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📺 | The reason why "Bishonen" Daisho Iwasaki is useful even in the drama "Ichiichi"

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The reason why “Bishonen” Daisho Iwasaki is useful in the drama “Imaichi”

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Among the numerous talents of Johnny's Jr., he was picked out in such a way, saying, "It seems that Iwasaki is highly evaluated for being able to speak clearly, as well as being recommended as a group.

Johnny's Jr.It is said that the "dexterity" of Taisho Iwasaki (XNUMX), a member of the inner unit "Bishonen", is valued. → Continue reading

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Johnny's Jr.

Johnny's Jr.(Johnny's Junior)Johnny's OfficeBelongs totalentOf those, a general term for those who do not have a single page on the official website or who have not made their CD debut[1].. The abbreviation is "Jr.". As of January 2021, about 1 people are enrolled[2].


mainlyJohnny's OfficeBack dancer of other senior debut group belonging to[1].. Originally the office did not officially recruit talent[Annotation 1], A lot of resumes were sent every month, soJanie KitagawaSelected the documents themselves, and auditions such as interviews and practical skills are now held irregularly at concert venues etc.[3].. If you pass the exam, you will be admitted and begin lessons such as dance.[1]No admission fees or lesson fees[3].. Other than the audition,Koji MukaiLike being scouted directly from Janie Kitagawa like[6],Yugo TakachiSome people like to audition for the show like[7].

After entering the school, you will be given the opportunity to perform in front of your fans while taking lessons, standing on the stage of seniors, and appearing alone at Johnny's Jr.[8], Individual, orunitWe will gain experience with the goal of appearing and debuting in each drama[3].. However, this unit always has the possibility of dismantling, and it often disappears naturally even if it looks like it is about to debut.[9]..Some say that they don't know what will happen until the debut announcement, and there is anxiety that somebody will drop out or increase, and they will not know what will happen tomorrow.[10].

It was considered a graduation from Johnny's Jr. by making his CD debut,[11][12]Since the office's official website "Johnny's net" and "Johnny's web" were set up, they have not made their CD debut, but they have been performing on stage and in dramas.An actorAchievements in activitiesIkuta Toma[1]-Mizuki Sano-Yara Asayuki-Shunsuke Kazama-Hasegawa JunFor example, some people were considered to have graduated from Jr. because a single page was created on the official office website.[13].. Regarding the timing and reason for graduating, Sano, who had been talked about "the oldest Johnny's Jr." on the net, said "I had been a junior since I was an actor since my late 20s."[14]Kazama said, “(Fan who came to see information about young Johnny's Jr. on their website etc. does not feel uncomfortable with the information of members in their thirties), so don't call it “Jr.” Have been agreed"[15]And so on.FO-YUGraduated from Jr. as a group for the first time in Johnny's history in the fall of 2017 when all the members reached thirty[16][Annotation 2].. Even if I graduate from Jr. once,Hiroki Uchi,Hironori KusanoAfter that, he may be removed from the group due to scandals, etc. and return to the position of the trainee who is ranked lower than Johnny's Jr. before the debut.[18][19][20].

1998 to 2002[21]Has been broadcast on many TV programs bearing the names "Junior" and "J" in the program name, and after thatTokyo Dome3 large domes such asNippon BudokanHeld a concert in Japan and gained popularity beyond the office seniors[21]. mainlyHideaki Takizawa,Shibuya SubaruIt was called "Tucky in the east, Subaru in the west" and "Jr.[21][22].. In July 2002, Thai version Johnny's Jr.G-JuniorIs born[23].. Those from the Tokai areaKenaga ChigaSome are in the Tokyo group, likeHirano ShiayaThere are also people who act as Kansai Johnny's Jr., and it is case-by-case.[24].

In principle, even if Johnny's Jr. leaves the office or the group disbands, it is not published on TV or magazines.[25].. HoweverYuki Ohara[26],Jun Akiyama[27],Takeshi Yonehana[28]In some cases, such as those reported in newspapers. In recent years, when SNS has become mainstream, it was banned while belonging to the office.Twitter,InstagramBy having started, it was increasing that it was decided that he quit Johnny's Jr.[25], In 2018Love-tuneAnnounced the discharge of all members through the official website "Johnny's Junior Information Bureau"[29].

Applicable to general fan clubsJohnny's Junior Information Bureau[30]There is[31].. Originally, it was a mechanism that if you send 24 postcards, the information will be printed and returned, but after about 2 years, after changing the form to free registration mail delivery, it will be charged in November 2016 and the annual membership fee will be paid. It has been renewed significantly so that you can pay for members to watch videos and apply for performance priority[31].

On January 2021, 1, it was announced that a new system with age restrictions would be introduced from March 16, 2023.[2]..According to this, the intention to continue the management contract was confirmed as of March 22, when he first reached the age of 3, and if he agreed, he could continue to work as Jr., but if he did not reach an agreement, he would continue to work. Contract expires / leaves the company[2].


List of Johnny's Jr.See also (in alphabetical order).

Johnny's Jr.

Date of BirthNamePseudonym reading
198901/13Yukio MatsumotoMatsumoto Kota
19920708 daysKensho TomiokaTomioka Kento
April 1992, 12Yuki NozawaNozawa Yuuki
April 1994, 11Kawashima YoeruKawashima Noru
199506/23Shichigo Sankake TatsuyaShimekake Ryuya
199508/10Yuya YoshizawaYoshizawa Shizuya
199609/13Yokohara YuukiYokohara Yuuki
April 1996, 10Shunsuke MotoMotoi Shunsuke
19970402 daysReina NakamuraReia Nakamura
199704/15Nakamura KaitoNakamura
199706/11Takuya KageyamaKageyama Takuya
199709/22Kaito MiyachiMiyachi Kakai
April 1997, 11Kaito MatsukuraMatakura Kaito
199802/10Taiga TsubakiTsubaki
199805/12Rinne SugetaAmazing Rinne
199806/29Suzuki OkawaSuzuki Taiga
April 199806 daysKatsuki MototakaMotodaka Katsuki
199904/19Genta MatsudaMatsuda Genta
April 1999, 11Yuuto TakahashiYutaka Takahashi
April 1999, 11Daiki KonnoThis time
200008/10Rei YabanaRei Yabana
20000901 daysArata SatoArata Sato
20000902 daysMatsui KanadeMatsui Minato
200009/18Naoki FujiiFujiki Naoki
April 2000, 10Ryo HashimotoRyo Hashimoto
April 2000, 10Mizuki InoueMizuki Inoue
April 2001, 11Motoki YuExciting
April 2001, 12Kohei AokiAoki Kohei
200201/16Nasu YutoEggplant Yuuto
200202/27Floating place HikiUkisho Hidaka
200204/13Ryusei FukadaFukada Ryusei
200205/20Daimitsu SasakiSasaki Taikou
200207/30Emperor KawasakiKawasaki Kouki
200208/23Daisho IwasakiIwasaki Taisho
200209/20Inokari AoyaIgariya
200209/30Ryuto SakumaCherry tree
April 2002, 11Hideo YasushimaAjima Hideki
April 2002, 12Ryuga SatoRyu Sato
20030307 daysSota UchimuraUchimura Sota
20030503 daysWataru VasayegaVasaiega Wataru
April 200302 daysMitsunari HiyamaHiyama Kousei
April 2003, 10OdaiyamaOriyama
20040209 daysGolden fingerKanasashi Issei
200402/28Takumi KitagawaTakumi Kitagawa
April 2004, 11Ritsuki DaitoOhigashi Ritsuki
200503/28Kawasaki HoshikiKawasaki Hoshiki
200509/29Adachi KeiKei Adachi
April 2005, 10Michiyo InabaInaba Michiharu
20060605 daysTamura Kai RyuTamura
April 200602 daysMasayoshi OdaOda Shosei
200707/15Hitoshi HamuraHamura Jinsei
April 2008, 10Sota KishiKishi sota

Kansai Johnny's Jr.

