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🎥 | Ryo Narita & Atsuko Maeda Reveal "How to Escape a Slump"


Ryo Narita & Atsuko Maeda Reveal "How to Get Out of a Slump"

If you write the contents roughly
I'm a very sleepy person, so I watch variety shows and take a bath before going to sleep."

A stage greeting was held to commemorate the release of the movie "Convenience Story", with Ryo Narita, Atsuko Maeda and director Satoshi Miki... → Continue reading

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A medium that provides entertainment information from the "Fuji TV perspective". Under the theme of "There is a continuation in that flower," we will deliver "intelligence that only the staff can know" and "the real intention of the performers" in text and video. It is full of information other than TV such as entertainment, fashion, gourmet, outing, and beauty.

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Entertainment shows

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Entertainment shows(Variety Bangumi) isTalk-News report-document-Control-comedy-song-quiz-Game-Imitation-Culture-Surprisingly-food-Location-Image-love-Trivia-magic-Spirit-Sex appeal-AudienceOf some types, such as participatory planningEntertainmentCombinedtv set-Radio program OfGenre.


Originally a variety show ported to broadcast media, there are two kinds of variety shows, a situation comedy with a script and a live show. The term itself is a coined word from Japan and is called Reality Show in English-speaking countries.


Control program

From the 1960s to the 1980s variety shows andComedy show OfformatSpeaking of "A TV that gives you the energy of a genius Takeshi!With some exceptions such as "Control programOr, music variety shows mainly based on Tale are the mainstream, and until around the 1980s, many of the signboard programs and popular programs of each station were Tale programs, and gein'sBornMost of the programs were also control programs.Especially from 1988 to 1989, Fuji TV alone said "Drif LOL''We Hyokin''Thanks to everyone in Tunnels''Ken Shimura is okay.''Kuni-chan's TV like never before''If you can meet in a dream], And many other Tale programs were being broadcast.

While the Tale program declined due to the rise of the variety of projects in the 1990s, "Dog laughing』When the series became popular, there was a time when the number of programs with control programs or control corners increased again.especially2005IsComedy boomThere is also the influence of "Wannai R & R''Richard Hall''Splashing door''Office worker NEO''Falling woman''Minna TV''Utaha HOT Hit 10』And each station was being broadcast program. But thenPrime timeThe number of "Haneru no Tobira" that made its foray has dropped sharply since around 2006, and in the same year "Wannai" was discontinued and the control program declined again.

Document variety / project

In the 1990s, the original challenge variety show "1 or 8"or,"Document varietyIn a format called ""Electric wave boy], Etc., a variety show based on location has become a hit.After that, at each station, "Mecha2Cool!], [Urinari], [Raw cod], [Astro! DASH!!], [Let's go to school!''Flat London Boots''Suddenly the golden legend], Which is a program centered on challenge planning and document planningboomIt reached its peak of popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Amateur participation program

The above-mentioned document variety andReality showAround 2000, when it was in its heyday,Let's go to school!''Gachinko!''Ainori''Scissors league"SuchAmateurAppearance programs are booming, especially the performers of "Scissors League" are "charisma"HairdresserIs said to beSocial phenomenonThe amateurs who appeared in "Let's go to school!" Became as popular as entertainers.Such an amateur boom was about 2004, "The god of entertainmentAnd 'Splashing door''Laughter gold medal] And other hits, professionalComedianby"Comedy boomIt declined in the form of replacing.

Love program

From the end of the 1990sLove variety showIs increasing.A typical program is "The mess of love''Ainori''Kisiya, The early "London Hearts''Produced by President Shinsuke''Momote Nine Tine''Nanai's matchmaking operation!''Terraced House''Love toss"Such.These romance showsentertainerBesidesAmateurVery often appear.

Discussion program

In the late 1990sThis is strange JapaneseAfter the hit, "" at each stationSerious teen chatter''Genejan”,“ ”, Etc. were broadcast, and in the early 2000sDiscussion programBecame a boom in the television world.These debate programsMember of the troupeIn many cases, he appeared as an amateur.

