single blow."She actually knocks down Farin, who has assimilated with the Red Dragon, with a single blast.
When he was young, his parents, who had made a living from magic, were lynched and widowed. From the experience of being protected and treated like an animal by the elves who rushed over, he has a great dislike of elves.I met Kabru around that time.[28].
Mick Bell
half foot.A man with an androgynous appearance, the first person isI.Raised at the bottom of the slums, he has no hesitation in flattering and deceiving other races.For that reason, it is a type that is incompatible with Chillchuck, and the half foot made by Chilchuck.combination I continue to ignore invitations from[29].She later meets Chircuk, but she was able to talk normally, probably because she was helped by Chimera.In addition, he is Kuro's direct employer and thinks of him like family, but Holm has suspicions that he is working hard for a low salary.
Kobold.Characterized by black and white fur.Uses a single-edged sword.The common language in the work is not so fluent, and the dialogue was written in katakana when it first appeared.He has been employed by Mick Bell ever since he was rescued by Mick Bell while he was being held captive by slave traders. "Kuro" is a temporary name given to Mick Bell, his real name isYodan.It's usually very obedient and relatively quiet, but when it comes to battle, it attacks bravely.When he met Izutsumi for the first time, he sniffed out signs of demons and magic in her and threatened him.[30].
In fact, he is taught human language by Kabru, and at that time he talks about his generous friendship with Mick Bell.Kaburu seems to be supporting her friendship with a monologue, which is rare for her.
dwarf woman.It features her hairstyle that hides her eyes.Her weapon is an ax.Along with Kuro, she acts as the vanguard of the party.She has a quiet and calm personality.She is from the Touhou Labyrinth Guardian clan, and she left her clan to become an adventurer because "she knows what they are guarding".She knew about Namari's father, the "armsman".She is the niece and cousin of Urashima Lord.Unlike her personality, her fighting style is dynamic, and Kabruu, who had a hallucination that made her companions look like monsters, saw her fighting style, sensed her true identity, and resolved her situation.
gnome men.Features his droopy eyes and hat.In addition to magic that deals with the four types of spirits, he can also use resurrection techniques.He has a calm demeanor and a gentle personality.He is so attached to spirits that he even gives them names.He has a habit of freezing up when several things happen at once.He survived the Farin battle by making full use of Essie (spirit, gnome), and succeeded in rebuilding his posture based on his resurrection magic.

Mr. and Mrs. Tansu

A group of scholars diving into a dungeon for research on the sorcery that has been applied to the labyrinth.Mr. and Mrs. Tansu the sorcerers and their adopted Tolman warriorsKakaKiki, and the former Raios line of dwarf warriorsNamariIt is composed of.

Mr. and Mrs. Tansu
Race·Gnome .A couple of sorcerers who use powerful magic, including resurrection magic.husband is 210tans flocka, wife is 204 years oldyarn flocca.He is also an adviser to the island owner, and is engaged in a tug-of-war under the surface to prevent the Western Elves from crossing the labyrinth before the mystery of the labyrinth is revealed.Namari's new employer after leaving Laios' party.While Mr. Tansu treats his relatives softly and kindly, he seems to be a tough and stubborn person toward Raios and Namari, but he also shows consideration for Namari's feelings.Her husband seems to have a bad look for a gnome.
kaka and kiki
A young twin of the Tolman race.He accompanies the expedition as an escort.a man with a swordKaka,CrossbowA woman who acts as an archer forKikiis.Both of them are 20 years old and have the brown skin seen in the locals of the island.Kaka is unfriendly and taciturn, but Kiki has a gentle personality.Originally from a family that avoids war and continues to wander, but when he was abandoned at a bar in a certain city, he was taken in by Mr. and Mrs. Tansu.[31]and calls Mr. and Mrs. Tansu "Ji-chan" and "Ba-chan."
Although there are few descriptions in the main story, there are some supplements in the Adventurer's Bible, and it seems that Kaka has a complex because he has particularly long legs among Tallmans and has lived with Mr. and Mrs. Tansu's lower gnomes for a long time.
Race: Dwarf.Former party member of Laios before Farin's rescue mission.He is from the eastern continent.Despite being short, he is a brave ax warrior and muscular.mercenaryfemale, 61 years old.Namari herself is very picky about weapons, and she has a fine eye for details such as her materials and the degree of maintenance.Her father, known as the "Weapon Dealer" on the island, was in charge of the distribution of weapons produced by the dwarves.embezzlementdisappeared when discovered.Due to this, Namari was also ostracized by the dwarf society, and the island owner's feelings for the dwarves deteriorated. , joined Laios' party in the hope that he himself would be forgiven.[32].Due to financial problems, after failing to subjugate the Red Dragon, he left in search of a more lucrative job elsewhere, and was hired by Mr. and Mrs. Tansu's Labyrinth Research Corps, which paid well.
When he meets Laios in the dungeon, he strictly warns against wielding weapons of unknown origin and unknown race, and repeatedly advises him to buy a proper sword.Although he is dissatisfied with being treated badly, such as being caught in the collusion of attack magic from the dresser and being used as a shield and dying, he insists that he wants to be an ally.As he gets accustomed to resuscitation, his sense of death and danger may dull, so he talks to new friends to avoid death as much as possible and ensure safety. And so on.On the other hand, Laios respects the handling of weapons, and when Kiki is captured by Tentacles, Laios collects Kiki's crossbow and entrusts it to Namari, and brilliantly shoots through Tentacles's weak points (Namari himself is a crossbow. It may be a fluke, as it was the first time I used ).
In order to affect his reputation as a mercenary, he intentionally tries to keep his distance from the Raios, but he also cares about them.When they met again, she was prepared to be slandered, but when she saw Raios happily cooking monsters, she was shocked at the current situation.She was a little bitter with Marsile immediately after their reunion, but when they parted again, they were reconciled.Even after returning to the surface, he goes to her reanimation center and searches for Falin's corpse.After the West Elf Canary Corps landed, they joined Shuro and Kabru in front of the island owner's mansion.After that, he acted together with them, but when he saw a chimera that appeared as a diversion by the Canary Corps in the dungeon, he said Farin's name, even though he did not know the circumstances, and set his sights on the Canary Corps. be done.
After Kabru fell to the lower floor with Mithrun, it seems that he was completely involved because he was meeting with Shroud as a "companion of Kabru who was taken hostage".
The waitresses of the tavern said, "I like men with long legs," but Namari herself was fascinated by the way the armor fits perfectly into the characteristic parts of her race (gnome and elf ears, Tallman's long legs). As a result, Kaka Kiki's legs are admired for their long legs.
Together with Shrou, in the main cover of the 6th volume of the book, he hits Raios (possible Sheifusipter) with a rolling pin.