Kansai Johnny's Jr. ListSee also (in alphabetical order).

Date of BirthNamePseudonym reading
199408/24Seiya SuezawaSuezawa Seiya
199601/11Kusama Richard KeitaKusama Richard Keita
April 1996, 11Main gate YoshinoriNozomi Yoshinori
199906/25Ken KojimaKojima Ken
April 1999, 10Daiharu FukumotoFukumoto Taisei
200203/13Masaya SanoMasaya Sa
200304/19Takuya NishimuraNishimura Takuya
20030803 daysToa ShimasakiShimasaki Toa
200402/23Onishi FugaOnishi Fuuga
200403/23Okazaki YataroKotaro Okazaki
200404/22Ryu Takumi TomaHorse
April 2008, 12Aio SendaSenda Aoi
200907/15Atsushi ItoAtsushi Ito

Johnny's Jr. who left the house

Group membership

*The order in which the groups were formed.

BYR color wheel.svgIn this sectionColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

Johnny's Jr.

Travis Japan

Formed in 2012.


HiHi Jets

Formed in October 2015.


Beautiful boy

Formed in October 2016.


7 MEN Samurai

The reading is "Seven Men Samurai"[32][33].. Group name isJanie KitagawaWas devised byAkira KurosawaDirected movie "Seven SamuraiCame from[33].. February 2018, 2, towards ``Johnny's Ginza 26''[34]Formed by 7 members, Sugada, Igarashi, Nakamura, Takahiro, Sasaki, Konno and Maeda[32], At the same time, the formation of the unit is announced on the homepage[35].. Announced in April of the same year[32].. Performed from December 12thJOHNNYS'King & Prince IsLAND] From Rei Yahana[Annotation 3]..Not just a songBand,ダンス,skateboardIn a group that can[37],2020April "Music StationAt the time of appearance, he was introduced as "Jr.'s leading band group and maverick", and he is deeply convinced.[38].

The fan name isprincess,Numb love(BothHimeRead)[38].

Former member
original song
  • Samdama[42](Lyrics: Sarari Matsubara, Song:Kengo Minamida)-JASRAC work code: 256-8324-1
  • サ イ レ ン[43][44](Lyrics: Seiji Takagi / Izumi Soraya, Song: ERISON CHRISTOFER JONAS ROBIN / MELIN JOSEF MATTIAS) -JASRAC Work code: 1P0-3480-9
Radio program
Online delivery

Boy ninja

June 2018, 6, as "Chibikko Ninja"[82]Formed by 14 people[83], The group name was announced on the telop of the TV program[82].."TV Asahi / Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION" held in July of the same year[83]When stepping on the first stage in, it was changed to "Shonen Ninja"[82].. The "boy" part of the group name may be small[Annotation 8].. Derivation unit[83]Was formed in mid-September of the same year[86],Motoki Yu-Emperor Kawasaki-Sota Uchimura-Wataru Vasayega-Takumi KitagawaConsists of two people[36]5 Ninja(Read "Gonja")[87]) Was also present[83].

October 2018 At the performance of ``ABC Za Johnny's Legend 10''[88]
May 2019 at the performance of ``Johnny's Ginza 5 Tokyo Experience''[51][89]
  • 25 people in total, including Kazuki Kawasaki, Wataru Vasayega, Takumi Kitagawa, Sota Uchimura, Branden and others
December 2019 When introducing Johnny's Jr. Channel members[90]
  • Rikuto Toyoda, Shouma Hiratsuka, Sota Uchimura, Wataru Vasayega,Ryusei Fukada, Waku Motoki, Mitsunari Hiyama, Kohei Aoki, Yusei Nagase,Kawasaki Hoshiki, Yojiro Taki, Yujiro Suzuki,Michiyo Inaba, Flying Yamai,Masayoshi Oda, Mitsuteru Kuroda, Koki Kawasaki, Hideo Yasushima, Takumi Kitagawa, Nao Oriyama,Tamura Kai Ryu, Ren Kubo, 22 people in total
June 2022 (Shoma Hiratsuka announces withdrawal[91]
  • Rikuto Toyoda, Sota Uchimura, Wataru Vasayega, Ryusei Fukada, Waku Motoki, Mitsunari Hiyama, Kohei Aoki, Yusei Nagase, Koki Kawasaki, Yojiro Taki, Yuhito Suzuki, Michiyo Inaba, Hisho Yamai, Masayoshi Oda , Mitsuteru Kuroda, Koki Kawasaki, Hideo Yasushima, Takumi Kitagawa, Nao Oriyama, Sota Uchimura, Ren Kubo
original song
TV drama
  • AOKIFreshers (January 2021, 1 --) --Vasayega, Emperor Kawasaki, Oriyama, Motogi, Yasushima, Uchimura, Hiyama[105]
Online delivery

Jr. SP

May 2018,Johnny's Ginza 2018 I must see it! Our show and the special show time"of7 MEN SamuraiAt the performance, four people performed for the first time. While changing the notation such as "special" and "specialist", in December of the same year, "JOHNNYS'King & Prince IsLAND』It became the current notation[82]..The reading is "Junior Special"[106].. Each of the four has their own specialty[107][108].

Member colors are provisional as of September 2019, 9[110].
original song
  • sensation[44] [113](Lyrics: MIYAKEI, Song: Daichi, Shunsuke Harada) -JASRAC Work code: 259-1009-4


XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTV AsahiSystem music program "Music Station5 minutes before the performance of the godfatherHideaki TakizawaWas told the group name bytelop[117]The formation was announced[118][119]..The reading is "Impactors"[119](To "pa"accentPut[120]).The origin is ""IMPACT", which means" shock ", and the actor "ACTOR" are crossed."[118]“Leave an impact and a legend that impacts the world”[117].. "IMPACT" is black and "cool", and "ors" is pink and is written with the concept of "transience and mystery".[121], It means, "Like there is pink in black, put out different sides."[117]..We have been working without a unit name for some time, and in 2020Theater Creation Live PerformanceScheduled to appear in "C Part"[122](Cancelled due to Corona's influence), so it was also called "Clie C" among fans.[119]..The fan name is "PINKy"[123].