Talk show

21st centuryEconomic downturn,Lehman shockLaterAdvertising incomeDecrease orTV awayIn addition to tightening regulations and the netBurningIt was difficult to do the conventional comprehensive variety show due to the fear of[1]..On the other hand, "Dance! pacific saury Goten!!''Downtown DXAnd "Legal counseling service''Ame talk''Non-slip story''Talking 007』And cheapTalk showBecame the mainstream of comedy and variety shows, and in 2009,Hinadan entertainer"ButBuzzword AwardHas been nominated for.

The trend has continued since the 2010s, and in 2016,SMAP x SMAPAfter the end ofPrime time-Prime timeThe regular broadcast of the comet show inCommercial broadcastHas almost disappeared from.In addition, since SMAP x SMAP also had a music corner, it can be said that traditional music variety shows that had been running since the dawn of television were also forced to decline.


the 1960sUntilAudience ratingThere was a daily variety program that recorded 40-50%. However, at the same time as the times have changed, the viewership of TV programs has been declining overall year by year (see detailsTV awaySee)), the number of single-digit shows is increasing in the present time in the 2020s, and even if it gets 10%, it may even be treated as a high audience rating.

From the latter half of the 2000s to the present of the 2020s, talk programs have become the mainstream of variety programs, and the reason is that production costs can be suppressed,BPO,PTAComplaints fromsponsorThis is because there are relatively few complaints to

Only the program name has been taken over, and the content of the program has changed without any explanation, increasing since the 2000s. As an example, the “Long queue legal counseling” was initiallylawIt was a program that covered, but nowadays the talk is mainly about Hinata who is playing with entertainers and talents on topics that are completely unrelated to the law, and "London Hearts" was originallyAmateur OfloveWhat used to be a project organizer is now talking about female talent and entertainer messSurprisinglyIn addition to the main project, "Mr. Q!!] Is also completely different from the beginningQuiz showIt has been mentioned that.


This is a production method that has been added to programs in which VTR and performer comments are alternately arranged. View the VTR at the end of the VTR (mainly upper right or lower right)talentCame to take a picture of. Officially called PinP (Picture in Picture). Now it's harder to find programs without wipes.


the 1990sThe production that started to increase from the first half. 『Advance! Radio wave boyIs the origin[2] When,"Detective! Night ScoopIs the origin[3] However, in the latter, about 4 years ago when "Denpa Shonen" started broadcasting19886/18There is a record that the comment follow telop was used for the first time in the broadcast, and from an objective historical fact, it is clear that "Detective! Night Scoop" is the originator.LotteryWhen I interviewed a person who went on the road to buy, an old man said that he would "donate to a refugee" and he cried and was hard to hear.Prime timeBecause the program was organized on a low budget despite the broadcast ofLocationThe pattern of a commercial video camera (For consumer), the sound could not be picked up well, so it is said that the telop was actively used as a measure of bitterness.[4].

"Spicy spice" ("Asahi ShimbunIn the (serialization), until a while ago the telop was "I'm annoying, so let's stop", but the TV industry was in it, but if you make it small or erase it, the viewership will drop immediately, so an extra telop will be displayed. It is said that Regarding this current situation, "The variety program "Push-in telop" has already done at the time of recording, something that would not be interesting unless someone put in a poke. This is very annoying I'm stupid."

In the 2000s, telops were heavily used in variety programs of each station, and there were times when telops were issued to almost all the remarks of the performers, but in the 2020s, the use of telops has decreased from the one-time period. Of the castending,Blur-TsukkomiOften issued at the time of.

Incidentally,Japan South Korea,TaiwanSuch asEast AsiaIn the variety program of, the telop is frequently displayed, but in Korea, the comment follow telop is frequently used.

Sound effect

This isthe 1980sThe method that appeared in the latter half of the 1990s. Nowadays, it often appears with telop.

Taiwan,Chugoku,Hong KongAs likeGreater ChinaIn the variety showSound effectOften flows. This is not edited and added after shooting,Keyboard masterA person specializing in sound effects called (Music Old Master in China)ElectoneUsing, I put music and add sound effects to suit the atmosphere of the scene.