Shuro's party

The eldest son of a good family who came from the Eastern Archipelago/Wa Island.Shallowand the women who served his clan.Except for Shrou, none of them use their real names, but rather their street names, and all of them have tattoos of small dots like moles somewhere on their faces, and the number of them indicates their status.[33].A magician who is a leader and also Shuro's tutor.Maizuru, Ogre'sPersicaria longise,Ninja'sHienbell plover, maskedAsebi (Izutsumi).Later, Asebi slips out and joins the Raios party.

Shuro / Toshiro
Race: Tallman.Like Namari, a former party member of Raios before the rescue of Farin.dark-hairedTotal hairin oriental attire like a samurai wearing aKnifeA man armed withhis real name isToshiro Hanmoto(Nakamoto Toshiro)", but he is called Shuro by the Raios.He was born as the eldest son of a half-headed family in the Eastern Archipelago/Wa Island.The Hanhonke is a clan that has served the feudal lord since ancient times with craftsmanship and espionage skills, so they are not only good at swordsmanship, but also ninjutsu and magic.Together with his younger brother Toshiyuki Toshizane, his father ordered him to "find 'interesting things' outside the sea."[34]When he visits the island, he meets Laios and joins the party.According to Laios, he is stronger than most adventurers, and in fact, he served as the vanguard in Laios' party, playing the role of finishing strong enemies such as dragons.He also bisected the sea serpent launched by Inutade with his sword.
He is a man of few words and has a serious personality.She had a strong sense of affinity with Laios, but she actually disliked Laios, who was insensitive, rough, and unwieldy.She is also in love with Faline and has been courting her, waiting for a reply, but Raios is completely unaware of Shro's feelings.
After parting with Raios and the others, just as Namari had guessed, "Maybe he's trying to save Farin using another connection," he immediately joined the people from his hometown after leaving and dived into the labyrinth together. rice field.After that, he meets Raios after the revived Farin was robbed by the "Frenzy Magician", and is furious when he is informed that he used forbidden black magic to revive Farin.In addition, he was attacked by a chimeric Farin and had the misfortune of annihilating Maizuru, so when his companions were revived, he gave up on rescuing Farin and left the labyrinth.
Before escaping, he and Raios exchanged their dissatisfaction with each other and played a fistfight, but it seems that the animosity has been resolved for the time being.Although he will not return to the island anymore, he gives the "bell" as a signal so that he can escape to the east from the crime of committing a contraindication when Raios and the others escape from the labyrinth alive.However, Raios seems to have accidentally put the bells in his bag, and the pair of bells that Shrou has is almost always ringing.
However, immediately after returning to the ground, he decided to help Kabru, and acted together with him and the Canary Corps who visited the "island".He has a high level of insight, and when he sees Kabruu who is impatient for the arrival of the Canary Corps, he senses a purpose other than closing the labyrinth, and draws out Kabruu's true intentions.
After Kabru fell to the lower layer with Mithrun, it seems that he was involved because he was meeting with Namari as a ``friend of Kabru who was taken hostage''.
Together with Namari, it is the main cover of the 6th volume of the book, surrounded by shape shifters with a long tuna knife.
A Tallman magician who acts as the leader of the group.His real name is Iyo.He has two stars.She's an old lady, and she lives up to her namecraneIt features a costume with sleeves reminiscent ofShe calls Shuro "Botchan", and while she follows her, she is always worried about him as her nurturer.When she thanked Shuro for returning to her senses, she burst into tears.Her affection for her is felt and admired by Sensi through her cooking.God formulaHe can create various magic such as resuscitation and teleportation, and he is also good at cooking.She is a little overprotective in her handling of Shroud, but she is discerning enough not to stop Shrou and Laios from quarreling.She has a relationship with Shuro's father like her mistress.[35]Because of this, she is shunned by Shuro's mother, but Maizuru himself seems to have a favorable impression of her, describing her as a woman with a core.
Persicaria longise
His nickname is Tade.Ogrewoman.her real name isHijouhi.One star.Among the humans in the work, he is particularly tall and has a strong physique, boasting a larger body than the Orc Zon, but his actual age is 17 years old, the same as Izumi.barbedGold baras a weapon, and its physical strength is enormousSea serpentAbout to beat back the body.He had high endurance because he didn't die even after being hit by Farin's tail, which became a chimera.He has an easy-going personality and is a glutton.It seems that he was close to Izutsumi, and once he advised her, "Don't give in to a little trouble and get lost."She was originally a betting sumo wrestler, but she happened to be liked by Shuro's father, who happened to come to see her first ring, and she was bought.As such, combined with her harsh upbringing during her childhood, she worships Shuro's father like a god.[36].
Tolman's female ninja who serves as Shuro's bodyguard.her real name isNaka.The number of stars is two, but the actual rank is second only to Maizuru.She is tall and has a sister-like personality.Both her parents are servants of the half-head family, and she is a childhood friend of Shuro.Although she says she doesn't have romantic feelings, she was shocked when Schlow confessed that she had a crush on her.Because she can do anything dexterously and skillfully, she is somewhat confident and has little empathy for others, but her ability as a shinobi is firmly attached.[37].Based on her height and BMI, she weighs as much or more than Kabru, but she shows enough acrobatics to use Kabru as a stepping stone.
bell plover
Another Tolman female ninja who serves as Shuro's bodyguard.her real name isPine tree.Two stars.Petite and beautiful.Originating from a poor farming village, he was bought by a half-head family from his apprenticeship.Since she was young, she has lived by looking at people's complexions, so she can't show her true face without her makeup.Body dysmorphic phobiaHe suffers from this, and as a reaction to that, he has mastered excellent disguise techniques.On the other hand, she has a strong friendship with Hien, who complimented her on her true face.[38].Both Hien and Hien are concerned about the marriage of Shroud and Farin, describing it as "a change in the art materials (for portraits)."