Before the Theater Creation performance, member colors are soliciting general opinions on SNS from Johnny's Jr. official website "ISLAND TV".[124], I decided once[125]After that, the group name was officially decided and changed in December 2020.[126].
original song
  • Top Of The World[92](Lyrics: YUI MUGINO, Song: LEE STEVEN ・ SQVARE ・ TAKUYA HARADA) -JASRAC Work code: 1P0-3471-0, the first original song[128]
  • Fighter[130](Lyrics: Yui Musino, Song: Shun Kusagawa, OHRN ANDREAS JAKOB ERIK, SMITH HENRIK MARTIN) --JASRAC Work code: 1Q8-7517-3
  • COOL DON'T LIE[131](Lyrics: YUI MUGINO, Song: Susumu Kawaguchi) -JASRAC Work code: 1Q8-9809-2
  • Johnnys' Jr. Island FES (November 2020-11, 28, paid live distribution)[62]
  • Takizawa Enbujo ZERO 2021(April 2021, 4-May 8, Shinbashi Enbujo / June 5-16, Misonoza)[132]
  • Johnny's Ginza 2021 Tokyo Experience(May 2021-5, 24, Theater Creation)[65]
  • Summer Paradise 2021 (August 2021-8, 20, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL)[133]
  • Tiger NINJAPAN 2021 (October 2021th-10th, 6 Minamiza / November 28rd-11th, Shinbashi Enbujo / December 3st-27th, Misonoza / December 12th and 1th, Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall)[134]
  • Takizawa Enbujo ZERO 2022(April 2022, 4-May 6, Shinbashi Enbujo)[130]
  • Summer Paradise 2022 (August 2022-8, 19, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL)[135]
  • 35th Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2022 AUTUMN/WINTER (scheduled for September 2022, 9,Saitama Super Arena[118]

Go! Go! Kids

The formation was announced at "JOHNNYS'Experience" held at The Globe Tokyo on May 2022, 5.[138], Johnny's Jr. official website "ISLAND TV" also uploaded a video[139].

  • Rei Sakuma
  • Samejima Ordinance
  • Yosei Tanaka
  • Kojuyu Terazawa
  • Hitoshi Hamura
  • Ginshi Matsuura
  • Kouki Mimura
  • Uehara Kenshin
  • JOHNNYS'Experience (May 2022-5, 3, The Globe Tokyo)[71][138]

Kansai Johnny's Jr.

Lil Kansai

I was informed of the formation by an email received on January 2019, 1[140], The idol magazine released in the same month "MyojoAnnouncement of formation[141].. The reading is "Little Kansai"[142], The godfather isJanie Kitagawa[143].. All junior high school students at the time of formation[144]..In December of the same year, "Johnny's WEST LIVE TOUR 2019 WESTV! "ofOsaka Castle HallIt was unveiled to fans at the performance[82].. The leader isMaid! Journey~] During recording[145]Joichiro FujiwaraAppointed to be Taro Okazaki[146].. The member color was originally decided, butTadayoshi OkuraDecided with[145].

original song
  • lil miracle[152][Annotation 14](Lyrics / Composer: Koji Matsuzaka) --JASRAC Work Code: 248-2826-2.
  • Tell me Tell me !![154](Lyrics: Shun Kusagawa, Composition: BJORNBERG JOAKIM CARL, ERISON CHRISTOFER JONAS ROBIN, Susumu Kawaguchi) --JASRAC Work code: 1O7-4181-1.
  • Mirayer[155](Lyrics / Composer: Koji Matsuzaka) --JASRAC Work Code: 257-9026-9.
  • Party[156](Lyrics: TATSUNE, Composition: Kazuhiro Hara) --JASRAC Work code: 261-0867-4.
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. "SPRING SPECIAL SHOW 2019" (March 2019-3, 5,Osaka Shochikuza[157]
  • Johnny's Jr. 8/8 Festival ~ Starting from Tokyo Dome ~ (August 2019, 8,Tokyo Dome[56]
  • Kanju Dream Kansai Island 2020 in Kyocera Dome Osaka-Come to play! Satisfaction 100% ~ (January 2020-1, 11,Kyocera Dome Osaka[158][159]
  • Lil Kansai FIRST LIVE 2020 NEXT STAGE (August 2020-8, 29,Zepp Namba[160]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. DREAM PAVILION ~ Miracle NEXT STAGE ~ (December 2020-12, 8,Orix Theater[161]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Akeome Concert 2021 ~ Kanju gathers together ~ (January 2021-1, 3, paid live delivery from Osaka Castle Hall)[Annotation 15]
  • ANOTHER New Adventure (March 2021-3 1)[Annotation 16], Osaka Shochikuza)[167][168]
  • Johnny's Ginza 2021 Tokyo Experience(June 2021-5, 17,Theater CLIE[65]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. LIVE 2021-2022 THE BIGINNING ~ Wolf Smoke ~ (December 2021rd and 12th, 23 [Lil Kansai Kansai Johnny's Jr.], Orix Theater / January 24nd-2022th, 1, Osaka Castle Hall / January 2-5,NGK Sports Plaza Gaishi Hall [Joint Performance])[152][169]
  • JOHNNYS'Experience (May 2022-5, 17, The Globe Tokyo)[71]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Space Journey! ~ Our Trajectory ~ (August 2022-8, 6)[Annotation 17][Nishimura, Onishi], August 8 - September 18 [Shimazaki, Okazaki, Toma], Osaka Shochikuza)[170]
TV program
  • Lil I want to be a big Nagoya! (January 2020, 1,TV Aichi[172]
  • Mirayer(October 2020, 10-March 17, 2021,TV Osaka[173]
  • Lil Go with Kansai!Adult stairs tour (December 2020, 12, TV Aichi)[174]
  • Yonchan TV(September 2021, 3[175] -,Every day broadcasting)-Shimazaki, Nishimura, Toma[176]
    • Thursday Corner "Thank you for Lil Kansai! Meister under the edge" (March 2021, 3-) [177][178]
    • Thursday Corner "How much do you know about Lil Kansai x Murase-sensei? Popular Mon Test" (April 2022, 4-)[179]
Radio program
Online delivery
Magazine serialization

Ah! group

Formed on February 2019, 2.


Boys be

Announcement of formation at "Kansai Johnny's DREAM PAVILION ~ Shall we #AOHARU? ~" Delivered on November 2020, 11[188].. Group name isKanjani Eight OfHiroshi Yokoyama,Tadayoshi OkuraIs named. Boys means our (B) Osaka (o) naughty (y) boy (s)[189]..11 members at the beginning of formation[189].

  • Atsushi Ito
  • Aio Senda
  • Kazuki Yamanaka
  • Yukiya Ikegawa
  • Kamei Kaisei
  • Tsukasa Iwakura
  • Akiyoshi Maruoka
  • Shintaro Kado-Leader[190]
  • Hirosuke Uegaki
  • Jintaro Kitamura
  • Kotaro Umoto
  • Sota Nakagawa[191]
  • ANOTHER New Adventure (March 2021-3, 1Osaka Shochikuza[168]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Summer Special 2021 (July 2021, 7-August 30, Osaka Shochikuza)[192]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. LIVE 2021-2022 THE BIGINNING ~ Smoke Signal ~ (December 2021, 12 [Boys be · AmBitious][193],Orix Theater / December 2022-1, 2,Osaka Castle Hall[152] / 1th-9th September,NGK Sports Plaza Gaishi Hall [Joint Performance])[169]
  • JOHNNYS'Experience (May 2022-5, 14)Tokyo Globe Theater[71]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Space Journey! ~ Our Trajectory ~ (August 2022-8, 6)[Annotation 17][Ito, Sakimoto, Maruoka, Kitamura, Iwakura, Yamanaka], August 8 - September 18 [Senda, Ikegawa, Kado, Kamei, Nakagawa, Kamigaki], Osaka Shochikuza)[170]

Am Bitious

The idol magazine "Idol magazine released on October 2021, 10"MyojoThe formation was announced in 』, and the members also learned about the formation in the magazine.The reading is "Ambitious" and the origin is "Ambition". "Some people are embarrassed to have enthusiasm and dreams, but I thought that their efforts on stage were just" Ambitious "," said the producer.Tadayoshi OkuraIs talking[194]..Members are not fixed[194].

