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🎭 | Brad Pitt's comedy set on the Shinkansen in Japan will be released in the United States The original is Kotaro Isaka's "Maria Beetle"

Photo from left: Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King, Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Reuters)

Brad Pitt's comedy set in Japan's Shinkansen opens in the United States based on Kotaro Isaka's "Maria Beetle"

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Hiroyuki Sanada, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji and others will play the international hitmen who co-star with Pitt.

Comedy action movie "Bullet Train" starring Brad Pitt set in Japan's Shinkansen is released in the United States ... → Continue reading

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    Hiroyuki Sanada

    Hiroyuki Sanada(Hiroyuki Sanada,1960〈Showa35 years>10/12 -) isJapan OfAn actor-singer..Real name: Hiroyuki Shimozawa[1]).Hiroyuki Shimozawa, whose real name was written in a new font when he was a child actor[2]), And after re-debut, there will be an appearance under the name of Hiroyuki Sanada.Height 170 cm,Blood TypeIs type A[3]..Belongs to The Libra International (business tie-up with Axon Entertainment overseas).

    TokyoShinagawaOiI'm fromHorikoshi High School,Nihon University College of ArtFilm Departmentgraduate[4].Bachelor of Science TheBachelor of Fine Arts.MBE (5th place of the Order of the British Empire)Received the award.In Japan and outside Japanmovies-TV drama-theater-CMIt is widely used.


    From childhood to re-debut

    the sameApartmentLived inHirokichi TakadaI was playing with my sonscoutBeing a magazine for toddlersモデルAfter that, at the age of 5Troupe sunflowerentered in.1966ToShinichi ChibaStarring movie "Nanako lullaby』Debuted in ChibaKen TakakuraAppeared as a son in the leading work of.Then my fathercancerHe died in Chiba, but when he entered junior high school, he co-starred in Chiba as a child.Japan Action Club (JAC)Joined.At the same time, at the recommendation of my motherJapanese danceIntroducing the Tamagawa style.1974The movie "Direct hit! Hell fist』Appeared.After entering high school, he decided to concentrate on his studies with the advice of Chiba, and once withdrew from performing arts activities.

    1978,movies"Conspiracy of the Yagyu clan"ofauditionBy passing the test, he resumed his entertainment activities in earnest.After re-debutShinichi ChibaBy the name of, "Sonny Chiba" and "Ta" of Chiba's real name (Sadaho Maeda) are combined, "Hiroyuki SanadaI came to call myself.In the same year, he became a Natori of the Tamagawa style in Japanese dance.Daisuke TamagawaI received the name.Also,TV drama"Message from Space: Galactic War』Starring.Even after entering Nihon University College of Art, he was enrolled in the sword fighting association.SwordI tried to improve.To classmatesEiichiro FunakoshiThere is.

    From action star to acting sect

    1980Public movie "Ninja Martial Arts Book Sandayu Hyakuchi』Played the movie's first starring,Momoyama CastleCastle towerJumping scene from and the next1981Public movie "Roaring Fire]FukuiTojinboA scene of jumping from a rocky place or a helicopter to the seadubbingWithout it, he showed off karate, which he had practiced in fighting.Also, because it was sold as an idol[5], He also appeared in a song program as a singer.On the other hand, "Makai ReincarnationInKenji SawadaKiss scene with, "Dotonbori River"soKeiko MatsuzakaBed scene with, "Satomi HakkendenInYakushimaru HirokoIt became a hot topic that he played a terrible scene such as a love scene with1984Published “Mahjong wandering record』Also starred.

    I respect you around this timeア ル · パ チ ー ノI went abroad for the "waiting" of the stage where[6],1982For the first time overseas, he starred in the Hong Kong movie "Ninja in the Dragon".Sonny chiba(Sunny Chiba) Followed by Japanese action starDuke SanadaIt is also active overseas as.

    1987of"Deadly 4 Resentment』The villain, the next1988of"Kaito Ruby』, Played the third piece to broaden the range of acting, but asked for a wide range of acting beyond the frame as an action actor, and my mothercerebral hemorrhageTaking advantage of the sudden death in1989Independent of JAC and also its own constellationLibraNamed afterThe Libra InternationalWas established.

    1990Is a JAC 20th anniversary work "Remains Beautiful Heroes』And also served as a music director.same year,Rimi TezukaMarried to.She fathered two boys.

    1993,TV drama"High school teacher』, And gained recognition from a wide range of generations.Same yearfashion magazine"Anne AnneWas selected as No. 1 in the "Favorite Man Ranking" held every year in the magazine.

    1995Public movie "SharakuOf the actressHazuki RionaThe secret meeting site was published in the weekly photo magazine, and he separated from his wife Tezuka from July of the same year. One and a half years later1997Divorce by consultation in March.The award is said to have reached 3 million yen.