Doni, Fionil
A duo attacked by Cockatrice in Volume 1.The young male Tallman is Doni, and the half-elf female Fionil.There are four other companions, but their names are unknown.
He almost died from the cockatrice poison, but he was saved by roasting the cockatrice whole using Senshi's antidote grass.After the treatment, he sought advice from Laios, and continued his adventure with the advice of Sensi, who interrupted him.
According to the guidebook, Fionil was actually a magician hired by the Western Elves to collect information about the labyrinth, but he was inspired by Doni's story of longing for the wider world and joined his party.From this background, Fionil seems to be missing in a way to hide from the Canary Corps.
I am acquainted with Kabru and the others.

canary squad

An elite unit of elves dispatched by the Western Elves to various places to investigate and control labyrinths.The official name is the Labyrinth Research Corps,wikt: canary in the coal mineIt is commonly called "Canary" because of the ridicule derived from.on a private vesselBird OfFigureheadis attached, and most of the members recognize it as a "canary", but in factLark[39].Two-thirds of them are criminals related to ancient magic, and the rest are sons of aristocrats who also serve as prison guards. ing.Six members of the unit landed on the "island" this time, and the captain'sMissrun, dark-skinned womensishis, a woman with bangs trimmedPattador, short hair and petiteOtta, half-naked men with long hairLysion, curly hairFlexi.In addition, members other than them were waiting on a dedicated ship, but it seems that they landed due to Pattador's reckless drive.