At the time of announcement of formation in October 2021[194]
Member colors are provisional as of September 2022, 4[195].
TV program
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. LIVE 2021-2022 THE BIGINNING ~ Smoke Signal ~ (December 2021, 12 [Boys be · AmBitious][193],Orix Theater / December 2022-1, 2,Osaka Castle Hall[152] / 1th-9th September,NGK Sports Plaza Gaishi Hall [Joint Performance])[169]
  • AmBitious First Solo LIVE Baiu Soul 2022 ~ Nice to meet you ~ (June 2022th-6th, 11,Osaka Shochikuza[197]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Space Journey! ~ Our Trajectory ~ (August 2022-8, 6)[Annotation 17][Nagaoka, Inoue, Ura, Yoshikawa, Koshiba], August 8-September 18 [Mayumi, Kawashita, Oka, Ouchi], Osaka Shochikuza)[170]

Disbanded group


Johnny's Jr.

Only the ones in which Johnny's Jr. plays a leading role.

TV program

TV drama


Online delivery


YearsPerformance namePerformance scheduleVenueRemarks
1997Johnny's Fantasy "kyo to kyo"8/29Kyoto Theater 1200As part of the special performance "kyo to kyo" performed by the Johnny's group, the first solo performance was given.
1998Lawson presents "Johnny's Jr. 1st Concert"August 2-
Osaka Castle Hall,Nagoya Civic Center,Yokohama ArenaThe first concert tour that was invited by lottery for the Lawson campaign application.
1998"KYO TO KYO" Preview Event Johnny's Jr. Concert[215]August 3-
Kyoto Theater 1200Following on from last year, a preview concert ahead of the stage "KYO TO KYO" which opens from April 4th. 18 performances in 6 days, mobilizing more than 28 people. Contents and songs are three patterns of rotation,TOKYO HamamatsuchoAnd Kansai Johnny's Jr. and others appeared.[215]
1998Johnny's Summer Concert '98 "Johnny's Jr"August 7-
Osaka Castle Hall,Nagoya Rainbow Hall, Yokohama ArenaIt was planned to have one performance per day at each venue,[216], Additional performances, mobilizing 6 people in 8 performances[217].. With the theme of "individuality"Hideaki TakizawaConsidered the composition on behalf of Jr.MAINShow off the medley,Naoki KawanoThey performed in a band, and Takizawa performed magic.[218].
1999Johnny's Winter Concert "Johnny's Jr"August 1-
Yokohama ArenaIncluding Hideaki TakizawaTsubasa Imai,Matsumoto JunBesides Johnny's Jr.Shibuya Subaru,Hiroshi Yokoyama,Shingo MurakamiKansai Johnny's Jr. also participated, and a total of 170 people performed a total of 20 songs.[219].
1999Fresh Spring Concert '99[220]August 5-2
/ June 6th and 19th[221]
Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle HallHideaki Takizawa, Tsubasa Imai, representative of "Dance Group", Representative of "Band Group"Yuki OharaA total of 5 Johnny's Jr. from 18th grade to 141 year old college students appeared and performed 11 songs including 20 original songs such as "Being born on this star" and "The world is waiting for us".[217].. Mobilized 4 people in 8 performances over 12 days[217].. It was also announced at a press conference before the performance on May 5 that Takizawa officially became the leader of Johnny's Jr.[217].. Then, during the Yokohama Arena performance, the people directly contacted the president, and the Osaka Castle Hall performance on June 6 was decided.[220].Shibuya Subaru,Hiroshi Yokoyama,Shingo MurakamiKansai Johnny's Jr.,BIG,BBA[220],VAlso appeared[221].
1999Johnny's Jr. "Limited Express <10.9> Pitching <10.9> Concert October 10th at Tokyo Dome !!"10/9Tokyo DomeThe Tokyo Dome performance by an artist who has not made a CD debut is the first in history, with 3 million yen for stage production and 1 million yen for costumes, with Franz Harley participating in the production.Hideaki Takizawa, Tsubasa Imai, Subaru Shibutani, a total of 120 Johnny's Jr. appeared, and the CD debut was decided on November 11rd.stormWas unveiled for the first time and mobilized a total of 5 people.[222]
2000Johnny's Jr. Spring Concert 2000August 4-
Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Rainbow Hall, Yokohama Arena
2000Johnny's Jr. <East, Osaka, Name> 3 major dome concertsAugust 9-
Osaka Dome,Nagoya Dome,Tokyo DomeMobilized about 4 people in 20 performances[223].. Hideaki Takizawa, Tsubasa Imai,Tomohisa YamashitaStarring 84 Johnny's Jr.[26].. Yuki Ohara graduated from Johnny's Jr. at the end of this tour[26].. At the final performance, we gave the audience a final farewell in Angkor.
2001All appearances of Johnny's Jr. Tackey & Tsubasa 21st Century ShowdownAugust 5-
Yokohama Arena, Nagoya Rainbow Hall, Osaka Castle HallThe performance will be performed mainly by Hideaki Takizawa and Tsubasa Imai, directed by Takizawa and costumed by Imai. It mobilized about 2 people in all 11 performances.[224]
2002Johnny's Jr. Concert Tackey & Tsubasa Johnny's Jr. total appearance!August 3-
Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Rainbow Hall, Yokohama ArenaMobilized 15 people in 21 performances. Hideaki Takizawa worked on costumes, composition and production.[225]
2002Tackey & Tsubasa in TaipeiAugust 5-
Taipei 1012001 Year of 2 MonthV6Since the performance of the concert, the concert was realized from an enthusiastic love call that called "I will call Takizawa and Imai next time" phone calls to local promoters more than 100 a month on average. It is the first time in the entertainment world that an overseas performance will be held before the CD debut. It mobilized 3 people in three performances.[225][226]
2006Johnny's Jr.'s Adventure! @ MeridianAugust 8-
Hotel Grand Pacific Meridian Palais RoyalAll 25 performances[228].Ya-Ya-yah,Kis-My-Ft2,JJExpress,ABC,Question?,GOLF & MIKE[227],TOPS[229]Appeared. Also, a new unit for this performanceTAP KIDSWas formed[230].
2006Youth Music FestivalAugust 9-
Yoyogi National GymnasiumVariety starting on NTV on October 10thYOU and others!"New program eve live"[202].. Regular appearance on the programkitty,Yusho NakajimaStarring[202].. Others, Ya-Ya-yah, ABC, Kis-My-Ft2, JJExpress[231],Kyomoto OitaEt al.[202]From 11 to 21 years old including students[203]A total of 100 Johnny's Jr. appeared[202].. Moderator of "YOU Tachi!"Yuichi NakamaruAlso rushed to cheer[202][203].. Mobilized 3 people in three performances[21], Tickets received 25 applications[232].
20072007 Happy New Year Happy New Year Johnny's Jr. Grand Assembly Nippon Budokan 5 Days PerformanceAugust 1-
Nippon BudokanFirst five-day performance as a singer before debut[233].. JJExpress[228], Question?[228][234], Ya-Ya-yah, ABC, Kis-My-Ft2[233][235], Tap Kids,Kitty Jr.Et al[236].. Mobilized 5 people in 6 performances[232].
2007Johnny's Jr.'s Great Adventure! '07 @ MeridianAugust 8-
Hotel Grand Pacific Meridian Palais Royal29 performances, 4 mobilization[237].. Ya-Ya-yah,Hey! Say! 7, Kis-My-Ft2, ABC, Question?, JJExpress,Jr. BOYSA total of 105 people[237][238].
2007JOHNNYS'Jr. Hey Say 07 in YOKOHAMA ARENAAugust 9-
Yokohama ArenaHey! Say! 7,BAD,BOYS,OSSaN,TOP Kids,Hey! Say! 7 West, Question? et al.[239][240].. At the 24th performanceHey! Say! JUMPFormation and CD debut announced[241].
2009Forum new record !! Johnny's Jr. [1 performances a day! ]concert6/7Tokyo International Forum4 performances mobilizing 2 people[242].. The formation was announced on June 6[243]中山Yuma w/BIShadowAppeared for the first time in front of fans,NYC boysWas announced and the first stage was also shown[242][244]. Also,Shintaro Morimoto w/Snow Prince ChorusWas also unveiled for the first time,Miss Snow Man, Question?,ABC-Z(Special appearance)[245]A total of 100 Johnny's Jr. performers and a total of 20 songs were performed.[242].
2009Johnny's Jr. Summer vacation all gathered 1 performances a day !!8/18Tokyo International Forum Hall AYuma Nakayama w/BIShadow, ABC-Z,hip hop jump, Question?, Mis Snow Man,Shintaro Morimoto with Snow Prince ChorusStarring[246].
2010Year-end Young East-West Song Battle!East-West Jr. selection large set 2010! ABC-Z + Johnny's Jr. selection VS Yuma Nakayama + Kansai Jr. selectionAugust 11-
NHK HallABC-Z and BIShadow,Morimoto Shintaro, Snow Prince Chorus and others Johnny's Jr., Yuma Nakayama and Kansai Johnny's Jr. (7 WEST, BOYS, BAD selected members)[247], About 250 people including the trainees, and as special guestsNYCAlso appeared,NHK Red and White Singing Battle22 songs were presented in the first singing battle format[248][249][250].. In addition, a total of 52 people selected from the trainees during the audition[247]The unit "JAPA Needs Hi!" was also unveiled[248], The pattern of this day was on December 2010, 12 on TV Asahi[249]It was broadcasted as "Forget the Year! Johnny's Tozai Uta Gassen"[247].
2011Teigeki Johnnys Imperial Theater Special "Kis-My-Ft2 with Johnny's Jr."9 July-27 SeptemberImperial TheaterAt the performance of the second part on the 29th,sexy zoneWas announced[251].
2012Fresh Johnny's Jr.IN Yokohama Arena12/16Yokohama Arena
2014Gamshala Sexy Summer Festival !!7 July-30 SeptemberEX Theater RoppongiTV Asahi variety "Gumshala!”, Johnny's Jr. was divided into “I”, “Take”, “Person”, and “Ra”, and two teams performed in a battle format on behalf of each performance. Winning or losing was decided[252].Kentaro Yasui,Sexy pine,sexy boyzAppeared in all performances[253].. Mobilized 30 people in all 5 performances[252].
2015Gumshala! Summer Station7 July-18 SeptemberEX Theater Roppongi"Gumshala! On a stage derived from[254], 34 performances in 70 days[255].Matsushima Satoshi,Marius leafAppeared regularly, and Johnny's Jr. was divided into "I", "Bu", "Person", "Ra" and "Haga"[255], Singing and dancing in team form[254].. TV Asahi event "TV Asahi · Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION] Limited unit formed to serve as a supporter ofMr. King vs Mr. Prince[254]Also performed a special performance[255].
2016Someast Johnny's King7 July-20 SeptemberEX Theater RoppongiMr.KING will perform live with the image characters divided into 4 groups.
2017Johnny's Jr. Festival3月24日 - 3月26日・4月8日 - 4月9日、5月3日Yokohama Arena,Saitama Super Arena, Osaka Castle HallMr.KING, Prince, HiHi Jet[Annotation 19], Tokyo B Boy[Annotation 19] ,Sixtons,Snow Man[Annotation 20],Love-tune,Travis Japan8 pairs[223]A total of 39 people including 55 people Johnny's Jr.[257].. Initially 6 performances in Yokohama and 3 performances in Osaka[258]It was planned to mobilize 13 people, but since there was a record number of 5000 applications in history, an additional performance of 85 performances of Saitama Super Arena was decided in a hurry (4 people will be mobilized)[259].. A performance that takes advantage of the group's characteristics on the stage[259]15 songs including 66 original songs[223].

