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🧑‍🎨 | Island hopping in the heat wave... Isn't the summer "Setouchi International Art Festival" sweet?A must-see for beginners!Efficient "Walking"

Photo Tourists visiting Ogijima.It is attractive to be able to walk around the elegant road between the stone wall and the row of houses = May XNUMX

Island hopping in the scorching heat...Isn't the Setouchi International Art Festival sweet in summer?A must-see for beginners!Efficient "Walking"

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Inujima also has facilities such as the Seirensho Art Museum and the Art House Project around the port, so you can explore it in half a day.

The summer season of the "Setouchi International Art Festival XNUMX", which colors the islands of Okayama and Kagawa prefectures with art, has begun.Novel coronavirus… → Continue reading

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Seirensho Art Museum

    House project

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    House project(no project)KagawaKagawa-gunNaoshima Town・Honmura area andInujimaInAn old private houserefurbished and modernArtist Home空间Turn it into a work (Installation) with sevenbuildingConsists ofproject[1][2].


    1997, An attempt to renovate and remodel an existing old folk house in the Honmura area, one of the villages that has existed since ancient times in Naoshima, and turn it into a work of contemporary art.Benesse OfSoichiro FukutakeIt was planned, drafted, and executed as part of the Naoshima Project devised byIn the Honmura area, there remains an old townscape that has flourished for about 300 years.焼杉The rows of blackened old houses with wooden planks create a unique atmosphere.This is where the network of contemporary art is developed.in the projectTadao AndoIncluding,Tatsuo Miyajima,Rei Naito,Hiroshi Sugimoto,James Turrelletc. participated.

    1986,Fukutake bookstoreSoichiro, who encountered the sudden death of his father who was the president,TokyoからOkayamawill return to its headquarters.Soichiro, who has returned from the big city to the local city of Okayama, is at first puzzled by the large difference in the environment, but within a few months he feels the happiness of not being in Tokyo from the bottom of his heart.In Soichiro's eyes, Tokyo, which has no history and no nature, began to appear as a city devoid of "human beings."Returning to Okayama had such a big impact on Soichiro that he changed the name of the company to "Benesse" (meaning "well-lived") a few years later.

    One of the projects that Soichiro worked on wasNaoshimaMet.One of his predecessor's dreams,Seto Inland Seafor children on the small island "Naoshima"camp siteI had an idea to create aSoichiro, who inherited his will, met architect Tadao Ando.From the beginning, he had no intention of commissioning an architect in Tokyo.The two hit it off at a pub when they met for the first time.1989, is opened.By the time the second phase of construction began, Soichiro's concept had been finalized.That was the fusion of "contemporary art, nature and history."1992is a fusion of a hotel with suites and an art museum.Benesse Housemuseum is completed.This was a rare attempt, unlike any other in the world.

    ARTSoichiro's thesis is that human beings should play the leading role, and that art should bring out the best qualities of nature and history.1997This "house project" will come to fruition.This project began with Soichiro's desire to challenge the historical view of civilization in Japan, where economics is the objective, despite its long history.The immediate trigger was a single phone call from the Naoshima Town Hall.The owner of a private house in the main island area wanted to sell the house, but I was wondering if it was possible, but I thought of fusion with contemporary art as one of the possibilities of using the abandoned house.

    2004ToClaude Monet,Walter de Maria,James TurrellIt contains the works of three artists fromChichu Art MuseumWill be constructed.


    2010,Inujima OfVillage"日常A gallery for special exhibitions has been opened under the concept of "enjoying the beautiful scenery in the middle of nowhere and the familiar nature that spreads beyond the works." The works of multiple artists are exhibited in five galleries: F-Art House, S-Art House, I-Art House, A-Art House, and C-Art House, as well as the ruins of a stone craftsman's house.to artistic directorYuko Hasegawa,建築 家ToKazuyo Sejimawas selected.Hasegawa describes the experience of looking at the scenery of Inujima and visiting the artworks scattered throughout the island.TogenkyoThe gallery is likened to a series of stories with the theme ofPrivate house OfRoof Tileroofand old materials, as well as modernMaterialis transparentア ク リ ルincluding the surrounding sceneryaluminumA wide variety of materials are used, such as[2].



    The Naoshima House Project consists of the following seven buildings and their useInstallationIt consists of a group of works.

    Sumiya (Naoshima Town)

    The first of the house project. A 1-year-old house has been restored using grilled plates and plaster.Tadashi Yamamotois in charge of construction.indoorsTatsuo MiyajimaThree works ofIssued at the counter from the bottom of a shallow pond stretched in the dark interiorLED'Sea of ​​Time' ('Sea of ​​Time '98'), a work of multi-coloured hazy lights - The townsfolk also participated in the creation of this work."Naoshima's Counter Window" (1998), in which transparent numbers change randomly on liquid crystal glass on the wall of the dirt floor, and in the back of the storehouse, I would like to add color to the landscape painting. There is Opo's work "Changing Landscape" (1999)[3].


    Tadao Ando was in charge of the design, and a new building was built on the site where a temple called "Minami-dera" existed until the Meiji period.internalJames Turrelldesigned according to the size of the work of[4].Works on display: James Turrell

    "Backside of the Moon" 1999


    A small house built more than 10 years ago has been turned into a work of art, including the house itself and the outer walls, without modifying the structure such as the roof and pillars.inside isRei NaitoThere is a work "Kono Koto wo".The viewing is by reservation only, and you can enter the interior one by one and appreciate it.Only open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays[5].

    Goo Shrine

    Located on a hill overlooking the seaEdo Periodenshrined fromShrine.A new shrine during renovationHiroshi SugimotoIs designed.Main hallandWorship hallIt is,Ise ShrineAlthough it refers to the early style of shrine architecture such as , it also reflects the artist's unique aesthetic sense.pure whitePaving stonesand a glass staircase.The main hall and the stone chamber are connected by a glass staircase, integrating the basement and the ground.[6].


    Meiji EraToSalt makingThe Ishibashi family residence, which prospered in the industry.The emphasis is on rebuilding the house itself, without any new decorations.[7].

    Works on display:Senju Hiroshi

    "The Falls"2006
    "Sky Garden"2009

    Architectural and spatial design: Hiroshi Senju,Yuji Akimoto

    Go hall

    This name used to beGoIt originates from the fact that the islanders gathered as a place to hit.Yoshihiro Sudacreated and restored the entire building as a work space, and inside the building isHayami GifuneThe work "Camellia" created with a hint from "Famous Tree Scattered Camellia" will be exhibited.Real five-colored camellias are planted in the garden.2006Work of[8].


    A building that was once a dental clinic and residence,Shinro Ohtakeis a work of art.Inside the building, which emphasizes the atmosphere of an abandoned house,the statue of Liberty OfTributeArtwork will be placed.The title of the work is "Tongue Dream / Bokkon Peep" (2006).Repair supervisionYuji Akimoto,Tadakatsu Honda[9].



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