Captain of the canary squad.A slender male guard with silver hair and black eyes.His sinners are Sithhis and Otta.his right eyeArtificial eyeand both ears are missing the upper half.Lack of a sense of direction and sometimes tries to walk the wrong way.He also has a wealth of knowledge about monsters, and he pretends to be familiar with the characteristics of each individual, and there is a scene in the main story where he shows off part of that knowledge.
A user of teleportation.He can teleport the opponent with just a slight touch for a moment.This is called "flying", but in reality it is "replacement with the object that was thrown".During battle, it can be used in a variety of ways, such as embedding the opponent in a wall, throwing an object and dropping it from above, replacing a part of the object with the opponent's body and injuring it.However, due to his one eye and lack of sense of direction, he often misses the position of the transfer destination.In addition, it seems that you can use resuscitation techniques, detoxification techniques, sleep techniques, etc.Contrary to Hosomi, his physical ability is extremely high, and when he confronts the Urashima Lord's subordinates, he uses transfer techniques to trample them unarmed, even though they have weapons.When he transformed into a human with a changeling, his body was exposed, and Kabru described him as having a "strong back."In the Adventurer's Bible, it seems that he is creating a space to do push-ups in his small room.
A person who is basically expressionless and has few emotional ups and downs.He leads the Canary Corps into the labyrinth and uses teleportation to corner the frenzied magician, but is stopped by Kabru.After that, he fell into the depths together, and after that he will act with Kaburu.
Originally the second son of a famous family, he became a prison guard in place of his sickly older brother and explored the labyrinth.However, one day, a devil in the form of a goat seduces him into "a future where he didn't become a jailer" and becomes the master of the labyrinth.In the end, almost all of his desires were eaten by the demon, and he became a body that did not even feel the desires essential for survival, such as the desire to eat and sleep.His crazy sense of direction is also a remnant of that time, and although he has no sense of direction, he can find the loophole created by the master of the labyrinth.the only one leftDevilTorevengeIt is the heart, and currently lives only on that desire.However, since they need food and sleep, they cannot measure their physical limits by themselves. Care is essential.
As for Sisuru, he had conducted research in advance, so he knows his background and history, as he is of the same race as himself.He guessed from Kabru's behavior that someone was approaching the labyrinth, and when he learned from Kabru that Laios liked monsters, he declared, "I think it's better to kill him before he becomes (the master of the labyrinth)."
Due to these circumstances, he has a strong hatred of demons, and when he catches up with Raios, he leaves it to Pattador and others to deal with them, and himself searches for the book that sealed the winged lion.Confronting Marushiru and Izutsumi in the attic of Sisuru's house, but he did not get along with Marshiru, who did not know the true identity of the winged lion. Then join Pattador and others.Pattador, who misunderstood Marsil as a high-ranking elf from Chilchuk's remarks, and Marsil's conversation that took advantage of it, conducted guided interrogation under the guise of small talk, and resumed the search for the book when the lie was revealed.Her search target was in Marsil's clothes, so Pattador pulled her away and allowed Marsil to release the Winged Lion.Even so, he cornered the hesitant Marsile with intense hatred and merciless onslaught, but was subdued along with the other members of the Canary Corps by the Winged Lion, who gained her power after declaring that she would become the master of the labyrinth.Mithrun himself escaped danger by making full use of the teleportation technique, but was knocked unconscious by Kabru, who anticipated the state of being covered in wounds.
Kabru predicted that he was once a perfect young man, but Mithrun himself denied that he looked down on all humans.In addition, it seems that he is currently on good terms with his older brother, who used to be the object of jealousy.
The main item on the cover of the 9th volume of the book, the person holding it is not a cooking utensil but a piece of meat, but it seems that the chopping board was transferred to the body of Orochi from the shape and situation.
A female sinner with dark skin and a bewitching atmosphere.Her charges are the use of ancient magic, soliciting murder, document forgery, and fraud.life sentence.Her tone is calm and cool, but she also has a ruthless coldness towards her opponents.She is a user of hallucinations that confuses people with the sound of bells.He manipulates the guards into and out of the Canary Corps, and is currently entrusted with Mithrun's care using his magic.Mithrun basically does whatever she says, but since she will never obey deceptions that make it impossible to subdue demons, she seems to have a certain amount of respect and likes her.She was taken care of by Kaburu who fell with Mithrun, in effectNursing careis instructing.By the way, it's not completely disrespectful, and he is stunned when Mithrun calls him an "inferior species" in a rambling chat about "determining another name for a short-lived species that has become a discriminatory term" (in the past, it was so) apparently called).Perhaps it's because the rest of her face doesn't move, but she's the least fit to stop Pattador, who tends to run out of control.
In the battle against Marsil, she was hallucinated, but she was immediately broken through, and she was paralyzed by the giant spider summoned by Marsil as the master of the labyrinth.
A female guard with a distinctive nose shape and cropped bangs.The sinners she is in charge of are Lysion and Freki.She is the daughter of an aristocrat, the youngest as her jailer, and this is her first mission.[40].Strong enough to withstand being stepped on by giant walking mushroomsBarrierIn addition to using妖精is also managed.Serious, but easily emotional.He described Mithrung as "not sure what he was thinking" and "looking eerie" but "excellent", and was terribly distraught when he fell with Kabru.He later becomes overwhelmed with anxiety and sends his companions ashore, who are waiting on board the ship.
Due to his inexperience, he misunderstood Chilchuck's remark that "Marcil is the daughter of a court magician" as a court magician on the elf side, and Marcil took a sly attitude because he got on it.By the way, it seems that the canary squad other than her has noticed that Marsil is a half-elf.In her battle with the Winged Lion, Kabru tried to set up a barrier for her, but she was paralyzed by a giant spider created by Marcil, the master of the labyrinth.
At the beginning of the current Canary Corps decision, Sithhis does not get along with Sithhis, and he is careful of Sithhis who continues to be rude to Mithrun, and without Pattador's knowledge, Mithrun is tricked by illusion.However, since Mithrun was not affected by Sithrun's illusion, she saved her life without her knowing, and Sithrun became obedient to Mithrun.
A short-haired, petite female sinner.Her crime is selling and selling ancient magic tools and human trafficking.Because she prefers masculine behavior, she is often mistaken for her gender by elves.She has tattoos on both arms.She uses the art of reshaping terrain to create walls and scaffolding.She had also heard about Kabru's origins.In the battle against Marsil, he is surrounded and paralyzed by giant spiders.
In the past, he has made only half-footed young women his lovers, and is ridiculed by Flexi as a fornication underage, and by Lysion as breaking off and abandoning romantic relationships once he reaches the age of XNUMX.She insists that she only ended up like that, and that they are fine adults, and that it is a love relationship based on their free will after being sincere and sincere as human beings.[40].
A tall, long-haired male sinner with a woman-like face.His charges are alteration of the human body and murder/injury by ancient magic as described later.life sentence.His upper body is nearly naked and his lower body isloinclothIt is characterized by clothes that are only about.all over the skinPatternliketattoois depicted.Disliked his own original appearance, he sought out a magician who created the ancient magic of "Artificial Beast Man" and obtained his current body.He uses a technique to mutate his body to look like a wolf-type beastman, but unlike Izumi, he can return to his original form.He really likes the appearance of a beast man, and claims that he wants to show everyone this cool body.He is on good terms with Freki.He was the only one who survived the battle against Marsil, and took care of his friends who were paralyzed, fainted, and brain dead.
He has a friendly and gentle way of speaking, but his fighting style is rough.
A petite female sinner with spiky hair.Her charges are possession and sale of ancient magic items.She was sentenced to 240 years in prison.Her behavior is a little rough.FalconerA bird-shaped bird that has a tool like a bait hook (glove) and shares visionFamiliarManipulate theThis familiar is excellent enough to break through dungeons that have distorted spaces along the way and reach Mithrun and the others without fail in just a week.He is a drug addict and feels that the real world is a dump, and it seems that he was involved in ancient magic only for money (buying drugs).[41].However, it seems that drugs can also be used effectively to manipulate familiars.I had heard about Kabru's origins.
In the battle against Marsil, he used his familiars to fight, but because he completely linked his consciousness, in the battle with the winged lion, his familiars were eaten and killed by a giant spider, and Freki's own nerves were destroyed, leaving him in a vegetative state. , In fact, he is the only one who died in battle (it seems that he can be brought back if he is killed once and revived).
One of the deputy commanders of the canary squad dispatched to the "Island" and waiting on the ship.She is a woman characterized by her jet-black skin (which is solidly painted in the drawing).Her attitude is overbearing, such as scolding her weak subordinates and describing her short-lived species as an immature race.Details about her combat abilities are unknown, but there are depictions of her having several long swords appear in the air.
In addition, in episode 82, the elf queen[42]has appeared, and it is also depicted with black skin, but it is unknown whether there is a blood relationship.
One of the elves who was once dispatched to the dungeon with Mithrun.She is a former prison guard and she is now retired.Her nickname at the time was 'Melancholy Mircyril'.She had an introverted personality and lived a life that was unfamiliar to her fellow elves.
Multiple veteran military familiesPlush Dolluse the technique of freely manipulatingHe is also excellent in swordsmanship, and is so proficient that Mithrun once called him "the best swordsman in the corps."He discovers Mithrun having his desires devoured by goat demons, initiallyInterpolationI thought about it, but I saw through the situation and recovered it.At first, he seemed to dislike Mithrun, who seemed perfect, but he sensed the darkness in his heart from the labyrinth and sympathized with him, working on his corpse-like desire for revenge and helping him return to the squad.
Later, due to the Utaya incident, he became disgusted with his work, retired from the canary corps, and adopted children of short-lived species, including Kaploo, and began raising them.He is extremely overprotective of children of short-lived species such as Kabru, and according to Kabru, "A person who spares no effort to respond to children's questions and curiosity."Taught a variety of things such as history, culture, and language to a young Kabru[43]On the other hand, he fervently persuaded him to give up diving into the dungeon, and when he realized that he wouldn't listen, he put him through rigorous sword training.
While he dotes on his adopted children, due to the above, he does not get along well with the elves of the same race, and lives far away in the mountains.She is also a member of the Canary Corps, and is criticized by Otta, who has a deep relationship with short-lived species, saying that she is just petting the children of short-lived species as if they were pets.[40].