In the additional performance at Saitama Super Arena, a digital ticket was introduced for the first time at the performance of Johnny's Jr., but there was an entry trouble such as a nonexistent seat number printed on the ticket, and the concert is operated.Young communicationCame to issue an apology statement[260].

2017~ Kimi ga ga ~ KING'S TREASURE7 July-20 SeptemberEX Theater RoppongiEight pairs of Mr.KING, HiHi Jet, Tokyo B Shonen, Prince, Snow Man, SixTONES, Love-tune, Travis Japan will appear in turn.[261][262].. Each stage composition and song selection was produced, and about 82 people were mobilized in all 15 performances.[262].
2018Johnny's Jr. Festival 20182 July-22 SeptemberOsaka Castle Hall, Yokohama ArenaFour groups of SixTONES, Snow Man, Love-tune, and Travis Japan appeared, and individual performances of each unit were also held.[263].
2018Summer festival! Naked boy7 July-20 SeptemberEX Theater RoppongiTwo pairs, HiHi Jets and Tokyo B Boy, will be the main performers[264].. All 59 performances, tickets for 11 seats are sold out the same day[94].. Performances were held in three patterns: "Hi Hi Jets/Tokyo B Boy Edition", "Hi Hi Jets Edition", and "Tokyo B Boy Edition".7 MEN Samurai[47], Shonen Ninja, Johnny's Jr.SP also appeared[94].. In addition to singing hit songs such as medley by seniors in the office[265], Also performed the songs that they choreographed[266].
2019Johnny IsLAND Festival[267]5 July-25 SeptemberSaitama Super ArenaSnow Man, Travis Japan,Naniwa BoyJoint concert. In addition to the songs that each group performed, 2 songs were performed in about two and a half hours, including songs by seniors and a medley that shuffled the group.[268].. Mobilized 3 people in 6 performances[269].. MC announced on August 8th that Johnny's Jr. will perform the Tokyo Dome performance for the first time in 8 years since October 2000.[268].
2019Dad Mommy Naked Boy Summer Festival![54]August 8-3EX Theater RoppongiBeautiful boyTwo types of performances, "Bishonen Performance" by Shonen Ninja and "HiHi Jets Performance" by HiHi Jets and 7 MEN Samurai, mobilized 2 people in a total of 61 performances.[55]..For the final two days, four groups will meet together under the title of "~ Family Together Goodbye Summer ~".Scheduled to be recorded on the DVD "Hadaka no Shounen", which will be released as a limited edition product for Johnny's online store and pre-order.[270].
2019Johnny's Jr.8/8 Festival-Starting from Tokyo Dome-[271]8/8Tokyo DomeSixTONES, Snow Man, Travis Japan, HiHi Jets, Bishonen, 7 MEN Samurai,Universe Six, MADE, Naniwa Danshi, Lil Kansai,Ah! group, Boy ninja[56]A total of 12 East and West Johnny's Jr. performers, including 89 in 330 groups[272].. This is the first time that Johnny's concert has been live-streamed not only partially but in full[273].. It was announced at the end of the main MC that SixTONES and Snow Man will debut simultaneously on CD in 2020.[274].. 『Real face 4Was made into a DVD[275].
2021Samaste Live THE FUTURE[66]7 July-18 SeptemberEX Theater RoppongiThree groups of beautiful boy, 7 MEN Samurai, and boy ninja performed each, and a total of 3 performances, a total of more than 55 people were scheduled to be mobilized.[276], The boy ninja performance was canceled due to the new coronavirus infection of the members, a total of 8 performances from August 18th to 21st.[66][98].



