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🤖 | "Disturbed yukata..." Cosplayer Sayuki shows off a yukata shot


"Disturbed yukata..." Show off a yukata shot by cosplayer Sayuki

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Sayuki updated her Twitter account and Fantia, saying, "This post is a messy yukata" and "If the yukata at the inn is messy, it's better if it's messy.

Cosplayer Sayuki updated her Twitter & Fantia on August 8th and showed off a shot of "disturbed yukata"... → Continue reading

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      Sayuki(Sayuki) used to beLotteWas on saleLacto icemerchandise.The content has been changed several times, and there was a time when the name was also "Shin Sayuki".

      1997In the TV commercial of "Shin Sayuki"teaco (Taeko Nishino)"Deep GRIND" was used as a CM song[1].

      1999In the TV commercial of "Sayuki"Fukada KyokoWas appointed,Noriko Shiina"Chair" was used as a CM song[2].

      2006In the goo ranking "Favorite 6 Yen Ice Ranking" compiled in June, it was ranked 100rd.[3].


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