As in Japan and South Korea, it is not uncommon for sound effects to sound together with a telop.


the 1970sThe method that started from. at first"8 o'clock! Everyone gatheredThe mainstream was the live performances often seen in "We HyokinFusion,Western musicExisting songs such asmovies,Drama,Anime OfSoundtrack albumIt has become common to add music, etc. that was recorded in to afterwards. [When?]In BGM is often used in the theme, there are not a few examples of BGM used in the past revived.

Measures to change channels in CM

21st centurySince enteringCommercial broadcastThe method that became popular in. You can intentionally cut the scene where the performer intentionally talks about the main points of the topic such as quizzes and answers to questionsProfanity,モ ザ イ クOr switch to CM after making the viewer's interest. As a result, the risk of being switched to another channel during the commercial is reduced, and the program can be continuously watched, and the sponsor can also properly watch the commercial. On the other hand, the telop before the CM and the content after the CM are often completely different, and on the contrary, there are often complaints.

Audience production

the 2000sWhen I entered, there were many clapping hands when I laughed, and I began to give curiosity to the program as well as the audience rating. OriginallyEuropeDirected from Japan, it has been in Japan since the late 1980s, but at that time it was limited to very few programs. But,2000Regular broadcasting started on "Suddenly! The Golden Legend], And since this production was gradually adopted, it has also been used for rough tracks.The characteristic of this production is that the number of young people (mainly women) clapping their hands has increased because there is a limit to how much they can endure laughter.When closing it, it is closed with a laugh or laugh, but it is not completely unified depending on the broadcasting station and program.  

Japanese variety show

Criticism of variety programs

Nikkei Business20061/30In the issue,Ohashi Kyosen"There are only kinds of things in Japan that I don't understand, called "variety". There are only situation comedies that have a proper script in foreign countries, and only live performances." Criticism."

yuanNHK OfproducerIsKoji Tachimoto"Who made the TV boring?" (PHP InstitutePublish), "The cause of the boring TV programs is mostly in the producer. , "Purchasing programs that are sold overseas from the international market for TV programs, using leading producers, and spending a lot of money to make programs. In comparison, in Japan, a third-class producer who joined the company at Kone is making a program with an idea. Most of them are highly paid with annual income of more than 1,000 million. In addition, even though comedians and talents have been paid millions to tens of millions of pay per appearance, most of the prizes for quizzes and varieties are cheap and cheap. And the entertainers are delighted with the cheap habits and meals due to the habit of getting a lot of money, and they are playing the same level of life as ordinary viewers. I am completely foolish about the viewer. It is rounded down.

2009 year 11 month,Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement OrganizationIs "Opinions about recent TV and variety programs"announced[5].. ``We appreciate the fact that variety shows have helped free people from taboos and create a more free and airy society, but on the other hand, variety shows the characteristic of free and innovative expression. Is there a way to encourage the producer to do more?"[6] After thinking about it, I made a funny proposal with various opinions. In particular"Lower news item"Bullying and discrimination," "inner talk and stupidity among friends," "things in the hands of production are bald," "treating the basics of living poorly" are analyzed by viewers as dislikes.[7]"Variety builds a communication space between television, viewers, and the world."[8] He asked, “The committee wants the variety program producers to take a close look at the reality of each viewer. I hope they will create a new variety from that.”[8] And In addition, it is estimated that more than 30 "caution", "severe cautions" and "warnings" have been conducted by the administrative authorities during the last quarter century, but 20 of them, of which nearly 7% are actually a wide variety. It was against the program.''[9] Are you aware of "the reality that variety programs frequently open up to the interference of public authority"?[9] I asked. He also pointed out the deficiencies in the "Broadcasting Standards" of the Japan Federation of Commercial Broadcasters[10]In line with broadcasting ethics, "it may be appropriate to create effective guidelines for variety programs in addition to broadcasting standards for broadcast programs in general, if possible."[11] And

