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🎥 | Fuwa-chan "Isaka's wife likes me for some reason" Appeared as a voice actor in the movie based on Kotaro Isaka

Photo Fuwa-chan who appeared at the event [Photo: ENCOUNT Editorial Department]

Fuwa-chan ``Isaka's wife likes me for some reason'' Appeared as a voice actor in Kotaro Isaka's original movie

If you write the contents roughly
The second half is beyond the scope of what happens on high speed trains.

The production of the movie is "Isaka and Hollywood's Good Thing" talent Fuwa-chan performed in Tokyo on the 8th. → Continue reading


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High speed train

High speed train(Railway, railwayBritish: high-speed rail) Is 200 km / hCan run at speeds above the levelTrainPoint to.SpecializedvehicleAnd dedicatedOrbitIt is operated at a significantly higher speed than conventional railways using a system that integrates withTransportation.

In this article,Magnetic levitation railway(Linear motor cars) for high-speed transportation are also included in the high-speed railway.

Definition of high-speed rail

列車The maximum operating speed ofInnovationThere is no one standard definition that is widely applied in the world because it is constantly improving.[1], Many definitions are used.

Shinkansen and high-speed rail

The world's first high-speed railwayJapan OfShinkansenTrain1970Established in (Showa 45)National Shinkansen Railway Maintenance LawIn Article 2, "Trains run through the main section200 km/hMore thanHigh speedIt is defined as "a main railway that can run on"[2].

Now as "Japanese high-speed rail system"Proper nounAlthough it has become[3]Originally, the "Shinkansen" was a "new" aimed at high-speed operation.Main lineOrdinary meaning "railroad"noun.

In Japan, based on this law, the standard for high-speed railways has long been set at 200 km / h.

Interpretation by the International Union of Railways

International Railway Union (UIC) states that the definition of high-speed rail varies depending on the criteria used, and in each definition high-speed rail

Was built inInfrastructure, Specially designedvehicleIt is said that it is brought about by the combination of all the elements that make up the "system" such as, operation, etc.[1].

Top speed

Maximum speed in test run (manned)

Speed ​​record of magnetic levitation railway
603 km/h Superconducting linear L0 series(Japan) 7-car train April 2015
Speed ​​record of iron wheel type railway
574.8 km/h TGV POS (France) 5-car train April 2007
1955Since recording inKannawaThe world speed record of the formula is almost consistentFrench railwayHas been holding.The latest speed record was newly constructed by a special formation of the TGV POSLGV east lineIt was achieved in.This test runProof of conceptIs the purpose, and the speed record is openOrganizationIt was established by a vehicle that has undergone major reorganization and remodeling.

Maximum operating speed

Year of opening of high-speed railway in each country

Global expansion of high-speed railway

High-speed rail is a very promising market in the global railroad industry in the medium to long term, despite problems such as huge construction financial resources.In particularNorth America,BRICs,AsiaSignificant progress is expected in each country, and the high-speed rail network is developing.Western EuropePotential demand is not small in each country.Countries are competing to sell high-speed rail to dominate this market.

At the same time, mutual access (interoperability) of high-speed railways is progressing, especially in Western Europe.

Construction plan etc.