dungeon dweller

Red Dragon
A giant dragon that lives in the depths, also known as the "Flame Dragon", and is characterized by its red scales.According to the Orcs, a monster used by the "Frenzy Magician".He is the monster of fate who annihilated the Raios and preyed on Farin, creating the opportunity for the beginning of this journey.According to Sensi, it only wakes up once a month, and it is speculated that digestion is slow because it usually spends its time sleeping.Originally, it was supposed to be a monster in the lower floors, but for some reason it appears near the orc settlement on the 1th basement floor.
After being defeated by Raios's half-sacrificing action and having Farin's bones taken out of the undigested matter, the blood and flesh of the corpse is used to regenerate Farin.[18].Currently, it has become a chimera fused with Farin, and the initiative of the body is also held by the consciousness of the red dragon.
Thistle / "Frenzy Magician"
A magician who created a dungeon.A petite elf with brown skin and silver hair.male.He can occasionally change the shape of his pupils.
Its existence was hinted at from the beginning of the story, but it appeared in the "moving painting" that Laios had infiltrated.He meets Laius prowling for food and attacks him with great hostility.Originally, "moving paintings" are relives of past events, but I remembered this when I met Raios after subjugating the Red Dragon.
Appears in front of Laios and his party, who have defeated the Red Dragon and regenerated Farin.He calls the Raios "thieves" and "Usurpers", steals Farin, and uses ancient magic to repel the Raios party.[19].Orc Chief Zon's younger sister Rido considered the elf to be the "Frenzy Magician", and Laios was intuitively convinced of that.[44].
The dungeon of the "golden country" to which he has shown strong loyaltydelgalBecause he belongs to the king, he harbors strong animosity toward exploring adventurers, and uses monsters and familiars to search for Delgal.In particular, it is said that if you kill the monster that you are directly using, it will appear, and you will get angry and be attacked.
Originally, when he was young, he was hired as a jester by Delgal's father, who wanted an elf chamberlain, and was liked by him, and grew up like a brother with Delgal.At first, he respected humans because he was young, but as he grew older, he became aware of the immaturity and childishness of humans and lost respect for them.[45], Looking back on his past position, Delgal's grandson Yaad is also his main source, but it seems that their relationship does not use honorifics.
He was present when Delgal's father was poisoned, and is obsessed with protecting Delgal and the Land of Gold.After that, he began to learn magic on the recommendation of Delgal, who had ascended the throne, and he distinguished himself. .
Despite being called the "Frenzy Magician", he acts only on his own self-righteous reasoning and emotions, and is unable to communicate normally with others.While he protects the former residents of the Golden Land and speaks intimately to the ghosts, he suspects treason and executes the residents, effectively acting as a dictator.As for the Delgal family, who suggested that he leave the labyrinth, he separated his body from his soul and kept his body in his home.
Later, when the population density of the first floor increases, he attacks humans, but is interrupted by the Canary Corps and Kabruu who are present.There, he learns from Mithrun that Delgar has already disappeared, and that he wished for Sisuru's death just before his disappearance, but he refuses to admit it.
He confronted Laios and others again at Thistle's hideout, summoned a dragon and killed four people other than Laios.However, he was captured and persuaded by Laios, who took advantage of the confusion caused by the dragons' territorial dispute, and reconciled.Extremely interpreting Raios's words that "all living things eat something", he made him continue to consume plant nectar as a reward, and when he was satisfied with his appearance and became happy alone, he became a winged lion. A thousand years worth of desires will be eaten.In the midst of his fading desires, he finally thought of subjugating the Winged Lion, and revived the nearby Marcille.Although it survived after that, it has become an empty shell like the former Mithrun.
He is the main cover of the 10th volume of the book, and although he does not have cooking utensils, recipe books are flying around him.
Chief of a group of orcs who live in the dungeon.He is called "Otoshi" by his comrades.He is a familiar face to Sensi, and he is also a regular customer who buys vegetables grown in Golem. He has three children with his wives.
In order to obtain food at the evacuation site, he met the Laios party at the third floor exchange and tried to steal the vegetables they had, but in exchange for a night's lodging in exchange for Sensi's negotiations, they made a deal. stolen during the raid on the placeleaven,Wheat flour,Strong flourBased on bread making and meals, son ・Baha'iAlthough he has made peace with Laios and others through exchanges with him, he has not talked about attracting a frenzied magician if he defeats the Red Dragon.
Zong's younger sister.She is the leader of the remaining Orcs of the Fifth Tier, and is called "Captain" by her peers.She has a warrior spirit, and she appreciates the bravery of the Raios.
At first, he considered the Raios to be intruders and tried to kill them, but he missed them when he learned that they were Sensi's companions.Knowing about his brother's fate and the fact that Raios defeated the Red Dragon, he helps Raios' party.[44].At first, he doubted Chilchuck's humanity, but he seems to have reconsidered after hearing his true feelings.
Inhabitants of the Golden Land
Grandson of King DelgalYaadResidents of the kingdom, including Due to the curse of the "Frenzy Magician" Thistle, he has become immortal.
Since it doesn't even need to eat, its sense of taste has dulled, but Sensi speculates that it continues to live like a normal person, such as dairy farming and sake brewing, in order to maintain its sanity while living for a thousand years.
When he leaves the Golden Land, his body decays and he becomes a ghost and wanders.The ghosts that Raios met in the dungeon were originally residents of the Golden Land.At present, only young people who have no experience of life on the ground remain in the Golden Land, and the parents' generation lost their bodies as a result of trying to reach the surface because they could not get used to life underground.[46].
A resident of the Golden Land.He still looks like a young boy, but his actual age is over XNUMX years old.He is the grandson of Delgal, who once ruled the Golden Land.He seems to be respected by other residents who call him "Dan-sama".
He is intelligent and has a calm demeanor, but he has the skill to hide it from Thistle's eyes and send Delgal to the ground, while summoning Raios and others to hide it.
Believing in the prophecy passed down to the kingdom, he hopes that the winged sword-wielding Laios will defeat the frenzied sorcerer and save the Golden Land.
Due to the curse of immortality, he can live without eating, so he has been living a life without cooking for a long time.
After parting with Laios in the Golden Land, his soul seems to have been transferred to a small doll in Sisuru's hideout, and he interacts with Laios for a little while before the battle against Sisuru.
A resident of the Golden Land.male.The king who once ruled the Golden Land.He was Yaad's grandfather and was said to have been raised as a brother to Sisuru.
At the beginning of the story, he crawled out of the dungeon while deceiving Thistle's eyes using his son's body, left words for those who discovered him, and then disappeared into dust.Thistle had been unaware of this for nearly six years until Mithrun told him.In addition, since the body of his son Eodio has disappeared as mentioned above, Eodio is substituted with a life-size doll for the soulless bodies of Delgal and others in Thistle's hideout.
Laios meets Delgal in the "moving painting".His childhood appearance resembles Yaad.
Winged Lion/Winged Lion (Yokujishi)
The guardian beast of the Golden Kingdom.He had the power to predict the future, and predicted the appearance of "the one who will defeat the madman sorcerer".
Originally, it was sealed as a book inside a statue of a winged lion hidden in the labyrinth ruins. However, after a conflict with Sisuru, who was irritated by the society of the Golden Land where unwanted situations frequently occur, he was separated into a head and a body and sealed in a magic book.Since then, she still guides the residents of the Golden Land through her dreams.Raios and his friends are seen through Kensuke.When Marcille uncursed a book found in Sisuru's private home, it was found in her head, so he has interacted with and assisted Laios since then.
His behavior is very human, and he talks friendly with Raios.Laios has a deep affection for the labyrinth, the monsters that live there, and the former inhabitants of the Golden Land, so she wants him to become king and rule the labyrinth.He also offers to help Marcille's ambitions after his head disenchantment.
Based on the characteristics of the devil who once tempted Mithrun, it was suggested to the reader that the winged lion was also a devil, but the true intention was initially unknown.However, when Thistle and Laios reconcile, he reveals his true nature and feeds on the desires of the careless Thistle, making him a cripple.After that, Marcille, who was cornered by the Canary Corps, unsealed his book and revealed its huge body.At that time, he has a lion's head, goat horns from above and behind both ears, and wings on his back and hips.According to Tsubasa Shishi, Mithrun is "my devoted fan."
It is the main cover of the 11th volume and adds what seems to be Honey Dipper.
back island owner
A dwarf who is Dire's cousin uncle.He was based in the first floor of the dungeon and controlled the back of the "island".RougherHis acquaintance, Kabru, said that he had more virtue and influence than the island master, but in reality, his heart was eaten by the desire of the dungeon, and he proposed to close the labyrinth and temporarily evacuate. and
Mithrun and Sithhis, who accompanied Kabru, were also captured, and they tried to kill the Canary Corps as well, but Mithrun's teleportation technique buried them in the wall together with their subordinates.


