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🎥 | Kaito Takahashi, thank you for the alone time and hugs with Ryusei Yokohama "I will always remember"


Kaito Takahashi, thank you for the time alone with Ryusei Yokohama & hug "I will always remember"

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Also, on the theme of his own beliefs, Takahashi answered, "Don't be self-satisfied."

A preview of the completion of the movie "Akira to Akira" (released on August 8th) was held in Tokyo on the 26th. → Continue reading

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    Self-satisfactionWhat is (Jikomanzoku)?Psychologythe termone of. this isA human communication skillWhen you do, you say that you are satisfied with the action you took. I'm happy hereobjectiveVotesIs being done regardless of[1].. When a human acts, he or she may be warned that it does not result in self-satisfaction. For examplevolunteerSuch asActivitiesBecause it社会ToContributionTo doPhilosophyIt is said that it is carried out after having the above, but there are cases where it is actually pointed out that it ends in self-satisfaction.[2].CompanymanagementEven in this case, self-satisfaction is a criticized matter, and if self-satisfaction spreads within the company, it may result in deterioration of corporate performance.[3].


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