  • (July 1998, 7, Johnny's Entertainment)[277]
  • (July 1999, 9, Johnny's Entertainment)[278]
  • (July 2000, 2, Johnny's Entertainment)[279]
  • (July 2001, 2, Johnny's Entertainment)[280]
  • Real face 4(Released on January 2020, 1, JI Label)[281]
    • Johnny's Jr. board (Limited time sale until March 2020, 3 at general music software stores)
    • SixTONES board / Snow Man board / Travis Japan board / Kansai Johnny's Jr. board (ISLAND STORE ONLINE limited sale)

Kansai Johnny's Jr.

Only those in which Kansai Johnny's Jr. is the main and regular performer.

TV program

TV drama


  • Aim for handsome Kanjani!(ABC Radio
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Freshly picked Seki juice(October 2007 -,Radio kansai[289] → Johnny's WEST Freshly picked juice (Radio Kansai)
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Freshly Seki Juice(Radio Kansai / Radio NIKKEI)
    • (Jan 2016-May 7[290])-3 MCs from Kansai Johnny's Jr. take turns every month[291]
    • (January 2019 --December 1, 2020) --Daigo Nishihata Independent MC / Kansai Johnny's Jr. 12 guest[290]
    • (January 2021, 1 -)-Lil Kansai Solo MC[180]
  • Crisp sound of Kansai Johnny's Jr. (FM OH!
    • (April 2018, 5-March 1, 2019[292])-Jouichiro Fujiwara, Kazuya Ohashi, Kyohei Takahashi, Yoshinori Mamon.[293]
    • (April 2019, 4-March 2, 2022[294])- Naniwa Boy3 people (Joichiro Fujiwara, Kazuya Ohashi, Kyohei Takahashi),Ah! group3 people (Yoshinori Masakado, Seiya Suezawa, Ken Kojima) change weekly with 2 teams[295]
    • (April 2022, 4 --) --Ah! 12 people from the group (Yoshinori Masakado, Seiya Suezawa, Ken Kojima) and 3 people from AmBitious (Menyuki Mayumi, Raku Kawashita, Renou Nagaoka) for a week Instead[294]