The owner of the "island" where the dungeon exists.his real name is unknown.A chubby man who has gained wealth thanks to the revitalization of the "island" thanks to the dungeon.Money.He is negotiating with the western elves, who are urging him to surrender the dungeon, with the gnome chest as his advisor, butProfitI just stared,Overall situationhas not been determined.She was indecisive and indecisive, and by the time she was boarded by the Canary Squadron, she was depressed and on the verge of obedience.
Once by Namari's father "Weapon Shop"corruptionBecause he fell victim to the dwarves, he has a bad feeling towards the dwarves.
He is actually a descendant of the lord who assassinated Delgal's father.[47].
goat devil
A demon who once seduced Mithrun and made her the master of the labyrinth.At first he took the form of a goat kid, but in the end he transformed into a goat-headed humanoid so large that he could hold a Mithrung in one hand.
He took advantage of Mithrun's heart and expanded his desires, and when Mithrun weakened, he devoured almost all of his remaining desires and disappeared.

Sakuchu world


VariousSubracialis appearing.In the world of work, the term "race" refers to races such as Tallman and Elf. The races that are considered "human" are "Tallman (human)", "elf", "dwarf", "half foot", "gnome", "orc", "kobold (dog man)", and "ogre".In the work, communication is taken in a language called "common language", but each has its own language and characters.as charactersKana characters・Elf characters and gnome characters are depicted, and the words that Chilchuk abused Laios and the chants of black magic used by Marcil and the Mad Magician have been confirmed.In the work, the characteristics of each race are set and drawn, ranging from appearance, physique, five senses, magical elements, physical strength, motor nerves, and endurance.[48].In addition, the crossbreeding and crossbreeding between various races and their results differ depending on the race.Longevity and a healthy bodyOn the other hand, they are not fertile, but those born between Tallmans and Ogres and Halffoots, and those born between Dwarves and Gnomes are fertile.[49].