On the contraryJapan Private Broadcasting FederationMarch 2010,Variety improvement committeeEvent was held. The producers who gathered commented that the BPO opinion was annoying (50 out of 22), the audience was unstudied (37), and unreasonable on-site intervention.[12].. For example, for the risk of punishment games, "In short, there is context in the entire program. I think that the risk is not so big if only the viewers who watch it properly", and the recent programs are less interesting than before. I argued that "I think the quality of each program is definitely higher than before due to editing techniques and directing methods" and "atrophy that has considered the limits of television too much". In response to the BPO's opinion, it was uncomfortable and said, "A program that is not interesting ends up with a poor audience rating."[13].. The Japan Federation of Commercial Broadcasters announced in October 2010Commercial Broadcasting Agency's efforts in response to "Opinions on recent TV and variety programs"As for "Creation of effective guidelines for variety programs," which was recommended in the written opinion, it was judged that commercial broadcasting could lead to narrowing the expression range of each member company. I decided not to do it."[14] I answered. AlsoFuji Television Network, IncAnnounced "Our Fuji Television Variety Declaration" on Saturday, March 2010, 3 at 27: 10-40: 11, "Everyone is bad.Kinichi HagimotoThe program "is" was broadcast locally in Kanto.[14].

Kenichiro MogiWrote in a blog, "Japanese animation has been amazing recently, and Japanese terrestrial television (especially commercial TV shows) is miserable. I'm wondering why such quality can be different." "Commercial TV shows One of the reasons why I failed was because of the comedy culture that is familiar and loosely swept. One way is to have a loose laugh without social criticism, but when it comes to monoculture "The other thing that I can't really understand in recent Japanese TV programs is the "dirt" of screens and sounds. I don't really understand why they use so many subtitles and subtitles to "dirt" the screen, and emphasize the dull hands and laughter of entertainers. Is criticized[15].

Audience rating

30 years of variety shows [1 cool audience rating ranking]

* Regular programs broadcast from 1990 to 2020-Average audience rating for one course (1 months)-

Variety Show ・ Audience Rating Ranking from 1990 to 2020
RankingProgram nameAudience rating (%)Average audience rating
Best record cool
1Magical brain power!!28.181996 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
2SMAP x SMAP27.232001 year 1 month-3 monthFuji Television Network, Inc
3Do not proceed!26.551998 year 7 month-9 monthNippon TV
4Ito Family Dining Table26.182000 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
5Post! Tokuhou Kingdom25.691995 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
6Let's live with a tunnel of raw!24.591994 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
7Trivia Fountain-Wonderful Waste Knowledge-24.532003 year 7 month-9 monthFuji Television Network, Inc
8Hiroshi Sekiguchi's Tokyo Friend Park II24.121996 year 1 month-3 monthTBS TV
9Breaking! Song Daiji Ten23.852000 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
10Heisei Board of Education23.831993 year 1 month-3 monthFuji Television Network, Inc
11Two people who love23.681999 year 10 month-12 monthFuji Television Network, Inc
12Thanks to everyone in Tunnels22.751993 year 1 month-3 monthFuji Television Network, Inc
13pacific saury's SUPER Karakuri TV22.681998 year 1 month-3 monthTBS TV
14Quiz world is SHOW by show bye!!22.651992 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
15Call! A rosy rare student !!22.461997 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
16Dance! pacific saury Goten!!21.792003 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
17Ken Shimura is okay.21.761990 year 1 month-3 monthFuji Television Network, Inc
18The whole world is visible! TV special investigation department21.752000 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
19Quiz! What a year difference21.501992 year 1 month-3 monthFuji Television Network, Inc
20Nep League21.422009 year 10 month-12 monthFuji Television Network, Inc
21Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV21.281990 year 1 month-3 monthTBS TV
22THE night also21.241996 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
23Lol20.912009 year 10 month-12 monthNippon TV
24Legal counseling service20.662008 year 4 month-6 monthNippon TV
25Utchan Nanchan's Urinari!!20.651999 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
26Itte Q to the end of the world!20.482015 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
27Extraordinary research 200X20.321999 year 1 month-3 monthNippon TV
28Potsun and a house20.232020 year 4 month-6 monthTV Asahi
29The! Astro Boy! DASH!!20.092001 year 10 month-12 monthNippon TV
30Gachinko!21.012001 year 1 month-3 monthTBS TV


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