YearsPerformance namePerformance scheduleVenueRemarks
1999Kansai Junior FIRST LIVE[296]August 8-
Zepp OsakaTotal 14 performances[297].
2006First Concert Winter2006August 12-
Osaka ShochikuzaAll 6 performances.BAD,BOYS,OSSaN,TOP Kids,little gangs,Muay Thai Mukai BrothersAppears.[298]
2007Kansai Johnny's Jr. Osaka Castle Hall FIRST CONCERT20075/6Osaka Castle HallBAD, BOYS[299], OSSaN, Little Gangs, TOP Kids[300], Muay Thai Mukai Brothers,Self-proclaimed veteran[301]Appeared,Hey! Say! 7,ABC,Question?,Kenaga Chiga(Kis-My-Ft2) Jr. from Tokyo rushed to support[300], 120 people in total[299].
2007Kansai Johnny's Jr. Osaka Shochikuza 2007August 8-
Osaka ShochikuzaAll 29 performances (including additional performances)[302].. General moderatorNakata Daichi, BAD, BOYS, TOP Kids, OSSaN,Common name/Team Beteran, Muay Thai Mukai Brothers and others[302].
2007Kansai Johnny's Jr. Xmas in Shochikuza
Congratulations on Castle Hall Eve Festival
August 12-
Osaka ShochikuzaTOP Kids[303],Hey! Say! 7 WEST, OSSaN, Muay Thai Mukai Brothers,Muro 3 brothers[304][305], BOYS, BAD and 72 others[306].. The first halfTakahiro HamadaA detective and Hey!Say!7 WEST form a special unit, and a musical tailoring stage where they chase around the world by chasing a band of thieves (other Johnny's Jr.) called "Dadastatta" and catching them in the latter half of the song. It was developed at a show that showed various songs including[307].
2008Kansai Johnny's Jr. Congratulations in Castle Hall1/3Osaka Castle HallFollowing the eve, Hey!Say!7 WEST[308], BOYS, OSSaN, TOP Kids and others reappear[309][310].. BAD acted as facilitator[308].
2008Kansai Johnny's Jr. @ Osaka Shochikuza Performance 2008 SummerAugust 8-
Osaka ShochikuzaAll 18 performances, mobilizing about 1 people[311].. BAD and BOYS[312],Hey!Say!7 WEST w/Yuma,Common name "Veteran", OSSaN, Muro 3 Brothers, Muay Thai Mukai Brothers, Little Gangs[313]A total of 39 people[312].
2008battery-GokusenOsaka Triumph ConcertAugust 9-
Umeda Arts Theater"Battery" Nakayama Yuma, and "Gokusen"Junta MiddleKiriyama Terumi(BAD) finished shooting the drama and returned from Tokyo to Osaka,Yuya TakagiConcert held to welcome guests[314][315].. Hey!Say!7 WEST w/Yuma, the unit was officially announced at the press conference of this performance[314][316]In addition, OSSaN, Muro 3 brothers appeared and Taichi Nakata and Takahiro Hamada acted as MC[314][317].. The directors were also involved in the production, and in addition to the song, a control featuring "Gokusen" and "Battery" was also shown.[318]. Also,Hiroshi Yokoyama,Shota Yasuda,Yuichi NakamaruAlso made a guest appearance[316].
An additional performance was held from September 9th to 8th,[315][316], Nakayama only appeared in Angkor because he was hospitalized urgently[319], SubstituteKota YabuServed by[320].
2008Kansai Jr. Unit Concert in Osaka Shochikuza 2008August 12-
Osaka ShochikuzaBAD (4th-6th)[321][322], BOYS[321]・Muro 3 brothers (7th-9th),Veteran[321]・Little Gangs (10th – 11th), Yuma Nakayama w/Hey!Say!7 WEST + Junta Nakata (facilitator) (12th – 14th), 4 groups performed by unit[323].
2008Kansai Johnny's Jr. '08 Merry X'mas ConcertAugust 12-
Umeda Arts TheaterBAD, Yuma Nakayama w/Hey!Say!7 WEST, Murosan Brothers, BOYS, Veteran, Little Gangs and others will appear. There was also a band corner with members who were active as "ROCK friends" (Junta Naka [keyboard], Terumi Kiriyama [bass], Taichi Nakata [guitar], Takahiro Hamada [guitar], Ryota Chisaki [drum]]. ..[324]
2009Kansai Johnny's Jr. Ume Con 20096 July-18 SeptemberUmeda Arts TheaterInitially, a total of 5 performances were scheduled for May 23-24, but it was postponed as a measure against new influenza.[325].. Yuma Nakayama w/Hey!Say!7 WEST, BAD, BOYS, Veteran, Murosan Brothers, Little Gangs,Big GangsStarring[326].
2009Kansai Johnny's Jr. X Mass! Everyone gathered! @ Osaka Shochikuza '09August 12-
Osaka ShochikuzaVeteran (1-7 days), BAD (8-14 days), BOYS (15-20 days),Yuma Nakayama with 7WEST(21st-25th) 4 groups performed by unit[327][328].
2010Spring Break all Kansai Johnny's Jr. with Yuma Nakayama in Osaka Castle HallAugust 3-
Osaka Castle HallShadow WEST,Kyoo, Yuma Nakayama w/7 WEST, BAD, BOYS, Veteran, Big Gangs, Little Gangs and others will appear. A big battle was held at MC.[329]
2010ALL Kansai Johnny's Jr. Summer Vacation Concert in Osaka Castle HallAugust 7-
Osaka Castle Hall
2010Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'Mas Concert 2010August 12-
Osaka Shochikuza"7 WESTConcert" and "BBVconcert"[331]It consisted of two patterns. Yuma Nakayama also made a special appearance and played with WEST for the first time in a year.[330].
2011Kansai Johnny's Jr. Happy New Year Concert 2011[332]August 1-
Osaka Castle HallBAD, BOYS, Veteran, 7WEST, Kyoo, Shadow WEST, Little Gangs,Gang StarAppears. It was announced that the MC has decided to tour Kansai Johnny's Jr. nationwide.[333]
2011Kansai Johnny's Jr. with Yuma Nakayama 2011 Spring[334]August 3-
Hiroshima Green Arena,Fukui Phoenix Plaza Great Hall,Sunport Hall Takamatsu,Kobe World Memorial Hall,Naruto City Cultural Center, Osaka Castle Hall,Fukuoka International Center,NGK Sports Plaza NGK Hall[Annotation 21]Hiroki Uchi as a special performer at the Osaka-Jo Hall performanceHiromitsu Kitayama-Taisuke fujigayaParticipated[334].. At the performance on May 5th,Hey! Say! JUMPThe Yokohama Arena where the performance is performed and the Osaka Castle Hall where the Kansai Johnny's performance is performed are connected by a relay line[336]At the concert, a live east-west live concert, which was the first time in the entertainment world, was held, with Ryosuke Yamada and Yuri Chinen in Yokohama and Yuma Nakayama in Osaka.NYCof"YumetamagoWas also shown[337].
2011Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'Mas Concert 2011[338]August 12-
Osaka Shochikuza"7 WEST Concert" (Shadow WESTAlso appeared[339]) And "BAD / Takahiro Hamada with Veteran Concert[340]The two patterns will be alternated for several days[339], The former is "Boys prison without lattice], the latter was a rap and conte, the back roll from 2m10cm by Terumi Kiriyama was shown.[339].
2012Kansai Johnny's Jr. Happy New Year Concert 2012[341]August 1-
Osaka Castle Hall
2012Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring Break Special Concert 2012August 3-
Osaka ShochikuzaKansai TV"Peachke of Pico & Military MovementPerformance that doubles as a battle[342].. It was said that the members with outstanding performance during the performance were selected, so BAD and 7 WEST[343], Takahiro Hamada with Veteran,A boyMembers[344]Appeal himself by not only singing but also showing special skills in quizzes and control corners[345].. After the performance of Chiaki MusicJunta MiddleNozomi KotakiWas announced[346].
2012Yuma Nakayama with Kansai Johnny's Jr.11/23Orix TheaterThere were 1 applications for one limited performance. BAD and 3 WEST appear.[347]
2012Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'mas Concert 2012August 12-
Osaka Shochikuza
2013Selection Kansai Johnny's Jr. Oedo New Year's Day Happy New Year IN TOKYO DOME CITY1/1Tokyo Dome City HallFirst Tokyo performance
2013Kansai Johnny's Jr. 25 Happy New Year ConcertAugust 1-
Osaka Castle Hall
2013Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring Break Special Concert 2013August 3-
Osaka Shochikuza
2013Kansai Johnny's Jr. First National Tour 2013[348]August 4-
Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall,Sapporo Civic Hall,Honda Forest Hall,Fukuoka Sun Palace,Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall,Izumiti 21, Naruto Cultural Center,NHK HallFirst national tour[349].. 8 performances in 13 performances in 3 cities nationwide[350].. BAD, 7 WEST[350],Kin Kan,Naniwa Prince"Banbang!!" "LET'S GO WEST ~KANSAI!!~"[349]And 28 songs including new song "Nanwa first prize!"[351].. There was also a corner for each group and a game corner[349]In addition, on the last day's NHK Hall performanceKento NakajimaRushed to the celebration[350],KinKi KidsThe video message from was also shown[349].. It was also announced that the stage "ANOTHER" will be performed at the Nissay Theater in September, and the second movie of the new movie, which is mainly cast by Kansai Johnny's Jr., will be produced and released in 9.[351].