Tallman (Human)[Note 2]
Applicable people: Raios, Farin, Shuro, Kabru, Shimashu, etc.
Almost the same race as real humans.As the name suggests, many of them are relatively tall compared to other races.For this reason, he is commonly called "long-legged" by orcs. According to Raios' expression in episode 56, he appears to be an adult at the age of 16.
Both physical ability and magical power are reasonable, but they are not as good as the dwarves and elves who are the top of each.There is a depiction of being divided into many races as in reality, Laios Farin and others are called "Northern people", Shuro and Lin are called "Eastern people" in the work, and Kabru, Kiki & Kaka There are also brown-skinned races.It accounts for 1/3 of the world's population under construction and is still increasing.
In addition, the legendary race in the work "Troll' describes Tallman's characteristics as seen from Halffoot's point of view as a way to scold children.BoogeymanIt is said to be derived from the thing that was exaggerated as.The word "troll" originally meant "tollman" in Halffoot.
In this worldAverage lifeis approximately 60 years old.
Applies to: Marcir (half-elf), Fionir (half-elf), Thistle, Canary Crew
A race that is long-lived and skilled in magic.In particular, it has a very long lifespan, about five times that of Tallman, and is said to live up to 5 years old.Also, when evaluated by modern human standards, there are many beautiful people as a whole race.On the other hand, his body is delicate and his physical ability is low.The facial features of men are neutral.It has characteristic long ears, elf ears, and is also known as ``long ears''.According to Kabru, who temporarily became an elf with a changeling, he seems to have excellent ability to perceive magic.Brown elves classified as "dark elves" in many works are also classified as normal elves, and elves who commit evasive acts are described as "dark elves".
In this world, the depiction of the "Western Elf Kingdom" is portrayed as being in contact with other races in a coercive manner.In addition, Elf-type magic is also a technique that forcibly works.
Applicable people: Senshi, Namari, Dia, etc.
A race with a long-lived and strong body.Average life expectancy is 200 years.Physically, he is rather short and has a good physique.He is good at night vision, and although he has excellent physical strength and high instantaneous power, he is not good at exercising for a long time because he has low endurance and runs out of stamina. (Raios guesses that this is the reason why dwarves rest their bodies except in emergencies.) Suitable for warriors, miners, blacksmiths, etc.He is called "Underground Man" by the orcs.Aptitude for magic is the lowest among humans.As a society, it is a hierarchical system with strong unity of clans and villages, and there is a tendency not to emphasize the awareness and authority of a wide and complex society such as the country.
It is speculated that part of the dungeon in the works is also based on the remains of dwarves.
half foot
Applicable people: Chilchuck, Mick Bell
A race with the physique of a human child.They have an average lifespan of 50 years, which is slightly shorter than Tallmans, and even adults are small and baby-faced compared to other races, so they are often misunderstood by those who don't know Half-Foot as "a child of Tallmans or Dwarves".Therefore, they are also called "dwarfs" and "children" by other races.It has excellent sense organs such as hearing and vision, as well as body movement, making it suitable for locksmiths and thieves.On the other hand, his physical strength is low and he is not good at magic. According to Chilchuck in episode 56, he is 14 years old and an adult.
Subject to social discrimination and prejudice due to their racial temperament and occupational characteristics[31].In episode 43, Izutsumi sneers at Chilchuck and says, "The origin of the race's name was that many had their legs cut off for theft" is also a discriminatory hoax. Because the pronunciation of the words that represent the race are close to words with meanings that are not good in the common language, many different names are supposed to occur.
Who: Mr. and Mrs. Tans, Holm
A race that is long-lived and proficient in magic next to elves.It has a small physique, with slightly higher ears and large hands that look like they are wearing gloves.
They are similar to elves in that they are excellent in magic, but they are said to be particularly good at magic in the field of manipulating spirits and spirits, and they are also one of the magic systems, and unlike elven magic, they are forced to work. Instead, it is a form of "request".In the film, Tansu tries to persuade Undine, who is enraged by Marsile's folly. (failed)
In addition, apart from the race as a human, as a spirit of the soil close to the original meaningGnomeThere is also Holm, a gnome as a race, and he uses a gnome, a spirit of earth.
オ ー ク
Applicable people: Dzong, Rido
A race that is believed to make a living by plundering other races.Large, well-built, and full of hair.The canine teeth are tusk-like, and the tusks of the males point upward and protrude from the lip.The nose is low and upward.The upper part of the ear ring is thickly broken.Due to these characteristics, they have a different sense of beauty and ugliness than humans and elves, and especially elves are described as "barbaric faces" and "ugly".Laios, on the other hand, sees similarities between humans and orcs in their sense of beauty and ugliness.
Due to his history of being defeated in conflicts with humans and elves and fleeing to dungeons, he hates humans and elves, and is still targeted for subjugation.The human side also treats orcs as demi-humans.He identifies himself as an indigenous inhabitant of the dungeon of the island he is working on, and built a village within the dungeon. Evacuated to the 5rd floor.
Applicable people: Kuro
A race that looks like a bipedal dog.In addition to having excellent senses of smell and hearing, it is also highly resistant to poison.While he is brave and loyal, he is not good at pronouncing common words due to the structure of his vocal cords, and is not good at communicating with other races.The western continent is dotted with settlements[50].
Applicable person: Inutade
A demon-like race with two horns on its forehead.Boasting a tall and muscular physique that easily surpasses Raios, who is a young woman Inutade and Tallman male, he fights with superhuman strength as a weapon.Originally it was prosperous, but it could not withstand environmental changes and decreased, and now it is a semi-endangered species.


It exists in the area called "Kakaburud" in the eastern continent of the world under construction.It has been called by various names such as dwarves, elves, and tall men, but in the era of the work, the name has faded and is only called "Island".Once there was only a village called Melini village, but after the discovery of the dungeon, it turned into a lively place where many travelers gather.In the story, the owner of the island is Tallman, but the elf king claims ownership and demands its return.


The dungeon (labyrinth), which is the stage of the work, is a castle in an underground cavity and a castle town surrounded by its walls, located on an "island" whose ownership has changed from one person to another among humans, elves, and dwarves.

This castle is said to be the royal castle of the "Golden Country", which was captured deep underground and destroyed by the "Frenzy Magician" XNUMX years ago.King of the Golden Kingdom from what was once the village catacombsdelgalIt was discovered when a person who claimed to be ``I will give all of my country to those who defeat the magician'' disappeared into dust, and adventurers who heard the rumor gathered from all over to hunt treasure and conquer dungeons. Aiming to overthrow the magician.

In addition to adventurers, people such as the Tansu party who are asked to investigate the dungeon come and go, and it is also a home for stragglers such as orcs and criminals who have no place on earth.There have also been reports of monsters becoming more active during the story progress, and incidents such as the shape of the labyrinth changing.

In addition, dungeon as a general noun in the work refers to "a general place where monsters live in an enclosed space and magical power circulates", and there is no distinction between natural and artificial. In addition to the "golden country", a natural dungeon near the magic school where Marcile and Farin attended is described.In addition, creating an artificial labyrinth requires a wide range of knowledge and skills, including magic and creatures. If magicians are real, they're definitely not sane," Marcil wrote.

Artificial dungeons have a classification called "architectural style", and in the work you can see the dwarven style, gnome style, and mixed style.[51].The dungeon of the "island" that is the stage is a mixed type.

It is said that dungeons grow by eating people's desires, giving birth to treasures and monsters and capturing their hearts.Also, the more people gather in the dungeon, the more the dungeon grows, so the recommended number of adventurer parties is 6 or less.As the dungeon grows, the amount of treasure increases and the monsters become stronger, so the discovery of treasures in the shallow layers where the treasures "withered" again (Growth Lv4) is a harbinger of monsters overflowing out of the dungeon (Growth Lv5). is said to beIf the monsters overflow outside the dungeon, they will cause damage to the general public, and the monsters themselves are too powerful to be defeated by ordinary adventurers, and will be suppressed and managed by an elite unit of elves, the Canary Squad, dispatched from the west. .

