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🎥 | The collaboration movie "Yudo", a one-of-a-kind "hot water" starring Toma Ikuta and written by Kundo Koyama, will be released next spring

Photo Movie "Yudo" 3 Shot Steel (C) 2023 Movie "Yudo" Production Committee

"Yudo", a one-of-a-kind collaboration movie starring Toma Ikuta and written by Kundo Koyama, to be released next spring

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So, this Yudo is full of fun to make a movie.

It has been decided that the movie "Yudo" starring actor Toma Ikuta will be released on February 2023, 2.The script is "Kano... → Continue reading

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    YudoAndflower arrangement,tea ceremonySuch asJapan OfTraditional cultureInbathingThe idea that we should include the act ofJapan OfTraditional cultureAsbathingIs that[1].. Since 2015Oyama KaorudoIs advocating[2].is a water heater manufacturerNoritz``The act of bathing, which Japanese people do not doubt as a matter of course, has a new value.[3]From 2018, with the aim of findingSpa"XNUMX Yudo Selections"[4]operates a website called


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