2013Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'mas Concert 2013August 12-
Osaka Shochikuza100 people in total[352]Special version with everyone[353]BAD,7 WEST,Takahiro Hamada and Veteran and others, Kin Kan, and 5 groups of Naniwa Prince shuffled into 9 patterns[354][355], All 34 performances were held[352].. A press conference was held before the performance on the final day, and the second movie starring Kansai Johnny's Jr.Shinobi Jani is here! Battle for the futureIt was also announced that the release date has been decided on June 2014, 6[356].
2014Kansai Johnny's Jr. Happy New Year Concert 2014[357]August 1-
Osaka Castle HallJohnny's WESTFirst concert after debut decision
2014Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring Break Special Concert 2014[357]August 3-
Osaka ShochikuzaBecause Johnny's WEST debuted and graduated[358], “Newborn Kansai Johnny's Jr.” as the first concertKoji Mukai,Hirano Shiaya,Makoto Hiiragi,Ren Nagase,Onishi Meteor,Daigo NishihataTwo people[Annotation 22]Was held mainly, and a six-member conference was held before the performance on the first day.[359][360].. The Spring Comet's annual new comedy, "J Gakuen"[359]At a entertainment drama tailored to a school drama, in addition to a play, they performed dance and songs[358][360].
2014Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'mas Show 2014August 11-
Osaka ShochikuzaHirano Shiyou, Nagase Ren and others Kansai Johnny's Jr.[361],JesseAlso appeared[362].SMAPPerformed 48 songs including medley and Christmas medley[361].
2015Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring Break Special Show 2015[363]August 3-
Osaka ShochikuzaKanauchi Hiiragi's last appearance
2015Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'mas Show 2015[364]August 11-
Osaka ShochikuzaDaigo Nishihata, Koji Mukai, Meteor Onishi,Ryota MuroThe performance was held in two patterns, "large group" and "small group", with four members as fixed members.[365][366].
2016Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring Break Special show2016August 3-
Osaka Shochikuza
2016Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'mas Show 2016[367]August 11-
Osaka ShochikuzaBased on the concept of "Give 5 presents from Kansai Johnny's Jr."[368]Many Christmas songs are sung[369], Performed by a band produced by Daigo Nishihata[368]"Nishihata Festival" corners were shown[370]In addition, the new song "Omikuji HAPPY!"[368].
2017Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring SHOW battleAugust 3-
Osaka Shochikuza
2017Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'mas SHOW 2017[371]August 12-
Osaka ShochikuzaDaigo Nishihata, Koji Mukai, Ryuta Muro and other senior groups, and Onishi Meteor,Kyohei Takahashi,Michieda ShunsukeThey are divided into two groups of younger groups and perform daily[372][373],Sankei sports], a serialized article about this performance was also organized[374].
2018Kansai Johnny's Jr. Concert 2018 ~Happy New One Year~[375]August 1-
Osaka Castle HallIn addition to the members of the Osaka Shochikuza performance in December 2017, Keita Kusama, Iru Kosana, Matori Hayashi,Seiya SuezawaAppeared.He performed about 60 songs including the medley.[376]
2018Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring Break Special Show 2018[377]August 3-
Osaka ShochikuzaThe comedy element in the spring performance is more intense than the winter concert and the summer play.[378]In addition to singing and dancing this year[379]In the Kansai dialect that is not used usually[380]Yoshimoto New ComedyTone's comet "Brother Yoshiya" was shown[378].
2018Kansai Johnny's Jr. LIVE 2018 Fall in LOVE-I have to fall in love with Kanju-[381]August 10-
Umeda Arts Theater Main HallKansai Johnny's Jr. from Koji Mukai and Ryuta Muro, a total of 9 people from 29 to 46, appeared[382], New unitNaniwa BoyWas also unveiled for the first time[383].. Mobilized 20 people for all 3 performances, but over 8000 tickets were submitted[382].Tadayoshi OkuraIs in charge of the composition of the whole live, and Hiroshi Yokoyama is in charge of directing the planning corner[384].. Starting with the Naniwa boy's original song "Naniwa Lucky Boy!!", he performed 33 songs including the encore of the office's seniors for more than 2 hours, and included Kansai content such as Manzai and otaku.[385].
2018Kansai Johnny's Jr. "X'mas Party!! 2018"[386]August 11-
12/25[Annotation 23]
Osaka ShochikuzaIn addition to the Naniwa boys, a total of 49 Kansai Johnnys Jr., such as Koji Mukai and Ryuta Muro, will appear. Hiroshi Yokoyama and Tadayoshi Okura once again worked on the composition and direction, and Okura lyrics,Shota YasudaThe new song "Can 7t stop" was also debuted.[388]
2019Kansai Johnny's Jr. LIVE 2019 Happy 2 year!![389]August 1-
Osaka Castle HallTickets for all four performances were sold out immediately, mobilizing a total of 4 people.[390].. Mainly Naniwa boys[391]Kansai Johnny's Jr. 51 people in total[392].. Koji Mukai and Ryuta Muro made their last appearance as Kansai Johnny's Jr.[393].. Street-like stages are set up all over the audience.[390]There was also a performance in which the members went around the stand seats in the truck.[391].. Yuko Yokoyama and Tadayoshi Okura continued to work on the composition[390]In addition, for a large vision in the variety cornerShingo MurakamiAlso appeared[391].. 『Real face 4] (Kansai Johnny's Jr. Edition) was made into a DVD[281].
2019Kansai Johnny's Jr. "SPRING SPECIAL SHOW 2019"[394]August 3-
3/31[Annotation 24]
Osaka Shochikuza35 performances in total, mobilizing 3 people in total[396]..Naniwa Danshi, and Lil Kansai, who was unveiled for the first time,Ah! groupA total of 37 people including[397].. The composition of the 55 minutes control part set in the hospital in the first half is in charge of Joichiro Fujiwara, and the show time of the second half is in charge of Daigo Nishihata[397].Tomohiro KamiyamaNew song "Game of Love" by Naniwa Boy who was in charge of songwriting, composition and choreography[397], Tadayoshi Okura acted as a supervisor, etc.[396].
2020Kanju Yume no Kansai Island 2020 in Kyocera Dome Osaka-Welcome to play! Satisfaction 100% ~[158]August 1-
Kyocera Dome OsakaKansai Jr.'s first live at Kyocera Dome Osaka[398].. A total of 70 Kansai Johnny's Jr. performers including Naniwa Boys, A-e![159].. Tadayoshi Okura is in charge of producing the performance, mobilizing a total of 3 people in three days[159].. The state of the last performance day is "ISLAND TVWas broadcast live[399].
Kansai Johnny's Jr. LIVE 2021-2022 THE BEGINNING ~Noroshi~[169]August 12-
Orix Theater, Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Civic Gymnasium Gaishi HallPreviously, 9 performances were scheduled at the Orix Theater and 7 performances at Osaka Castle Hall, but since the total number of applications reached 370 million, additional performances at the Nagoya City Japan Gaishi Sports Plaza Gaishi Hall have been decided.[400]..At the Orix Theater, performances were divided into "Ae! Group," "Kansai Johnny's Jr. (Boys be, AmBitious)," and "Lil Kansai, Kansai Johnny's Jr.".[169]..The Osaka-Jo Hall performance will be an unveiling performance as the new Kansai Johnny's Jr., who has left Naniwa Danshi, including A! Group, Lil Kansai, Boys be, AmBitious, and members who passed the audition in November 2021.[401], A total of 55 people appeared[402]..Tadayoshi Okura was in charge of producing and performed a total of 29 songs including encore.[403].. Mobilized 3 people in 20 performances at 14 venues[403]. It will be released on DVD on August 2022, 8.[404].



  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. LIVE 2021-2022 THE BIGINNING ~ Smoke Signal ~ (scheduled for August 2022, 8) --Johnnys' ISLAND STORE ONLINE limited sale[404]


JOHNNY'S Jr. Business Directory

  • 1996 Dec. Vol.1 (December 1996)
  • 1997 SUMMER Vol.2 (1997)
  • 1997 WINTER Vol.3 (Winter 1997)
  • 1998 SUMMER Vol.4 (Summer 1998)
  • 1998 WINTER Vol.5 (Winter 1998)
  • 1999 WINTER Vol.6 (Summer 1999)
  • 2000 SPRING Vol.7 (Spring 2000)
  • 2000 SUMMER Vol.8 (Summer 2000)
  • Jr. Directory Vol.9 (Spring 2001)
  • Jr. Directory Vol.10 (Autumn 2001)
  • 2002 SPRING Vol.11 (Spring 2002)
  • Jr. Directory Vol.12 (Summer 2003)
  • Johnny's Jr. Directory (2019)

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