A fewShinkansenConstruction plan is underway. In the spring of 2024Hokuriku ShinkansenKanazawa-Tsuruga, in 2027Linear Chuo ShinkansenShinagawa-Nagoya, in the spring of 2031Hokkaido ShinkansenShin-Hakodate Hokuto-Sapporo is scheduled to open.* For details, refer to the items for each route.
20079/25ToEuropean ParliamentPassed the liberalization of international passenger rail transport within the EU, and cross-EU international rail passenger transport will be liberalized in 2010.Already in ItalyNTVHas decided to enter high-speed rail transport in Italy, as well as airlinesAir France-KLMIs also considering entry.
20056/2,CTRLFor high-speed vehicles operating on domestic routesA-TrainCame in日立It signed a contract with and partially opened in 2009.Also,HS2London and the major cities of the central region calledManchesterConstruction of a high-speed railway with a maximum speed of 400 km / h connecting2027The total project cost is planned to be 4 trillion yen by then, and there is a possibility that Japanese Shinkansen technology will be introduced.[12]..In addition, plans to introduce a transrapid-type magnetic levitation railway have emerged since 2005.
In 2007 in the NetherlandsSchiphol - Rotterdam - Breda/ New high-speed line to the Belgian borderHSL South(HSL-ZiudSee) and in Belgiumブ リ ュ ッ セ ル - Antwerp --Connecting the Dutch borderLGV-Nord(HSL 4(See) has been completed, and the speed of the Thalys on board will be significantly increased.
BavariaSo the construction of Transrapid was planned,2008Decided to cancel in March[13].
Alp Transit PlanThere is a high-speed rail project that runs north-south under the Alps.
Umeå - LuleåNorth Bothnia Line connecting betweenStockholm - LinköpingLinköping, the eastern line connecting between GothenburgLinköping, the Götaland line connecting between HelsingborgEuropean flights connecting between are planned.
WarsawからLodzViaPoznanandWroclawThere was a high-speed rail plan leading up to, but it became blank in 2011.
2006 year 5 month,Moscow - St. PetersburgIn a vehicle for high-speed railways under construction between GermanySiemensNew vehicle based on ICE3SapsanSigned a delivery contract.He is also interested in Japanese Shinkansen technology, and in 2007 Moscow- SochiTop-level negotiations are underway between the two to introduce Shinkansen technology.
Astana - AlmatyThere is a high-speed rail project that connects the distance (about 1,011 km) at a maximum speed of 250 km / h. In 2011Kazakhstan RailwayAnd SpanishTalgoA joint venture has been established between the two.
2011Opened inBeijingShanghaiTieKeihin High Speed ​​RailThe battle for orders between Japan, France, Germany and Canada was extremely fierce, and finally all countries received orders and started domestic production based on the acquired technology.2008From August, Hexie (China Railway High Speed[14]) Operated at 350 km / h, which greatly exceeds the design value of some vehicles, and had an iron wheel type operating maximum speed record.2011Since July, the maximum speed has been reduced to 7 km / h due to high cost and safety concerns.[15].20179/21The maximum speed was raised to 350 km / h again on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.[16].
Thai High Speed ​​Rail PlanAsBangkok - Nakhon RatchasimaThere is a plan to connect them at a maximum speed of 200 km / h.
Vietnam High Speed ​​Rail PlanAsHanoi - Ho Chi MinhThere is a plan to connect.
Manila - ア ン ヘ レ スThere is a plan to connect between them.
Kuala Lumpur - SingaporeThere is a plan to connect.
Jakarta - SurabayaThere is a high-speed rail project that connects the railway (about 685 km) at a maximum speed of 300 km / h, and in 2008 the Indonesian government and JapanJapan International Cooperation AgencyWas conducting a preliminary survey, but eventually it was reviewed due to budgetary reasons.[17]After all, I declined the one proposed by Japan and adopted the one proposed by China.[18].
Yangon - KunmingA high-speed railway connecting the two (about 1,920 km) was planned under the initiative of China, but it became blank in 2014.[19].
Mumbai - AhmedabadBetween (about 490 km),Bangalore - Hyderabadwhile,Amritsar - New Delhi - Lucknowwhile,Patna - Kolkatawhile,Chennai - BangaloreThere is a high-speed rail plan with a maximum speed of 250-300 km / h.The Japanese and Indian governments have agreed to enter into intergovernmental talks for the commercialization of high-speed railways, and the Japanese Shinkansen system will be adopted between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, which is being considered as the first line. Ta[20].
Rawalpindi - LahoreThere is a high-speed rail project that connects the distance (about 280 km) at a maximum speed of 300 km / h.
Isfahan - rubberThere is a high-speed rail project that connects the distance (about 240 km) at a maximum speed of 250-270 km / h.TehranScheduled to go directly to the conventional line in the direction.Also, Tehran- MashhadThere is a plan to connect with Transrapid.
Baghdad - BasraThere is a high-speed rail project that connects the distance (about 650 km) at a maximum speed of 250 km / h.
Mecca - Jeddah - MedinaA high-speed railway between (about 440 km) has already opened.
Turkish high speed railAsIstanbul - AnkaraBetween (about 533 km) and Ankara KonyaIn addition to the fact that the space is already open, Ankara- SivasBetween and Ankara- IzmirThere is a high-speed rail plan that connects them.
WindsorからToronto,MontrealViaQuebec CityUp to the TGV and FranceTurbo trainThere is a plan to build a Bombardier "JetTrain" (maximum speed 300 km / h) based on technology.Other,Edmonton - CalgaryThere is also an idea to bridge the gap.In July 2022, TRANSPOD announced an electric transportation system "FluxJet" that runs in a dedicated tube and has a maximum speed of over 7 km/h.CalgaryEdmontonIt is said that it will start efforts toward the construction of a route connecting the[22][23]
Mexico City - GuadalajaraThere is a high-speed rail plan with a maximum speed of 300 km / h between[24].
Brazil high speed trainAsRio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo - CampinasWe are proceeding with a plan to connect to the high-speed rail, initially2015It was scheduled to be completed in 2010, but as of 2010, it is undecided due to circumstances such as securing a budget.According to the April 4 issue of Civil Engineering, in the bid draft presented by the Brazilian government in 2009, the government invested about 30% in the project cost, and the contractor who won the bid for the remaining construction cost (stepwise project plan). ) Etc. are assumed to be procured.For this reason, future bids are expected to cover not only the construction of the entire infrastructure but also projects that include business rights for the next 40 years.Therefore, technical capabilities related to railway construction and operation are not so important, and it seems that a group of companies that emphasize reduction of construction and operating costs will be advantageous.
ブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ ス - Rosario - CordobaThere is a high-speed rail project that connects the two (about 710 km), and in a bid made in 2007AlstomFrench consortium centered on the company acquires preferential negotiation rights[25].TGV DuplexVehicles based on the above will be adopted, but no progress has been seen due to financial troubles.
Santiago - ValparaisoThere is a high-speed rail plan in between.
Tanger-Casablanca high-speed railIs already open,Casablanca,マ ラ ケ シ ュ,AgadirThere is an extension plan in the direction.
Johannesburg - DurbanThere is a high-speed rail project for a distance (about 700 km), and South Korea has offered to provide KTX technology.
Sydney - CanberraThere is a high-speed railway concept that connects the two, and in the futureMelbourneStretching to is included in the field of view.
  • Other
north korea,Laos,Israel,アルジェリア,Ireland,NorwayThere is a high-speed railway construction plan or concept.


Iron wheel type high-speed railway

Siemens(ICE, Velaro),Alstom(TGV, AGV),Bombardier-日立(ZEFIRO),Talgo,CAF,China high speed rail,andJR(Japan) and others have high-speed railway technology (300km / h class).




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