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📺 | "The day I become an actress_" The 2nd generation GP is 16 years old, Sara Yukizawa Yasushi Akimoto also acclaims "Unknown brand new child"

Photo Yasushi Akimoto and Grand Prix Sara Yukizawa (right) [Photo: (C) TBS]

"The day I become an actress_" 2nd generation GP is 16-year-old Sara Yukizawa.

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Mr. Akimoto, the general producer of this project, is in charge of planning and drafting, and Kaine Sakurai, who played a classmate in the final round, has been decided to co-star.

TBS Doraemon, which will be broadcast from October, will make its debut as a main character in the new TBS drama "Who is the sender?" → Continue reading


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    General producer


    Akimoto(Akimoto) issamurai-Ethnic familywasJapan Ofclan.Edo PeriodToFutami DaimyoAt home維新later of the nobilityViscountLined up at home[1].



    Utsunomiya Yoritsunathe child of13st centuryIn the first halfKazusaSue DistrictIn theHonukiIt is said that it begins with[2].

    Sengoku period

    Sengoku period, claiming to be the 16th head of the Akimoto clanLong morning TheSagami country OfMr. Gohojo, then transferred to KantoMikawaguni OfTokugawa Ieyasuand join its new vassal class.

    Edo Period

    Battle of SekigaharaUesugi KagekatsuDue to the success of urging the surrender ofKeicho6 years(1601Ueno countrySoja clanIt was increased to 1 koku.moreover泰朝Among the Sunpu Zabanshu who served Ieyasu, who transferred the post of shogun and moved to Sunpu,Masazumi HondaIt leads to the first person to appear in the apprenticeship.

    2th year of Genwa (1616) after the death of Ieyasu, Sunpu Zabanshu was absorbed into Page Group, and Yasutomo was in Genna 8 (1622), when his father Nagatomo died, the former territories were combined,Kai countryTokugawa vassal who controls the eastern county territoryMr. Toriiof the county territory at the time of the change ofTanimura Domain・It was increased to 1 koku.Adopted from the next Toda familyKnowledgebecame the first lord of the Kawagoe domain and in the shogunate governmentOld ageto take office.Encouraged by the Tanimura clan government,Arakura excavationis said to have been excavated.

    HoeiNew Year (1704)Kofu DomainMain house・Mr. Yanagisawais the former territory ofMusashi countryKawagoe DomainProsper to 5 koku,early morningInstead ofDewakuniYamagata Domain6 koku.morningOld age-TanumaAfter that, he entrusted him with misfortune.

    Hiroka2 years(1845) to Ueno countryTatebayashi ClanTransferred to 6 koku.Edo CastleThen.wild goose jam.

    Last Tatebayashi feudal lordAkimoto HirotomoIt is,Choshu clanmainMohri family,Utsunomiya DomainmainTodayaenclave from relatives ofKawachi countryMausoleum of Emperor YuryakuDuring the Boshin War, he was the first domain in the Kanto region to join the government army.Starting with the subduing of Ueno, he fought in Yashu-Izuryuyama and Oshu, and achieved distinguished service.[3].

    After the Meiji era

    After the Meiji Restoration, he earned 1 koku of rice due to his achievements in the Boshin War.AwardWas given[4].Reicho is1869(Meiji 2) of JulyRedemptionAt the same time as becoming governor of the Tatebayashi clanEthnic familyIn 4 (Meiji 1871)Abandoned DomainServed as governor of the domain[4].

    July 17 (Meiji 1884)Chinese lawAs a former governor of a small domain due to the enforcementViscountLined up in[5].

    The head of the family at the time from the late Meiji period to the Taisho periodAkimoto OkitomoThe viscount belongs to the Akimoto family for his achievements in mountain restoration.PiagetAlthough there was a petition campaign for the promotion of the title, all four petitions for the promotion ended in disapproval.[1].


    the family templeGunmaMaebashiKoganji Temple.His grave is located at Hotoyama Kofun near Koganji Temple.

    In addition, Mr. AkimotoMutsuKazuno-gunThere is a shunt current inThe Akimoto clan, who are descendants of Tainari, live in Kazuno-gun.ChineseAsKamakura Periodwas active inHowever, what happened after that is unknown, and the relationship with the daimyo family, the Akimoto clan, and the timing of the split are also unknown.

    The Akimoto vassals consisted mainly of the oldest vassals from the Kamishoryo period, and the number of Fudai vassals was increased during the Musashi Fukaya period and during the Ueno Soja Domain period, and during the Tanimura Domain period, Tanimura Fudai and former Torii lineage vassals were appointed.


    The solid line is the child, the dotted line (vertical) isAdopted child, The dotted line (horizontal) is marital status.
    Yasutomo Yokota
    spring morning4
    Long morning8
    Tomicho10Tung Dynastyearly morning
    Toda TadamasaNew Year's EveMasatomo
    Akimoto Takachi12early morningSadaethe next morningthe next morninglight morningMoritomo
    TakechoKyobo13Toda TadamiEicho AkimotoMotomoMoritomo
    Takashi Akimoto14Toda TadatōHocho
    early morning15Kui DynastyTadashun Tanaka
    Kui DynastyYongcho16Toda Tadayuki
    Mori HiroshigeAkimoto Okitomo
    New Dynasty20
    spring morning21[9]


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