    Perhaps due to the influence of overseas expansion, which will be described later, the appearance of Japanese terrestrial TV dramas is the leading work.2001Broadcast of "Unmarried family』Last 20 years, also appeared in Japanese movies2005Published “Aegis of the Extinct Country] Is interrupted for more than 15 years at the end.

    Global expansion

    1999から2000OverUnited Kingdom OfRoyal Shakespeare CompanyPerformance "Lear King』(Yukio NinagawaAppeared as the first and only Japanese cast in history.Full story in 17th century English dialogueNigel HawthorneCo-starred with actors in the British theater world.The queen of the country was praised for her acting ability and her achievements as a bridge between Japanese and British cultural exchanges.Elizabeth IIHe was awarded the Honorary Member of the Order of British Empire (MBE).[7]

    2002Published toAcademy Foreign Language Film AwardNominated for "Twilight SeibeiThe fact that each movie award was swept in2003Published “Last SamuraiBy appearing in the movie, he became one of Japan's leading actors. In "Last Samurai", starringTom cruiseSanadaSword,JapaneseHe talked about the episode in which he taught him in a friendly manner in interviews in various fields.

    Los AngelesI moved to and appeared in American movies, but besides English2006Public movie "PROMISE』Over the whole storyChineseI did all the lines to dubbing myself.2007IsRush hour 3』, Have deepened friendship with each other as action stars from ancient timesJackie ChanPlayed with[8]..In an interview, Chen revealed that he praised Sanada's action, had a long relationship with him, and hoped to foster younger generations and produce movies together in the future.

    2010Selected as "Hollywood's Most Active Asian Actor" at the 3st Green Planet Film Awards in March[9].

    2013,Keanu ReevesStarring movie "47 RONIN]Oishi built-in assistantStarred as[10]..At a press conference held prior to the release, Reeves said he was impressed by Sanada's remarks about the work, "Simple & Deep," and said that his devoted and attentive attitude was "just a big stone." He praised it and called him a "master" to express his respect.Also, when dubbing in overseas dramas and foreign films, when dubbed in Japan, I mainly dubbed myself, but if I could not, mainly voice actorsUchida eveningIs in charge.others,Takuya Kirimoto,Kazuhiko InoueIs also in charge.


    Under the name of "Hiroyuki Sanada"


    TV drama

    Under the name of "Hiroyuki Sanada"

    Japanese domestic movies

    Movies outside Japan

    Japanese domestic TV drama

    Japanese foreign TV drama

    • LOST Final Season (February 2010, 2-May 2, 5,ABC) --Michigo
    • Revenge(September 2011, 9 --May 21, 2012, ABC) --As Satoshi Takeda * Season 5 only
    • HELIX -black gene- (November 2014, 1 -,Syfy) --Hiroshi Hatake
    • Extant Season 1 (July 2014, 7-September 9, 2014,CBS) --Hideki Yasmoto
    • The Last Ship Season 3 (July 2016, 6-September 19, 2016,TNT) --Takehaya
    • West World Season 2 (April 2018, 4-,HBO) --Musashi
    • Shogun(Scheduled to be broadcast in 2022,FXP)-Lord Yoshii Toranaga


    Other programs



    Hiroyuki Shimozawa


    • Let's shake hands / Mother's knees are cradle (1968, King Records, BS-818) -Both songs co-star with Sonny Chiba