Level 1 (Underground Cemetery)
A cemetery in Melini village where the dungeon exists.The bottom of this place fell out and an underground dungeon appeared.It used to be a quiet sanctuary, but since the appearance of the labyrinth, it has become the busiest place in the village and no longer functions as a cemetery.Because the dungeon is shallow, the magic power in the dungeon is weak, and only the weakest class of monsters appear that live on it.However, it is difficult for beginners, and if caught by surprise, even a veteran can endanger his or her life.
2nd Floor (Forest of Spiers)
The steeple part of the Golden Castle.Huge trees grow thick, and a bridge is built between them.The outer walls were once covered in gold, but have now been stripped away by adventurers.Many of the monsters are forest-type, and it is said that in addition to those that appeared in the work, there are large mice and forest goblins inhabiting them.
3rd Floor (Golden Castle)
Inside the spire of the Golden Castle.In addition to Sensi's camp as a base, those who cannot return to the ground are opening shops.You can also see the corridor and the castle's dining room and kitchen, which are no longer in use.The monsters that inhabit are mainly undead types such as skeletons, ghouls, and wraiths, and mimicry types such as treasure insects and mimics.
4th Floor (Underground Lake)
The surface of a gigantic lake formed by underground water flowing out of the bedrock and accumulating in a corner of the Golden Castle.The lake water contains magical power and emits light, and you can see a submerged castle town at the bottom of the lake.The stairs from the upper floor are also submerged in the middle, and it is necessary to cross the surface of the lake and use the castle stairs on the opposite bank to go to the lower floor.It was built with logs as scaffolding on the surface of the lake.raftHowever, when crossing the surface of the lake, the magic of water walking is usually used by the member's magician in preparation for the monster's attack.Monsters are mainly aquatic and swampy.
5th Floor (Castle Town)
The castle town of the Golden Castle.Although the townscape has been swollen and distorted by magic, it retains the atmosphere of its bustling days.such as taps and bathsInfrastructureis functioning, and in addition to being a resting place for high-ranking adventurers, orcs originally set up their residences around here.Also, the ghosts that appear here are relatively sane, and rarely appear from the other side unless they have something to do.
6th floor (underground waterway)
Underground waterway located under the castle town.It connects to an ancient dwarven reservoir, but the vast reservoir is empty and the underground waters of the 4th layer flow into this layer.Originally it is hot and humid, but when the main character dives in the work, snow is blowing and it is full of chills.On this floor, there are many monsters that mainly use mental attacks, such as shape shifters and dream demons that read the thoughts of living things and take turns eating them.Also, the Red Dragon is said to be a monster that originally existed on this floor.
Since the appearance of the dungeon, it was long believed to be the lowest floor, but an unexplored door was discovered just before the start of the story in the hall where the Red Dragon lived, suggesting the existence of an even lower floor.
7th Floor (Dwarven Citadel)
Remains believed to have been built by ancient dwarves exist beyond the door mentioned above.It is a place with a completely different atmosphere from the previous labyrinths, such as pipes that extend everywhere and modern machines.
Hierarchy unknown (Golden Land)
The “golden country trapped deep underground” itself, located “outside the castle” of the Golden Castle.Many layers of barriers were set up by a frenzied magician, and despite being underground, the blue sky spreads above, and you can see the appearance of the golden castle when it was on the ground.The inside of this golden castle is connected to the current golden castle, which has turned into a dungeon.The inhabitants are all citizens of the "Golden Country" XNUMX years ago, who were cursed with immortality. They keep monsters that have become docile under orders instead of crops and livestock.There are depictions of them trading the vegetables and ale they grow with the orcs, but the residents themselves are bound by a frenzied magician, and it seems that they may be executed if they act against his will. .The spirits that haunt the dungeon were originally residents of the Golden Land.
A phenomenon that can only be seen in the “Island” dungeon.Even if you die, you can come back to life in the dungeon.There seems to be a magic called resurrection, but since Marcil, a researcher of ancient magic, didn't know about the phenomenon of resurrection itself, at least it doesn't seem to be a common phenomenon.
According to Tansu, a powerful immortality technique that binds the soul to the body is applied to the entire labyrinth, and even if a "human" dies inside, it can be revived if even the damage to the body is repaired with magic or magic.In the work, Tallman, Elf, Dwarf, Halffoot, Kobold (beastman) are revived.
However, since the degree of difficulty of resurrection differs depending on the degree of damage, those who are severely damaged cannot be revived unless they are skilled in sorcery and magical power.For the time being, there seems to be an example that was revived until chopped.In addition, fresh blood and meat are required according to the degree of damage to the corpse to compensate for the lost damaged parts and blood, and animals such as goats and pigs are usually used.There is also a depiction that seems to be hungry immediately after resuscitation.


Creatures that appear in the story.They are clearly separated from the creatures on the ground, and their ecology is also unusual.At least the monsters in the "Island" dungeons, such as the Red Dragon and the Magician's Eye, are clearly shaped and controlled by the frenzied magician Thistle.

Basically, it has an instinct to attack, kill, and eat humans, but the method of doing so conforms to the biological characteristics of individual monsters, and some have twisted ecology such as transforming and deceiving humans. In many cases, this can be taken advantage of and used by humans.It seems that monsters that are not ferocious are farmed, and the inhabitants of the golden country, who are not attacked by monsters, used monsters instead of livestock.

Dragon orwalking mushroomThere are monsters that are actively researched like , and their names and shapes are widely known.On the other hand, there are many unknown parts about individual ecology, and Raios often makes new discoveries in the labyrinth.

As long as they are living things, they can be processed and eaten by humans, but in general, they are not eaten due to the risk of food poisoning or because they resemble humans, so they are disgusting to most humans. is held.However, depending on the item, it may taste good rather than being edible.Raios and the others continue to explore the labyrinth by forcibly solving food and funding problems by eating monsters.

It seems that some enthusiasts on earth also know about monster food, and Laios loved reading the book "Labyrinth Gourmet Guide", but as Laios practiced it, he came to the conclusion that the author had not actually eaten it. has arrived.Some things like dried slime and treasure insects are used as local food, but the monster food cultured on the ground seems to be inferior in taste to the natural food found in the labyrinth.There are also monsters that can be used for purposes other than cooking and eating, and there are humans who make a living by hunting and gathering these things.

Due to the fact that Raios and his friends have dived deep into the depths, there is a rule that monsters "cannot hurt the residents of the Golden Land" and that "even if they have the ability to regenerate, monsters that have been eaten and digested cannot be regenerated". It turns out.


Creatures that appear in the story.It is said to have come from the "World of Infinite Existence" that the ancients once connected to after searching for a perpetual motion machine.They don't have power, but they gain power by feeding on human desires.As a price, any wish can be fulfilled, but a human being whose desire has been eaten up will die from exhaustion.

It seems that the more complicated desires are, the greater power they can gain, and simple material desires and desires for fame are "ordinary", so they do not play a role.Likes complex desires like Mithrun and Thistle.

They are dangerous creatures, but it is true that any wish can come true, so for humans with greed, the very contact itself is dangerous. It is also the basis for banning other elves and dwarves from approaching the ruins of ancient civilizations and black magic.

It is said that the ancients built labyrinths to prevent demons from freely passing through the gates, but in the end they gave the demons too much greed and perished.

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A TV animation was announced in August 2022.[10][52].

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