    In the name of Hiroyuki Sanada


    1. Legend of the Wind / What else (November 1980, 11, EPIC / Sony, 1H-07)
      movies"Ninja Martial Arts Book Sandayu HyakuchiTheme song
    2. Enthusiastic story / This love is everything (March 1981, 3, EPIC / Sony, 21H-07)
    3. Cry to the Light / Our Sky, Our Stars (From the Musical "Stuntman Story") (June 1981, 6, EPIC Sony, 21H-07)
    4. Youth Storm (Hurricane) / Running in the Wilderness (August 1981, 8, EPIC / Sony, 1H-07)
      movies"Roaring FireTheme song
    5. Love, dyed in flames / Youth Traveler (November 1981, 11, EPIC Sony, 21H-07)
      movies"Burning heroTheme song
    6. To the Desert City / Oath (JAC Theme) (March 1982, 3, EPIC / Sony, 21H-07)
      Kansai TVDrama seriesShadow Corps IIITheme song
    7. Sorrowful Sailing / Sentimental 246 (August 1982, 8, EPIC / Sony, 1H-07)
      JACImage song of the musical "Happy Pirate Adventure"
    8. With hot eyes / bitter mood (September 1982, 9, EPIC / Sony, 22H-07)
      Morinaga Confectionery"TwigCM song
    9. Youth Marukajiri (July 1983, 7, CBS / Sony, 10SH-07) * "Hikaru Kurosaki(Cooperation:Junya Takaki・ Hiroyuki Sanada)"Name
      movies"Igano KabamaruTheme song
    10. Ruts of Love / Many days (September 1983, 9, EPIC / Sony, 21H-07)
      Morinaga & Co. "Twig" CM song
    11. Gypsy of Sorrow / Deep Night, You're The One (December 1983, 12, EPIC / Sony, 21H-07)
    12. Believe in love / Better half of sadness (April 1984, 4, EPIC / Sony, 1H-07)
      movies"Colorful riverTheme song
    13. SERIOUS NIGHT ~ EVERLASTING HERMONY ~ / Reading scenario (February 1985, 2, EPIC / Sony, 1H-07)
    14. Somebody / Christina (1987) * Not released to the general public as a fan club limited LP
    15. For example Forever(October 1988, 10, Victor, SV-26) * "Kyoko Koizumi・ Hiroyuki Sanada"Name
      movies"Kaito Ruby"Insert song
    16. Blind Chapter 2 / Whereabouts of Love (April 1990, 4, Victor, VIDL-4)
    17. On a casual night / always staring at you (November 1992, 11)
      Laurel Wreath"Made with melted rice Light silkCM song
    18. PAPER MOON ~ Reunion Theme ~ / To the Journey of the Heart (December 1994, 12, Sony Music Records, FHDF-1) * "Paper Moon (Hiroyuki Sanada &BEGIN)"Name


    Original album
    Release datespecificationStandard product numbertitle
    1980LP28-3H-58Adventurer of Youth ~ Hiroyuki Sanada First ~
    1984LP28-3H-112After The Rush
    Victor / Invitation
    April 1986, 7LPVIH-28264movin'out
    April 2017, 10配 信-
    April 1987, 3LPVIH-28282into the street
    April 2017, 10配 信-
    April 1988, 2LPVIH-28317So, I am ...
    April 2017, 10配 信-
    April 1988, 11LPVIH-28348Summer Dream
    April 2017, 10配 信-
    April 1989, 11CDVDR-1654FADED TOWN
    April 2017, 10配 信-
    April 1991, 11CDLike a Cinema
    Best album
    Release datespecificationStandard product numbertitle
    1984LP35-8H-17REVOLUTION of the sun
    April 2011, 5CDMHCL-1897GOLDEN ☆ BEST Hiroyuki Sanada ~ EPIC YEARS ~
    Victor / Invitation
    April 2010, 9CDVICL-63576Golden Best / Hiroyuki Sanada ~ Like a Cinema ~ [+2]


    Photo album

    • Hiroyuki Sanada Dignified Yugi Favorite Edition Photobook (1983,Fujimi Shobo)
    • Hiroyuki Sanada Photobook A man (1992, Shichiken Publishing)
    • L'Homme Hiroyuki Sanada Photobook (2000, Shichiken Publishing)


    • Japan Academy Award
      • 5th (1982)New actor award "Makai Tensho"
      • 8th (1985)Excellent Actor Award "Satomi Hakkenden" / "The Street of Desire" / "Mahjong Horoki"
      • 14th (1991)Excellent Actor Award "Remains Beautiful Heroes" / "Tsugumi" / "Let's go to the hospital"
      • 17th (1994)Excellent Actor Award "City that never sleeps Shinjuku Same" / "Made in Japan"
      • 26th (2003)Best Actor Award "Twilight Seibei"
      • 29th (2006)Excellent Actor Award "Aegis of the Exiled Country"
    • Blue ribbon award
      • 36th (1993)Best Actor Award "We are all alive"
      • 38th (1995)Best Actor Award "Sharaku" / "EAST MEETS WEST" / "Emergency Call Emergency Call"
      • 48th (2005)Best Actor Award "Aegis of the Exiled Country"
    • Kinema Junpo Best Ten
      • 62th (1988)Best Actor Award "Kaito Ruby"
      • 67th (1993)Best Actor Award "We are all alive"
      • 69th (1995)Best Actor Award "Sharaku"
      • 76th (2002)Best Actor Award "Twilight Seibei"
    • Daily Sports Movie Awards
      • 1th (1988)Best Supporting Actor "Kaito Ruby"
      • 8th (1995)Best Actor Award "Sharaku"
      • 15th (2002)Best Actor Award "Twilight Seibei"
    • Hochi Film Award
      • 13th (1988)Best Actor Award "Kaito Ruby"
      • 20th (1995)Best Actor Award "Sharaku"
    • Other


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